Video: 5 Signs We’re Living in an Orwellian Police State (Now More Than Ever)

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And yes, there are a whole lot more than five, but here are five recent examples that prove our dystopic future is actually our dystopic present.

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Contributed by Melissa Dykes of The Daily Sheeple.

Melissa Dykes is a writer, researcher, and analyst for The Daily Sheeple and a co-creator of Truthstream Media with Aaron Dykes, a site that offers teleprompter-free, unscripted analysis of The Matrix we find ourselves living in. Melissa and Aaron also recently launched Revolution of the Method and Informed Dissent. Wake the flock up!

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  • jim_robert

    Just for clarification, Nazi stands for the Nazionale Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei – the National SOCIALIST German Workers Party. Anyone smart enough to notice the “socialist” part?

    Was it just a name, as some say? Then why did the Nazi’s introduce the “Reichsarbeitsdienst” – the National Labour Svc that had public work systems; why the “Kraft durch Freude,” where the STATE even took care of the leisure time of workers?

    Here are the some planks of the Nazis, adopted in Munich on February 24, 1920:
    “We ask that the government undertake the obligation above all of providing citizens with adequate opportunity for employment and earning a living… We demand profit sharing in big business… the government must provide an all-around enlargement of our system of public education. . . We demand the education at government expense of gifted children of poor parents. . . . The government must undertake the improvement of public health… permanent recovery of our people can only proceed from within on the foundation of The Common Good Before the Individual Good”
    No the Nazis did not advocate public ownership of production, only that the govt oversee and run the economy, as they knew that legal ownership wasn’t what counted, but rather CONTROL. So, private citizens could hold title – as long as the state had the unqualified right to use their property. I.e., de facto socialism, the STATE still controls.

    Or, as Carl Limbacher wrote in NewsMax, Dec. 5, 2005, “Benito Mussolini’s Fascist economic policy, which he called the “mixed economy,” tried to combine Marxism with capitalism. What resulted was a dictatorship which allowed limited economic freedom to those favored industries willing to operate under government patronage.” The observant among you will note well the phrase “operate under government patronage.” In fact, private industry was a hostage of the Nazis. They did not hesitate to confiscate Junker’s aircraft business, or threaten the others with creating a government-run business to compete with it. BASF was so created. Hitler also did not hesitate to threaten the lives and families of any industrialist who did not cooperate. Speer allegedly did so when he ran the German economy. Why leftists think ANY private citizen would be able to thwart somebody who literally controlled the power of life and death over them is beyond me. Wages of Destruction by Adam Tooze is one book exploring this.

    The only seeming difference between Hitler’s Nazism and today’s National Socialists is that Aryan racial purity. Or is it? Truth is, the self-proclaimed “elite” are now the uber menschen, and we hoi polloi in flyover country are the new Poles, Jews, bibleforschers (10% of the Dachau concentration camp was made up of Christian clergy, as one example), etc. And of course, as notes, over 15.5 million black babies have been aborted since 1973 – 1,876 babies every single day, while in 2010, the most recent year available, 138,539 black babies were aborted – nearly one baby in three was murdered in the womb in 2010, per

    Then why did Hitler invade Russia? is the standard, leftist reply. Tell me: why did the Soviets start a brief war with Mao’s China on the Ussuri River in 1969, with the dispute not resolved until the Soviet Union ended in 1991? Why did Brezhnev reportedly ask Nixon that, if he nuked Mao, would the US respond? Why did Red China might Ho Chi Minh’s Socialist Republic of Vietnam in early 1979? What about the full scale invasion of Kampuchea (Cambodia) against the Khmer Rouge, which started Dec. 1978? The usual answer to this is “historic animosities.” But wasn’t the whole Communist “schtict” that their philosophy trumped all that Old World stuff, and there was now a “new man?” And why was Trotsky murdered by his fellow leftists? Why was Lavrentiy Beria, head of the NKVD (precursor to the KGB) suddently found persona non grata, taken out, had a rag stuffed in his mouth so he couldn’t whine, and shot dead? Why did Stalin purge his fellow communist generals in the 1930s? Why did Castro have his popular General Arnaldo Ochoa taken out and shot? Should I go on? Truth is, there is no final basis for ethics in materialistic communism (Dostoyevski wrote, “If there is no God… everything is permissible” – and yes, he DID, in fact write that; rather it is, as philosopher Schaeffer wrote, in their materialistic world it is necessarily the case that “whatever is, is right.). Truth is, to the fascist/communist/socialist left, no one is ever pure enough, and left to their own devices, communism will end with the very last two communists having one murder the other one. Unfortunately, then, that last communist won’t be a communist, as there won’t be another person to live off of.

    The National Socialist philosophy is right out of the Obama/Pelosi playbook., and you can read more about the socialism of the Nazis with any Google search, though exposes a lot about the National Socialist Program which was big on Euthanasia, Eugenics and Social Darwinism , which are big hits with libs today, too.

    • WinstonSmithy

      Great comment. John T. Flynn’s 1944 book “As We Go Marching” is also an excellent resource on defining fascism. He notes a significant number of the elements of fascism already existing in the US even way back then.

    • Allysonjkenny

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    • Err Amerika

      However, we now have 1% of the population owning over 90% of global wealth.

      These “haves” want to get rid of us “have-nots,’ useless eaters.

      Doesn’t this simply result in picking one’s poison?

      I’d rather have shared health care, shared incomes, public work systems and environmental responsibility, than be a sheep to be slaughtered by the 1%.

      Capitalism is doomed to fail by definition, as it is all about exploitation of resources, which are finite. Last tree standing, vs last communist, if you will.

      Germans looked pretty damn happy, until mistakes by those prosecuting Germany’s wars blew the wrong winds their way.

      Do you have any solutions, or favor any political system better than democratic socialism?

      • WinstonSmithy

        Voluntarism. If you wish to “share” and be a “democratic socialist”, please go ahead and do so with other like minded individuals. Good luck, go in peace. Just do not use the gov’t and its legal monopoly on the use of violence to force me or anyone else to do the same.

        • Err Amerika

          So let’s just leave this system, which you love in place.

          What could go wrong for little you populating the 90%, vs the 1% who wants to get rid of you?

          Who do you think controls your government right now?

          Did you even read my post?

          • WinstonSmithy

            Who said I love the system currently in place? What it isn’t is capitalist. Whether you call it a sort of secondary socialism or a reasonable facsimile of fascism, it is collectivist to the core and has been since the beginning of the 20th century. The basis of collectivism is coercion and the government is controlled by people who, under the guise of “caring and sharing” simply want to coerce and control others, often violently. I am advocating a system where coercion is absent. If your idea of democratic socialism is so great, it should not require the point of a gun to enforce it or make me participate in it, right?

          • Err Amerika

            You advocate “a system where coercion is absent.”

            Well that’s a start, but how about some solutions?

            My idea is to socialize the four industries which need reform the most:


            All other businesses can be “free market.”

            Again, do you have any SOLUTIONS?

          • WinstonSmithy

            Voluntarism is a solution. To everything. I don’t consent to your “socialization” of any of these industries. Do you advocate gov’t violence to make me consent?

          • Err Amerika

            Government isn’t the problem; remember, the government is us.

            It is those who control government who are the problem.

            Getting rid of special interests, (capitalism), is how government returns to “we the people.”

            Right now voluntarism won’t work because people don’t have the time or means to devote to it. Many are barely scraping by, working two jobs, having their kids, and are otherwise insouciant to what really matters around them.

            If voluntarism is the means to ending coercion and your obsession with the threat of government violence, then bring it on!

            (Not sure we have the hundreds of years it might take for that to happen).

          • WinstonSmithy

            Sorry, no, the gov’t isn’t us. It’s people like yourself who wish to control others who control gov’t and wish to impose their vision of “solutions”, like “socialization” of industry (confiscation of private property for gov’t ends) via violence.

            Your dismissal of “regular” people and their ability to determine the best way to meet their needs is typical of controlling socialists. You know better. “Democratically elected” people know better. The people themselves, well, they never know better, right? Stop pretending. You hate ” regular people.”

            It isn’t my “obsession with the threat of gov’t violence”, it’s the reality. Don’t buy gov’t mandated health insurance, pay a tax. Don’t pay a tax, go to jail. Ingest (some) prohibited medicinal substances, go to jail. Always taxes, fines, and jail. Maybe even on the spot execution if you don’t immediately comply, right?

            You are the one, however seemingly well meaning, who advocates gov’t violence against those who disagree and don’t consent to your schemes. Don’t ever forget that.

          • Err Amerika

            You live in fairy tale land if you think the vast majority of people have a clue about the extremely important issues surrounding them.

            Do you ever go outside, into a bar or other social venue and listen to the “important” topics of which they speak?

            Regular thinking folks voted for Trump to clean the swamp of special interests, government careerists for profit, corporate led media, and other forms of corruption which government suffers from, due to pay to play politics.

            Pay to play politics is the result of fair capitalism, which is a misnomer. The rich crush the poor in each and every way.

            I don’t condone violence against anyone who disagrees with me, with perhaps an exception if he is a member of the ruling oligarchy, and I am sure these folks do disagree with me.

            What’s more troubling is how someone like you proclaims I have “schemes” up my sleeve when all I want is to defeat the criminal slime who oppress us 99%.

            I’m telling it like it is, and perhaps submitting viable solutions. I have no interest whatsoever in promoting your government violence, which perhaps luckily I have never experienced.

            Good luck in promoting voluntarism; I’ll keep standing by to see how that works out.

          • WinstonSmithy

            Here are some excellent links describing the nature of our current system, democratic socialism, including one of its biggest proponents who is also one of our current “controllers”, Bernie Sanders.





          • Chef Sp

            So if the 1% control the guv…then how is that capitalism?
            That word you keep using….I don’t think it means what you think it means.

          • Err Amerika

            It is the result of capitalism.

            I gave my definition of capitalism in a post above; tell me what you think it means.

      • Al Mather

        Maybe if we’re of those 1%ers will run for President… and we poor downtrodden masses can elect him or her.. and he/she and their 1%er friend appointees will step in and take these matters in hand and fix it all for us …

      • Jim

        So, Err Amerika, you think that I should give the money that I earn, and share it with someone who is to lazy to go out and get a job? Don’t think so. This is just part of the problems affecting this country. People want the government to take care of them fron cradle to grave.

        • Err Amerika

          Yep, people are too lazy to go out and get a job and just want to sit around for ever; in your virtue, you chose the harder road and worked.

          I’m sure you wouldn’t want to participate in a system which gave you free health care, education, and no income tax.

          No free hand out however; to get the above, you gotta give up something.

          Also, there are people who just simply do need help.

          Conservatives can’t stand it when government helps people in need, but they love it when government spends billions on fat cat corporations and campaign contributors.

          And today they prayed to their “Jesus” too…

    • Beverlydalonzo

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  • Black Swan

    When was the U.S. not a Police State?
    ” The worship of Police Officers and members of the military being protrayed as heroic figures has become a national mental illness, gloryfying incompetance, stupidity and criminality, perpetuated by exagerated media propaganda and fear mongering.” Lee Rogers

  • Ken, Megapolis

    Valuable life lesson.

    Whenever you see a bully you must bully him harder. Kick him in the testicles even.
    That way he will reconsider.
    The longer you leave the issue the harder it will be to correct.
    That goes for ANY person or group.
    What if the ‘group’ is the State?
    Same applies.
    Deal with things in their formative stages. That way you will never have a major problem to correct.
    Quote Wise Owl.

  • Roy Hobs

    Headline should read — Jewelian Police State

  • stan

    The ethics standards have gotten so low… I remember when Spiro Agnew had to resign just for one $100,00 bribe he took when he was governor.