Valerie Jarrett Trolled on Twitter After Sharing Lame Nanny State “Beat the Heat” Infographic Telling People to Drink Water Cuz Summer Is Hot

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Valerie Jarrett has gone into nanny state overdrive on Twitter with the government’s “Beat the Heat” (#BeattheHeat) campaign.

It’s obviously and ridiculously scripted Tweets like this one that people can’t stop being annoyed by:

Sure she does. But it’s how both totally scripted and utterly condescending this Tweet featuring a FEMA “Beat the Heat” Infographic was:

…that really made people go off.

Well, if the government talks to us like children, what exactly do they expect?

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  • Sam Nelson

    The truth is: this show of concern really does work for the politicians in office and, around voting time. I don’t know where most of the Twitter’s live, we have a lot of these kind’s of people around us, people who need some show of concern from the government, overgrown children type’s. Yeah, it is sad, democracy can only work in an enlightened environment, stupidity and childishness is a politicians delight.

  • Frank

    Nobody has ever gone broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people…and nobody has ever lost elective office that way, either. Jarrett is Obummer’s string-puller.

  • Smarty

    For the guy who’s looking for tips on ass wiping, I’d recommend that he starts out by using Jarrett’s hair (still attached of course) …..

    • Czajk


  • Tatiana Covington

    Me dumie. Me no kno wha watta 4. Uh. Me die now.

  • Jay Dee

    Another “State Dept MUZZRAT Terrorist”
    Go back to IRAN you miserable twunt.

  • Karen McKim-Altman

    Nanny state is right. Sheesh…….