US Police Departments Using “Spy Rocks” to Spy on Citizens Now (Yes. That’s right. Spy rocks.)

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An article on an annual border security expo for the so-called US “border-industrial complex” over at the London Guardian starts off by featuring spy rocks.

Yes. Exactly as it sounds.

Spy rocks.

Fake rocks with tiny cameras inside.

If it sounds like a lame episode of Inspector Gadget, that’s because it is like that, only this is real life, modern day Surveillance State USA.

Via The Guardian:

There were a couple of rocks on Carmi Peleg’s table, next to a small drone, but he did not really want to talk about them. Of course, they weren’t really rocks, but spy cameras, because this was the Border Security Expo, a surreal annual trade fair where surveillance companies flirt with US government officials in hopes of cashing in on the border technology bonanza.

“They use [them] in police departments in the US,” Peleg said of his rock-cameras. “A lot of stuff. But that’s the only thing I can tell,” he said. His company – innoBots – also sells drones and robots that fit inside backpacks.

Freaking SPY ROCKS. (Sorry, I’m still not over it.) No wonder Peleg didn’t want to talk about the fact that he works for a company that actually makes and supplies spy rocks for American police departments.

What a job. What an existence.

Gee. Exactly how constitutional is a spy rock, I wonder? (How sad is it that I live in a country and a world where I have to wonder that?)

Then again, the answer is a forgone conclusion. This is the same country where at least 50 of our law enforcement agencies including the FBI and the Marshals Service quietly began using radar technology a couple years back that allows agents to see through the walls inside our homes without a warrant. Then, when USA Today reports on it, the article includes lines like, “The technology raises legal and privacy issues because the U.S. Supreme Court has said officers generally cannot use high-tech sensors to tell them about the inside of a person’s house without first obtaining a search warrant.”

Does it sound like legal and privacy issues are being “raised” to you? More like laws and privacy are being straight up violated. But is anyone actually doing anything about it?

No. We’re all used to it now. Edward Snowden’s repeated revelations have killed any real outrage. We’re acclimated. Accustomed. Hell, we live in a country where We the People are so spied upon every moment that our law enforcement agencies have deployed everything from drones to actual, literal spy rocks against us.

Spy rocks, ladies and gentlemen. That’s the level we are at here in Amerika with a “k”. Spy rocks.

Insert lame but fitting joke here about how they’ve left no stone unturned in the quest for total police state tyranny (wah wah waaaaaah).

By the way, did they have spy rocks in George Orwell’s 1984, you know, the fiction novel which is clearly being used in this country as an instruction manual?

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  • Mike

    spy rocks make good targets for shotguns.

    • socoloco

      That is what other rocks are for. Save your ammo.

  • Billy Thompson

    At least it’s not a Spy Dildo.

    • gives new meaning to the old slogan “Intel Inside”

    • gabydewilde

      Those never seem to get out of the lab. We’ve had them in the pipeline for decades.

      With usb 3 to sync the cameras, 2 TB of storage and its own wifi networked seedbox.

      I know it sounds perverse but it is all for national security I assure you – Trust us.

  • Rick E.

    You mean that the cops are using their own thick skulls to spy on us?
    Well I guess they can’t use them for logical and intelligent thinking so they must use them for something!

  • Maddog

    If they put one around me they will be spying on the making of a morning Obama. They can keep it when they collect the rock. If there is a microphone, I will say bad things about their mothers and what I saw them do to horses.

  • Frank

    Placement and operation of these devices should fall under the same requirements for the placement and operation/monitoring of other, more “conventional” means of surveillance – i.e. a Search Warrant is REQUIRED and, if done without a warrant, would be Unlawful Search. Consider: placement on private property would be Trespassing, violation of a Reasonable Expectation of Privacy if the Spy Rock/camera (as an agent of the police) is illegally placed within the confines of private property or property otherwise concealed or obscured from “normal” observation, any audio recording/transmitting surveillance capability should fall under the same requirements for Wire Tapping or eavesdropping on private conversations.
    In all likelihood, these devices will be placed to monitor wide areas and the general traffic associated with a target location – so will be placed in easily accessed spots that could be construed as being “publicly accessible,” so to avoid the warrant requirement.

  • woody188
  • BibleThumper

    This is what must be inside the head of the muslim in the white house.

    • SOIA

      In this case it would be more ,what must be in the head of the Israeli in the White House

  • I’m going to make spy donuts so I can keep tabs on the cops around here, I don’t trust them.

    • Anti Everything

      “spy donut” BRILLIANT! Oh, and don;t sell the Snowden effect to short. He confirmed to me that I can and need to do more to protect myself.

      • He is a CIA asset and the CIA and the NSA do not like each other. Those leaks that were released in little tid bits made it blatantly obvious that it was a psyop. If they didn’t tell you they were spying on you then nobody would change their behavior online would they? That’s the intended effect: watch what you say online because we’re watching! They aren’t all obvious to me but the snowden one was easy for me to spot. Personally, I was contacted by the UN for some google searches in 2010, that’s when I knew they were watching… long before snowden.

        • Anti Everything

          I concur valid conclusion. Whether or not there is a spy mechanism or not I find it unnecessary to ignorantly share ‘my information’. Lost privacy (so proper thought control may be better implemented/directed) seems to be one of the systems end games all the same, as you experienced. At the same time, how deceived am I at this moment? Not sure, the psyop is well researched and century’s old.

          • You are very deceived, so am I. I have gotten pretty deep into a lot of things and have found out some really big things that everyone else still believes are true, it’ll start a huge debate if I even list one of them on here but yes, we are all deceived and we have been since birth. Here are some of the best privacy tools out there: truecrypt 7.1a from github only, can’t explain the story here but the gov does not like truecrypt because they can’t hack into it + it’s free. is a little free tool that you can use to encrypt all of your files and emails and – if you use the openvpn option it’s a free vpn so you can surf anonymously but I’d suggest you pay for one in a nordic country.

          • Anti Everything

            I appreciate you. I just received an encrypted emails called ‘protonmail’. I was watching TED talks some time ago and learned of it. They just sent me the opening to set up and I have. It is new and very ingenious. I will look at the web sites you sent as I have heard of these. Thank you, RollyJoger.

          • You’re welcome! I’m so jealous! I was in line for one but I don’t want the name anymore so I am waiting again! That’s the best, private email out there! That’s great that they are adding accounts, they were showing signs of struggling to keep up with growth there for a little bit. **Make sure you only download truecrypt 7.1a and no other version, the github one has downloads in which the secured signature checks out, yes, I do check that stuff… using gpg4usb! You can lock down a defined space or you can lock down your whole hard drive. It has plausible deniability built into it! You can create a hidden volume within a volume that no one can prove even exists so if you are forced to give up your fist password they cannot prove you have a second password for a hidden volume…. it completely locks them out, even in a court situation, now you see why they don’t like it? Check out the history of truecrypt and why the project closed under suspicious circumstances, very interesting IMO. One day they’ll probably make it illegal.

  • Anti Everything

    It is just not totally true that ‘we are acclimated’ to being spied on. I personally have dropped facebook, never use a legal name, have no ‘signed’ anything in years, grow my own food or hunt it, raise it, and have learned who to talk to and who is unaware. I am not alone. These moves are subtle but effective. After 7 years I am getting better at all of it. ‘We’ will not beat a system this corrupt by participating in it.

  • SOIA

    This is not an original idea , it comes from the same people who train a large part of the US police to act as wannabe nazi’s nowadays.
    They use fake rocks to hide different equipment in them , a little search on the net will find that they are frequently discovered in countries like Libanon and Syria , where they often are also equipped with selfdestruction devices in them.

  • William Burke

    How ironic if one were to get busted for getting stoned…. by a rock.

  • the only “border security” these folks are worried about is keeping us inside.

  • Reviver

    Dude no way

    i know that rock was watching me the other day taking a shit on a picture of Obama

  • Jakob Stagg

    Libtards really love their toys. No wonder was are being invade via our southern border. It is the new “Pet Rock”.

  • fatwillie

    There is nothing that can be trusted, not one department, not one politician, nothing the entire basket of apples is rotten, that tells you how much hope or chance you have of changing things in a nice way.

    • We’re fucked.

      • fatwillie

        I normally don’t reply to others comments, but in this case I just have to make an exception Jolly Roger, If describing the situation in as few words as possible, were a contest, you would win. We’re fucked pretty much says it all. And the biggest thing with it, is they never gave one of us a kiss, nor were kind or compassionate enough to even think of some KYjelly or vaseline.

  • – stick ’em in fake rocks:

  • Chir

    Aww. My pet rock has an eye… How cute.