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US Special Forces To Practice Interrogation Techniques On Immigrants

Chris Carrington
The Daily Sheeple
February 20th, 2013


A new US Special  Forces training program using immigrants as the ‘enemy’ is to be run at Yale University. 

The $1.8m program is to be run by Dr Charles Morgan lll, professor of psychiatry at Yale School of medicine and it will be run at the Yale University campus.

“I want students to be interviewing someone they can’t necessarily identify with.”

He told the Herald. For that reason he will chose people from Moroccan, Columbia, Nepalese and Ecuadorian backgrounds and from other ‘applicable’ immigrant communities.

The subjects will be paid for their time.

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    You have the Right to Remain silent . The government approved enhanced interrogation techniques will help you to talk so we can use your statements against you.

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