Video: SeaWorld Orca Shocks the Crowd as It Attempts Suicide in Front of Everyone

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This is pretty sad.

Parents and their children were horrified when an orca whale named Morgan apparently tried to commit suicide in front of everyone in the middle of one of its shows at Tenerife’s Loro Parque, where it is on loan from SeaWorld to perform.

The whale beached herself for over ten straight minutes without even attempting to get back in the water before the visitors were forced to leave the theater.

RT reports:

Killer whales sometimes come ashore to hunt but rarely do they spend this long out of the water as their body weight can crush their internal organs. Even while sleeping they maintain movement in the water.

The latest footage comes only weeks after a video reportedly showing the same whale emerged showing her banging her head against a metal gate in an apparent attempt to escape her enclosure.

And it gets worse…

Despite being rescued under a permit which only allowed Morgan to be rescued, rehabilitated and released, she is used as part of a show at Loro Parque.

Morgan is the only orca in the park that was born in the wild. According to campaigners she is bullied by the other orcas in captivity.

Do people even realize what they’re actually watching when they watch these animals “perform” anyway?

Well, it gets even worse…

Former trainers have come forward to say these animals are forced onto a diet of multiple drugs just to survive the chronic stress of their living conditions as “performers” at these parks (via The Dodo):

“We had whales who were on medication every single day of their life,” said John Hargrove, who was a trainer at SeaWorld San Diego and SeaWorld San Antonio for a combined 14 years. Hargrove recently wrote a book about his experience at the park.

The Dodo spoke to Hargrove and former trainers Samantha Berg, John Jett, Carol Ray and Jeffrey Ventre about the medications they administered to captive orcas at SeaWorld’s three parks. From antipsychotics (to decrease testosterone) to benzodiazepines (to calm the animals), the orcas needed a wealth of drugs to survive in a tank, and some of the drugs were so powerful they even put humans administering them at risk, the trainers allege.

The list include a bevy of antacids, contraceptives, antibiotics, antipsychotics, and benzodiazepines.

A general admission to SeaWorld San Antonio, for example, is $55 just by the way. So people are paying hundreds of dollars to take the whole family to go watch a bunch of highly intelligent, forcibly doped up, suicidal animals do tricks in little water cages for them. Gee. Neat.

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  • 2016usaofzimbabwe

    must have heard beanie lost and sheitzzzz

  • What a bunch of monsters, can’t somebody force them to let the animals go? The tired excuse of, “they can’t be released back into the wild” is BS. Even if they don’t really know how to survive and they didn’t live long after their release I’d be willing to bet they would be quite happy to finally be free no matter the duration.

  • bbb

    easy solution, don’t go to seaworld , problem solved!

    • How does that solve the animal’s problem?

    • I’ve never been to seaworld, yet they are still having this problem. explain.

      • Brian Menendez

        I what think you could use logic and extrapolate that if nobody went to Sea World they would go bankrupt and then there would be no more orcas in captivity

        • he didn’t say “if nobody went to sea world”, he said “don’t go to seaworld, problem solved”.
          yes, I’m being somewhat facetious, but his easy solution is incorrect.

  • D.Moore

    F’g disgusting all for profit

  • She just wants to join Willzyac and dance in sandcastles on the moon.

  • “… go watch a bunch of highly intelligent, forcibly doped up, suicidal animals do tricks in little.. cages for them…”
    So its the public school system..?

  • Vunderkint

    Seaworld has stated it will no longer breed these whales for captivity, after this current family of Wales dies out there will be no more, this whale caught in the wild should be returned.
    I don’t think the people in the video understood what was going on at all!

  • Milly Vanilly

    Most of the help at SeaWorld is probably doped up on drugs as well.

  • barbarakelly

    The Orca is talking let her go now. Enough is enough. She has given you enough time to take out to sea and be free.!!!

  • It is not Paranoia

    Just leave the animals alone…they’re just fine. Why can’t we be amused by the way they live in nature??

    I hate humans.

  • Synickel

    Maybe it was having side-effects from one of the human medications it was forced to take. You know, mental confusion, loss of equilibrium, kidney failure, urinary frequency, loss of libido, all those thing you hear at the end of a drug commercial.

    Or, maybe there was heavy haarp activity in the area at that time.