US Deficit Will More than Double over the next 10 Years

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Earlier this year the Treasury Department made a stunning announcement. The US Government’s budget deficit had fallen to the lowest level in 7 years, down to $412 billion, despite increases in government spending. This was $79 billion less than last year, and marks the most financially sound year of the Obama administration. Given those numbers, you’d be forgiven for thinking that our government’s debt problem was finally being resolved.

In reality, our unfunded liabilities will all but obliterate that progress in the years ahead. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has projected that the US deficit will more than double in the next ten years. The CBO believes that government revenue will continue to increase, and will reach $5 trillion by 2025, which would be roughly 50% higher than it is today. However, government spending will grow at a much greater rate, and will increase faster than economic growth. “Later in the coming decade, under current law, growth in outlays would outstrip growth in the economy; outlays would rise to 22 percent of GDP in 2022 and remain at that level through 2025.”

By 2025, the US Government will have a $1 trillion deficit, which would be a 135% percent increase from today’s deficit. The CBO also expects interest rates to rise significantly over the next 10 years. And these numbers don’t seem to take into account the possibility of an economic downturn. The last recession managed to push our deficit well above $1 trillion. If anything bad happens to our economy over the next 10 years (which is practically guaranteed) our government’s debt will be astronomical.

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  • It would be really helpful if those who wrote about our deficits and debts knew the difference.

  • BDBinc

    Odious deficits.
    Odious Debt.
    Both are lies.
    The budget should not be determined by a foreign banking cabal that your nation is forced to borrow money from with interest in exchange for the debt slaves (tax) . The banking cabal that keeps telling you year after year what the debt is (though USA was bankrupt in 1933).

    Bullsh*t is BS.
    Odious BS.
    The people don’t owe the corporation’s debt .

    • the corporation owes it all to We the People, with interest..


      • BDBinc

        Damn straight FarleyLives! the corporation owes the people.

        All this talk of “owed debt and deficit” is so ill informed and sheeply as all debt and deficit is the corporations alone.

    • Bo Wetstone

      The people don’t owe the corporation’s debt .”
      no, but the working class pays the bill pal

      • BDBinc

        I think you misunderstand .
        You are but a debt slave.
        The bIll is bullshit and you believe it.
        The bill is “on paper” it does not ever get paid, tax goes to private corporations as “interest payments” to the banking cabal.
        The false bill/debt remains the ignorant debt slaves think its real debt/bill.(And think they are paying it)

        • One cannot pay a debt with a debt, and that is all the Federal Reserve Note is, an instrument of debt. One can only pay a debt with real money, but since we never contracted for the debt, they can’t lawfully collect it, in anything.

          • BDBinc

            They are not behaving lawfully.

            Do you think paper money is “real money”?

            You were enslaved by your signed birth certificate.


            I never said corporations debt slavery or the FED’s fraud was lawful!

          • Most of us are enslaved by our refusal to use critical thinking, which is not being taught in the public fool system, because they don’t want us to see the gross unlawfulness of everything they do. I cannot be lawfully held to any contract that I am not a party to, and unless I signed it, I can’t be a party. When did I sign my own birth certificate?
            Real is not the issue. Only gold and silver are money. Currency and other cash equivalents lack the requisite characteristics to be money. Only the ignorant can consider anything else to be the case.

          • BDBinc

            Read the link I gave you , your mother signed your birth certificate as you were underage.
            You are being ignorant about ‘money’ many things have been and are used as “money” (shells, food and jewels have also been ‘money’ )
            You are the one talking about what you believe, as you were told, (only 2 metals) to be “real money”.An idea you were taught that you haven’t applied any critical thinking to .

          • There is only one signature on my birth certificate, that of the attending physician.

          • BDBinc

            You are wrong about money .
            Money has not been only gold and silver.
            Anything that has value has been historically used as money(food,cattle shells coins, metals).
            The freemason’s constitution?
            The Dr signed your Birth certificate, for you as a corporate “product” of your parents marriage licence( which your mother signed)… a corporate chattel.

          • BDBinc

            Debt collector get their debt paid in debt.They buy debt and are paid their debt for debt collection in debt.
            Paying debt with debt is done in financial markets.
            Debt is sold, debt is wiped out.
            Its so fu*ked up you can’t imagine what these markets do.

          • Debt can’t be paid by cash equivalents, like currency, only discharged.

          • BDBinc

            Debt can be paid by debt. it can be paid by cash equivalents.
            Debt can even be paid in time (such is the case in a time bank).

          • Your ignorance of the UCC is showing.
            Why isn’t my name in all capitals on my birth certificate?

          • BDBinc

            Wow you have no capital letters, no signature and no registration number on your birth certificate , you’re not a debt slave, not used as security and are not traded on wall st nor do you have to pay taxes gosh darn it you are alive:)


            Debt can be (and frequently is) paid in debt.

          • BDBinc
          • It makes sense to send messges to yourself about things that you don’t know about…

          • BDBinc
          • BDBinc

            Yeah talking to you is like sending messages to myself 🙂
            You don’t listen or research young man.
            You think you know and so cannot learn.

          • Do you commonly disrespect 61 year old men in this way?

          • BDBinc

            Do you always disrespect the truth and people who speak it young man?

          • This conversation is henceforth a monologue.

          • BDBinc

            Whatever young american shillman (who does not listen or read links and speaks lies about the Crown’s legal system and the fraudulent & fictitious market).

          • BDBinc

            Does it?

          • All official documents have registration numbers, and I never said that my birth certificate didn’t, because it does, like my mother’s, father’s, and sister’s death certificates, as well.
            You really need to research the difference between paying and discharging, because it is the key to dispersing your ignorance.

          • BDBinc

            So you do have a registration number debt slave.What are you telling people this number and Birth certificate is for? That it ok as your mum, dad sister sheeple has one, like an RFID chip will be thought of one day if shills don’t stop blocking the truth about the Crown’s legal system, birth certificates, drivers licence and maritime law which enforces its tyranny.
            That takes rights away and turns the right to travel freely into a “privilege” to be taken away by the corporation.
            Take a break from telling people untruths about their birth certificate and registration number, why their name is used by the corporation in capitals, maritime law, the courts and trying to substantiate the totally fabricated zionist market and all its false debt structure – in which debt is fraudulently said to be “credit” .

            You really need to do what you are telling me to do… research .
            You ‘dance’ like a shill (my toes hurt):)

          • BDBinc

            “And when you are born, you are assigned a corporate number. Actually, because the UNITED STATES commerce laws are in Maritime Law and UCC code, you are really birthed, very much like a ship at sea is birthed into a U.S. port and assigned a number of import. Your birth certificate is that contract. It is a contract that is assigned to you as the product of the union of your mother and father, and it indoctrinates you into the UNITED STATES as collateral and assigns you a trust account in which all of your credit and debt is assigned and allotted.”

    • Although they are, in fact, the collateral thereupon.

  • The CORPORATION known as USG / USA INC , owned by the IMF, owes We the People ALL that loot with interest

  • Bo Wetstone

    Obama’s plan to transform America is all about lowering the standard of living for the working class ans raising the standard for those unwilling to work. it’s working perfectly too.

    • Middle class elimination.

      • sunshine

        Hey man…read your story. WHOA! I have so many questions…

        • lol, I realize that is not something that a typical person experiences but it was fun! I can only remember bits and pieces, it is largely a blur. I’ll answer any questions, sure.

          • sunshine

            Those evil people didn’t steal children and sacrifice them, did they?? And definitely let me know how the Borax thing goes, I’ve heard about it but haven’t tried it….

            Supposedly one other thing you can do is sun gazing….I have done that and I do oddly feel better after it. Do it a few minutes before sunset and a few after sunrise and you should be OK. I used to go out to the beach and do it every evening and I swear it does something. Do you know your blood type because they say that has a lot to do with these things….

          • No, not children but some of them ended up killing people and now they are no longer free. I never knew any super powerful people.

            Yeah I will let you know about the boron treatment, I was reading, it is really good for you BUT you can easily poison yourself so you have to be careful.

            I do lack sun and it does bother me. I live an artificial life mostly in the dark. The sun is the provider of life for us and it probably does more than our arrogant doctors/scientists think it does. I don’t know my blood type, I avoid all hospitals/doctors. One time I shot a framing nail through my thumb longways so I couldn’t bend it. I pinned my wrist down on a table and had my friend take it out, slapped a piece of duct tape on it and went right back to work, lol. I think I got an extra smoke break out of it so I was happy. No hospitals for me, I would have to be unconscious. I am buying my own suture kit in case one of my pets bites me… I don’t want them seeing a large sized snake bite at the ER because they would probably want to kill one of my animals so I’d rather sew myself up Patrick Swayze/road house style so my animals aren’t harmed by ignorant pigs, lol!

          • sunshine

            Wow…at least they didn’t do anything to kids. That is just too awful. You’re probably lucky you didn’t know anyone super powerful, or else you might not have escaped. I guess it’s just weird to me because I don’t care about being rich and never have. I’d live happily in a trailer as long as I could be free. Oh, I heard that Marilyn Manson song today on the radio, haven’t heard it in years (but it was on the WWE soundtrack years ago and I listened to that soundtrack all the time when I was a huge wrestling fan) it was weird! Coincidence, you think??

            Do you work nights? I used to, it really messed with my mind even though I am naturally a night person. But I get in the sun as much as I can now, I try to sit out at least an hour a day if possible and no sunscreen, that stuff is poison! If you go out and just sit and then go back to the computer, it really bothers your eyes. So I know it’s not good for us.

            EWWW SNAKES?? NOOOOO!! What kind??

          • I don’t care about being rich but I DO care about owning my time 100% and I currently do not. I keep the costs low so I can replace these expenses with passive income then go do what I want. I am not working my life away like everybody else.

            Hearing marilyn manson right after thinking about it is called a synchronicity and they happen all of the time.

            I used to work nights but I don’t anymore, when I did the other guys that worked there smoked crack all night, not my kind of people. I work on the computer and my office has no windows + I hate fluorescent lights so I work in the dark and bought a backlit keyboard so I can easily type in the dark. I want to get those blue light glasses that protect your eyes when you are using the computer, especially before bed so you can fall asleep fast.

            Yes I have a couple ball pythons, they are like 3-4ft, I have an 8 foot/24 pound boa and 2 reticulated pythons. 1 is an adult and 1 is a baby. the adult is 12ft, about 30lbs(3yrs old) and the baby is 5ft and change(just over a year old), I don’t know how much he weighs though, he has a yellow head with red eyes but he is orange and white mostly, he is albino. Reticulated pythons are very smart and also deadly so they should not be owned by inexperienced people, their feed response can be very dangerous but I love working with them, so does my girl. She was the one who had a snake when we met, not me but when I found out she wasn’t afraid I could finally get an animal I always wanted, a snake, now we have 5, lol! I just fed my adult retic a rabbit that was the same size as my cat, the bulge in her belly was huge. That was last monday, today, she has no trace of a lump and was acting hungry but I am not feeding her for another week, they can get impacted so you can’t give in to them, they do beg though, lol.

          • sunshine

            Gotcha. I don’t blame you, who wants to slave for the Man?

            EW NO SNAKES EWW!! How on Earth do they beg?? And what do you do if they get impacted?

            Maybe you could get a sun lamp? Like the kind they use in Russia so people can get their Vitamin D. Do you at least take D supplements?

            I’m gonna look into those blue light glasses too, I use a program on my computer called f.lux that supposedly changes the light on your computer to make it more appropriate for the time of day. I don’t know if it does anything really but it doesn’t seem to be hurting anything.

          • Yes, I am not letting life pass me by because I am chasing toilet paper(FRNs), although right now that is absolutely true. This in-the-dark life I have right now is temporary.

            Did you know that humans have no natural fear of snakes? It is a learned fear and I partially blame the bible for making them out to be evil when they are anything but. They aren’t slimy and although they all bite, there are many who are calm and docile like my collection. It may be that we treat them as family, come up to the glass often and talk to them, handle them, pet them, and just generally give them the high amount of respect they deserve… I have never been bitten by our snakes but when we were taking care of her sick king snake he went down my shirt and bit me, my girl has been bitten twice by the same snake… our MOST docile and LEAST likely to bite, lol. One time was her fault and the other the snake mistook her wrist for food since she is small and just latched on. Your first reaction is to pull away but you can hurt them and break their teeth doing that so she just let her bite and then I lifted up each side of the top of her jaw, releasing her skin from the teeth, then gently just pulled her right off. Snake bites are clean as they have an anticoagulant in their saliva that prevents clotting so the cut will bleed a lot BUT that is actually a good thing because anything harmful is washed away by blood. One guy I follow has been bitten 1000’s of times and to this day has never gotten an infection… much different than dog/cat bites or worse, human bites.

            They call ball pythons pet rocks because that is basically what they are. The are called ball pythons because when they get scared they roll up into a ball, they only have that as a defense because their bite is insignificant since they are so small so they are almost defenseless. They are the sweetest little creatures, very calm, they are lap snakes, lol, you can put one on your neck and they will stay there, maybe even take a nap… that’s not happening with a retic, lol!

            The ball pythons and the boas do not beg(well, on feeding nights they do sometimes), that is strictly a retic thing and another reason I love them. My other snakes just lay there, if you go up to their cage you get no reaction although they can see you and are looking at you. They are ambush predators so they just sit and wait for a meal to run by so they are very still. Retics, however, will come right up to you if you go in the room(unless they are sleeping or tired) and when they are hungry they will be at the front of the cage often laying their chin/neck on the glass just hoping you will open the door and give them food, lol. Sometimes they will ride the glass up and down with their snout because they are hungry. The baby retic is our most dangerous animal we own but also the sweetest. He is the most dangerous because of his feed response so although not too dangerous now… when he is 15ft/40lbs he will be very dangerous to feed. He even lets us touch his jaws/chin which my other retic does not allow but then again my other retic is only 5 generations in from wild caught which usually means a very aggressive animal but she is as sweet as can be. I “talk” to her the most because at night when I come into the room she will go to where the door opens and start rubbing her snout up and down… she wants me to open the door so I do(I always give them what they want, lol) and I sit on the floor in front of the cage and she comes out to see me, she is a very large snake so she only brings the first 2-3ft out and just checks me out and smells me… I always want to pet her soo bad when she does that but if I go near her or touch her she will immediately go back in her cage and since I like it I stay very still so she doesn’t get upset and go back too soon. I let her go right up to my face and smell me which most retic owners would never do because she has the power and ability to take my face off but she would never do that to me, even when she is being fed she lunged out of her cage at the rabbit one time but missed and immediately changed course to make sure she didn’t get me… that was cool and proves that they do THINK! Retics are as smart as a dog or cat, much smarter than my other snakes which is the reason I love them so much. Here is a man I admire getting bit by one of his meanest retics, lol, I laugh so hard whenever I watch this, it never gets old to me:

            You know, maybe I should get a vitamin D lamp. I take no D supplements and my girl has MS which can be caused/exacerbated by low vitamin D levels. Like I said, ALL she does is cannabis and even with that only at night. She is not the type to do drugs but she KNOWS this plant heals her so she does it. I also got her to take some entheogens and now she KNOWS that there is so much more out there than we are being told. We don’t take supplements and when we try to we forget because with cannabis you are always healthy which I guess can be detrimental, giving you a false sense of being truly healthy. The food is the biggest factor though, water also.

          • sunshine

            Whoa, that is really interesting. I am not “scared” of snakes so much but my father was bitten by a cottonmouth as a child and almost died so I grew up with a guy who is insane in his hatred of snakes. If you say “snake” to him, he shudders involuntarily and says “Ughhh”. Every time. He always kills them every time he comes across them. I try and get him to at least just dump the non-poisonous ones somewhere else but no dice so far. I am not personally a fan of them and couldn’t imagine having them but they are interesting to hear about!

            LOL to that video! That is a beautiful white snake though. I am so dumb I didn’t think the non poisonous ones had teeth but duh of course they would.

            Yes your girl HAS to take a vitamin D supplement!! I take Vita Optimum Vitamin D, it’s the best one I’ve taken so far. But like I said, I try and get as much sun as I can outside. If you are north of I think Atlanta, you can’t get enough vitamin D in the winter anyways so a sun lamp might be a good idea.

            No problem, you always post the coolest links so I’m glad I could give you something back 🙂

          • Snakes inject so what they have is venom not poison making them venomous, not poisonous. You have to ingest poison. You will see people calling them poisonous all over and it bugs snake owners, trust me. Cotton mouths are very ugly IMO, one of the ugliest snakes out there and very aggressive BUT an important part of our ecosystem so they should be left alone. Ignorance abounds when it comes to snakes. I always loved them, even as a very small child and my parents hated them so I don’t know why I am the way I am but I have always been drawn to them.

            Most people are not fans of snakes and when they hear I have them they think my house is dirty, lol. The truth is my housed is very neat and clean and you would never know I had them unless I showed them to you. They have their own room and their cages cost $$$$ BUT they are well taken care of and in some of the best enclosures out there with the best heat.

            Retics have extremely sharp teeth, so sharp that they will cut you even if you rub the FRONT side of the tooth, it just tears through flesh effortlessly. They are the worst non-venomous bite and will cause the most damage. My retics are both really cool though but that doesn’t mean I won’t get bit during feeding them though. I told you that little one is friggin’ crazy, lol! He bit his tree yesterday when we tried to feed him. He is so ravenous and so hype that he misses the rat right in front of his face and clamps down on the first thing his jaw detects… yesterday it was his tree, lol! They are such crazy eaters. We have to hook train the retics and that just means rubbing them with a snake hook before picking them up. Over time this tells the snake that there is no food and kills the feed response, this is necessary with a retic but not as much with other species. Retics are like great whites, they go into a feeding frenzy mode that is very dangerous. My female is a dwarf which are known to be aggressive but my girl is super sweet. I even had snake breeders at shows drop their jaw when I tell them I have a really friendly dwarf retic. We got a dwarf because regular sized females get over 25 ft and can weigh 2-300lbs and with just me and my tiny GF I was thinking that could be a lot so we got a female dwarf that will end up around 14ft, 35-40lbs, too big for your neck at that size. When I pick her up now I throw one half over my shoulder and then grab the rest of her in like a pile in my arms then quickly transport her wherever she is going… she is on the go the whole time too making it difficult but I love it.

            Like I said before these animals are intelligent and can bond with humans, anyone who thinks they can;t are ignorant and fooling themselves. Here are some of my favorite “dangerous animals as friends” stories:

            Chito and Pocho – amazing story!

            Boy’s best friend: Cambodian python – 05 Feb 08

            Kid Friends With Poisonous Snake
            (the cobra is venomous and the person who titled that is ignorant)

            Giant Deadly Snake Vs Lady
            (in reality this is her pet python that she absolutely adores, see the propaganda though? Snake vs lady… yeah right, they are friends!)

          • sunshine

            Venomous! I will start using the correct term then. I guess I never gave them much thought before but all of that is really interesting and thanks for telling me how it is to deal with them!

            People probably think you have a dirty house because snake houses (in zoos, etc) are always kind of gross. And a lot of the people I’ve known who have been “snake people” were kind of weird and dirty, but I don’t think that’s everyone of course. Besides, “cat people” are usually the ones with the smelly house lol!

          • I agree that some snake people are weird and dirty. I go to reptile shows and you can smell some tables from 20ft away so I can tell there are some dirty ones. Snake houses in zoos should not be dirty or smell at all and if they do that is a sign of poor husbandry. My girl can’t stand it and will not tolerate it, the last time we went to a pet store she freaked out on the store employees and manager and started pointing out what they were doing that was wrong and harmful, I was kind of embarrassed but she was right and they DID listen. She doesn’t like to see snakes in dirty or crowded conditions, I can’t blame her for being right and doing something about it.

          • sunshine

            How do you keep them clean? And what were they doing that was wrong and what’s the right thing to do?

          • My damn machine crashed earlier after I typed an entire response… pissed me off. Anyway, if the cage smells like piss or shit, clean it! Sounds simple but people are lazy piles of bovine excrement so that is too much for them. I just got done cleaning my large retic’s cage. She was up front giving me the look that she was in need, I was still in office gear but I slid that door right open and got her out into her steralite container I got from walmart, we throw an old beach towel folded nicely and laid in there for padding. She was giving me trouble but my girl was there to help. I get utility spray bottles from home depot and make a solution of 50% distilled water, 50% 7th generation non-chlorinated, scentless bleach. My small snakes are on coconut fiber substrate that only needs to be spot cleaned and replaced every few months but my large ones are on unprinted newspaper. When she takes a piss it is soaked and stinks + I have a auto sprayer that sprays once every 6 hours for like 45-60 seconds so sometimes the paper is just wet, sometimes I can’t tell but if it doesn’t smell I let it go. As soon as I can smell urine or feces it all gets changed out. I use what the people who live in cold climates use to clean a snowy car off… it it extendable and has a squeegee on one side and a brush on the other so I squeegee the pissy paper without having to touch it(paper towels to grab it once it is in a ball), throw it out, then liberally spray it down with the bleach/water solution and wait 10 minutes. Come back in, wipe it up, put new paper in + hide and water pan, then open her container up and show her and she goes back willingly, she loves her cage. Interacting with her is always a +, such a sweet animal.

            Glad you saw the Pocho story. That man cried for hours in the lagoon holding his friend, so, so sad BUT the croc was over 50! It was shot and lived a full live because of Chito! Every story I posted is amazing, they are the best ones I know of so far IMO. Watching that boy handle that fully loaded cobra like that is impressive IMO. The lady with the retic loves her snake like we love ours, the snake knows it too.

          • sunshine

            Wow…that’s so interesting, haha I can just see a huge snake in a sterilite container lounging on a towel! Do the snakes need a bath or are they self cleaning? I have to see the others (stupid computer plays videos when it wants lol), but I will watch them.

          • Use this: it is free and you don’t need to know anything, there are 2 buttons, analyze and clean. You click analyze first, let it do it’s thing, then clean next. There are side tabs and the top 2 are what I use. One is for web browsers and the other is for the registry. When you do the registry one it will always ask you if you want to back it up, always say yes and save the little .reg file because if it accidentally cleaned some thing it shouldn’t have you just double click that .reg and it will import it right back to how it was originally. This will keep your computer running fast.

          • sunshine

            Thanks!! Mine is so slow I don’t know what it’s deal is but I will give that a try!

          • You’re welcome. It’ll work, it’s the best IMO. Check out the tools menu, you can cancel startup items that slow down your computer when you turn it on. It has a drive wiper that can do 35 passes, now THAT is data destruction, lol! I doubt anyone could recover anything after that. It has an uninstaller that is very easy to use also, very useful software.

          • By the way yes they do need baths sometimes. They are large so sometimes they slither over their feces/urine soaked paper. My retic is smart and largely avoids doing that on purpose but she is so long sometimes it is inevitable. Retic in the bathtub… that is a “fun,” wet experience, lol! Sometimes if the climate has been dry they can have a bad shed and if that happens a warm bath with diluted chlorhexidine softens the loose skin and with a wash cloth you just let her go through your hands, applying slight pressure and the skin slides right off. She knows what we are doing and it feels good so she works with us.

          • sunshine

            Wow that is so crazy! I never thought of snakes as knowing much, but I was wrong lol. Is she OK in the tub when she’s not shedding? And how many do you have again?

          • Oh yeah she’s fine in the tub but sometimes she wants out so we get wet trying to keep her in the tub. It’s okay though, we are usually laughing unless she is sick and it is serious. I just had her out this morning, I went into the snake room and she was awake and up front “asking” for the cage to be opened so I opened it and just got dressed for work in there, lol. I spent 5-6 minutes with her, she just came out and smelled me a little and that’s all she wanted, then she turned around and went back in her cage, so sweet and gentle + they can tell you a lot through their eyes. That is all you have to read them with, their movements and their eyes but that is enough to understand their wants and needs. Above her is my 8ft, 24 pound boa. He is cool too but he doesn’t like to be woken up during the daytime. After 8-9pm he is great, very friendly and interactive but late morning/early afternoon forget it, you disturb him when he is sleeping and you will get hissed at and he will jerk his body violently if you touch him which is clearly saying, “DON’T TOUCH ME RIGHT NOW.” I mostly respect his wishes but if his cage needs cleaned tough shit, hiss or not his ass is coming out, lol. I also have the baby albino retic, the crazy one lol, and I have the 2 ball pythons. The ball pythons are special to me also but they aren’t much to talk about, lol, they just sit there, such peaceful little guys. I have a total of 5 and that is it for a while because I have to buy a retic cage for the baby and they are expensive, right now he is in a glass 40gallon terrarium in my living room which he is quickly outgrowing.

    • BDBinc

      Its to keep the debt slaves ignorant.
      Set them against each other heat up race and class issues so you all keep fighting each other.

    • The first part is to get the Americans used to living the Mexican standard of living so that they can harmonize the three countries in North America into the North American Union. Actually, it all resembles the old soviet saying that “we pretend to work and they pretend to pay us.”

      • BDBinc

        That is incorrect.

        • Then how would YOU harmonize the disparate cultural differences between the three countries destined to be members of the North American Union? What part is incorrect?

          • BDBinc

            You think the NWO wants harmony.

          • And you think they don’t. They out vote you in every possible way. They have control over everything you don’t. Their reach exceeds their grasp, and I haven’t been reached yet.

  • tomw

    The CBO has already stated that the wheels come off by 2018. So, there is no need to worry about 10 years from now.

  • Mr Gadget

    obozo can do it in 3

  • ron17571

    The economy well collapse before then. The country is being kept afloat with loans and steadily increasing debt. Anyone awake can see that the numbers put out by the fed are a lie or omit a lot.

    • Kindly define collapse.

      • ron17571

        When things you now take for granted or no longer there or functioning.(society itself) Imagine how people would react if food stamp cards no longer worked. If inflation went so high that you could no longer buy much,If you could even find the product.
        Right now our country is kept afloat because the government can print money,But our money is becoming worthless because of our debt and printing. China and Russia have accumulated much Gold,If they were to call in debts and at the same time make their money the defacto standard backed by Gold. The U.S. would tank really fast.Our country right now is in fact insolvent.(nice video on this by Ann Barnhardt)
        The Pentagon in a live briefing,Shown on the evening news,Talked about our debt being the number one threat to the U.S.

        • Your definition is based on a tissue of misinformation and bad assumptions.
          I have never been on the dole, so if such “entitlements” ended, it wouldn’t really matter to me. The effect on those hanging on the teat would have been easily predictable by them or anyone else who pondered the obviously inevitable.
          Nobody can print money, because only gold and silver are money. Again, anyone who assumes that obviously valueless pieces of paper have value subject themselves to the eventuality of them becoming completely worthless to anyone.
          To twist a well-known saying, ‘he who lives by valueless paper will die by the valueless paper.’
          Anyone who ponders the fact that the expenditures to support the Pentagon’s continuous wars throughout the world generate the largest share of the national debt should know better than to rely on the same tenuous support, yet, people continue to re-elect Congresscritters in districts that thrive on the continuous increase in debt caused by military expenditures that go to support unconstitutional, unlawful, illegal, and immoral wars, in favor of the profits that they can extract before the schemes collapse. Those who spend more time on their Facebook accounts than on learning more about what is really going on in the world will have only their “friends” on Facebook to commiserate with when it all falls down.

  • Bo Wetstone

    not if trump gets his way- it will be balanced within 4 years.
    but the present government will give trump a dirt nap if he even gets close to a win

    • BDBinc

      The elections are rigged.
      You don’t get any verification for the election.
      You sleepers who are happy voting for any corporate candidate( a fiend of Hellary -do keep believing the lies)and you think you chose!!
      mind boggling.

      • Maybe Hitlary should reach across the aisle and select Condi Rice for her running mate.