US Bank Manager Warns: “Grab the Money While You Can”

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With the insanity taking place in Cyprus, as banks there  steal “tax” account holder’s funds, would it be any surprise to hear that similar tactics could be in the works in the United States?

An email received by warns of draconian new restrictions on withdrawals.

“…within 60 days, banks will be greatly reducing their hours, days of operation, amount of withdrawals and a requirement to fill out “paperwork” if the amount is questioned by bank officials. Unless the form is completed, money will not be disbursed… He said, “screw them, grab the money while you can.”

The parameters given were banks open two days a week for four to five hours with below minimum staffs, increased security and greatly reduced amounts of actual cash in the vault. Amount of withdrawal will be held to $500-2000 per day per customer account–not customer….

There is no plan (at least known) for automatic confiscation from accounts–yet, and he said that the banks hold the “ownership” authority and final disposition of any items found in safety deposit boxes. (surprise, surprise!) Withholding mortgage payments could result in expedited (30) day foreclosures and 15 day Sheriff’s locks on your front door. “

While this information has not been verified, it isn’t far-fetched to believe that we are rapidly coming to a place where any dealings with banks will be suspect.  Leave only enough in your accounts to pay your current bills and invest the rest in tangible assets.  Cyprus is a warning – fail to heed it at your own risk. 

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