Venezuela: Dozens Injured During Supermarket Stampede

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Venezuela’s socialist economy has been crumbling for some time now, as the value of their currency plunges and store shelves are stripped bare. Their command and control financial system has led to nothing but poverty and shortages, which is inevitable in any strictly socialist nation. And where you have shortages, you’ll find people displaying erratic and desperate behavior.

Media sources in Venezuela have claimed that a state-run supermarket offering subsidized goods, recently witnessed a stampede of desperate customers. The military was called in to quell the crowd, which numbered in the thousands. Throughout the ordeal, 75 people were injured and one 80-year-old woman was trampled to death.

The authorities have yet to confirm these claims, and President Maduro has accused his opponents of exaggerating these stories to undermine his government. In either case, at least we can rest assured that this would never happen in America, right?

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

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  • I won’t be standing in any doorways to test the assumption that anything would be different in America, a herd being a herd. Stampedes are only possible when a herd responds in panic. Don’t panic the herd and there will never be a stampede. Sheeple are easier to panic than critically thinking human beings.

    • jaguar

      When there is hardly any food, everyone will panic…that’s a fact…human’s will Resort to animalistic behavior… Don’t be STUPID… Stock up supplies now, before the big crash this September…

      • You just repeated what I said in other words.

      • Jacob Grimm

        What crash?

      • Jacob Grimm

        What crash??

    • Reverend Draco

      Computer models suggest that Newtonian physics will increase the danger inherent in an American stampede – an object in motion tends to remain in motion, and as morbidly obese as the average American is. . . .more likely to run a motherfucker down.

      • As GMOs expand in distribution and cultivation, so do the people eating them.

        • Reverend Draco

          Roger that.

  • Jon Geissinger

    LOL, take a look at Black Friday, the day after thanksgiving! Assume that there are things they NEED, not WANT and multiply the crowd by 10,000; multiply the aggressiveness by 100. You will have a ready made funeral pyre in front of the grocery store. The American public has not a clue about ANYTHING; Dancing with the Stars is their priority.

    • Things might be different in a place where sidearms are routinely carried open and concealed, legally.

      • ruthrgriffins

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    • Reverend Draco

      I haven’t left my house during the 3 days leading to BF, or the 2 days following, in a number of years.

      No matter what a person claims, if they wait in line or stampede over BF, they worship Mammon the God of Stuff.

    • Tatiana Covington

      Right behind that is Kim Kardashian’s ass, now so large as to do gravitational lensing.

  • ccambridge

    This is what happens when people allow governments to control food.

    • Reverend Draco

      This is what happens when people allow governments to control food anything.


  • James

    Sounds like discount Friday in America. Every thing 50% off. They stand outside the door & shove till it opens. Then the trampled ones. What was on sale at the store?

  • Gearmoe

    has happened, christmas preseason and post season.

  • pdy1959

    has no one heard of Black Friday and the stampedes that happen that day????? We do have it here, just once a year

  • AmericanCitizen

    Just wait until the day a Russian or Chinese hacker decides to set all EBT card balances to zero on a deposit day. Every Walmart in America will be in flames by noon.

    • Not likely. I used to cashier at a Walmart, and EBT was a small minority of the checkouts. WIC was a bigger deal at the store where I worked. Cash and plastic were about equal.

      • BigGaySteve

        The food stamp card failed for 8 hours in 16 states on 10-12-2013, the chimp out videos when viral.

        • I’m going to guess that none of the 16 has permitless concealed carry and routine open carry like we have here.

  • Sonokar

    Supermarkets in Venezuela that sell blouses and dresses? Check out 1:15 and tell me that isn’t Target in America on Black Friday.

    • How do you define supermarket? I call them Walmart, although Target tries to emulate.

    • Joe Mertens

      Sonokar they showed both Black Friday sales in the USSA and the Venezuela incident for comparison so yes you saw a Target store in the mix.

  • Roddy Pfeiffer

    I see that the word “socialist” is prominent in the description of the country. Socialism has nothing to do with their plight. Many socialist countries in the world have standards of living much higher than America. Venezuela’s problem is that they spent a lot more money than they had, but borrowed to do it. It all made sense when oil was $130 a barrel. Now they are broke.

    • Joe Mertens

      Oh boy your one of those who does not understand the Scandinavian situation Look up North sea oil and how their nations really have not gone to war in 400 years then factor in how the USA with NATO has been footing the bill for their defens ever since WW2 and suprise! they can afford to burn through money till things change and then POP!