Video: Oliver Stone Unleashes on the Deep State and Mockingbird Puppets

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Academy Award-winning director Oliver Stone has been expressing his disappointment with President Trump and disgust for The Deep State (and America’s willful ignorance) on social media.

In this News Shot, Joe discusses accurate predictions Stone has made and his recent commentary on our current state of affairs.

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Source: Oliver Stone Rages Against The Deep State’s “Wonderful Job Of Throwing America Into Chaos”

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  • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

    Transcript , please .

  • Freespirit

    Otehr than taking out THOSE in our Governments, the PEACEFUL SOLTION is to -STOP PLAYING the GAME of Liberal vs. Conservative, Democrat vs. Republican, Right vs. Left, Communist vs. Fascist, etc. ……..

    Intellectually I STOPPED PLAYING that GAME when I was 19-20.

    I am 76 now, and sure my belief system had a lot to do with my Grandfather who
    fought the British for the Republic of Ireland, which, fight, was WON, by the
    way, in 1959. He was a true PATRIOT and REBEL, who loved independence and some of his frequent talks with me “rubbed off”. I am sure. He knew and
    expressed a belief that Government is the PROBLEM, not the Solution, as do I.

    Here is some REAL info you may not be aware of and which may put you on a
    journey to enlightenment which can only bring FREEDOM – “Government”, the word, no matter, its stripe or color, when operating, is from the Greek/Latin and means “MIND CONTROL”!

    So it is time to investigate a SOCIAL system replacing that POLITICAL system, TRULY different and being adopted, at least intellectually, increasingly, Worldwide. It is the most peaceful and CORRECT way to regain our RIGHTS to Life, Liberty and Property ownership. NO, I am not talking about Religion or Meditation or other such. I am talking about a TRUE NATURAL REPLACEMENT for this CORRUPT system we all have, because .

    Action speaks louder than words ! IN fact WORDS are a WASTE of time with those Psychopaths !

    Time to SHIFT your consciousness, FORWARD and away from the
    so-called ELITE Psychopathic system .

    Their OBSESSION to control you, by aggressive indoctrination while you were young, in order to coerce you into OBEYING their ever demand, by BELIEF, FEAR and IGNORANCE, to further increase their WEALTH and POWER and Donald Trump is the only the latest, and possibly the LAST of those CRIMINALS.

    ALL, of which, they Unlawfully GAIN, at YOUR EXPENSE, including your SLAVERY and LIFE in their WARS.

    Don’t let them control you, Control YOURSELF – It’s time : AND

    • TrevorD

      Everyone needs to understand, accept and act upon these facts. We may then just stand a chance. This is not science fiction sadly and there is no point ignoring it anymore as we are sliding towards what could be very terrible times. Great info again Freespirit. Thanks

      • Nancymbruce

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    • Elaine.Benes, II

      Amen my friend…that is what’s up…we absolutely MUST stop participating in their system. As indoctrinated into it as we are (i am 50) it takes time to remove oneself completely but we will never be truly free or liberated unless or until we do. While i am still somewhat enslaved through being employed and paying taxes, there are certain things i no longer do as a result of awakening. Particularly, i do not (and have not since Bush/Gore) participate in their fraudulent Presidential elections; stopped taking the poison medicines and being treated by the “sustainable medicine” practitioners; working on growing our own food and getting off their GMO/non-foods; stopped drinking the water; cut the cable tv cord and stopped watching the idiot box, etc…just some small steps really so far. oh, and i had a kid and i am teaching her how to do all those things they dont teach kids anymore in addition to all of the new things i am learning as i “deprogram” a once highly intelligent brain…from fifty years of taking in the chronic deception, Government and Corporate psy-ops, psychiatry, alcohol, liberal politics, the hippies, the yuppies, the excesses of the 80s, grunge rock, heavy metal, rap, the War on Drugs, Just Say No, the Drug Culture, the Thug Life, the “racism”, the gays, the trannies, the Kardashians, OJ, the school shootings, September 11, 2001, 8 years of GWB and his constant terror alerts, non-existent WMD, 8 years of Obama doing everything he could to destroy America, the never ending “War on Terror”… .ALL MIND CONTROL FOR THE MASSES. unless you are aware it exists, you don’t even know it’s being done to you and will vehemently deny it when presented with evidence of it. Time to wake up people. Time to get free. Time to take back our power and control.