Video Proof: Eyewitnesses Claim Helicopters Were Used During Las Vegas Massacre

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Since the very beginning the mainstream media has consistently and purposefully covered up the plethora of eyewitness reports that indicate that the people on the ground fully believed that helicopters were in the air during the time of the attack and possibly actually part of the massacre itself.

On top of that, numerous independent researchers, including this reporter and Intellihub’s Shepard Ambellas, have spent countless hours attempting to prove that helicopters were in the air at the time of the attack and were either used by the attackers or by authorities who were trying to stop them.

Now, in a move designed to make it easier for the general public to find the actual facts regarding the attack, a YouTuber by the name of “John E Hoover” has released a video compilation with all the eyewitness accounts of helicopters in the air at the time of the attack.

After watching the video it becomes strikingly clear that the helicopters were so obvious that most witnesses recorded during the attack specifically mentioned them.

Keep in mind that this is on top of research from Ambellas that detailed the fact that numerous private helicopters were indeed flying throughout the strip as the attack happened.

Flight records, aircraft transponder data, and video footage all reveal that covert air assault and EXFIL operations may have transpired on the night of the massacre.

Flight records indicate that three Airbus EC130 helicopters registered to Mustang Leasing LLC (N-numbers N854MH, N848MH, and N858MH) departed from the vicinity of 6075 S Las Vegas Blvd between 9:40 and 9:41 p.m. on Oct. 1.

The choppers are affiliated with Mustang HelicoptersMaverick Helicopters, and Maverick Aviation Group, all of which are owned by a 68-year-old Army veteran named Greggory Rochna.

 In fact, according to Vegas INC, Rochna owns 47 Eco-Satr-130s, which “are among the best touring helicopters on the planet,” costing “$3.2 million” each.

They use a quiet tail-rotor design which helps to quell unwanted noise generated by the aircraft’s prop-wash, as Jake Morphonios reported in a video which he posted to YouTube on Oct. 13 while conducting his multi-part “Las Vegas shooting investigation.”

Additionally, we already know that Vegas authorities are covering up key facts regarding the worst mass shooting in American history based off of dozens of eyewitness accounts that prove that there was more than one shooter despite LVPD and FBI claims that Stephen Paddock operated alone.

As I reported, “Over the last month numerous independent researchers have put together a startling amount of evidence that there were multiple shooters during the horrific Las Vegas Massacre, many of them pointing to the plethora of eyewitness reports that confirm this stunning fact.”

“Amazingly, eyewitnesses have not only reported the existence of multiple shooters near the Route 91 Music Festival, many have also noted that there were shooters at other hotels along the strip, including Hooters, MGM, The Bellagio, and The Delano.”

I encourage all readers to watch not only the helicopter eyewitness video but also Shepard’s groundbreaking interview on The Alex Jones Show as well as the above collection of witnesses claiming there was more than one shooter.

Clearly the American people are NOT being told the truth about what happened on that fateful night.

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  • Todd Burgess

    Everything was credible until you brought up Alex Jones.

  • Justice4AllNow

    One problem with this story: It was a 1,000% HOAX – disinfo FAIL.

  • dav1bg

    Police helecopter n number 911 WY? are you kidding? and the south western flight number 4 119? wow, 911 all over again.

  • I still don’t see much urgency in the crowds, no victims, just actors.


  • Alex Jones admitted in his videos some of his family members are hardcore CIA agents. He IS controlled opposition, he sells the carnage narrative EVERY TIME, just puts his own spin on it. It’s a HOAX !

    • NonYo Business

      He’s there for the people who want to wake up, but haven’t figured out who really speaks the truth yet… And the gullible. I started out watching/reading AJ during my Awakening.

      • Tom Buyea — Fla.News service

        OK Who Really Speaks the Truth ??

        T Lee Buyea – Fla. News Service
        Miami, Fl. USA

        • NonYo Business

          My favorite is James Colbert. Colbert Report… Sibel Edmonds, Boiling frog post…

          • I love those two as well, check out Truthstream Media on YT.

          • NonYo Business

            I like them too… Great independent journalism

      • True, I cannot deny that, I watched him to validate the things I already knew and uncover details I didn’t know about. But I discovered his true purpose and a few other twists.

  • Low flying Helicopters and Transponder ID off reasons:
    FAA Rule 14 CFR 91.119 (look it up) for hovering aircraft states that they are not allowed, in dense residential or commercial areas, to fly lower than 1000 feet off the highest point in a 2000 feet radius (not off the ground).
    They VIOLATE THE LAW daily, with impunity and no penalties, check this out:

    • Tom Buyea — Fla.News service

      There should be extremely strong laws as to how far any non FAA controlled aircraft especially unmanned drones can fly near any airport !!
      I am reasonably sure they will be put into force only after a large airliner or a small plane carrying someone important (A Rich or Politically powerful person is killed ) As an example !! Here in Miam,Fl. But the law is State wide “all New” Cars Sold in Florida” Are required to have a Heater !! ?? Why ? Who knows ? But I would bet some State Lawmaker or one of their relatives got stuck broken down someplace out in the country and died due to the rare cold weather we occasionally have here and died or suffered some other type of health problem related to frost bite etc. ?? !! After all we all already know we normal sheeple don’t matter to those in power. By the way, Having an air conditioner is Not a Requirement for any new or used cars here in Florida !

      • First Fix Police Departments misuse of Helicopters by grounding or taking licenses from pilots, they fly dangerously low over cities (200ft. off the ground sometimes, but never above 500ft.) and create extra pollution, noise, nuisance, unnecessarily.
        They don’t land to pickup injured and transport to hospitals, they don’t land to help fellow officers stop a vehicle or end a pursuit, or end a shoot out or hostage situation. Completely useless.
        The way to catch criminals is to get into a Vehicle and Patrol the streets, presence, not swirling in circles all over town, that is stupid, detrimental, I have yet to speak to any intelligent person in my county that has anything good to say about them. LEO have become narcissistic and in their minds Federal, but they are being thrown under the bus by the Feds. and will happen again, like the Dallas TX shooting.

      • I don’t think we need regulations to save stupid people, as far as cars are concerned, remove seatbelt and airbag legislature, thin out the herd.

  • darkhorse

    continued BULLSHITE….smoke and mirrors…engineered confusion…be afraid, be very afraid..of what? we don’t know, just be afraid, that’s all!!

  • darkhorse

    once again…see Miles Mathis on Las Vegas Hoax for an inspiring interpretation of this event…bring your popcorn!

  • Chinesemedals Robert

    did you really have to make it 23 minutes long. Geesh. We get the point, but 23 minutes. Come on.

  • Vegas Boots


    Shepard Ambellas at Intellihub wrote: “… a woman can be heard explaining how pieces of glass were falling from the Mandalay Bay immediately following the shots.”

    Isn’t it about time that you correct your inaccurate article Shepard! “…a woman can be heard explaining how pieces of glass were falling from the Mandalay Bay immediately following the shots.” I call BULLSHIT on Intellihub.

    ffs!! Purveyor of FAKE NEWS much? Aiding and abetting those attempting to muddy the waters? You tell me Shep.

    Ambellas writes: “why would glass fall from the 32nd-floor after all of the fully-automatic vollies ended right when 2-5 single shots could be heard? I guess for now those will just have to remain questions.”

    Listen AGAIN Shep: cued for you and any others with cotton stuffed into their ears and blinders on, as well as those promoting another “conspiracy theory” floating around the tubes…


    You are NOT that dumb Shep, at “Intelli” hub. At least I HOPE you aren’t. You’re either THAT DUMB though, or you’re a DISINFO ARTIST who refuses to correct the record for posterity. Let’s see which…

    Kindly correct your erroneous story asap. You are leading your sheep astray, Shepard.

    This public comment has been sent to Ambellas, with screenshot of comment. emailed to Intellihub requesting inaccurate data correction. Shepard Ambellas @

    Response from Shepard Ambellas:

    “Lol listen at 3:30 seconds she says glass is falling

    You are fake news disinformation agent”

    My response to reply from Mr. Ambellas:

    “lol… listen EARLIER… I cued you.

    Witness is reiterating Shep: repeating. PAST TENSE… “Glass falling from Mandalay Bay” event had already occurred. NOT FILMED.

    Witness states it again where YOU cued me on TAOS vid…

    She states it again, when she recounts the FOUNTAINS incident and evening’s crazy events for the 3rd time, to other clueless riders on the Deuce.

    “Glass was falling” during the initial shots heard by these two witnesses, aka “firecrackers”. At “fountains” aka The Rock Waterfalls inside Mandalay Bay property, located pretty much right underneath windows. (Ask me how I know Shep…)

    Glass falling from Mandalay Bay NOT heard by witnesses (Eric and his gf) at The Bus Stop @ Mandalay Bay. (Ask those 5 witnesses yourself Shep…)

    But go ahead, do as you wish: you’re disseminating fake news. From my point of view and from the point of view of many who’d give you and others like you the benefit of the doubt, but for THESE sorts of little data point manipulation issues.

    Another known purveyor of Fake News does the same thing: sprinkles truth with bullshit on his site. (Am sure you know who I am referring.)

    Lazy people? Do not verify or fact check your data. Or his. (YOU know that as well as I do Shep.)

    Falsifying and manipulating a true data point being promoted by you-know-who aka the usual suspects just put you on my shit list Shep. It’s a short but bad list to be on.

    I gave it a shot!

    Merry Christmas…”