VIDEO: Cop Watches Her Husband Choke Man to Death, No Charges, Still on Duty

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Harris County, TX — Terry Thompson, a 41-year-old Harris County man, choked another man to death at a local Denny’s Sunday night. But Thompson, the husband of a Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy, has still not been charged with any crime. Now, dramatic footage of the fight has emerged, and we must warn you, it is extremely graphic.

John Hernandez, 24, was drunk when he went to the restaurant Sunday night, his family told reporters. From the surveillance video, a wobbly Hernandez can be seen entering the restaurant. He sat down but got up to leave the establishment, over the objections of his wife who pleaded for him to stay.

The drunken man then reportedly relieved himself outside the front entrance, apparently in front of the deputy and her husband. Taking umbrage with the grown man peeing in the parking lot, the deputy’s husband confronted Hernandez about his actions.

According to Thompson, he claims the drunken Hernandez struck him and started a fight which ended when the deputy’s husband reportedly choked the man unconscious. The off-duty deputy helped restrain Hernandez and noticed he wasn’t breathing.

She started CPR and waited for paramedics to arrive. After on-duty police arrived, surprisingly, the deputy’s husband was not charged with assault, involuntary manslaughter, manslaughter, or even murder.

Hernandez was transported to the hospital by ambulance, was placed into intensive care, but was taken off of life support. He later died.

Following Hernandez’ death, Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez asked for the Texas Rangers and the Department of Justice to become involved in the investigation. Since Hernandez’ passing, dramatic cell phone footage has emerged which appears to have recorded the moments leading up to his fatal injuries.

From the video, the large man in a red tank top (deputy’s husband) can be seen seemingly choking Hernandez to the point which led to his demise. Bystanders, apparently realizing what was taking place, attempted to step in front of the camera as the man can be seen rendering Hernandez incapacitated.

Thompson can be heard telling Hernandez, “Do you want me to hit you again?” Panic can be heard in the young lady’s voice standing nearby when she notices someone is recording the incident.

Thompson does not appear to be attempting to kill Hernandez, only subdue him, but his weight, combined with the choke, likely contributed to Hernandez fatal injuries.

One man, dressed in what appears to be biker attire, threatened the person recording the attack with going to jail and continued to step in front of the camera.

No one, in the 52-second video, can be seen attempting to break up the fight, appearing to be more concerned with the fact someone was recording the encounter than fearful someone may be dying beneath Thompson’s weight.

The biker declared the lady to Thompson’s side to be a Sheriff’s deputy and insisted recording was illegal and the videographer would go to jail if he/she continued.

The video was presented to the Hernandez family’s attorney who is now demanding answers and accountability. “This clearly showed Terry Thompson choking and eventually killing John Hernandez,” said Randall Kallinen, the family’s attorney.

While the deputy’s and her husband’s actions on the outside looking in seem justified, the question remains as to whether or not a double standard is at work.

Was the knowledge Mr. Thompson is the spouse of a deputy a factor in the decision not to charge him with involuntary manslaughter? Would he have been arrested if she weren’t an officer of the law?

These questions and more remain as the Harris County Sheriff’s office must now come face to face with the reality one of their own deputy’s relatives killed a drunk man at a Denny’s restaurant and has yet to be charged.

The Free Thought Project will continue to follow this story and inform our readers as it unfolds.

Warning: Very graphic footage

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  • Howard Beale

    Manslaughter plain and simple.

    • Phil_Ossifer

      I think a good case could be made for 2nd degree murder. Would Thompson have acted as he did if his wife, a cop, wasn’t there? Apparently the Thin Blue Line now includes spouses of cops, too.

  • Uncle Sham

    i thought it was illegal to choke someone to death, even if they whip their dick out and start pissing in front of you?

    • RMS1911

      not anymore so if someone while their dick out and starts pissing in front of you choke them to death.
      I mean choke them by the neck in case you were confused……..^_^
      fyi I am a childish asshat.

    • GAZOO2

      Call the cops.

  • dav1bg

    Police officer, no charges. Calling the police used to be a good thing.

  • randy wellman

    if there were GOOD cops, there could be no BAD cops.

    • David E

      Good point.

    • How could any number of any group being good eliminate the bad members?

      • randy wellman

        Wouldnt GOOD cops NOT stick up for BAD cops? Wouldnt they rat them out when they lie about a case? Wouldnt good cops arrest bad cops when they see them doing illegal things? Did you give even one second of thought about your comment before posting? Yeesh.

        • You would have to ask a good cop if you can find one, but they are incredibly rare in big city police departments, judging simply by the amount of press that bad ones get and remain on their forces. I suspect that the best cops wind up going to better forces where they won’t have to cover for so many bad apples. All the thought in the world can’t correct for facts that indicate that things suck for good cops. I had a friend that was a deputy on the Denver Sheriff Department, which runs the Denver city and county jails. They had a prisoner who was acting up one time, and one of them kicked one of his eyes out. My friend stood up for the guy because the prisoner “deserved it.” That was the day he ceased to be my friend. Shortly after, he moved away and nobody has heard from him since.


    All that police IDF training rubbing off in the family

    • Freespirit

      So true.Truer than MOST Americans understand or would beleve.

  • Freespirit

    This was a STATUTORY offense, ( pissing in public) under COMMON LAW, which, by-the-way, the Constitution is based on and THUS that COP had no right to use FORCE against someone who is NOT violating someone’ s Constitutional rights – PERIOD !!!

    These COPS are nothing more than BRAINWASHED MERCENARIES working for Corporations, which create these STATUTORY laws.Those who tried to stop the recording of the violation are no better and even WORSE, by defending a” Mindless Robot, hurting a Human.who happened to be intoxicated and violating no one, but himself

    When are people going to WAKE up and fight back against these murderers-for-hire

    • RMS1911

      “But Thompson, the husband of a Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy, has still not been charged with any crime” not the cop but spouse.

    • Common law was eliminated by the Clearfield Doctrine.

      • Freespirit

        NOTHING can “eliminate” what is NATURAL for us, it can only DECEIVE some into believing it is “eliminated”

        Are you one of those who has taken the “Blue” pill and are deceived?

        PERCEPTION, albeit FALSE, unfortunately rules the masses

        Are you one of those “masses”

        I am NOT since I was very young and NEVER will be, and now I am 77

        • None of the law that is enforced by cops, juries, and courts is the natural law used by the founders to craft the republic. Moat of them were never educated in it, or were indoctrinated away from it. You won’t find it anywhere else but the ignored constitutions where it was launched and stayed. Common law is no more natural than statutes, but it has been replaced by them as a result of the corporatization of the legal system. When the SCOTUS says that corporations have the same rights as individuals, how can a man-made corporation benefit from natural law? You are letting a fictional movie dictate your logic?

          • Freespirit

            WE disagree

          • I have a great difficulty understanding any post involving intermittent shouting and punctuation, and if you think that you should expect privacy in your communications in a public group, your honesty with yourself is in doubt.

          • Freespirit

            You have just exposed yourself as being much younger than I am and you will never know how I know that.

            Arrogance goes along with youth for one simple reason. A young person does not know what he does not know or put a simpler way , what he has not learned.

            It is one of “characteristics” I suspected.

            Take care now

          • You are only 15 years older than me, and I don’t see 15 years more wisdom as much as I see 15 years more arrogance. I would assume that you have read one of the many times I have given my age directly or by inference, and my age is my age, and of no more relevance to me than yours. All of this is academic since we all wind up where none of it is.

          • Freespirit

            Then you missed the boat,so -to-speak

            WE are done now because your arrogance is annoying and infantile, no matter your age.

          • Solid land always beats a sinking ship. Math isn’t a very rare skill. Why would your arrogance be any less infantile than mine, given that you are further into the age of dementia than I am?

          • Freespirit

            If that makes you happy, go with it

  • landy fincannon

    Charges should be forthcoming and soon

  • Freespirit

    So does that mean ANYONE whom you disagree with you is a “MORON”?

    You must be a typical American who believes TRASH talk makes you a tough intelligent guy

    Let ALEX Jones speak for himself “tough guy” and go sit the corner and behave yourself before I spank you

  • A police department is a standing army and the reason why the appropriation for an army was limited to only two years in the Constitution was to prevent standing armies, because they will always be looking for a war to fight, like all of our military is. There is a treatise that explains this in detail at