Utah Bans Target Shooting In First-ever Initiative of Its Kind

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Utah’s state forester announced a ban Tuesday on target shooting in some rural areas in the first-ever initiative of its kind.

Dick Buehler said the ban will take effect Wednesday for specific target-shooting sites on public or private land in Cache, Davis, Summit and Utah counties.

The forester says much of Utah remains tinder dry and ready to burn. Buehler previously banned the use of exploding targets, fireworks and steel-jacketed bullets on unincorporated private and state lands in Utah. Steel-jacketed bullets can give off sparks when they hit rocks.

Buehler held a news conference Tuesday to unveil a new interactive map at utahfireinfo.gov that shows the restrictions.

Five major wildfires were burning on national forests or range lands in Utah on Tuesday, half as many as a week ago. Fire crews were keeping the active fires largely contained.

Buehler’s order comes as another hot and dry week settles over Utah, raising the fire danger.

With sparks from bullets blamed for 21 of Utah’s wildfires this year, Gov. Gary Herbert and legislative leaders last week empowered Buehler to restrict activities outside of cities and towns, except for on federal lands that make up much of Utah. The U.S. Forest Service says it isn’t prohibiting shooting. The Bureau of Land Management didn’t respond Tuesday.


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  • Evie

    I dunno, first register survival gardens and now no target practice? Could be baby steps to something bigger. It would be nice if the gov. Was worried about its citizens. But this is usually not true.

  • SKIP

    Online sites that sell weapons and ammo that I look at advertise M4 assault rifles all the time and it is becoming more common to see a particular rifle that is not in stock, this or that ammo not in stock, survival rations not in stock! Do I sense a feeling of apprehension in White Americans?

    • Anonymous

      Why “White” Americans? Every red-blooded Americans should be concerned!

      • SKIP

        @, you need to get out more.

    • John Doe

      Why only “white” Americans? We are all concerned!

  • Zipper

    He should have said “OLDER” white Americans, because 95% of the cognative skills and reasoning ability is in the older white folks. If you doubt this, you either haven’t been paying attention or are under 45 and through no fault of your own are part of the dumbed down society. Remember: “You don’t know what you don’t know”.

  • Evie

    Or there may be restrictions and gov. Red tape so you cannot biy what you want.
    People also choose not to know because they do not want to see.

  • ncjoe

    Come on people, get your head from out of your ass and your paranoid horse. This is an attempt to keep the stae of Utah from burning down. Which is more important; not being able to target shoot until until condition change, or reducing the risk of wildfires.

    • Ben


      I gotta agree with you joe. They evened mentioned EXPLODING TARGETS in the article. This is a safety issue, not a “gun ban or gun control” issue. A couple people in the post brought up “dumb down” Americans…well….I think it is pretty “dumb” not to use common sense while reading the article. Has anyone who posted every fought or seen a wild fire? Do you know how quickly they can get out of control? Say you are 50 meters from your target and you used an exploding target and it was “tinder dry” around that area. Do you know how FAST that could get out of control? Worse yet, what if you were found to be the one who caused it? And it burnt down hundreds of people’s homes. How would you feel then? Use your head people.

      The article was used to insight fear. You know, sometimes, even the alternative media can use the same tricks that the MSM uses….fear and paranoia. Let’s use our heads here people.

  • 41MagMan

    My question is, “Is there proof that target shooting starts fires?” and not “Do steel jacketed bullets hitting rocks cause sparks?”. A great deal of Utah is nothing but sand and rocks with absolutely nothing combustible in large areas. Shooting at rocks is basically a stupid idea but to each their own. A nice sand or dirt bank makes a great bullet backstop and there are MANY of these in Utah.

    I also find it interesting that the Feds are not banning target shooting in this very same environment but the state of Utah is. Obviously, the Feds are unconvinced that this is a problem that requires their intervention. Does this sound bass-ackwards to anyone else? Seems to me that the people of Utah need to do some political house cleaning this November. If not, then they will most definitely have the government they deserve.

  • Here in colorado,WE have caught the people setting the fires,turns out the russians didn’t have nothing to do after all that free training they got, so they just decided to start a few fires,as a matter of fact they started a whole bunch of fires,OH not only here in colorado,but in all the states around colorado……SO if the mormons are wondering whats really happening in their state,ITS easy your government sold your ass out,look around you fools,you been sold down the shitter,and your officals are laughing at how stupid you are………they know the people in colorado are stupid they came from califorina,we caught the russians setting fires,alright and the colorado highway patrol let them go…Hummm………