Video: Compulsory Genetic Testing? “The GOP Just Wrote a Privacy-Shredding Exemption Into a Bill and Quietly Passed It”

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A new House bill would allow corporations to force employees to undergo genetic testing — and then share those results with third parties.

Joe Joseph shares the details in this News Shot.

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Source: New GOP Bill Lets Companies Force You to Take Genetic Tests, Lets Them Share Results With Third Parties

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  • This wouldn’t be such a big deal if anyone remembered the bill that they passed several years ago to take mandatory blood samples of every baby born in an American hospital. What the hell did we think they were going to use those samples for?

    • They will most likely use this DNA to catalog the citizenry into a national database, where the end result will be the implementation of an Orwellian style system that will measure thought crime.

      • Such systems have existed since the dawn of mankind and they have only recently eliminated the need for the physical identifier.
        The most efficient mechanism ever created for the detection and measurement of thought crimes is called social media, and it is not only extremely efficient, but very profitable as well.

  • Anybody who actually thinks what we call our health care system is about your health in any way is simply a fool. Health care or what we call our medical system is worse than a bad joke. It is all about money an nothing else. And if you are stupid enough to still let your doctor make your decisions for you, you will get exactly what you deserve for being stupid.