Video: Internet Creator Says Fake News Threatens Its Existence

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Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the World Wide Web, now wants to save it, but what does that mean?

Joe Joseph discusses the implications in this News Shot.

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Source: The World Wide Web’s Inventor Warns It’s in Peril on 28th Anniversary

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  • Mike

    well if you cut out main stream media 80% of the fake news goes away.

  • Czajk

    I thought Al Gore invented the internet?

    • g.johnon

      well of course he did, but he gave it all up when he found out that inventing global warming was way more profitable.

  • One Ring or Two

    If we want to remove “fake” from the internet, we also need to remove all of Hollyweird. Their entire premise is fake! Then there is gaming, sports, comics, sex…. I could go on and on, but none of it is real. You only find that outside, IRL … sharing with others face to face and even then it’s hard to spot the fakes. Joe is right, if one site deserves an IP address then they all do, let the reader figure out what to believe. As long as you can get all of the information you can make your own decision and that is where TPTB have their problem with the internet.


  • TrevorD

    Excellent notions Tim,
    Get your script and instructions from the CIA maybe?

  • Jimmy Yost

    The alternative news sites have become so crapped up with disinfo and stupidity that they’re approaching the point where people are starting to lose interest in them. I for one am considering canceling my internet subscription mainly for that reason. I haven’t had TV since 1991 so I know how to get used to having to think for myself.