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US Cardinal Roger Mahony Asked Not To Vote For New Pope

Chris Carrington
The Daily Sheeple
February 20th, 2013


The group Catholics United has presented a partition of 5000 names requesting that Cardinal Roger Mahony does not take part in the Conclave to elect the new Pope.

Mahony was archbishop of Los Angeles until 2011 and was accused of covering up child sex abuse within the Catholic Church. The group feel his taking part would ‘taint’ the new pontiff. Their letter said:

“Please do not bring further scandal to our Church that has already been rocked by the sex abuse crisis by attending the Papal Conclave. You have been disciplined and have lost your ability to have a voice within our Church.”

Mahony is one of 117 Cardinals eligible to vote in the Papal Conclave.

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  • Cymro

    partition of 5000 names. Should that be “petition”?

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