Video: Cops Didn’t Seem to Hesitate for One Second Before Gunning Down 12-Yr-Old Boy

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While everyone is busy emotionally investing themselves in the muddy waters of the Darren Wilson/Michael Brown police shooting case in Ferguson and the highly orchestrated aftermath, a 12-year-old boy named Tamir Rice was shot and killed by police at an Ohio playground over the weekend reportedly because he was carrying a BB gun that the officers somehow mistook for a real gun and a real threat.

As Daily Sheeple reporter Lily Dane wrote, the Cleveland Police Department wasn’t exactly forthcoming with the surveillance video of the incident. “If – WHEN – the Cleveland police release the surveillance video that shows what happened to Tamir, I wonder what we’ll see,” she wrote.

Well now that video has been released, and what we see is that the responding officers involved — six-year force veteran Frank Garmack, 46, and Timothy Lowman, a 26-year-old rookie who had only been with the department nine months — did not appear to even hesitate for a second after leaving their patrol car before one of them shot the boy.

The officers involved, including one of which who fired the two shots at Tamir that killed him, have been placed on administrative leave for three whole days, after which they will return right back to the force on restricted duty.

The 9-1-1 caller clearly informed the dispatcher that the toy gun the kid had was “probably fake,” just by the way.

While arguments can be made that officers are trained to go into every situation with the assumption of a real threat, this is a 12-year-old boy walking around a park with a toy and even the 9-1-1 caller said he appeared to be a juvenile and that the gun was “probably fake,” then later the caller reiterated that he didn’t “know if the gun was real or not.”

So that’s TWICE dispatch was told the gun Tamir was carrying might not be real.

Listen to the 9-1-1 call yourself.

But the police department’s statement, which fails to mention that fact, makes it seem like the kid was going to shoot the cops so they had no choice but to kill him. “Upon arrival on scene, officers located the suspect and advised him to raise his hands. The suspect did not comply with the officers’ orders and reached to his waistband for the gun. Shots were fired and the suspect was struck in the torso.”

The department’s statement also failed to mention that the officers were standing less than ten feet away from Tamir when all of this went down.

So we are being asked to buy that a 12-year-old would ‘go for his weapon’ with intent to harm when police arrive with guns drawn?

Counter Current News makes some great points:

Cleveland police are asking us to believe that an armed police officer drew a gun on a 12-year-old who was armed only with a toy weapon, and instead of complying or even ignoring the officer, the child reached for the gun to presumably aim it at the officer?

The Cleveland police are essentially asking us to believe that this 12-year-old was at the park for the purposes of “Suicide-by-cop.” Clearly no 12-year-old would think that they could get in a real shoot out with an officer, if they were armed only with a BB-gun. So the purpose of allegedly drawing the gun would only be to have the officer shoot him. That is the implication that the Cleveland Police Department’s official statement makes regarding this shooting.

It is more likely Tamir was reaching for the pellet gun to show the police that it was just a toy…but then again, common sense never seems to prevail in the American police state.

Worse than the loss of an innocent child’s life are some of the comments in response to his death. Here’s one that was left on the video of the shooting:


Guess someone forgot to tell Tamir he lives in modern-day America…

The continued ratcheting up of the American police state is an end run around the 2nd Amendment. We are all being trained like good little sheep that having a gun, any gun — even a toy gun — in America is dangerous unless we want to potentially pay with our lives.

And it’s working.

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  • moovova

    Guess we’ll never know whether the kid was gonna be a Crip or a Blood.

    BTW…we’re running low on Darwin Awards…time to place a reorder.

  • masterblaster

    Not that i am supporting any rioters but it sure looks like the use of lethal force needs a complete overhaul. We have to many trigger happy cops. If they are so scared for their lives maybe they should apply for a job in sanitation or parks department. Cops in London at one time never carried a gun same in bermuda and the Bahamas and many other places. I would like to see how many civilians are killed via police shooting that are not committing a crime or just perceived to be. And how many actual criminals are shot by the police while committing a crime. I dare say the policy of lethal targeting to kill at least must be changed to disable the perpetrator at least before they are actually firing a weapon.
    There is just to much of this going one lately. In Florida we had squad cars pen in a supect who did not have a weapon they the officers shot him over 120 times I believe I am right maybe it was 109 rounds six officers shooting one man this is not peacekeeping

    • ccc

      It was never mend to be. You are the slave and they are the master. Do what I say or else, is the new American government way.

    • Charles Martel

      London now has a special SWAT team to deal with black gun crime called Operation Trident. They also have no go zones for cops enforced by Muslims. London having a UK soldier beheaded in broad daylight and a grandmother in her garden is not the answer. At least the IRA is driving muslims out of Ireland instead of ignoring 1400 indigenous white girls being raped by muslims.

      • what? that’s crazy… the UK banned guns so that cant be true right? /sarc

  • George Kingfish Stevens

    “Didn’t hesitate bla bla bla”

    Cops have to make split second
    decisions. They don’t have the luxury of finding out the age
    of the threatening individual or the exact nature of the weapon, like
    you junior bolshevik Monday morning quarterbacks.

    • ccc

      O come on, are you so scare of a kid with a toy gun.

      They are so many ways to settle the situation.

      Many kids back 20 years ago have toy guns too, yet nothing like these happen. Cops these day are crazy, they think they are the authority, and you obey or else.

      Cops these day are corrupted by the system to kill anyone that step out of line.

      • SacJP

        And large segments of black America would just as soon shoot a cop than look at them. This understandably is going to make the cops a little bit on edge when someone from this community reaches for a gun. It also doesn’t help that blacks hit their growth spurts at an earlier age so a 12 year old black ‘kid’ may not look like a ‘kid’ at all…

        I’m not saying this had to happen, and maybe the cops can slow down their decision making cycle so they can gather more info, but we can only have them take it so far, and innocent people are still sometimes going to die no matter how it’s done (though I’d prefer more of the innocent cops to die than innocent bystanders, since at least the cops chose and were compensated for taking this risk.)

        While these cops don’t seem to have done anything wrong, I think the dispatcher might’ve if the info about the gun not being real wasn’t relayed, and their training can probably be improved to make a recurrence less likely in the future.

        • ccc

          The system have simply employed psyho path to work as cop to slave us to death.

          What do you mean it don’t seem to have done anything wrong. They are killing people on the spot when ever they can make up an excuse for it. This is crazy. Killing people just because they are having a gun or not is not an excuse.

          Just imagine an average gun-owner doing the same thing, the media will be like “O another random gunman shooting again”, now when the cops is doing the same and now is “O, he feel that kid have a gun”. O please having gun don’t mean they are dangerous, just as anyone can go to fishing and have a fishing knife.

          How it is use depend on the individual, of course when we have the illuminati use brainwash technique to brainwash man to kill like the JFK case, anyone and everyone is a dangerous killer base on the main stream media version.

          Yes, we know everyone is dangerous except the bankers that steal from us everyday, just to make the whole country population living in hell. Yes of course they are always good people and we are always the bad guy trying to find a living instead of being greedy and slave others.

          • SacJP

            Except they didn’t shoot him for having a gun. They shot him for having a gun AND trying to pull it on them. This is the textbook situation in which lethal force is actually okay. From the officers’ point of view they acted 100% correctly (or do you propose that the procedures be amended to allow criminals to get one or two ‘free’ shots off at the officer’s head before they can defend themselves.)

            Yes, there’s lots of ways to adjust procedure, maybe cordon off the entire area and use a bullhorn when someone has a gun, but the cost/benefit analysis needs to be looked at closely before making any changes.

            It’s not fair to look at every officer involved shooting as part of some larger pattern of oppression. The real oppression is the unjust laws they enforce. Their shooting are, usually (though not always,) justifiable.

        • 41MagMan

          There was no info about the gun not being real. The original 911 caller said that the gun MIGHT be a toy. Then again, it MIGHT not be a toy. Lots of toy guns LOOK like real guns from even a few feet away. Still, my question in all this is, “Why did the cops not use a Taser instead of a gun?”

          • SacJP

            Because that is not what they are trained to do because using a taser against someone else armed with a gun can cost you your life.

          • Fantazine Davol

            Used to not be the kind of job that allowed trigger-happy cowards to apply.

          • SacJP

            While true in some cases, it’s really not in the case of these officers. This situation, from their point of view, was literally the textbook example of when lethal force can and should be used (or do you propose changing procedure to allow criminals to get 1-2 ‘free’ gun shots off at the officer’s head before they are allowed to defend themselves?)

          • Fantazine Davol

            While true in some cases, it’s really not in the case of these officers. I watched the video of this murder and the cop shoots the kid before he even closes his car door. No reason this child couldn’t have been given the order to drop the gun or be shot. I think that is standard proceedure.

          • SacJP

            It’s standard procedure when the police feel there is time to safely do so, but yes, they could’ve, and should’ve, slowed things down, approached from further away, let him know they were there, etc. While it could’ve been handled better a ‘murder’ it most certainly is not.

            I think the part that wasn’t the kid’s own fault was a training issue. We need to stop training police to think of themselves as warriors. It is absolutely the wrong mentality to put into their heads for civilian law enforcement. We also need to stop Israel, a country that’s notorious for its human rights violations, from having any role in training our police.

  • Brodie Costigan


  • Katie

    Can we all just take a second to appreciate that police are there to protect the community at large, their fellow officers, and themselves? Officers were called to this location because a boy was perceived to be pointing a weapon at people and because there was no clear idea that it was fake. The person calling may have said that it’s probably fake, but the reason he/she was calling is because he/she wasn’t certain and neither were police. That means that these officers were approaching a situation, in which the community at large and they could potentially be at risk. And, I’m sorry, but if you point something that looks like a real gun at someone who doesn’t know its not a real gun, it is highly likely police will be called. If officers think you have a weapon and tell you to put your hands up, and instead you reach for what looks like a real gun in your waistband, you’re going to have a real bad time. Why is no one asking why this child was out there, alone, pointing a “gun” at random passersby. The police didn’t just show up like magic; they were called by one or more frightened and concerned people.

    • ccc

      Police are not here to protect anyone except these people who pay them. So quite bull shitting yourself and other that police are here to protect you. They will choose to protect the banks, the rich to steal your money any day other than to protect you poor people.

      “Why is no one asking why this child was out there, alone, pointing a “gun” at random passersby? The police didn’t just show up like magic; they were called by one or more frightened and concerned people.”

      Because these kids are out there playing, and there is nothing wrong with that, except some idiot over reacting over someone with a toy gun that is not harming anyone. That person who call the police is guilty too, because he/she is simply over reacting. This is the programming of the system, to program you to be scare over little shit and be dumb over banks stealing from you everyday.

      Your dumb average person need to scare of each other and against each other, while all the mean while these 0.01% are stealing from you, foolssssss!

      Yes, be scare, be very scare of your neighbors so we can install a police state on you where all of you will be in jail scaring each other to death. MORON……….!

      Only modern idiot will scare of a kid with a BB gun or toy gun playing in the play ground.

      Katie, you just show us how much programming/brainwashing is going on in the average person mind, when you are scare of a little kid what a BB gun.

      • Chris Sky

        not to mention… the police swarmed in, gun blazing, pretty much leaving no alternative than to shoot on site. The kid was literally just sitting there in the same spot for almost 5 minutes immediately before they showed up… why not approach from a distance, weapons drawn, and Identify your self and ask “what’s going on” rather than crashing in with your police cruiser a la expendables and putting two in the kid before you can even close the car door.

        It’s a problem with the Israeli training of the police force… not anything the 12 year old child did… just like the poor 19 year old girl who was SHOT DEAD through her windshield by police for “attempting to flee the scene of a party” The officer literally jumped on the hood of her car as she tried to drive away and used that as a justification for “having to shoot her”.

        These cops are ignorant, socio paths and cowards, hiding behind a badge, and infinite in their arrogance that no matter how immoral or disgusting their actions, they will be “taken care of”

        • ccc

          Yes, they service the 0.01% to slave everyone. We are now entering the Hunger Game society just like the movie you will be gun down once you are stepping out of line. Kill on site.

          There is one rule for them and one rule for us.

          If this kid was some rich guy son that cop will be in jail by now. Unfortunately this kid is a poor kid, so it don’t matter.

          Police do what their pay masters tell them, protecting you people is just some imagination in Hollywood movie.

          That is why they are called the law enforcement, they are here to enforce the law that the rich install for you poor black folks.
          Moral or reasoning have nothing to do with policing, only obey order from their master is what police is pay to do.

          • SacJP

            Yes, the rich have far too much say, but WE pay the police, and most of the laws they enforce are laws the majority support them enforcing.

          • ccc

            In the eyes of the police an average people is simply meaningless. They don’t call us customer when we pay for their wages.

            We are slave as long their concern.

            And we are sick of it!

          • SacJP

            I don’t believe that’s true. Most police are loyal decent Americans. Our country and government has been the most infiltrated, hijacked, and corrupted from the top, at the level of the federal government, and by private banking interests. Sure, some corruption trickles down, but to the average beat cop normal law abiding citizens aren’t ‘slaves’ (though they all have culpability for looking the other way and letting abuses happen, as do all of us.)

        • SacJP

          The Israeli training of American LEOs is a problem, and needs to stop. The Midwest isn’t the West Bank. These officers were trained to respond this way. It’s not entirely up to them how they are trained to respond to a situation like this.

      • SacJP

        We are the ones who pay them.

        People need to GTF over others being armed with guns. This is America and we can have guns (toy or otherwise.) Unless someone is being shot at its a not a big issue…

        Then again this kid was pointing a gun at other people. That is a crime. I wish this kids parents had bought, and taught him to use, a real gun, so he’d have known never to point it at zany one he didn’t intend to shoot.

        • ccc

          It don’t matter who pay them, the people/voters don’t pay them directly, if it is than they won’t stop your protest because their pay check will be stop as soon as cops touch the protesters.

          it is the corrupted system gov+bankers that pay them as far as cops conerns. THat is why cops are listening to them, quit dreaming that because it is the tax payer money that cops will listen to you. They are not, and have not been since the begining of time when they have police force back in old europe.


          Cops are just gang hire by gov+rich+bankers to enslave you, please dreaming about cops will listen to you will just land you into jail as they are part of the system tool to enslave you and everyone.


          Cops are hire gang, it is far too long that the general population think cops protect them when the reality is the opposite, cops are slave master tool, period…….


          The problem is the general population watch too many Hollywood movie and brainwash they to think that cops are here for them, when base on evidence as we can see in occupy-wall-street, these cops will beat up ex-soliders, home-owners, students, normal-working people, because they are “ORDER TO DO SO!”. Cops are brainwash to blind themselves to follow order, and nothing else, not reason, not moral, not anti-slavery, not caring about anything, not human right, but only follow slave master order or they will get fire.


          Cops are blind to follow order, because they are brainwash to do the dirty for their pay master. Get it! OKAY!

          • SacJP

            Most cops are controlled at the city and county level. Any corruption there is partly our own fault, because there are other counties that have LEOs that actually follow their oath. Most of the corruption is from much higher up than regular cops. Sure, they are trained to follow orders, but mostly their role is to enforce the laws. If we are going to have any chance to take back our country we need to bring the street level cop over onto the side of liberty rather than pushing them further away.

      • SacJP

        Biologically speaking I doubt he was a child. Blacks hit their growth spurt much earlier than other races. It really sucks for him in this case, but a 12 year old black person is likely to be an adolescent and not someone identifiable as a child.

        • Charles Martel

          Yea Asians and whites continue to advance mentally until 25

        • Walt1946

          You have got to be kidding.

          • SacJP

            Nope, not even a little. Have any facts or even logical points to refute it, or do aspects of reality you don’t like just never make it past your cognitive filter? The earlier physical maturation of blacks is well documented and amongst those who are educated is undisputed.

          • Walt1946

            I guess when you woke up this morning you set a goal for the day to be a giant a$$hole. Congrats you made it. And you are so educated too, how impressive.

          • SacJP

            I would rather be a knowledgeable asshole than an ignorant fool with my head in the sand whose lack of knowledge of the world twists and distorts everything they see and allows them to be led around by their feelings like a sheep.

          • Walt1946

            I am a Veteran of Foreign War which most likely means little to you. I am a patriot, my family fought in all the wars for this country. Ever been to a war zone, the realities of the world

          • SacJP

            So you’re a useful tool, as have been the prior members of your family. I wouldn’t be excessively proud of that, and it certainly doesn’t make you knowledgeable of much at all.

            “Like all the members of the military profession, I never had a thought of my own until I left the service. My mental faculties remained in suspended animation while I obeyed the orders of higher-ups. This is typical with everyone in the military service.” Smedley Butler

            Had you fought to defend our country in a war we didn’t instigate I might thank you for your service… Unfortunately there haven’t been any of those in more than a hundred years. The eagerness to serve of you and you kin has helped make America the most hated country in the world.

          • Walt1946

            I hope someday you actually do achieve the lofty, all knowing, status you claim to possess. In my long life of remarkable achievements I have encounter people like you who are great talkers, but in reality are deficient in character, which makes them weak. The need to put others down is the only way they can feel superior about anything. There is an answer — try God.

          • SacJP

            By “God” you mean “Jesus” right? I’ve encountered plenty of people like you too.

            I never claimed to be all knowing. Heck I never even claimed to be that educated, just that the facts I bring up, are undisputed amongst people who know what they are talking about.

            “Need to put down others”? No, that was you who started that by calling me an “a$$hole” after your pointless incredulous comment that had no meaningful content whatsoever to contribute the the discussion.

          • Walt1946

            I rest my case

          • SacJP

            Like you’ve even made a case…

            Assuming that “1946” is your year of birth you are part of the WORST generation, one that ran our country into the ground and left us a steaming pile of crap.

            You’ll be dead soon though. Then we’ll have to clean up your mess.

          • Guest

            I’d rather be a knowledgeable asshole than an ignorant fool with my head in the sand whose lack of knowledge of the world twists and distorts everything they see and allows them to be led around by their feelings like a sheep.

        • irrevelant. My daughter learned to shoot when she was 11. If you’re emotionally mature enough to learn, you should be taught gun safety (and that includes not pointing look-alike guns at cops) . Besides, with the wussification and social babying this next generation has, I’d argue that these kids will remain emotional “children” well into their 30’s.

          • SacJP

            I won’t argue with any of that except for the part about whether the suspect appears to be a child or not being irrelevant. Of course a cop has every reason to consider an adolescent to be more of a threat than a child. They are physically larger, more aggressive, and less supervised, and are far more likely to be able to obtain access to an actual firearm and to use it against a police officer. Yes, this kid’s parents should have taught him better… Maybe if they’d bought him a real gun and taught him about gun safety at the age of 11 he wouldn’t have gotten himself shot at 12.

          • I was actually agreeing with the bulk of your post, and using my daughter as an example of a child who was quite capable with firearms at an even younger age. I was just pointing out regardless of age he should have been appropriately schooled by his parents one way or the other.

          • SacJP

            Oh okay cool. Yeah it’s kinda ironic that had it been a real gun he’d probably be alive still, ’cause (hopefully) someone would’ve taught him about gun safety. The black community as a whole tends to be very anti-(legal)-gun which is a real shame.

      • Charles Martel

        You do know that the kid took off the orange end which showed it was not a real gun. There are plenty of blacks/browns going around with real guns and the age of the yoot was originally given as 20. I invite any white liberal to take a fake gun with the orange end on it and quickly pull it out and point it at cops to prove it was racism that made these cops fire.

        • 41MagMan

          That orange piece on the front of a toy gun can be made black with a spritz or two of black spray paint in a few seconds. No need to remove it. Kids will do this or remove the orange part to make their toy guys look more realistic.

          • yup, and plenty of real guns now are pink, white, or neon colors to appeal to different market segments. Of course that’s not stopping the idiot politicians here in Ohio from trying to pass a law regarding the color of toy guns….

          • SacJP

            Those kids are dumb as hell, and maybe the gene pool is better off without them in it (either by their own stupidity or of their parents for not teaching them why the orange tip is there to begin with.)

      • Walt1946

        I just replied to Katie above in like manner. Why are we allowing the media and government to culture change us into sniveling cowards. Someone should have approached the child long before the 911 call. This is a child of 12, maybe three years older than the kids shot in Connecticut. What separates these supposed peace officers from Adam Lanza? What is brave about a cop gunning down a kid of 12 even if he did have a gun. You mean to tell me not one man had the balls to walk over to the kid a see what he was up to. What has happened to this country?

        • 41MagMan

          It is called national castration.

        • The concept that any adult in the neighborhood could tan your arse for doing something stupid went out in the 70’s unfortunately. then you would go home to your dad who would give it to you all ovee again for being a teenage dip$hit 😉 Never had all that many delinquents back then for some reason….

          • Walt1946

            lol exactly. It’s called being responsible adults and it teaches respect for authority … which begins at home in the first place. Hope you thanked your parents for caring enough to discipline. Toughest job in the world is being a parent. Have to do things you’d rather not but if you love your kids you must.

        • SacJP

          They did walk up to him, and he tried to pull a gun on them… Maybe a split second more of hesitation could’ve made a difference, but in a lot of cases that split second of hesitation will cost the officer his life, so there isn’t a whole lot of room to adjust here. It’s a tragedy, but mostly the kid’s own fault and the fault of his parents for not teaching him right.

          • Walt1946


    • slipping freedoms

      Could the police officer have’ just took a second’ to evaluate the situation? A police officer is armed with a gun ,a taser, a bullet restant vest , he killed a child from less than 10 feet away with the foreknowledge that he may have a weapon yet he chose his side arm rather than his taser this cowardice in what is supposed to be the bravest of us has to stop, if your not willing to lay down your life in carrying out your duty don’t join the force, innocent people dying at the hands of over hyped irrational fear in training with no hesitation training must be looked at from a rational point of view or this will become more frequent children have always had toy guns and played with them but police have not always been the most cowardice among us that is the difference and its due to the training they receive

      • Charles Martel

        Please if you are white borrow an airsoft gun with the orange end(that this kid removed) and quickly pull it out and point it at a cop. If you survive then you can say these cops are racist.

        • slipping freedoms

          I didn’t call him racist I called him a coward furthermore he didnt point the gun even the officer stated he didn’t approach in a threatening manner watch the video

    • Vows of Vengeance


    • Walt1946

      We are no longer the home of the brave. What would have been wrong with a caller or a passer by to just walk up to the kid and ask questions. No I’m not kidding. This is a child of 12 we are dealing with not some psychopath with a gun stalking the school hallways. Once again another kid becomes a victim because our society has been conditioned by the media. How about that teacher in the last school shooting, didn’t she do exactly what I just said. And that was “after” the highschooler shot 3 others. If men and women don’t start acting like responsible adults who care about all the children, and their communities this country will be Nazi Germany of pre WWII very soon. Also recently police are being trained like those in the army, shoot to kill and ask questions later. What ever happened to shoot only as a last resort and then to disable if possible. And Katie this isn’t about you it is about the country as a whole. We are allowing ourselves to be told what is right and wrong when we already had a good grasp of that concept. Its call culture change and they are winning.

      • 41MagMan

        “What ever happened to shoot only as a last resort and then to disable if possible.”

        I dunno… too many dead cops? BTW, no cop has ever been trained to shoot to wound someone… excluding Barney Fife, of course. Yes, most are trained to use their gun as a last resort but never to shoot to wound a suspect. That is an excellent way to get dead. A wounded human who is still functional is THE most dangerous animal out there.

        • Walt1946

          . If a cop can put five
          rounds in the killing zone he damn sure can shoot to disable. Being
          a cop comes with certain risks you accept when taking the job. Like riding a
          horse, you have to expect some day you’ll fall off. If you jump out of an airplane
          enough, the risk of a streamer gets higher. Sorry I can’t buy the “wounded human” though process, especially when it’s a little kid.

  • Undecider

    The rioters only show where and when they’ve been instructed to do so.

  • patriot156

    make that no hope for all!
    police state 100 freedom liberty 0

  • patriot156

    looks like gun owners need to start swatting anti guners.
    scaring the bleep out of everyone omfg comeon damn stop being so damned paranoid at a kid playing. kids do that you know.
    Kind of wonder though are these faked or if real why is something that most did as kids being deemed as bad now?
    DId newtown have that bad of an effect on people that they get scared at the presence of toys now too?
    looked to me as he was playing either cops and robbers or cowboys and indians
    Ya were a police state!

    • Walt1946

      Many years ago it was every childs dream to run around the neighborhood with a cowboy outfit and holster sixshooter. Now they become shooting gallery targets because some moron cant walk out there and investigate the situation. Adults are supposed to supervise children, not hide behind closed doors and tattle on them. All I can say is the “SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING” program is converting this nation in to Nazi Germany. I hope the person who call this in can live with themselves because they are just as guilty as the police.

      • patriot156

        no crap we used ot do that too just like this kid. The thing is they knew or shoudl of known it was a toy because the caller said it was. But caller also said this kid is scaring everybody what a bunch of pussies. but too if you try do something next thing you know everyone and ther dog will be on you because you scolded there kid or something, but still think I would have at least talked to the kid to see if it was real or not. or worse a mob comes after you because they think you being anabber or somethign so ya but no crap can’t even play anymore.

        • Walt1946

          You got it and the thing that is saddest of all is the people who act like victims. Where are the real men and women who made this country great.

  • ccc

    Cops are slave master tools, they will do what they order to do by their hierarchy of control in the system, and you an average people ARE NOT ONE THEM. Sorry!


    Cops don’t care about you tax payers or citizen or whatever, just like in history the romance soldiers will only listen to the general that lead them, not the roman republic citizens.


    Cops are paid gang that will do whatever their pay master order them to do, no moral, no reasoning, no human right, and blindly follow order from their master or they will get fire and have no job, OK!

    So quite dreaming about cops will listen to you average people, they simply don’t care! Foolsssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Quite dreaming in your Hollywood movie cops-movies bull shit! 

    It is time to wake up to the reality!

  • dan

    nobody mentions that a B-B muzzle is the appoximate size of a 22caliber….and that an orange tip indicates a toy/fake

  • garyamusic .

    I can’t for the likes of me figure out why toy guns aren’t all orange, by law! Is that asking to much from our legislators or is it intentional!

    • Vows of Vengeance

      Hey, Think that would make a difference do ya? We are being shot with anything in our hands. Name it. Remotes, keys, flashlights, fruit, cell phones, ect. Name it. How about lets not make more stupid laws that wont stop a damn thing. The cops killed the kid, just like may others. With or without a orange gun in their hands. Go to the problem and the problem is the cops!

      • garyamusic .

        Eeeeeeasy big fella. In case you have never had experience with weapons and life and death split second decisions……………all orange would help a great deal. I agree with you some cops are bad news, but it’s a small percentage. Let’s try the orange before we do away with all police officers…………………….K?

        • Walt1946

          I guess the training many police departments are using has nothing to do with it. HUH. Training police to shoot to kill and using popup targets who are pregnant women, children, and old men is not what I’d call training to preserve and protect life. Better used on the front lines of war. That is a fact in this nation now. K?

          • garyamusic .

            Training may have something to do with it, I don’t know because I don’t have first hand knowledge of what they’re doing in those courses. I do know that all orange toy guns would help save lives and help the public as well not to be freaked out when they see one!

          • Walt1946

            You may be right it would be worth a try.

          • garyamusic .

            Hey Walt, I happened across this piece this morning over on another site. It appears some departments do have better training than others!


          • Walt1946

            Yes I saw that, and thanks for the heads up anyway. After I retired at an early age I work as a Park Ranger and had many occasions to work with the sheriff’s dept. because we had thousands of people in the park daily during the summer. Everyone of the deputys who responded were an example of what you should do as an officer in dealing with the public. The experience changed my outlook on cops completely. Also, I would not have wanted to be in Wilsons shoes during the incident with Brown, but even more so after he was vindicated. There are times when life really does suck for people.

        • Vows of Vengeance

          So anything you can hold in your hand should be orange? Look it wont matter. And this was not a split second decision. They rode up in a car. I have weapons and know its something you should use as a last resort. You take all the time you can get before you raise your weapon.

          • garyamusic .

            Toy guns for children should be completely orange just like the demonstration weapons we use in classes, there is certainly no harm in it and it may save a few lives. We can deal with the rogue cops as they present themselves.

          • Vows of Vengeance

            I bet we can save more lives disarming the police rather then having a toy gun orange. Color of what your holding never made a difference ever before. Anything your holding when getting shot is good enough for the police. All they have to say is what you said before, im a cop and in a spilt second decision job like mine I have to act, then we hear, I saw a object in their hand and I thought it was a weapon. And their you go off the hook. Waste time coloring stuff then instead of just going straight to the problem. I shouldn’t have to worry if my toy gun isn’t orange just because cops get away with murder. Make everything orange and I bet you will see no change in the number of kids being murdered by cops. Give the cops just tasers and you will.

          • garyamusic .

            Your not thinking clearly you just have a hard on for the police. Give it some though and then get back with me.

  • Charles Martel

    Those kids where smart enough not to point their guns at people/cops. Poverty, booze, & guns don’t cause crime in Asian/white areas like they do in black/brown.

  • Charles Martel

    Why yes they should have told the boy that pointing a gun that doesn’t have an orange end on it at cops is even stupider than playing a song about killing cops when pulled over.

  • So why call 911 if the gun is “probably fake”?
    Same thing in beavercreek… A panicky 911 caller sends the cops after a guy with a bb gun. People need to get a grip…

  • Fantazine Davol

    Police behave according to their training. I’m going to argue for re-training instead of the race war solution.

  • SacJP

    It happens all the time (though, fair or not, a black 12 year old is far less likely than a white 12 year old to be visually identifiable as a ‘child’ rather than an adolescent. This isn’t discrimination it’s just mother nature and sometimes Mother Nature is a racist bitch.)