Unreal: CNN Guest Actually Blames Trump For CNN’s Repeated Publishing Of Utterly Fake News – The Collapse Of Journalism Is Now Complete

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The legacy media is utterly collapsing by the day. With CNN, ABC News, WashPost and the New York Times now routinely caught publishing deliberately faked news stories, no reasonable person trusts anything they say. As just one example of many, see CNN caught in the most epic FAKE NEWS fail we’ve seen yet… and they still refuse to fully retract their blatant lie.

“After several hours of breathless coverage of the story, CNN’s reporting fell apart,” reports the Daily Caller. “The email, which was obtained by The Daily Caller and other news outlets, was actually dated Sept. 14, 2016, a day after the documents cited in the email had been published online.”

But all these mistakes are precisely the reason we should trust the fake news legacy media, according to CNN guest David Frum. In a truly pathetic and mischievously entertaining attempt to explain why CNN keeps flubbing all its supposed “bombshell” stories about President Trump, Frum actually said on live television:

“The mistakes are precisely the reason the people should trust the media…”

The more CNN is caught faking the news, the more “trust” you’re supposed to have in CNN

Yes, fear not, brave netizens! The more CNN fakes the news and publishes utterly false “facts” for political purposes, the more you should trust them!

After all, the mistakes only occurred, we’re told, because CNN is bending over backwards to “be fair to the president.” Seriously. Again, from Frum:

“The worst mistakes that press organizations have made in their coverage of Trump has precisely occurred in their overzealous effort to be fair to the president.”

You can’t make this stuff up. Now, the more fake news CNN broadcasts, the more deeply we’re supposed to trust them, according to Frum. And if only CNN wasn’t going out of its way to be “fair” to president Trump, they wouldn’t be getting caught pushing so much fake news.

In essence — Oh, yes! — CNN’s fake news is all Trump’s fault! Watch and drool over this historic piece of demented twistery and delusioneering:

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  • moTrouble69

    cnn should be congratulated for helping the mentally disabled by keeping them employed and making them feel like they have meaning in life. Ahhh how heroic!

  • KreepyJoe

    The US (off shored) government has a law(s) permitting it to LIE to its citizens.

    “FALSE FLAGS” are LEGAL PROPAGANDA PRODUCED by the Department of Defense

    By Anonymous Patriots

    “The National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, which was just updated for 2016, provides that the Department of Defense, through the Broadcasting Board of Governors, controls all broadcasting both international and domestic…”

  • gazoo3

    Russia is a made up distraction from Pizzagate snd Astrology is real.

  • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

    Here ya go, as promised:

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    3. Also hope all you ”grieving parents” aren’t running out of your triple-strength perma-grin Happy Pills yet…(Hint: You’re gonna NEED ’em where you’re going)

    2. To anyone finding Lt. Vance’s self-respect in the gutter, please return ASAP via the Hubris Express

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  • David E

    And it was baby Boo-boo’s fault he got burned and was nearly killed when the police threw a flash-bang into his crib. Because 18 month old criminals, you know.

  • But why would anyone in their right mind, watch BBCNN Green Screen Fake News Media ? Let them die in Obscurity, Negative Publicity is still Publicity.

  • glamdeluxe

    INGSOC 101.