Venture Capitalist Warns Of Financial Reckoning: “Nobody Seems To Know How To Get Out Of This”

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Carlo Civelli is one of the most well known venture capitalists in the global resource sector. Having funded nearly a dozen early stage projects that turned into billion dollar market cap companies, he’s spent the last three decades analyzing investments, stock markets and economic cycles.

Civelli, whose latest venture includes a precious and base metal resource company called Callinex Mines, warns that many of the high net worth individuals he’s spoken with are running for the hills because of global uncertainty. But as he notes in his latest interview with Future Money Trends, that doesn’t mean there aren’t great opportunities to be had, especially when it comes to acquiring assets at distressed prices and positioning for bull market trends that are just starting to swing to the upside.

We are in uncharted territory. The central banks really don’t know what to do… The reckoning will come… Nobody seems to know how to get out of this… Everybody I have talked to – people that have made money in industry and in the markets – are all scared of the end game.

Watch Carlo Civelli’s full interview to understand what’s happening in the global economy and how to position yourself and your wealth before the inevitable:


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    Here we go !!!

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  • Frank

    One thing that needs to be done, which seems obvious to many, is that the Federal Government needs to cut the corporate tax rate and bring jobs and industry back to the US. Without American workers there are fewer and fewer American buyers/consumers – and fewer tax payers. But, cutting taxes will never happen under a Democrat regime in the White House and a complicit Congress. Taxes will only continue to go up until the whole thing implodes. Increasing taxes sucks the life out of any economy until the target economy folds in on itself – there is, in all systems, an equilibrium that can be achieved which is relatively sustainable. Economic Sustainability is an unfamiliar concept to the Washington DC aristocracy, as they are living large on the backs of the tax payers. Well, News Flash!, those days will soon be coming to an end if they don’t reign in their corrupt, gluttonous ways. Destroying the means by which the People are able to support themselves and the central government facilitates the destruction of the government itself.

    The ruling, aristocratic class in Washington DC is dependent on the People continuing to pay taxes and Dues to sustain the rampant corruption and the standard of living that the DC aristocrats have become accustomed to – in the modern Feudalistic system that has been created. The People, in effect, pay for the privilege of serving the nobles. Wouldn’t it be comical if the People stopped paying the welfare (taxes) which sustains Wash DC? The DC aristocracy, in a BlackLivesMatter-fashioned response, would predictably seek to punish the debtors and extract “what is owed them.” Civil war would result.

    • Rik Van Riel

      Which jobs?

      Manufacturing is being brought back to the US, but the work is being done by robots. Workers in China are losing their jobs to robots.

      The jobs that were moved to Mexico in the 90s, and then to China a few years later, simply no longer exist. Jobs that no longer exist cannot be brought back to the US.

      • Frank

        Good points. We are, then, a lot further down the road to engineering our own obsolescence and extermination than is being acknowledged. What are all of us, as displaced and obsolete Humans, going to do? Become wards of the machines or face extermination by “the elites”? Without purpose for the individual human to exist, we would turn on each other. Why have the machines if there are no humans who can buy or use what they produce? We are fast approaching an intersection of Human existence and the realization that we have hastened our own peak of existence.
        A very thought-provoking and potentially circular dynamic as we look at the horizon of Human Utility.

        • Artificial Intelligence is well on it’s way when it matures the few of us left will line up paying everything we have to become robotic servants to our Masters, the .01%

          • CENTRAL BANKS only need to realise their sovereign duty to support adequate consumer incomes to the billions of low waged/unwaged consumers. Debt is created from nothing and never can be repaid with waged income, plain to see there would be little difference if support supplied.

  • As always, some will make it and some will not.