Valerie Jarrett: Obama Finalizing More Gun Control Executive Actions

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Here comes more gun control without congressional approval. It is currently being reported that Obama’s advisers are putting the finishing touches on numerous gun control executive orders.

The Obama administration has been busy working on finding ways to tighten gun laws ever since the college shooting in Oregon back in October, according to Valerie Jarrett, who spoke last night at a vigil for Sandy Hook victims.

As many people have pointed out, none of Obama’s latest proposals — which include banning people on the terrorism watchlist from being able to buy a gun — would have prevented any of the recent mass shootings, especially not incidents occurring in California which already has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation.

All the guns used in the San Bernardino incident were purchased legally and the shooting took place in a “gun-free zone” — a place where criminals bring guns to kill people because they are criminals and innocent people are not allowed to bring guns to protect themselves from the criminals.

Yesterday Jarrett posted this cryptic Tweet:

“A more perfect union” … of disarmed slaves?

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  • Executive orders are not law and thus do not need to be even recognized so… ignore the KING!

    • somrotden

      Ignore? I don’t think so…it’s time to impeach! Way past time, actually…

      • mirageseekr

        Impeach? I don’t think so…how about hanged from the neck till death for treason. Way past time and plenty of evidence. actually…

    • Mr Gadget

      Would sure be nice to see them take obama off in handcuffs at his next news conference…or anytime. My dreams and prayers where shattered when air force one didn’t collide with gore’s private jet over paris at the climate conference.

      • Arnold Bandy

        the congressional master at arms has the authority AND the evidence if he and his office would only act on it…whats stopping them???

        • Mr Gadget

          They are on the same not-z team

    • John Henry Bicycle Lucas

      The Emancipation Proclamation was an executive order.

      • Yet was never a law until the passage of the 13th amendment in 1865. Your point?

        • John Henry Bicycle Lucas

          Executive orders are more like Edicts from a King. I don’t agree with the power, but it is there.

          • ok gotcha. I wasn’t sure were you were coming from with that comment: attempting to blanket-validate EO’s with an “ends justify the means” argument, or making the point the Emancipation Proclamation was in fact not legally binding until it was signed into law because it was an EO. One of the major limitations of EO’s is that they really only have any legal weight when they apply to something already under the jurisdiction of the executive branch anyway. Unfortunately we have seen so much end-running around our legislative and judicial processes by simply ruling by decree.

          • John Henry Bicycle Lucas

            You are so right.

        • John Henry Bicycle Lucas

          Oh, yeah and part of my point is that a lot of people are unaware of this little tidbit of history.

          • indeed, just as they seem unaware the Emancipation Proclamation was a strategic matter, not a human rights one, and only applied to areas “in rebellion” ie- southern states.

          • John Henry Bicycle Lucas

            Yep, it was ordered in a place he did not even have authority over at the time. Political show is all it was, at the time.

      • Yes, and that was right after we lost the republic.

  • Chir

    Executive Orders need to be repealed by both houses. They have been out of control since before Reagan.

    • Executive orders can only be repealed by a sitting president, being of no more legal standing than a memo from the CEO of a corporation to the employees.

      • Chir

        I mean, repeal or remove the presidents executive order ability. The president should not be bypassing the judicial and legislative branches of government.

        • Mary Carmel

          Technically, he is not the president, and congress, the courts have been hijacked, the gov cannot save us..only the people can mobilize in each community and fight against this crap.. no one wants to work to do it, ,, www,

          • Barry McPickle


        • Again, a presidential executive order is nothing more than a memorandum from the CEO of a corporation to the managers of all of the corporation’s departments. Presidential executive orders have no force of law and cannot be used to charge anyone OUTSIDE OF THE GOVERNMENT with misbehavior. If you choose to believe otherwise, you will have no one else to blame for your error than yourself.

      • Mary Carmel

        If it is unconstitutional, it is null and void, Supreme court,,,,,,,,,, congress is aiding and abetting him, this is what we have never experienced, they are not only paid off, they have a gun to their heads, Literally, Israel ha our cities detonated! If people do not wake up to the fact that we are an occupied country and they aim to kill us, we are in trouble,, even more, Americans keep shopping and fighting over toasters, They are so quick to call us Tin foil hats, when they have no idea what we have done in the courts, working around this fictional corp that operated under maritime law, People better change their attitudes and get on board, to fight with us, not sit on FB and do nothing but complain

        • 11Mic22hael33

          Absolutely right Mary. Supreme Court, Marbury Vs. Madison, ruled that…”Any law that is REPUGNANT to The Constitution, is NULL AND VOID”.

      • Mary Carmel

        the point is , all three branched have been hijacked, threatened, there are larger forces at work, their Aim is to take us down, and we have no one to defend us, it is up to the people, while we have a constitution, to take states rights and fire them all, indict them under the law of the land, Grand Jury, we have taken steps to do so, we need more Americans to join the effort…….. we are in 50 states and 3, 133 counties, national liberty alliance ,,, org read the court filings after you sign in,

    • Mr Gadget

      Just arrest the traitor

    • StevetheHun

      In theory, the President isn’t a dictator.

      But what if he is? Seems the Anti-Federalist were right again.

    • Mary Carmel

      any law that is unconstitutional is null and void, congress makes themselves party to the Fraudulent DC foreign corp that is at war with the US people of the States. they have been served, along with all of these private corps, soon I hope to see justice,

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    Executive orders should just be called what they really are-Constitutional circumvention rules.

  • Mr Gadget

    “Valerie Jarrett, who spoke last night at a vigil for Sandy Hook victims.” Interesting, I’ve yet to see a sandy hook victim. I saw pictures of supposedly victims, then I saw some of the same pictures in a Pakistani shooting…and since conn made it illegal to have victim autopsies seen…no one has seen a dead sandy hook victim.

    I’m excited to hear what muhammad reincarnated will try to illegally pull off and if the “sheeple” will lay down and accept it or if they finally “Wake The Flock Up” and start to resist this corrupt tyrannical government.

    • roger

      Yup. Sandy crack was condemned in 2008. There were no kids there at the time of the “training exercise”.

  • I’m certain that there are more than enough patriots with homosexual, treasonous, muslim jihadist president control techniques at the ready, once his megalomania has reached the point where it will need to be put down.

  • Mike


    • infadel13

      use good aim sir!!!!

      • LiberalsRLost

        by using both hands calm exhale and strong eye for aim point…will overcome any sideways gang banger style…..

        so here it comes folks……..

        • Reverend Draco

          No shit!

          My older brother & I tried the gangbanger grip once – ONCE – in a dry holding pond near a produce processor.

          The first shot hit the ground 6 feet to the left of the target – the second, a full 3 feet.

          We laughed at the stupidity, and went back to doing it the right way.

          • LiberalsRLost

            heh…you better then myth busters…..nice…!

      • Mike

        I plan on it.

  • Gearmoe

    An attempt of an executive order against the Constitution will be met with an attack upon Obama the likes of which no president has ever experienced. Except the ones who’ve been assassinated.

  • roger

    Executive orders apply to the military and federal employees only. they think the all powerful OZ can do whatever he wants. Try to enforce that shit on a civilian in a court of law.

    • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

      Our “courts of law” are now just as corrupt as the rest of the system.

  • Eric

    What about Obozo putting the final touches on his resignation, and take your dumbazz with him?

  • StevetheHun

    According to the LA Times, Farook got his weapons from a Moslem Convert named Marquez.

    It also appears Farook was actually planning a much higher body count – targeting a school.

    Nothing that Obama’s doing would have the slightest effect on his ISIS buddies getting firearms.

  • masterblaster

    Valerie go fuk a goat Iam sure you have plenty of expieriance

  • WeeSee

    this is how people are deceived by news out lets
    The system uses microphones spread through neighborhoods to collect
    sound, then a sophisticated computer quickly pinpoints the location of
    gunshots and alerts police. more like The system uses microphones spread through neighborhoods to collect info on the people gunshot detection “yeah right”

  • JustaMan

    What a goofball Valerie Jarrett is.

  • breakawaymotorsports .

    The only problem with impeaching Obozo is you have Biden taking his place. Talk about frying pan into the fire!!

    • 11Mic22hael33

      His entire administration will be impeached, including biden. They are all accomplices to his crimes and treasons.

  • SonsofAnarchy5768

    Line in the sand! WILL NOT BE INFRINGED!

  • Rob Anderson

    There’s already 300 million plus guns in america…a no fly no buy list ain’t gonna stop people from buying used guns or trading etc…but ya fuck obama…

  • Mary Carmel

    There were two guns not supplied legally, all these shootings are BS, and traced back to the gov, Tell Valerie Jarret, she better shut her trap fast!

  • Michael

    Here’s the way it is Valerie Jarrett and Barack Obama, you are radical
    extremist Islamic Muslims and not to be trusted or ANY orders from
    either of you to be followed. As you both have proven yourselves to be
    enemies of America and the American people. Hell bent on the destruction
    of America from within and you must be stopped. This statement is
    easily proven by your administration’s policies, executive orders,
    Obamacare, the TTP, and the FACT that you didn’t inform the American
    people that you were radical extremist Islamic Muslims. I wonder if the
    American people had known the truth about you would you have been
    elected President? I THINK NOT!!!

    • Valerie Jarret and Barack Obama are both jews except that you will easily find the info on Valerie but Barack? Not so much(info has been heavily scrubbed from the internet). An easy way to prove his jewishness is to recognize that his mother was Jewish and in Judaism jewishness passes down through the mother. It is just another smokescreen, another lie/setup that has most people fooled. He may seem sympathetic to muslims but make no mistake it was jewish money that bought him into office and if you follow the money you will ALWAYS get a better handle of what is going on and who’s behind it. This is NWO agenda all the way.

      • ccambridge

        They are mooslims

        • gato felix

          That’s just the cover, the smoke screen if you will! Those in power need a scapegoat to bring about there plans!

      • Michael

        I have a close friend that makes the same claim and it’s very possible.

      • 11Mic22hael33

        Amen. I have been telling people for years that obama’s mother was jewish, but nobody believed me. Idiots!

      • gato felix

        Absolutely correct only reason he’s still POTUS, is that he’s actually following the prepared script handed to him by his handlers!

  • ron17571

    Jarrett and Obama,Dumb and dumber.

  • Michael

    When are the leaders in our military going to grow a pair and arrest and detain the radicalized extremist Islamic Muslim invader known as Barack Obama and bring him to justice? He is hell bent on destroying America from within and must be eliminated from office anyway legally possible wherein he’s not made to look like a martyr for Islam. And, as soon as he’s eliminated Islam must be eliminated ASAP from the shores of America. I’m not afraid of Islam or Muslims as I’ve studied their history and they must be eliminated and the sooner the better.

    • Zionism is a much larger problem.

      • Michael

        I agree and we’ll be eliminating them from this soil also.

      • Michael

        We’ll be taking care of them too! Just watch and see what Jesus Christ and the clan of man does to these oppressors in the end.

  • Michael

    I would not follow a single order of Obama or any of the Muslims he’s brought into the American government in fact they are why we have a 2nd amendment and it’s time we use it.

  • jaguar

    This unauthorized illegal kenyan man is getting by with changing our laws and destroying our country… Meanwhile he is bringing in his Muslim brotherhood secretly by night in UPS PLANES and dispersing them with money and provisions to varies states, so they can carry out acts of terrorism on the American people !!!

  • AZBlackDog

    “Because of Congressional Gridlock, I am ‘commanding’ all males within the CONUS to have both their left and right index fingers removed, by 2018. This will stop illegal use of firearms in this country once and for all.: — BHO (sob)

  • Maddog

    You are absolutely correct and they are trying everything in their playbook to disarm Americans. The book “Enemies Foreign and Domestic” is surprisingly accurate in regards to the events happening today in the US.

  • mdogg0724

    I’M SICK OF OBAMA!!!!!!!!

  • Robert Raulerson

    that bitch looks like a lizard or snake ,take your pick

    • 11Mic22hael33

      She has reptilian, or what we call ‘jew” blood.

  • none

    A more perfect union, of disarmed slaves????
    Oh no no. A slave is taxed at 100% We are only taxed at 40%

  • Timothy Asher

    She is Iranian not Jewish

    • Barry McPickle


    • 11Mic22hael33

      She’s an Iranian JEW! Her bloodline is most definitely jewish.

    • Check my links I posted, she IS jewish!

    • gato felix

      Hahahaha you’re joking right?

    • Gary

      Typical modus operandi. Criminal Jews always claim to be something they’re not, so in the event their crimes become evident, the wrong group is blamed.

  • Barry McPickle

    These pieces of shit including Valerie Jarrett are going to jail.

    • gato felix

      No they’re not, they never have and they never will!

  • Barry McPickle


  • Barry McPickle


    • commente

      The CIA vote-frauded the electronic voting machines for Obama and more TRAITORS in Congress. This was detailed in the CIA TORTURE REPORT. The CIA needs to be ABOLISHED.



  • Reverend Draco

    To families who have lost loved ones & are dedicated to ending gun violence: I’m sorry there were no armed people nearby to save them.

  • PaulfromTexas

    This woman should be jailed as a traitor to “our country”.
    Her country is Iran.

    • commente

      She “IS” a traitor to this country!

      • gato felix

        Yes she is, although in this land mass once considered the greatest country ever,traitors are now promoted, and praised by there corrupt friend’s! !

    • gato felix

      There are currently no traitors to the constitution, to the bill of rights,to the people of these country in prison, that I’m aware of!!

  • commente
  • commente


    YouBare WASTING your time trying to turn Americans AGAINST Trump.
    Americans are NOT buying your LIES or Barbara Walters’ “unAmerican
    bigot” accusations against Trump. For years, Congress (and all the
    mindless pundits above) have virtually IGNORED the people, and
    continued carrying on with their UNAMERICAN, UNCONSTITUTIONAL agenda and wide open borders. Now we intend to elect TRUMP (the “only” person who speaks FOR the people against D.C. and the globalists’ ongoing, outrageous anti-American, anti-constitution agenda AGAINST the people). How DARE you TRAITORS attempt to ban guns in America, when you’ve deliberately ARMED terrorists around the world with OUR money & brought them to our shores. You ESTABLISHMENT scumbags have shredded the Constitution with your OPEN BORDERS and other globalist anti-American UN agenda. We REFUTE that this FOREIGN INVASION is okayed by “American Values” or the Constitution!

    Trump’s supporters include ALL ages – DISGUSTED by the Obama-Jarrett White House and LYING mainstream media “protecting” the imposter,
    his financing of ISIS, and his ENDLESS LIES. We are ENJOYING the
    propaganda media, mindless pundits, Israeli-Firster warmonger money- grubbers and globalists becoming “unhinged” and twisting in the wind trying to stop TRUMP and THE PEOPLE. May you all fall face-first into the disgusting sleazy cesspool you created – protected by an even sleazier Jewish-owned press and feckless fool pundits. You are a collective bunch of SLUGS, SCUMBAGS & TRAITORS! GO TRUMP, GO!

    All Americans need to arm themselves against these relentless CIA MK- Ultra mind- controlled shootings (for gun control) – and Shoot Back!

  • walcon

    Sitting and writing EQ’s reminds me of a child sitting and scribbling make believe words on a piece of paper- how cute!

  • #hadenoughofeverybody

    Gun control without congressional approval is toilet paper. The Indonesian is done….

  • People,
    As I’ve said here before, the oppressors do not need to disarm you, to take away your freedom; that has already been accomplished! We possess no sovereignty over our bodies or property or the fruits of our labors/money!
    Revolution is the only recourse!

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    It’s not the guns, it’s the crazy.

  • Joe Woolf

    if the government thinks it can make a list and put you on it and deny you you’re second amendment right….. they’d better never put me on it and come for mine.

    the government makes all kinds of lists and, to make some arbitrary list and deny you freedom because of, ‘the list’, is an insane thought…. if the people put up with this….. uuuuuuuuugh!

  • Lev Bronstein

    Valerie JarrettSTEIN, just another chosenite commie in a long list of Juize:

  • Tucker Williams

    More gun control laws based upon state-sponsored hoaxes….had enough yet, America?

  • Gearmoe

    He’s going to try. How does one remain in office when they clear breach the Oath of Office?

  • Gun violence is not a political issue. Changing laws is not going to make anyone any safer when there is a substantial population of emotionally damaged children, teens and adults living among us.

    Firearms violence is a Social Issue, its roots mostly founded in America’s expanding and shameful *National Epidemic of Child Abuse and Neglect,* aka *Poverty*, that for decades has deprived untold numbers of depressed, sometimes suicidal (NY Times May 18, 2015 – Rise in Suicide by Black Children Surprises Researchers) children from experiencing and enjoying a safe, fairly happy American kid childhood.

    Depressed children who develop into angry, frustrated, unpredictable, sometimes suicidal teens and adults lacking empathy and compassion for their peaceful neighbors, because their lives are in turmoil so why shouldn’t their neighbor’s lives suck too!

    Being completely frank, do you know what also sucks, especially for young children?

    Young immature teen girls and women irresponsibly creating life before acquiring the skills, PATIENCE and means to properly raise, nurture and supervise a developing young child who matures into a fairly happy teen and adult enjoying Safe Streets to play on or travel.

    And what sucks even more?

    When young immature teen moms are held blameless for failing to properly raise, nurture, socialize and supervise the infants, toddlers, children and teens they selfishly introduce to a life of hardships and struggles…while the police, criminal justice and correctional systems are charged with protecting peaceful people from depressed, angry, frustrated, unpredictable, sometimes suicidal teens and adults who were victims of EARLY Childhood Abuse and/or Neglect at the hands of immature, impatient teen girls and young women.

    Reducing gun violence will ONLY be accomplished when we honestly recognize and take action to reduce Early Child Abuse and Neglect that causes many abused, depressed children to mature into depressed, angry, frustrated, unpredictable sometimes suicidal teens and adults.

    Rise in Suicide by Black Children Surprises Researchers

    Who is responsible for physically and/or emotionally traumatizing children to the point young kids, we’re talking elementary school kids, believe their lives are not worth living?

    Speaking At The Eulogy For The Honorable Reverend Clementa Pinckney, President Barack Obama asked:

    “Perhaps it causes us to examine what we’re doing to cause some of our children to hate?” (Applause.)

    Video Excerpt from Obama Remarks:

    I am still waiting for Mr. Obama to provide the American people with an answer to his question.

    Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke offers sound advice to all Americans, *”Fix the ghetto!”*

    I’m with Sheriff Clarke. I believe we also need to re-examine society’s child protection and welfare laws.

    I am hoping when camera technology proves its worth in protecting police officers, as well as identifying officers who require further training or officers who have no business serving the public in a LE capacity, we will use that same technology to protect children by monitoring the common area of homes in which caregivers have established a track record for failing to properly raise, nurture and/or supervise their children.

    Recently I watched a video that saddened me as well as enlightened me when I learned child welfare investigators test the hair of child abuse victims for “ambient” exposure to drugs.

    Holy smokes, the numbers were critical. At the least cameras would expose signs of intoxication in homes identified as requiring extra care to prevent children from being emotionally and or physically harmed.

    This video depicts horrific examples of men who were victims of childhood abuse and neglect, conditioning a young teen to embrace the criminal, anti-social ‘Street Culture’ Baltimore Mom of The Year failed to protect her teen son from…not to mention representing the fear peaceful people living and WORKING in the community experience knowing depressed, angry, unpredictable teens and young adults need to vent their angers and frustrations for being introduced to a life of pain and struggle by irresponsible, “living wild” single moms and/or dads.

    If we do not take affirmative action to protect children, “the ghetto” will continue to thrive, fueled by poor parenting, resulting with depressed kids maturing into depressed teens and adults who often vent their angers and frustrations on their peaceful neighbors, instead of the person(s) responsible for introducing them to a life of hardship, pain and struggle.

    The question all concerned, compassionate Americans should seriously be asking ourselves, our elected, civil, social, community and religious leaders is, what real, substantial changes in our society’s attitude and laws need to occur to prevent abuse that often causes young kids to mature into depressed, frustrated, angry teens and adults as a result of experiencing the emotional and/or physical trauma of an abusive childhood?

    Black *(Children’s)* Lives Matter; Take Pride In Parenting; End Our National Epidemic of Child Abuse and Neglect; End Community Violence, Police Fear & Educator’s Frustrations

  • Defiant

    Eventually, folks will simply stop following Obama’s laws.

  • Arnold Bandy

    she’s the iranian hotline, NOT the jewish connection, get yer facts right…

    • Get YOUR facts straight! She has already admitted to being jewish!

    • ddearborn


      Lest people forget. Iran has had a fairly good sized Jewish population of about 100 thousand for a very long time.In fact at one point, NutenYahoo begged them to immigrate to Israel. Collectively they told him to take a hike. Iran also has a sizable Christian population So the women is “Iranian”. You keep repeating this fact over and over again as if were an indictment. News flash arny, many people consider “israelis” to be jewish terrorists…. Obviously neither stereotype is correct. But you get the point.

      According to the information that I could find on the net, this women is without any shadow of a doubt Jewish. Whether that in of itself means anything or nothing, I really don’t know.

  • Tumbleweed

    Obama violating the Bill of Rights with an Executive Order!
    This is why you should never vote democrat!
    How long will it be before he elminates the first and the fifth amendments with another E.O?

  • jjwestP07

    Obama may put Americans under world judges’ power