Video: 5 Times Nancy Pelosi Couldn’t Hide the Fact She’s Totally Losing It

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In all seriousness, if she really has lost her mind, Nancy Pelosi has a responsibility to admit the truth and step down.

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  • mirageseekr

    How could this not make the list?

  • Frank

    Her adolescent drug alcohol abuse is finally catching up with her. She’s probably on some form of nut adjustor, too. This shitlib is far past her sell-by date and needs to go…NOW.

    • Why don’t you emulate her and assassinate her, since it seems to be important to you?

      • Frank

        So…still working for the Hildabeast, I see. They paying you by the hour or by the post?

        • You demonstrate more symptoms of delirium tremens than she ever has.

          • Frank

            For a short time a while back I actually thought you might actually have had something to contribute to the discussion. Now you have revealed yourself as just another paid shitlib troll whose idea of a clever argument is a disjointed ad hominem attack. Enjoy your meaningless little life, troll, and hope that when the revolution comes we overlook you. But don’t count on it.

          • A revolution won’t take place in this country until ignorant people like you, who don’t know the difference between a revolution and a coup, are extinct. You remind me of the “heroes” that prance around enjoying the adulation of other ignorants who believe because they killed innocent and unarmed non-combatants in countries that never threatened nor attacked us, they are patriots. I can tell the difference between a patriot and a jingo, and you sound just ignorant enough to be the latter.

          • Frank

            Keep it up, shill. The more you run your mouth the more you prove my point.

          • No one has to prove your point. It is clearly visible on the top of your head. Harry Nilsson would be proud.

      • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

        Your post makes ZERO sense….I mean, emulate, assassinate…? Whaa…??

    • Jeff Smith

      I don’t think it’s still “adolescent” drug behavior. She’s a raging alcoholic and drug abuser and has lost her mind.

      Oh, and disqus 3bronuajno? Why don’t you do yourself and society a favor and assasinate yourself?

      • Frank

        I agree, she’s been an alky and a druggie since her teenage years as a San Fransicko hippie and it’s finally gotten to the point where she can no longer hide it.

      • Naw, I’ll just around and watch while you jingoes kill each other off.

  • Barny Fife

    The gift to Republicans that keeps on giving.

    • I hope that bullet is still in your pocket.

      • Jeff Smith

        You mean the one that should be in your head?

        • I didn’t know that there were any Smiths in the Fife family, but there appears to be at least one with sufficient cerebral vacuum to accommodate a sizable projectile, so since there isn’t anything else in there, be my guest.

  • Ro2

    Losing it?! She never had it!

  • anonymous4u4me

    She is not losing it, she lost it long ago.

    • And you have been envious for just as long.

      • Jeff Smith

        I would envy a steaming pile of crap rather then Pelosi. I’m sure you can identify with a steaming pile of crap as you are one.

        • It is undoubtedly a part of your current pout of delirium tremens, which seems extraordinarily common in here, to project your extensive personal experience with piles of crap onto those who don’t agree with our specious premises.

      • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

        Project much??

        • Not since I got out of the motion picture projectionist business, just ahead of digital projectors.

  • Fed Up

    Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton. . . two of the worst enemies Americans can have!

    • HelenTurner111

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    • Since they outnumber Pelosi and Clinton by a factor of nearly a million, ignorant soldiers are far more numerous, and so, far more destructive of our ideals.
      Treason is defined in the Constitution at Article 3, Section 3, as consisting “only in levying War against (the United States), or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”
      All members of the American military take an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; (and to) bear true faith and allegiance to the same.”
      When the military is committed to foreign actions without a declaration of war by Congress, as required by Article 1, Section 8, Paragraph 11 of the Constitution, that is a violation of the Constitution, arguably the action of domestic enemies.
      When a member of the military participates in an unconstitutional foreign military deployment, s/he violates both the Constitution and his/her oath to “support and defend” it, giving “aid and comfort” to it’s “domestic enemies,” committing treason by the definition given by the Constitution.

  • AtomicMetroid

    She’s from an Argentinian jewish family

  • The it that she is losing isn’t money, power, or believability, it seems.

    • Bill the eighth

      Aside from the money, it is hard to lose something you never had.

  • UnderTheBedMonster

    Nancy is in dire need of retiring and staying the H out of the public spotlight. She is the worst representative of the Democratic Party EVER. Come to think of it….she needs MORE exposure so the American Public can see just how pathetic she and the DNC really really are so they won’t vote her back in or any other DNC candidate.

  • Jeff Smith

    Pelosi is a lefty lunatic and a hypocrite. And she’s also an out of control drug and alcohol fueled imbecile. Leave it to Californians to elect and keep re-electing a POS like her.

  • Defiant

    NanPo is simply losing it. I think she’s been in the DC money-machine for so long she’s been separated from the reality in which the rest of us dwell…sad…but she really seems genuinely unhinged.

  • Uncle Sham

    it is clear that several of her botox injections accidentally penetrated her brain

    • Bill the eighth

      She actually has a brain?!

      • Are you envious?

        • Bill the eighth

          Of the moonbat Pelosi? Are you insane?

        • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

          Your ‘professional’ shilling is exceedingly lame….

          • True professional shills are very well compensated, while I have never received a penny for posting anything online. Your ability to parse the difference should prevent me from receiving any unjustified donations. Thank you for the protection.

    • You obviously know as little about botox as you do anything else.

      • Uncle Sham

        Nancy, is that you?

        • And you said that you could keep a secret! Liar, liar, pants on fire!

  • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

    Brain damaged beyond repair….

  • celticreeler

    Not a fan, but don’t know that I personally have knowledge of her being an alcoholic, which is how the video starts off. I believe that weakens your arguments.