Video: 5 Signs Something Might Be Going Down on Inauguration Day

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Signs are coming out everywhere signalling some serious shenanigans might be going down on January 20. Let’s hope it’s all merely hype.

Either way, I have a feeling that this is going to be unlike any inauguration day America has ever seen.

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  • Bas

    Americans are funny. It maybe vaccination doing it. First all the talk about freedom. Living in a stolen country, it is funny. Then the remedies or medicine for other folks. Take Ukraine, and all true believers country’s, as friends forever. Killing by peace, and blaming others, is their hallmark. Comes Russia. Taking care of Russians in the Krim, 90% of population, is a war crime. Cabin boy Rubio did it. Worst , Captains, scared, did bow to idiots, for getting the job. Funny borders on something. For sure not wisdom.

    • GAZOO

      You’re assuming our government represents the population. It doesn’t. Tell us what country you’re from and I’ll find plenty to criticize.

      • Lumpy Rutherford

        He’s a Russian commie. They stole their country from the Varangians and the Mongols.

        • GAZOO

          One things for sure, he’s not responding.

    • jame watts

      Fuckin jackass

      • janan

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    • BW83

      Mind telling us exactly who we stole this country from?

      • g.johnon

        huh, i had it in my mind that he was talking about the multinational corpo bankster cartel who stole it from us.
        could you clarify that point bas?

        • Bas

          Banks are like religion. Thy, owners, staff alike, mean only good. Thy never steal. By winning wars is their tool. Your army, if possible, in space, coming up to a E.T army, will declare war with the usual excuse. Making America greater, again.

          • g.johnon

            ah. and religion never has any connection to war. and you are sort of right about banks never stealing by winning wars. they lend you money to go to war and you are, at the time of that loan. in their debt. they really don’t care if you win or lose. you owe them either way. or, more accurately, they own you either way.
            banks to not mean only good. but they are very good about hiding behind good intentions, though that veil is getting really thin in these times.

      • buckyboyj


        • Bas

          Indians live a life in India.

      • Bas

        Funny question. Europeans, before Columbus, and by religion, declared their known world property of church and crown. When poor sots escaped across a ocean thy did the usual. By declaring continent America theirs. All inhabitants became automatic Americans. Ruled by Spanish and British crowns. Some kind of humans did not agree. Making them funny to.

      • Bas

        The U.S.A, like the E.U, have lawyers invented to explain your question. With as by result, you own nothing. All your possessions can be declared state ownership. For that reason alone, the law profession is the most hated, worldwide.

  • William St. George

    Trump will become President a moment or so after the National Guard general is relieved of duty. It is very easy to have someone before hand deliver a reinstatement communication to the General so that in effect he will spend only seconds without his command. This is so simple and so legal that I wonder why people are not seeing this as the obvious move?

    • Kellymcaudell

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  • dee surjourner

    Come on…
    Has no one ever studied copy-writing and nlp?
    Commands were constantly be given,, Women, Latinos, etc., Rise up, protest, violence, let it be known, hate trump…etc, etc, ad nauseum.
    These were without watching, just listening to word pauses and inflection. Who knows what more was being given with handsignals.

    • Angelalbennette

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      • Kendo

        Free Malware! just click link above 🙂

        • Lumpy Rutherford


  • Bas

    Europeans, time ago, existed out of two kinds. Romans and Barbarians. The latter did disagree with ownership and status. The solution was religion. This worked, like glue and drugs, amazingly well on the non educated majority. This part of history is called Dark. When a light did go on Europe was owned by kings and church. Divided, like America today, in many states and laws. Making you property of the state. Freedom was stolen from you, and Europeans, by clever folks, only wanting to live a life as free man. Slaves, the modern kind, of course, is needed.

  • BelieveItorNot

    Excitement? Or just more fake news?

  • Matt Agorist

    Great report. The Schwartz stand down is fake news though. WaPost was deceptive, and Schwartz was NOT fired.

  • Lumpy Rutherford

    I seriously hope that Trump will direct the new FBI director to fully investigate Pizzagate. Seems evident that with John Podesta at the hub, Hillary Rottencrotch Clinton has to likewise be involved.