Video: Automatic Gunfire Heard At GROUND LEVEL During Las Vegas Mass Shooting As Cover-up Continues To Unravel

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As the possibility that the Las Vegas mass shooting was some sort of false flag operation increases on an hourly basis, new video has emerged that seems to directly contain audio confirmation that a shooter was firing an automatic weapon from ground level.

In the video, which is amazingly over an hour long, you can not only hear gunfire and its echo in the distance for much of the time, you can also hear shots fired literally right near the frightened couple who filmed their entire escape from the concert.

Near the 49:50 mark you can hear the beginning of the ground level shots being fired.

Take note that this footage has NOT been addressed by any of the authorities who have seemingly totally ignored its existence while continuing to claim that only one shooter operated from the 32nd floor of the hotel.

Most likely, the same officials (and media outlets for that matter) who are covering up the obvious possibility of multiple shooters are the very people who directly lied about when Stephen Paddock actually checked into the hotel in the first place.

As I reported for, new photos released by investigative reporter Laura Loomer prove that authorities absolutely lied about at least two different aspects of the case.

Now, new information released by investigative reporter Laura Loomer proves that authorities have directly lied to the American people about the case at least once by claiming that supposed shooter Stephen Paddock checked into the Mandalay Bay Hotel on September 28th when valet records (with photos) prove he actually arrived three days earlier.

According to Loomer, she obtained the image from a source which shows that Paddock’s car first arrived September 25th. The photo even has a handwritten note that was reportedly written by an FBI agent – proving that the FBI specifically lied to the country.

The picture “proves FBI misled public about #StephenPaddock’s check in date,” Loomer Tweeted.

Obviously the official narrative surrounding the Las Vegas mass shooting is completely falling apart with any information put out by so-called official sources being possible disinformation.

What do you think?

Does the above video prove that there were shooters on the ground? Is a cover-up currently underway?

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  • Jane Stewart

    When I started hearing about Vegas was around 1 a.m. central Monday morning. They were saying ‘shooters’ plural in the beginning. Around 3 a.m., Fox news was showing some cell footage clearly indicating at least two shooters at the same time. The first thing that went through my head were the words ‘false flag’. I had a very early appointment at 5 a.m. and a lady there was discussing the incident with another employee. Her exact words were, “Have you ever heard of a false flag?” Virtually no one is buying the solo nut narrative.

    • Ed Schrade

      Jane…….The reason that they cannot find a reason for the shooting is that the guys past has been scrubbed, and I believe he was set up. If he was going for mass casualties then why did he quit shooting when he had plenty of time left. They put out the theory that his weapons jammed but he had plenty more there to use. I think he was set up . I do not trust the alphabet organizations.

      • Tom Martin

        nor should you trust them

    • Kymikal

      Very few are buying it. I went to ABC news to watch the “crazy brother” interview. Even in the MSM I looked at the comment on their youtube channel. Out of thousands of comments…I might have seen 10 where people were buying it. Even the ones brainwashed by the media is not buying it. This even has “redpilled” a lot of people. A LOT!

      • tom

        Sad how it takes a tragedy before people decide to open their minds to some truths. “Truth” is being dictated to the American people, which makes the USA a dictatorship by definition! Maybe now the shockwaves of this incident will be enough to knock down the wall of disinformation that this nation IS a democracy! 22,000 people being shot at should open many minds for sure!

  • Sam Iam

    The Main question is “Why is the FBI lying?” Other questions: Who are they protecting? Are they complicit/accomplices in this mass murder? Has the FBI lied about other terror events? If they have, since when?

    • Elaine.Benes, II

      They are lying because either they are directly responsible for the attack, were directly or indirectly involved in it, or were charged with helping cover up the truth regarding those responsible. And yes, they have “lied” about ALL other “terror” attacks. As to how long they have been doing it that would be since the first terror attack occurred after the FBI’s creation and implementation. It is more likely they have been and are covering for CIA terrorist activity.

    • Brad

      Being played for suckers and fools since the JFK assignation.

    • Al Bollinger

      At least since JFK……the list is long….Remember tho, the FBI like all the other Alphabet agencies is compartmentalized, so only the guyz at the top know the whole picture…..the guyz/persons at lower levels only know their small part and have no idea of whats really goin on……..

    • 1) A silencer bill was about to be voted on, removing the background checks & tax stamp. Dropped.
      2) The government now will be pushing bills to make all full auto rifles illegal (except the ones they own), as well as 30rd. magazines.
      3) The disarmament agenda is the same as Agenda 21, continuation of government, by hook or crook, re-load time kills, same as fighting with substandard weaponry. We learned that from Vietnam where we killed 3mil. Asians in their home land.

    • Da vid

      It is known that the FBI has lied . Once a liar always one the real question is when have they stopped lying

  • John C Carleton

    All brought to you by Washington DC.
    In this video, one can clearly identify at least two, belt fed, crew served weapons firing, from different locations.
    If Washington Dc is lying about the facts, means they did it.

    • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

      This was the video that cemented my opinion about this. Definitely multiple shooters, locations and distances.

  • James Stamulis

    Once again the FBI has aided and abetted terrorism in America for the left to steal more of our bill of rights and maybe help start a civil war! How can anyone trust them when the top 2 (Comey and McCabe) at the FBI were working for Hillary, Obama and the democratic party? Before the bodies were cold the left was crying out for more gun control. Gee what a surprise.

    • Elaine.Benes, II

      Yes, how utterly shocking indeed. They can pry mine from my cold dead hands. I have seen enough of this bullshit and since we are going to apparently sit around and passively allow them to continue this charade
      of terror, death, and destruction on The Citizens, I am sure it will not be much longer until they will be confident in coming around to take anything we have left of the Freedom and Liberties once (seemingly) allotted to us under the now defunct Constitution of the United States of Amerikka.

    • jimmy joe

      Whats funny is, you actually think its the “left” side of the paradigm that benefits from a disarmed citizenry,, when in fact, its big, corrupt govt as a whole, that benefits, IMMENSELY!! All the while, the “constitutionalists” over at the nra, with all their muscle in dc, sit back and do NOTHING while the “right” side of the paradigm takes our 4th amendment!! Again, this will only benefit big, corrupt govt as a whole!

      • James Stamulis

        Antifa, Black Lies Matter and Radical Islam for the last 8 years was funded by Obama, Clinton and the left and it has been Trump and his supporters that have been targeted repeatedly. There are also RINO’S on the right who are allied with them and i want them all put i prison. I know at the higher up positions there is no left and right they are all NWO traitors.

        • jimmy joe

          THEY ARE ALL TRAITORS, PERIOD!! To think anything other than that would be very naive!! You heard of that false flag more commonly referred to as 9/11?? What about that pesky “legislation” soon after called “the patriot act”? Ever heard of the drug war and who/when it started, and why?? These are just a few of the examples to prove my point!! The govt, as far as the evidence, so far, is pointing, are responsible for 99% of our society’s problems, EVERYTHING can be traced back to big, corrupt govt, partner. Do some research on your own, OUTSIDE ANY MSM SOURCE, and you too, will come to the same conclusion!!

          • James Stamulis

            Now you have shown your a complete MORON! Blame everyone but have have no solutions or do anything about it! Typical hypocritical MORON!

          • jimmy joe

            The “moron”, or complete tard, is the guy, you, that actually believes there is a difference between the two party dictatorship?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

          • James Stamulis

            Like i said you MORON!

          • jimmy joe

            Good answer, well thought out, I can tell, smart guy!! Quite intelligent too?? I am glad you tried to disprove my theory, and provided references??? You know, the tard below, I challenged her to upload a video directed at Mr Weaver and the other survivors of the terror attack on waco, telling them all that there is no such thing as domestic terrorism, particularly, terror coming from badge wearers!! She still hasn’t?? The million dollar question is, why the hell not??

          • Are you his mentor or tutor?

          • IQ140

            Goodbye clueless sheeple!

          • James Stamulis

            Fuck off!

          • You are the one who claims to know them, and what are you doing, committing ad hominem against those who don’t make the same claim?

        • If you know them, why are you protecting them?

          • James Stamulis

            I am not protecting anyone i said the higher ups in the GOP are the same as the left and all are NWO traitors. jimmie joe said everyone in congress is and i don’t buy that at all.

          • If you know their names and what crimes they have committed, withholding that information makes you complicent after the fact in most jurisdictions.

          • James Stamulis

            What are you talking about? Know the names of who?

          • “I know at the higher up positions there is no left and right they are all NWO traitors.”

          • James Stamulis

            Oh I would say McCain, Graham, Ryan, McConnell to mention a few.

          • If you have evidence you haven’t come forward with, you are, by default, covering their offences. It is called misprision of felony. It this case it would be misprision of treason.

          • James Stamulis

            There actions show what they are like undermining their party’s president example of McCain killing the bill that would have killed Obamacare when he ran on doing exactly that. their actions prove they traitors.

          • And your inaction in exposing their treason makes you complicent.

          • James Stamulis


          • I don’t think you know what treason is, which would provide plausible deniability as a defense. Treason is defined in the Constitution, which you don’t seem to understand either.

          • James Stamulis

            What do you call what he did then and the so called conservatives working to undermine the president?

          • Normal bipartisan politics in the age of neo-conservatism.

          • James Stamulis

            Not when he ran on killing Obamacare and then when he had the chance twice he voted to keep it just to undermine Trump. That is not bipartisan that is a scumbag much like yourself! I am done with Morons like yourself!

          • Either you aren’t old enough to vote, or you have Alzheimer’s.

          • Patria liberty

            The roll call on the bill to codify Russia sanctions for “interfering in the election” through an obviously long prepared interrlocking nefarious security, surveillance etc. measures justified because Russia is : “using ngos to undermine overthrow democratically elected governments interfere with nation’s independence by intervening uninvited, supporting the wrong side in Syria and ukraine.
            Basically accusing them of doing all that cia Soros are actually doing many places. While violating separation of powers by blocking Trump from lifting the rules the bill imposes even though that is a power designated to the President . If you want names or proof they serve
            one globalist master no matter the party, read these roll calls on the bill.

          • Patria liberty

            Evidence: The bill to impose permanent sanctions on Russia and the President can’t change it And what a surprise, as of today October 10, the YouTube video linked above is “no longer available” Though it could not be for copyright reasons as it was original personal cell phone footage taken by amateurs. I noticed the msm results two days ago when you googled or YouTube searched “Las Vegas multiple shooters” the results included multiple msm stories detailing how YouTube had altered their search algorithms after “conspiracy theories about multiple shooters in Las Vegas” began appearing in top search results, which was “dangerous” so then forward the results would favor “authoritative sources” in msm. They also included a story about “why the police want you to send your cell phone footage to them instead of posting it on social media” ostensibly because you might post tactical police positions and tip off the terrorists about where police were. Of course, truthseekers and redpilled know this is because social media footage offers information that msm throws down the memory hole once the official story is decided upon.
            And, as this video’s unavailability as of October 10 on YouTube’s end, any that slips through can be controlled that way.
            This shows the value of articles like this which preserve the existence and value of later-suppressed YouTube amateur content by detailing it. So thanks author and bless all truthseekers!

          • Nothing the msm says is admissible in court because it is all either fabricated and/or hearsay, so it can’t serve as evidence.

          • Patria liberty

            The evidence of Congress not serving we the people is in the near unanimous passage of HR 3364 which is almost as bad as the law in Leviticus “when they heard the law, the people wept”. Like a 502-4 vote wasn’t worrying enough – the last time a bill passed with those numbers was Gulf of Tonkin !!! And yes, just like Gulf of Tonkin is based on a lying interpretation of events for it’s purpose, this bill too. Frighteningly, the near unanimity and the bills polished preparedness and complex interlocking provisions impact the very countries which could make a new financial system together after writing off the unpaybackable quadrillion in bad debt the banksters hold over us and control us with. Russia stands against a uniparty open borders wotld. So does Pres. Trump which is why we picked him. We the people don’t want globalist rule over one world with no borders by elites. We ong sovereign nationalistic countries cooperating and the bill appears to be a foundation for some future nefarious destructive globalist war white genociding surveillance state enhancing chosen bill.
            Nothing we the people have been asking about or for and in direct defiance to President Trump’s attempt to simply “get along” with Russia. Russia kicked out the globalists. We elected Trump and we could learn and do that too setting off a chain of national sovereignty enhancing actions in the European and east block and Commonwealth white countries currently being invaded with unprecedented and often hostile migrants in globalist fantasy come true. That has weakened the west and set our own laws against us and reduced our numbers overall and our political weight in our own homelands.
            This bill is like the Patriot act it appears polished and predone. It’ssick I couldn’t even read it through. It’s a twisting of what’s true into the globalist lie worldview Americans voted against. That’s why it was horrifying to realize the recently elected Republican majority too was willing to sponsor and pass such lies which will only dvide the world up or start wwiii. Certainly showed 502 voting to codify the unproven Russian interference in elections etc. and to codify an expansive illegal interlocking set of regulations hobbling trade and international relations which is the president’s job. Violates separation of powers and disgustingly, says it is to prevent bad countries for interfering in democracies through propaganda, ngos and funding — all what Soros cia etc do in our name/democracy’s name all the time.
            To see the names here is the roll call.


        Well past time for 1776 2.0

        • We need to redeclare our independence? From whom?


            From the zionist owned government and ALL of its tentacles… IS= REAL-HELL, the Fed reserve, splc, wmf, bis, un, etc.

          • Since both sides are highly dispersed, how would you recommend that we proceed?


            Both sides?

          • The left and right that exists only to deceive the deceivable.

  • Underestimated

    I don’t like conspiracy theories but in this case there is so much that is not right and so much being hidden from us that you can’t deny something is going on. I’m not sure what but they are hiding something. What happened to that second rifle that he bought on the way there? Who used it and who specifically was shot with it. From what I saw it was a .308 with a scope. Much better for sniper type shooting. I wondered if this was all a huge cover up for a specific hit? Even if it’s not why all the secrecy? Why the difference in the dates of arrival? Why no video of who else went in and out of that room? I don’t care what they say. This guy was not a ghost. He is a patsy.

    • Undecider

      You’re making the assumption Paddock even fired a single shot. At least at the crowd. Remember, Lee Harvey Oswald wasn’t behind the rifle or close to any firearms when Kennedy was shot.

      • S/he goes with the only assumptions that they have been convinced of by the convincers in the mainstream media.

    • I know a group of shooters who can hit a torso target dead-center from a mile away, and they use nothing smaller than .50.

  • Brad

    Two shooters in 1st video. @ 3:53 1st shooter, @ 3:57 2nd shooter can be heard. Listen.

  • gazoo3

    No machine gun exists that slows down and speeds up the rate of fire while firing. Variable rate of fire machine guns have to change components in order to alter the rate of fire.

    • jafo

      You are incorrect the 7.62 Canadian C6 has a variable rate of fire by use of a selector switch. Simply stop firing, move the selector, continue firing at a higher or lower rate. The change can be completed in seconds with no mechanical changes to the weapon.

      • gazoo3

        Thank you for helping me identify the one machine gun that has a variable rate of fire and for proving my point. It is quite apparent by listening to the video recording of the event that the rate of fire monumentally increases and decreases as the weapon is being continuously fired. It very clearly did not stop firing so a selector switch could be flung and then resume firing at a different rate. I consider this evidence that the sound of the gunfire was possibly a recording.

        • If it was a recording, there are commonly available devices that could easily change the rate of playback, making the observable rate of fire completely adjustable.

    • Sorry, There are a few reasons that a machine gun will vary fire rate, But the most realistic reason the ROF was variable was due to lubrication on the weapon. How one could think that all machine guns work perfectly is bizarre, but hey, not everyone is discerning are they?

      • gazoo3

        I’m always willing to admit I was mistaken. Can you provide a link to back up your claim that lubrication can cause a machine gun to increase and decrease rof while being operated ?

        • Ok. Here is another one, Suppose the person that loaded these magazines blew it and mixed two different boxes of ammo that had different levels of powder loading them? Would that cause variability?

          • gazoo3

            Probably not. You still haven’t proven your first assertion.

        • Undecider

          Lubrication, carbon build up, possible suppressors (which does not make the gun silent), etc. Many variables. It’s a machine darn it. Sometimes they are flawless. Other times, a real pain in the ass. You may be under the assumption the operators of these machines keep their gear in tiptop shape.

          Also, by the time the audio was recorded of the bogging down gun, it may have already been fired or firing for several hundred rounds. It’s not as if the recorder was prepared in advanced. You’re getting something from a street level witness that most likely began recording after the firing had begun.

          • gazoo3

            It didn’t just slow down but also speed up. The rof was variable. I’m not buying your explanation but this is a definite possibility. A trigger crank.

      • You don’t have too much experience dealing with things mechanical do you? Well if i was to think about the reality of machines having a minor issue in ROF and you are thinking this is some big thing to have to investigate, well gazoo3 if you are unwilling to fathom the cause of anything you observe you will remain in the dark, my dong your searching does not help you learn the truth using your own talents. i can say for sure there is nothing too weird in a machine gun having this type of interference, Bad lubrication,Inconsistent rounds, Damage to weapon, Heating of the weapon, A whole range of mechanical factors determine the cyclic rate of fire in ANY weapon.

  • skimmer521

    They planned this so that people could see there is a cover up and to loose faith in this country even faster so that we will tear this country apart for them.. they know the gun owner not the antifa has the power in this country and there prevocing us into doing something…This is a direct provocation, hold on to your guns and shoot when you see the whites of there eye’s, then you will know your true enemy..

  • Roy Hobs

    “By Deception, We Shall Wage War” ….. the Globalists.

    • apeman2502

      Globalists = British Empire + Rothschilds central bank system = Genetic slag, DEEP IN DEBT.

      • Roy Hobs

        Or simply —

        New World Order Pledged to the Jews —

        Henry Ford called it as he saw it — “The International Jew”.

      • Strongs119

        “In Jerusalem, the United Nations (a truly United Nations) will build a Shrine of the Prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind.”~ (David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister, Look magazine, 1962).

        “federated union of all continents” — A clear description of globalist union, global order!
        “this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind.” — pretty clear that this is where the “federated union of all continents” will be governed from, the seat of the Antichrist.
        “Jerusalem” — So we know the city where this “Supreme Court of Mankind,” i.e. the central government overseeing the “federated union of all continents” will be based.

        • apeman2502

          Nutcase funded by the world wide Rothschild bank, which is part of the British Empire.

  • Jane Stewart

    I think it would be most interesting to note the variety of ammo taken out of the victims. Why have we not seen ANY video of this guy carting stuff upstairs? I just read an interesting article written by Dave Hodges saying the owner of Mandalay Bay hotel sold off over $10 million in stock in company a month ago and that he is a verified contributor to Antifa via the Southern Poverty law center. You know how they say ‘follow the money? Very interesting.

    • Undecider

      You get room service to bring it up for you.

  • Joseph Adams

    A cia sponsored attack,this guy ran guns and probably was selling them to issis,ms13and antifa…

  • They had speakers on stage, HELLO !
    The “shooter(s)” actors were shooting caps or blanks at best.

  • John Cathy

    Motus operadi.
    They did the same thing in Boston, Sandy Hook, etc.
    Pretty sure its not real. No blood. 50 Dead 500 injured, There should be a lot of blood all over everyone.

  • Mike

    third attempt to post. 17.14 farthest side of video, muzzel flashes

  • Tippu Tip

    Paddock is a CIA connected weapons dealer, and this was a fast and the furious type sting gone bad. Why do you think he had 20 some odd guns in there. Why do you think the cameras were at up. Hes not a gambler he launders the money. The FBI has blood on their hands and is covering it up. Within an hour they knew it wasn’t terrorism, but it’s been a week and we still don’t know anything about anything. Other than this 64 year old millionaire who was banging vegas hookers decided to kill a bunch of ppl for no reason.

    • Undecider

      Another reason for the guns in the room was an advertisement to make the case for body scanners, to be installed in hotels. After learning about that security initiative, the idea of a “gun deal gone bad” lost all credibility. As with the story of the Underwear Bomber sneaking onto the airplane with his hidden device was used to push body scanners, this guy with all his firearms in the room will be used to push scanners in hotels.

      Gun deal gone bad? It’s likely the only shots fired in or from the room were the ones used to either kill him or simulate his death. The ‘guns in the room’ is more likely a distraction to prop up the official story. That and the “Antifa literature.” The same as with the unburned terrorist passport found on 9-11 to fool the public we were attacked by the Saudis.

  • Infidel51

    Youre killing me Smalls. That isn’t gunfire being fired from a weapon near the camera that is the sound of projectiles breaking the sound barrier near the camera. They sound nothing alike. I do agree that the videos I have seen of gunfire coming from a 4th floor window look legit. However, the crowd level shooter narrative is absurd. 22 thousand people, each one with a video camera, where’s the video of the guy firing a weapon in the crowd? Killing me.

  • AN Email i sent to Rense…..

    ​Hi Jeff…. Well it seem we are here
    again.. up to our necks in state mind rape and little is really being
    challenged on this shooting… in MSM areas that is. But here we are.

    I guess the first thing i should
    ridicule is the hotel ‘ORGY of evidence’, this is a real doosey,
    Q:Who leaked the photos of the room? Like we don’t know. How
    convenient to have such a good item to put on the news. The amount of
    hardware there is insane, what was he going to do with all that? he
    would use a few of them before he was kicked off the planet, but 23
    weapons and over 1000 rounds is bonkers. A child could see the
    obvious setup.

    Everyone heard this attack, as far as i
    can tell nobody SAW this attack. That said a suppressed weapon was
    not used. So why do we not see a muzzle flame? We heard the report,
    could hear the down range ricochet, so where is the muzzle flashes.

    There is a video going around pointing
    to a series of flashes low on the one side, SMG muzzle flash is not
    going to be overlooked! Depending on the loading of the round it can
    become very long and pronounced in the dark. As far as i can tell no
    video evidence of MF.

    I know a bit about the Canadian C1
    version of the Sterling SMG, and more importantly have heard this
    weapon on range many times and various distances, the audio in the
    video clips is most likely from some form of SMG.

    Everyone heard this attack, as far as i
    can tell nobody SAW this attack. That said a suppressed weapon was
    not used. So why do we not see a muzzle flame? We heard the report,
    could hear the down range ricochet, so where is the muzzle flashes.

    There is a vid going around pointing to
    a series of flashes low on the one side, SMG muzzle flash is not
    going to be overlooked! Depending on the loading of the round it can
    become very long and pronounced in the dark. As far as i can tell
    after all the video have downloaded, No, repeat No muzzle flash video
    evidence from the Mandalay Bay. This was the first topic of search
    for my enquiries, many hours of search have yet to prove on video the
    source of the deadly fire volleys.

    Now the only real close and known
    microphone placement i have to sample on the fire is from the taxi
    Girls phone, on that you can do some measurements, that result is
    trending me into focusing on surface level fire, the recording i
    think shows very well that a Sub-machine gun,Perhaps a Sterling SMG,
    was used, and fired from a point in the water on the entrance way
    area just NE from the ‘PORCH’.

    the entire event could have been done
    from that point in the water with almost total cover, and still be
    able to target the venue even though they cannot see it, the muzzle
    flash is not too easy to hide from a weapon like that so using the
    trees and the concrete wall as cover makes sense.

    Arrive and park at the bus stop. enter
    the wood behind the stop and enter water. prepare weapons and ammo.
    then wait for cue. On cue, target angle and azimuth and fire the
    round requirements an the target. Having used brass catchers and a
    suitcase to hold the spent mags a quick clean up of the weapons into
    the suit case, climb out of the water and leave on foot with the case
    and no one would ever know

    The time from park to egress is 3
    minutes. with a evidence orgy in the hotel nest to use as a
    narrative, the unseen fire point in as tactical a spot as is
    manageable in a public area and a bit of audio trickery with the
    sound system and no one is the wiser.

    The taxi girl audio is damming to the
    police narrative.

    Now as to all this talk and bluster
    about flashes from the Mandalay, this one is real simple folks, The
    daytime shots of the hotel in daylight do not show more than TWO
    broken windows, no fire can come from unbroken glass windows can it?

    Strobe lights to get the witness claims
    of fire from the Mandalay on record worked well. From that 32nd floor
    level ZERO muzzle flashes is recorded in any of the footage i have
    seen. Machine guns shoot bullets and fire… lots of fire is emitted,
    your not going to be mistaken about the origin of the shots if they
    were from that easy a place to see from that concert venue.

    After looking at this attack and how
    one could get away with it,and a layer of what went on from this taxi
    on the entrance porch of the Mandalay, i started to think like ‘what
    if i intended to get away’ then i saw much of what is to be hidden.

    Perhaps i an wrong, i could be. But
    have a think, work through the material, then ask what is more

    There are 59 deaths, thousands of
    traumatized, Who noticed that they included Paddock in the death
    toll? A funny inclusion is it not?

    Any time now the dominoes of liberty
    lost will start clicking away……

  • Since there is no evidence of interstate criminality, why would the feds be involved in an investigation? They are always involved in things like Columbine and Sandy Hook.

    • Undecider

      Maybe they weren’t there to investigate but to cover up. The Secret Service stayed with Mrs. Kennedy to ensure she didn’t tell anyone what she knew.

  • Infidel51

    That’s a cop with a pistol in one hand and flash light in the other. He raises both and when incoming rounds hit near him he touches the button briefly turning the flash light on. That’s what I see.

  • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

    There’s a vid on yooboob where the BBC ‘apparently’ unwittingly show it on the Nightly News! I’ll see if I can find it….

  • doodaa

    Was…past tense.

  • dav1bg

    And they told us Benghazi was a riot, until international reporters (not our media) spilled the beans. I personally do not believe anything TV has to say. A friend who was there said they heard 5 distinct different shooters. It is sad we cannot believe our own government anymore.

    • Undecider

      We couldn’t even believe them after Pearl Harbor.

  • dav1bg

    And there was a gun bill before congress to roll back gun grabber laws. Hmmm.

  • Undecider

    All of this street level “evidence” will be ignored while they ramrod more laws down our throats. Just watch, before any attention can be gained by government or law enforcement, another shooting will occur.

    Courageously, a group of victims and concerned citizens in a most challenged manner fought tooth and nail to bring forth documentation that Oklahoma City bombing was inside job or something other than officially stated. They had been put off time and time again. Finally, when they were getting some traction, 9-11 happened. Their case came to an abrupt halt.

    With the LV shooting, there should be enough witnesses and injured to make a loud enough stink. Something that government in no way can sweep under the carpet.

  • Harold Saive

    If Antifa was the culprit I would expect the Media to cover it up with a fake shooter

  • Harold Saive

    The video is gone. Youtube took it down. You guys better find another server.

  • debar

    It’s pretty well been shown that the FBI can no longer be trusted..Under Obama they became a rogue gov’t entity.

  • debar

    Ask Pamela Geller about the FBI

  • Patria liberty

    And what a surprise, as of today October 10, the YouTube video linked above is “no longer available” Why? it could not be for copyright reasons as it was original personal cell phone footage taken by amateurs.

    This fits with what Google results brought up two days ago when you googled “Las Vegas multiple shooters”… multiple msm stories detailing how YouTube had altered their search algorithms after “conspiracy theories about multiple shooters in Las Vegas” began appearing in youtube top search results, which was “dangerous” so the algorithm was tweeked to favor “authoritative sources” in msm.

    They also included a story about “why the police want you to send your cell phone footage to them instead of posting it on social media” (ahem) because you “might post tactical police positions and tip off the terrorists about where police were.” In other words so officials can control social media footage once the official story is decided upon.

    And, as this video’s unavailability as of October 10 on YouTube’s end, any that slips through can be controlled that way. However it also shows the value of articles like this which preserve the existence and value of later-suppressed YouTube amateur content by detailing it. So thanks author and bless all truthseekers!

  • Da vid

    A reoccurring theme with Americans is their absolute shock when the MSM will not answer their questions or investigate allegations .Don’t the stupid people get it yet?
    The MSM is owned and controlled by 6 people . Only their version of truth, their philosophy,,their agenda and their reality prevails.
    There is no news networks in USA today it is all propaganda . A part of the plan
    to keep Americans subdued ,

  • ProfRaccoon

    “Stephen Paddock joined ISIS six month ago”. This is true, since ISIS is the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. The Jewish zionist tribe controls large parts of the USA government, including the FBI. The Jewish zionist tribe in the USA has dual citizenship (but only loyal to Rothschild), so this mass murder was both a Jewish zionist INSIDE and OUTSIDE job, just like 9-11 and the JFK assassination. This has nothing to do with Moslims nor Americans, this was done by JEWS because they are JEWISH. Paddock is the patsy, and he was under ISIS control, no question about that, like L.H. Oswald, and too many other useful idiot goys under ISIS control. This was done by the MOSSAD = ISIS.

  • junktex

    Video has already been removed.Any questions??lol

  • junktex

    Video was removed

  • apeman2502

    The FBI needs a house cleaning. Trump needs something else but not the presidency. Killary Stab Kitty is fucking nuts, so forget it. Line of succession.

  • olde reb

    perhaps he was another user of phycratic drugs ?

  • #1TroubleMaker

    I call this the 911 ‘Tower 1 effect’ Meaning, I surmise that this operation (including the media) was to push an obvious multi shooter cover up.

    Why? Glad you asked.

    When the jet hit the first world trade tower nobody was quite sure it was a terror attack. I suspect that there will be events in the near future that will get the public to say “yup, no denying it this time” and once that happens and the public consensus is crystalized that “America’s soft targets are being targeted by terrorists” (Both foreign and domestic) the ‘Tower 2 effect’ will occur where the controllers will find it much easier to push their ‘solutions’ to the ‘problem’ of terrorism in USA.

    These ‘solutions’ will of course be safety for liberty compromises that the general public would never had dreamed of before the up coming events unfolded. This complete with the corporate media foaming at the mouth.

  • WhiteEagle

    That was in a reply where someone was trying to say Putin was a murderer.