US Court Lets Big Pharma Sail, Cracks Down on Natural Health

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By Lisa Garber

Both wings of the government have been found in bed with Big Pharma, and now a new decision by the federal appeals court will make it even more difficult for them to mind the marketing and sales of pharmaceuticals. A conviction of a sales representative for promoting off-label use of a prescription drug was thrown out. Now it may be even easier for Big Pharma to sell drugs.

Off-Label Claims now Easier to Make

The 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the 2008 conviction of sales representative Alfred Caronia of Orphan Medical Inc. Caronia had breached the Food, Drug & Cosmetic act by bringing a misbranded drug—Xyrem—into interstate commerce. In 2002, the FDA approved Xyrem for treating narcolepsy—a condition associated with weak muscles—and for excessive daytime sleepinesslinked to nacolepsy in 2005. Just one month before the second FDA approval, however, Caronia promoted Xyrem for then off-label uses, including daytime sleepiness, muscle disorders, chronic pain, and fatigue. A trial by jury found him guilty and Caronia served 100 hours of community service in addition to a year of probation.

On Monday, however, he was cleared of conviction thanks to the First Amendment, which the 2nd Circuit agreed (albeit with some division) protected sales representatives to make “truthful” off-label claims about FDA-approved drugs. Caronia noted that doctors can do the same thing without penalty.

“Increases Marketability of Drugs”

Industry lobbyists like Matthew Bennett rejoiced, stating as vice president of Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America that the group was “pleased.”

Meanwhile, Caronia’s lawyer says (evocatively, perhaps), that the decision “increases the marketability of drugs.”

Drugs pushed by Big Pharma hardly need more marketing. (GlaxoSmithKline settled with the government for $3 billion in July over off-label claims, and Pfizer settled for $2.3 billion in 2009.) That a federal court made it easier for Big Pharma to make more money with science that goes against nature has numerous and far-reaching implications.

Government and Big Pharma vs. Nature?

Meanwhile, raw milk provider James Stewart can’t cut a break. His bail was set at $1 million—after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was finally forced to admit using misrepresenting statistics to link raw milk to death. (As we all know, however, stigmas die hard.)

Similarly, the FDA was only too happy to remove natural supplements like Pyridoxamine—a natural form of vitamin B6—from shelves at the behest of the pharmaceutical company BioStratum. Did the natural supplement have a defect? Nope.  BioStratum just wanted to use Pyridoxamine in a prescription drug they’re going to develop in the future. The FDA is considering doing something similar for Medicure Pharma. (You can petition to quell some of this nonsense here.)

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  • OldGuy

    HAHA. Keep feeding the monster.

    Funny how they say drugs and dealers are causing the decay of society. I guess it just depends on which drug dealer pays you the most that helps the legal system determine who the BAD drug dealers are.

    Hardly any profit in cannabis so they must be the bad guys…REAAAALLLLY bad guys.
    Lots and Lots and LOTS of profit in big pharma so they are the good guys *WINK*WINK*.

  • Those of you that think pharma are the bad guys and that profit is a dirty word, might I suggest that if you get cancer or are diagnosed with heart disease or some other life threatening disease please don’t be a hypocrite and don’t take the drugs that pharma makes. Instead treat yourself with “natural” agents not produced by pharma. My hope is that natural selection will eventually breed you idiots out of the gene pool.

  • Jean

    Most people wouldn’t mind if Pharma stuck with treating diseases which DO NOT seem to have any natural cures.
    The issue is, these companies wish to CREATE patients, by ADDING TO the ranks of the diseased. For instance, scurvy is caused by lack of vitamin C. (May have other causes, I’m going by what I know of as fact.) But I am LEGALLY NO PERMITTED to tell you to go eat an orange if you present signs of scurvy. I’m not a medical doctor, so I can’t make such a suggestion. I don’t KNOW enough. Nor do I enrich a pharma agent.
    But make Vitamin C as “THE CURE FOR SCURVY” and NOW, you can control (a) the disease, and (b) the cure, and (c) the populace, who are now AFRAID of getting the “disease”, and MUST HAVE the MAGIC BULLET to CURE (and prevent) the DISEASE…

    (Use the caps to accentuate it; read it out loud to get the idea.)

    The problem gets worse as time goes on, too: If you can block nutritional sources, you can control the populace. If you can “immunize” them with (tinfoil hat warning – I’m also making it up on the fly to make the point) retro-viral and nanotech cocktails so they cannot process neurotransmitters correctly, or respond to correct hormones in correct ways, or maintain memories any more, or see correctly, or hear, or, or…, or…
    NOW do you get it?

    It’s not what BHO has done; it’s how the 5th president AFTER BHO twisted the Executive Order so he (/she/it) could control the populace further.

    Think of it in different frame of reference: Why are Men and Women in “the battle of the sexes”? Do you realize how RECENT that is? Do you know WHY there was a separation in ability and intellect between men and women? Evolution in action, man – Lillith was discarded by Adam for a REASON… Now we encourage all of womankind to be Lilith: Aggressive, bitchy, controlling, nagging, emasculating, competitive. (And at the same time, tell men to “be in touch with their feelings”, “get in touch with their feminine side,” Don’t be so rough, don’t be aggressive, don’t exclude anyone…) So…. how many men and women are likely to (a) get married, (b) STAY married and (c) produce stable children? More likely, they meet, find some common ground, rut like animals break apart, she has a child, he pays for her “choice”, the state collects, she cashes out, he starves to death (for all practical purposes.) The state emerges victorious, for the State is Mother, the State is Father, the State is GOD… And don’t you forget it!

    Same process, different actions; same impetus. Same logic applies to Man/Woman; Religions; Politics; Guns (self-ownership and self-determination); property rights (Capitalistic vs, communistic or socialistic); income (Haves vs. HAve-Nots); Health care (Another haves/havenots). Etc.

    The only thing in the bottom line is, WE are HAVE-NOTS when it comes to POWER, by DEFAULT. Especially if we don’t WANT to control others or profit from others’ misery.

    The corporations DO, even if they are made up of good people. It’s the nature of the corporation, and of government. Road to hell is paved with good intentions. Most Utopians want Heaven on earth – yet we end up in Hell (USSR, Cuba, China, North Korea, etc.)

    Remove the rose-colored glasses, most of what we’ve got is by accident, or because our forefathers were altruistic. Now that we’ve decided the dead white men don’t matter…

    won’t be long before we ALL don’t matter.