Unknown Street Drug Being Blamed For Overdoses In Georgia

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Fake Percocet” is being blamed for the recent rash of opioid overdoses in Georgia. State authorities believe up to four people have died and dozens more have become ill in the central part of the state after overdosing on the unknown street drug.

Officials said Tuesday that they were awaiting tests to confirm the cause of the deaths and overdoses, but local officials said several people told doctors and nurses that they became very sick after swallowing yellow pills purchased on the street. Some of the affected people told nurses and doctors that they only swallowed one pill before becoming ill. Last month, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s crime lab began studying counterfeit pills and found more than 450 that contained fentanyl and other dangerous drugs, but were being sold on the street as pharmaceuticals, spokeswoman Nelly Miles said.

The Bibb County Coroner, Leon Jones, identified two of the people who have died of overdoses as 36-year-old Amirrah Gillens and 52-year-old Gregory Mitchell, CBS affiliate WMAZ-TV in Macon reports. Gillens died Sunday and Mitchell died Tuesday morning.

Drug overdoses are now the leading cause of death for Americans under the age of 50. Over 59,000 Americans overdosed and died in 2016 and those numbers appear to be on the rise. According to the Centers for Disease Control, about 1,300 people fatally overdosed on drugs in Georgia last year. Georgia health officials say this is the largest cluster of opioid overdoses in state history.

Most of the patients arrived at hospitals unconscious and several needed medical equipment to breathe. They also needed “aggressive” doses of overdose-reversing drugs, said Dr. Gaylord Lopez, director of the Georgia Poison Center. Lopez said Navicent Health first contacted the poison center late Monday night after treating five people (all from the same household) for overdoses. “Right there, there seemed to be something wrong with that picture, that all five came from a particular household and there were patients ranging from 20- to 60-year-olds in that group,” he said.

State officials acknowledged Tuesday that gathering more information will be difficult. Narrowing down an exact cause of the deaths and overdoses in middle Georgia proves challenging, especially because patients addicted to opioid aren’t forthcoming with information regarding their drug use. Patient tests also don’t always reveal the cause of overdoses and it’s difficult to test for newer synthetic drugs, said Dr. Laura Edison, a medical epidemiologist with the state Department of Public Health. So far, police haven’t found a pill similar to those described by sickened people.

It’s obvious that the war on drugs isn’t working. People are going to find their way around laws, and the drugs are going to continue to get more dangerous. Hopefully, by alerting at least some to the problems with drug use and the damaging effects to the body, it will stop at least one person from even beginning a life of chemical dependency.

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  • lilred

    I really have lost all sympathy for these people dying from overdoses. I’m pissed they use narcanin the hospitals. These junkies just come back to life to use again.

    • I’m sure they’ll be as sympathetic when you die of mainstream medicine.
      You would probably have a different attitude had you read Chasing the Scream.

      • lilred

        I don’t use mainstream medicine

        • If you don’t grow all of your own food organically and/or distill your drinking water, you are as subject to mainstream pharmaceutica as you would be mainstream medicine.

          • lilred

            We shop at a co op and are on well water.

          • Do you have your soil and water tested regularly by a lab so you know what is in them? Much of well water has potentially hazardous concentrations of minerals.

          • lilred

            It’s clean. We’ve had it tested. And to revert back to your original comment, most junkies could give a rats a$$ about anyone or anything besides their next fix.

          • It has to be tested regularly and frequently because ground water changes with withdrawal. How do you know so much more about well water than you do about junkies, which are massively outnumbered by addicts?

    • Le Ruse

      Unknown Street Drug Being Blamed For Overdoses In Georgia??
      I call that, the culling of the stupid ?? Darwin’s Award !

  • Cynical Old Bastard

    Let them die. It’s the merciful thing to do.

    • L. A. McDonough

      Better them dead then on the streets getting other people hooked and dealing. Zero sympathy for this scum.

      • Cynical Old Bastard

        Agreed, but for slightly different reasons.

        I don’t care if they burn themselves up and die in a gutter somewhere. It’s what it does to the loved ones around them bathers me. Can you imagine what it must feel like to a seven-YO-boy to watch a beloved uncle (or even parent) turn into a thieving wreck that is so low he would steal your piggy-bank for his next fix?

        That’s what bothers me. That’s why it’s more merciful to let them die. Not for them. For the ones they destroy.

        • Junkies pay hundreds of dollars for drugs that cost pennies to make.
          It is the prohibition that increases the price, not the product.

      • How about the scum that use communism and fascism to get people hooked on debt that they will never pay?

    • That is what our military leaders have said about all of the foreigners that our soldiers have exterminated throughout the last century.

    • dav1bg

      The merciful thing to do is to kill the dealers and get the poor working again.

      • It would be more merciful to kill the laws that cause the problems in the first place rather than continuing to enforce them.

  • Those who know that fentanyl is only administered parenterally won’t be fooled by this fake news.

    • celticreeler

      Wait…aren’t there fentanyl lollipops for kids on chemo?

      • That is considered to be parental because the absorption is buccal, through the interior of the cheeks, rather than through the GI tract.

  • dav1bg

    Before the Civil War, British wanted free trade so that they
    could buy the cheap slave produced cotton in America and bring back to England
    where it was then converted into cheap clothes. The East India Trading company
    took the clothes to India to trade for Opium, which they then took to China
    creating the Opium Dens of past, in trade for the plentiful silver that China
    had. Thus the big deal about pounds Sterling. To colonize America, Britain
    needed a base, so if they could create a division through the American /
    British slave owners, who had worked their way into power, Britain could then
    take over the rest of America, thus the Civil War. Jump to today, and British heroin dealership is doing a bang up business, thanks to our soldiers guarding the Queens poppy fields in Afghanistan, where 90% of the worlds heroin comes from, and of which 90% of that is shipped to England. Afghanistan had a 47% increase in Opium production over last year. Since England enjoys a “special”
    relationship with the US, shipments from them just zip through customs. Opium dens coming to a town near you. Brush up on your British accent. The bank of England admitted to laundering $2.3 Trillion dollars US of Heroin drug money last year. This is your war on drugs. You want to fight drugs, nail the banks.

    • Opium could never cause the damage that adulterated tobacco, alcohol, and pharmaceutical always have.
      If you want to nail the banks, stop loaning them your money as an unsecured creditor.

  • Clementine

    Addiction, to the extent is it in current times, just shows people have no hope for the future and no confidence things will change… and the government, with their killing of the middle class and forced poverty, is doing nothing to help change this.

    • Everything the government has done has created the problem, like usual.
      “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

  • SP_88

    The government is the biggest drug dealer in America. They only pretend it’s illegal so they can keep the profits high.
    We can hate the street level drug dealers all we want, but if it wasn’t for the government importing the drugs and distributing the drugs, there wouldn’t be so many drugs on the streets to begin with.
    Once again, we have the government to thank for another problem that plagues society.

    • The government is the biggest illicit drug dealer in America.
      Big pharma has them more than beat in licit drugs.
      Licit drugs kill many more than illicit drugs could.

  • celticreeler

    I’m reconsidering, after reading a second time.

    Basically, I am starting to question whether this “epidemic” really exists or not. Like, are these people dying of opioid OD? Maybe they’re OD’ed on something else. Maybe they’re not dying of an OD! Maybe it’s cyanide, arsenic, organophosphate poisoning (chemical weaponry), some big Tuskeegee experiment run amok.

    I’m not sure I really know any “facts” at all about this “epidemic.”

    Maybe this is all about control. As in, no, you must ask just so for your pain pill when ca is eating your bones off…and if we think you don’t merit any analgesia, we just won’t give you any…begging some nameless faceless soul-less bureaucrat on some government website for pain medication, and being refused because they think you are a danger to yourself, or just because they CAN and they thrill at the thought of having control over someone else.

    • Death by pure opioid overdose is very rare. Most deaths of street addicts are from overdoses of adulterants rather than by the drug itself. You can corroborate this in any emergency room in the world.

  • Guido FL

    Druggies dying ……………………………… who cares ???