Video: My Daughter’s New Agenda 21 Bedroom

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“I thought I should get my daughter prepared for her downsized future…”

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  • Who is John Gault?

    Agenda 21, is a new World Order plan to destroy America.
    Resist agenda 21 in your community, fire any politician that is for this evil plan.

    • deregister. a voter is a slave inside the eeevil corporation.
      reboot the Republic as soon as everyone, or a majority, are de-registered from their slavemasters

  • M_Avalon

    Love her. All of her vid’s are great.

  • Notgotany

    Anyone who goes along with this is just nuts. Al Gore is a lying piece of humanure that fell out of the compost pile.
    We do not need government if you think you do need it you are a sheep plain and simple. Government has never done anything good and never will. It is theft and control and now it is just total corruption top to bottom side to side.

  • NoChip4Me

    Tell that to G. W. Bush who has 99,000 acres sitting over the largest fresh underground water source in Paraguay……………one set of rules for us, one set for the elite.