US Banks Suffer Huge Deposit Withdrawals

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The US Federal Reserve is reporting massive deposit withdrawals from US Banks. The national banking system hasn’t seen such an immense fund outflow since 9/11.

The first week of January 2013 has seen $114 billion withdrawn from 25 of the US’ biggest banks, pushing deposits down to $5.37 trillion, according to the US Fed. Financial analysts suggest it could be down to the Transaction Account Guarantee insurance program coming to an end on December 31 last year and clients moving their money that is no longer insured by the government.

The program was introduced in the wake of the 2008 crisis in order to support the banking system. It provided insurance for around $1.5 trillion in non-interest-bearing accounts with a limit of $250,000. It was aimed at medium and small banks as the creators of the program believed bigger banks would cope with the crisis themselves.

So the current “fast pace” of withdrawal comes as a surprise to financial analysts because the deposits are slipping away from those banks which supposedly were safe. Experts expected savers in small and medium banks would turn to bigger players come December 31.


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  • Hmm, looks like all those private buys at gun shows probably have something to do with this. People withdraw cash so they can buy their firearms without you tyrants knowing about them. Then the private sellers at the gun shows are private buying Silver and other preparation items. The sellers of those items are probably foolishly stashing the cash, but it’s better than depositing it into your criminal banking institutions. You get that?

    Poetic unto itself when people can screw up your banking instruments and buy defensive arms all in one fell swoop. HA!

  • Handgrip

    I find it hard to have any sympathy for our bankster mafia.

  • G-DAWG

    The fix is beyond the ballot box. Semper Fi. III

    • Patriot247365

      The fix resides in a brass house…

  • Anonymous

    Think that people are just waking up to the truth and what’s really going on
    in the banking cartel. Moving to smaller community banks where they know where their money is going.

  • crazycaptain

    keep purchasing pm,food and ammo the dollar has had it day. The greenback is history

    • Buba

      Not only the greenback! We will witness the implosion of all fiat currencies. I’m in Canada and the people who are awake are preparing as well. This transition will be a difficult one.

  • BubbaT

    Credit unions and local banks is where it’s at. I soooo look forward to the banking traitors losing their ass. Bank of America (oxymoron) needs to go first.

  • Michelle Walker

    Ppl will refuse to believe in this until litterly they are on the streets with nothing to their name.
    The wealthy feel no fear as it “doesn’t apply to them”.
    If you follow history its easy to see what’s coming, the fast rate of which its happening can only be made possible by the masses of ppl that walk around refusing to see what’s in front of them.
    “Real eyes Realize Real lies”

  • mike

    I think a lot of it has to do with the larger banks, such as Bank of America’s, stance on such things as the second amendment and other subjects. When BOA froze the account of a firearms manufacture, I withdrew from, and closed three accounts with them and started banking with a local community bank. To me it is a matter of principal.

    • mark

      im glad you did because im going to do the same.

  • Actually there were lots of withdraws after Lehman Brothers collapsed. I bet confidence has not been restored because the housing crisis and unemployment crisis was not fixed on top of this people being told their is no inflation.

  • Paying with cash is a simple way to keep prying eyes on your purchases. Same for selling. This could get interesting as the banks have very little currency in the system. I’d love to see the TBTFs squirm. Crank up the printers boys.

    • Non-Compliance As Rule of Law

      NO digital currencies unless there is a physical tangible asset attached to it.
      Otherwise – it’s just the asshole ‘elite’ trying to push to ‘global’ currency.

      Keep only what you need to pay bills online and take out the rest –
      the bankholes won’t be able to STEAL your deposit – bank runs crumbles
      the system.

  • End of The Corporate Era. Independents are Here For Good.

    Add corrupt, unethical, disgusting corps like ATT (CIA) Time Warner & Verizon to the “parasitic scum” list: They want to Kill Free an Open and Free Internet – and Kill Free Wifi – by punishing good businesses that want to offer Free Internet.

    Closing business with freedom hating ATT and no longer a customer for good.
    Smaller honest independent companies who actually CARE about people will do just fine – and put them greedy-selfish corps out of business for the long haul.

    “AT&T’s plan is to block access to frequently visited sites. Time Warner will constantly redirect you to a landing page. Verizon will plans to reduce connection speeds to the snail pace of 256kbps.

    What do all of them have in common? None of them actually let you get up to six strikes — and all of them have the potential, even as they claim they’re not “cutting people off” from the Internet, to make free WiFi almost nonexistent.”

    HELP ETITION, BOYCOTT AND SPEAK UP AND OUT ABOUT VERIZON, ATT, and TIME WARNER: We call on ISPs like Verizon not to pursue punitive action against businesses that provide free WiFi by slowing down or eliminating their Internet access. Help keep the Internet as free and as open as possible — revise your “six strikes” plan now!

    — The folks at

    P.S. If the other links aren’t working for you, please go here to sign the Petition – It only takes a second but YOUR VOICE COUNTS @

  • David B

    Yeah I quit using my local bank! It was free, until 2010, then it was $5 a month to send me a statement ?! Hell I know what I wrote!! I guess the reason was because I would only deposit $5 more than I would write out! They can’t make money like that! A lot of people I know quit banking, and go to the beer joint and get FREE money orders!! Fuck the Rothchilds!!!

  • cowgirl2012

    I for one am so happy to see the little guy made a dent and we should continue on…we are the largest lobby if we stick together and boycott all that try and side with this administration who shreds our liberties and CONSTITUTION. I am very tired of seeing us, the middle class pay for everything until there is nothing left for our families and then to have places like BOA say…NO NO you cannot sell ammo!! Well yes we can just not using your bank!!

  • Patriot247365

    After how the zionscum pig banksters ripped off millions of homes from families, caused CHAOS in the lives of tens of millions, including little kids, and caused the execution of millions of Pets from displaced families that could not find a rental that would accept Pets, only a TRAITOR would ever walk into another megabank.

    I cannot wait to see them burned to the GD ground the day the war starts here, and EVERY SINGLE ONE of the local managers houses BURNED down also, in every city, town and hamlet in this country. The bankster execs? DEAD. As soon as the New America military captures them, and gives them a 1 minute trial, then tortures them to death on live TV. Have fun zionscum banksters. Enjoy your imminent future.

    I cannot wait for the war to start, so I can fulfill my list.

  • crazycaptain

    consider using precious metals as an inventory of excess cash. When the shit its the fan the federal reserve notes will be like toilet paper only ruffer

  • Filoamerican

    In many european countries it is hard to find a bank that gives out cash. Many shops accept only electronic payments. Cash money in a few years will be outlawed, just wait and see. The US is going to be normalized under the guidelines of the global nwo very quickly. They will make you register your firearms and ammo. They will set a limit for your magazines capacity, number and type of firearms. Fuel prices will grow until most of the people will need to live inside the citylimits because they cannot afford to use their cars and must rely on public transportaiin, in that way they will be easier to control. Homeschooling will be forbidden. Every child will be brainwwashed since 3 years old. Most of the people will be glad to received free health care and public education. The middle class will pay for it. Immigrants masses will be either used for cheap labor and employed in parasitic public jobs. They will obey because if they dont they will starve them. There will be no revolution from them because new technologies have been developed to improve the control of the illiterate masses. The only ones who could revolt should be the sons of the dieing middle class, but unfortunately the sexual depraved revolution of the sixties, birth pills and homosexuality have been used to prevent the middle class to make children. In a few decades all small businesses, small farms will close strangled by the banks, the middle class will disappear. Then their project will be completed, a new globalized world where a few rich people control the destiny of the masses, who will be guaranteed food and entertainment as long as the obey to their masters. In the middle age the priests had the task to control their behaviour, this time will be the mass media. And if and when some kind of revolt will happen, it will be easy for their police to stop unarmed citizens.

    • Truth Native

      Nice try. Fearmongering in 2013 won’t work.

      The Fed is self-destructing.
      Cash will be outlawed ONLY if the people allow it and media manipulated to do so.

      To the old paradigm:


  • So depressing but it is true.

    • Anonymous

      You allowed it to happen. Everyone is responsible.

  • julian

    Closing the credit card account this month – debt paid off and in full! No longer a debt slave and never again!

  • GrandpaSpeaks

    Price of troy ounce of gold $1658. The look on bankers face when taking that ounce out of the bank…priceless.