VIDEO: Creepy Clown Gets Pistol-Whipped!

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A prankster in Stockton, California is not laughing after an attempt to scare people in a creepy clown costume ended with a man pulling out his pistol and striking him on the side of his head.

Sadiq Mohammad, 20, decided that clowning around in Stockton attempting to scare unsuspecting people was a good idea, and he assuredly reaped the consequences of this brilliant plan.

He is a professional prankster who runs an entertainment website called Hoodclips, which gets almost 7 million views daily.

“The numbers don’t lie, people love comedy. That’s why I have a lot of followers,” Mohammad said.

Mohammad decided to hide behind some bushes and jump out to scare a man who was walking by, he began to cry out, “It’s a prank,” but the man said the prank was not funny, and he approached him with his pistol drawn.

He was struck down to the ground, and he and his cameraman immediately ran away.

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  • MorganThePirate

    I disagree with the lawyer that the threat had ended when the clown shouted, “It’s a prank!” Would YOU believe him in the same situation? Most people would have shot the sonofabitch. With all the creepy clown stories going around a good case could be made that the victim (the guy in the hoodie) had reasonable fear for his life and safety. What’s funny is that the clown didn’t realize that people take the creepy clown meme seriously.

  • The clown is lucky he didn’t get shot.

  • George Reichel

    Poor judgment.I am glad he wasn’t shot.Kid

  • blahblahblah

    He should be shot dead. Hopefully he will be soon. This Muslim puke has been terrorizing innocents because he thinks it’ funny and fun. Piece of garbage he is. I am sad to see this predator is running free. At the very least, I call for this pukes arrest.

    Bravo to the man for clobbering the pukes head.

    • jimmy joe

      He should be shot for dressing like a clown. eh? So, whats your punishment for dressing like a tard?? What about the dink that wears a suit?? All this clown shit is fucking funny! I laugh my ass off whenever I hear people getting frightened over a guy dressed as a clown!! LAUGH MY ASS OFF!!

      • jaguar

        Then you’re a mental Retard!! Didn’t you hear about the clown with a knife actually slashed a little boys arm?? And see the video of another clown with a knife trying to break into a person’s home??? You dumb ignorant PUKE !!!

  • anonymous4u4me

    The victim was joking also can you prove he wasn’t? I think the victim was funnier then the clown.

  • jim_robert

    This isn’t a prank; rather, it is just STUPID.

    • RMS1911

      It’s a cry for assisted suicide.

  • RMS1911

    Muslim + creepy clown = set on fire.

    • jimmy joe

      Right, cuz you so brilliant, you knew he was some religious fanatic, following some religion, right under that “frightening” clown costume, right??

      • RMS1911

        Mostly creepy clown = set on fire
        muslim = set on fire +20 points

      • jaguar

        How dumb are you? There are no moderate Muslims, you freaking moron!! As soon as a Jihad begins you’ll see all Muslims obeying the Koran to kill infidels….grow a brain !!

  • Fearthenut

    Just a paranoid excuse to kill a clown. Lemmings!!

  • eileen

    I live on the East coast and Law enforcement here are telling people here Don’t Dress Up in Clown Suits! Because What happens to You will be your own Fault! My State is Locked and Loaded Legally!

  • Jimmy Yost

    This should send a warning to the creepy clowns in the Congress and the Senate (and the FBI).