Video: Like Clockwork, Every Stupid Argument for Destroying the 2nd Amendment

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Utterly ridiculous, but sadly predictable.

Now Jeh Johnson is saying gun control is a matter of homeland (national) security and something has to be done that doesn’t infringe on the 2nd amendment “AS INTERPRETED BY THE SUPREME COURT”. We could ask Scalia what he thinks about that, but he’s dead. Others are calling for a complete repeal of the 2nd Amendment, while still others are calling for everyone who buys a gun to have to go to a doctor to be declared mentally fit. All that on top of a renewed push for the “no-fly no-buy” loophole legislation, which, considering the Orlando shooter supposedly worked for a top DHS contractor, he was vetted more than most people to buy guns by the very agency that claims it is securing the homeland!

So tell me again… how would the “no fly no buy” list have magically prevented Orlando? Answer: it wouldn’t have.

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  • John

    When will some one have the fortitude to expose these fake events ? No one called 911 but notified social media instead ? No tears from family members.

    • Eric Blake

      Where was the massive line of ambulances and ambulance gurneys? Where were the lifeline helicopters? Where was the outcry of all local triage hospitals or media attention at the triage hospitals?

  • Mark Rothschild

    “I want to Marry my Gun, and a .22 barrel size is the right size for my unit”. luv, Billy-Bob

    • Oingo Boingo

      You take too many “units” into your kike mouth.

      • Mark Rothschild

        Boingo-Boy. It’s spelled Kyke…it’s OK yer sYmppLe


    repeat a lie many times and it starts sounding plausible. This what it is needed with the hive minded dependent that follow the progressive mindset.