Video: CNN Guest Exposes the Number One Way Mainstream News Controls the Narrative

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lies and propaganda on tv (retro effect)


Former CIA official Larry Johnson was a guest on CNN with host Brian Stelter yesterday.

While they were discussing the Trump wiretapping allegations, Stelter made a claim about Russia Today, and Johnson snapped back with a (perhaps not-so) surprising bit of information…

Johnson exposed how the network – along with other mainstream media outlets – do pre-interviews with guests to control what they say.

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change shares a very personal story with Arianna Huffington that relates to Johnson’s reveal.

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  • It is best to take a contrarian view towards the media. Subscribe to an ideology, but try to either refute or accept the opinions of the opposing ideology without vehemently criticizing it.

  • g.johnon

    not that anyone mentioned fox, but they are part of mainstream media….so.

    • Elaine.Benes, II

      I have to laugh when people i know try to impress by saying they only watch Fox news. I always say “yeah, so do i when i want to be amused with lies and propaganda. “

  • csfurious

    Of course they do. Only a Sheeple would believe that the interviews on all news networks were not rehearsed.

  • raven6

    All of the media does it, some just forget we get the information as well.

    Alternative media is faster, and can be fact checked against other A Media for clarity.
    Use any search engine but Google, ( Duck Duck Go ) or ( Bing etc. ) . Over 195 Media Corporations ( not individual operations ) were bought up to “Propagandize ”
    the Bull Moose Party against TAFT. J.P. Morgan funded Roosevelts entire Campaign- Why you ask—TAFT was totally against the Privatization of the Federal Reserve. It has never changed.

  • gardeauxandrew

    I always comment “Beware the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES, it breeds Fraudulent elections ,race and gay and now transgender bait articles to cause civil unrest , to distract, to push certain agendas and to control those that are dumbed down blind masses especially the snowflakes. The medias do more harm than good, they cause riots just by the mere reporting of propaganda LIES that destroy both property and death to both military and civilians lives and all this for medias ratings and profits! The snowflakes that protest Americas President Trump are doing what terrorist and illegals want a divided nation to fall from within, Not UNITED WE STAND!. It works both ways Unity in strength or division!

    • Elaine.Benes, II

      The thing we must also remember is that Democrat/Republican (and more specifically to now Trump/Hillary) is also nothing but an extension of the big fat mind control propaganda machine. The protesters against and supporters of any candidate or elected official, for President or otherwise, would make better use of expending their energy, rage, adoration or whatever the case may be, on something like picking the dirt out from under their toenails.

      • Ivyrrussell

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  • I know all about this as well. It happened to me on the BBC a couple of years ago. They called me and asked to do an interview about the Advertising Standards Agency and their programme of suppressing knowledge of and access to
    non-pharmaceutical healing methods. Basically, I stood up to them and their
    lies which they didn’t like at all.

    In the INTERVIEW I was asked all about the problems I’d had with the ASA
    and what was really going on – sounded really good and I still have the full
    recording (they didn’t ask me if I was recording so I didn’t tell them). Right
    at the end, they suddenly changed tack and wanted to talk about a very old
    piece of legislation called “The Cancer Act”. This, I later discovered, was a
    piece of legislation from the early 1930’s intended to curtail the activities
    of those cashing in on the cancer “epidemic” which had started a decade earlier.
    Most of the Act had already been repealed and the remaining part unused for
    decades. One part of the Act lays down a £50.00 fine for claiming to cure

    Some years previously, I had written a book “Cancer? So what?” in which I show what cancer actually is (it’s not a disease) and how to remove the causes from your life. The interviewer tried to manipulate me into admitting that my book is, under the remnants of the Cancer Act, illegal.

    The TELEVISED version contained nothing about the ASA and suppression of
    information but an attack upon me for writing a book about cancer.

    In a nice sleight of hand, they showed a clip from a family doctor in which he stated that, in his opinion, my book contravenes the Cancer Act. NOTE! They ask a LEGAL opinion from someone with no legal training but DON’T ask him if what I had written would be helpful in cancer cases because, of course, a truthful answer would be “very helpful”.

    Finally, they aired a clip from a pharma-front organisation called “The
    Nightingale Collaboration” praising the ASA for keeping information about
    non-pharmaceutical techniques out of the public eye.

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh