Video: LAPD Officer Chases a Man and Shoots Him in the Back

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LAPD chase a man down, shoot him in the back and then EXECUTE him at point blank range. Then if that was not bad enough they claim self defense and exonerate the officer of any wrong doing.

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  • 142

    The police were correct in this case.

    • Jason

      142, Are you really this ignorant? The police were correct based on what evidence?

      • SKIP

        Is the dead guy black?

  • Anonymous

    142…if you were around me id exterminate you like the roach you obviously are

  • helen sabin

    This officer should be tried with murder. There was NO threat to the officer from what I can see and I hope the family wins the suit. Where is the weapon? the photo and yet they can’t find it? does this make sense? No fingerprints of the dead man on the gun? NO WAY charlie. What did the other two do? Stand there or take off? And why did the officer just pull up on the curb and flash a light? Was he hired to execute Quevas?

  • ncjoe

    Hey, there have been reports of home owners shooting a fleeing burglar in the back and claiming self-defense and fuckheads like you coming to the defense of the home owner. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Morons.

  • Anonymous

    142 is probably a loser cop. If this happens to you 142 and and no one is left to defend your rights you will regret it and have only yourself to blame. It used to be only minorities were harassed and no one cared. Well now it is spreading and you are running out of time to speak against it. People like 142 have justified and excused it and now it is coming home to roost. This is the cause of the downfall of the republic.

    • Truthhound

      I can’t understand why anyone would choose to live in CA. The people should vote with their feet.

  • Best to be armed yourself when you venture out on LA streets!

    • SKIP

      Best to be armed anywhere one goes in Amurkistan, especially in areas infested with blacks and ESPECIALLY if you are white. Not so much racissssssa as it is the truth and all of us here know it.

  • Anonymous

    @ ncjoe your the biggest waste of flesh around…omg i feel terrible! i shot a guy in the back who was trying to rob me! your an idiot and i hope someone cuts off your fingers cuz if they dont by then your on my list of people jerky asshole

  • Wolf

    Pigs will be an endangered species soon. At least ones like these.

    • SKIP

      Now Wolf, that would depend on who and what his target is/was. You and I both know that LA is a target rich environment as are most all large Amurkistani cities. Another year or so and the free for all will begin I think but ammo is getting so fuckin expensive we may have to begin ambushing police to get the stuff ala Turner Diaries.

  • tard3

    ncjoe and 142 must be part of The Human Centipede: A Mouth to Anus Fusion Horror Story. Just look it up if you are unsure of the analogy.

  • FedUp

    Oh, for heaven’s sake, if you’re gonna bash the cops, at least get your facts straight as to who you’re bashing. This was L.A. Sherrif’s Department, NOT L.A.P.D. – in case you need help with this cocept, they are not the same agency.

    • ohmyGOSH

      oh for christs sake, it dose not matter which branch of the brotherhood of tyrants we bash, the facts always point to them doing more harm than good. In case you need help with this concept they are exactly the same agency.

  • Anonymous

    my facts are perfectly straight…cop

  • nov5

    you guys are funny! Am i the only person here that graduated 3rd grade?

    • ohmyGOSH

      evidently so … now if you can only get through 4th before you are 30.

    • SKIP

      Was 3rd grade the toughest 9 years of your life?