University of Connecticut Cancels Comedians Show After He Criticized Young Children Being Given Transgender Treatment “Abuse”

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Another day another instance of hard left insanity, this time in the form of yet another public figure being censored ahead of a planned event at a college university after they made comments that went against the new leftist orthodoxy currently being imposed on campuses throughout the country.

The University of Connecticut, in a move strikingly similar to those seen at numerous other colleges over the past two years, literally canceled an event featuring comedian Owen Benjamin simply because the comic had spoken out against the highly controversial practice of giving young children hormone replacement treatment which many consider a form of child abuse but is something that is now being championed by the vast majority of the identity politics left.

The comedian was scheduled to perform in late October but had his show canceled after the university allowed a complaint by a student group that used “concerns” over comments Benjamin made over social media and in footage of one of his recent events to censor his planned event.

In other words, Benjamin was banned for being against a practice that goes against almost all rational thinking but is somehow now deemed alright by an increasingly psychotic leftist movement.

The opinions expressed by Benjamin that caused him to be censored are seemingly normal thoughts that a vast majority would agree regardless of your political stance or position on the entire transgender issue. (Which is not what this article is about)

“Being in favor of trans rights does not make you a liberal, which I am, I’m in favor of trans rights,” Benjamin declared. “Am I in a favor of preventing an 8 year old from going through puberty because they want to wear a dress? Of course not. I’m so against that.”

Benjamin continued, “If that’s going to make me a bigot, then I’m a bigot. Because when I was five, when I was three, when I was seven, all I did was play the piano, weave cloth, go to my dad’s operas. I hated sports, I wore velour pants.”

“I probably would have been labeled trans. I’m artistic, I probably would have wanted to wear a dress at some point.”

To his credit (and despite disagreeing with him personally on a variety of other issues) Benjamin has not backed down and has now rightfully made this an issue of free speech while also arguing that supporters of this type of treatment could be called out as advocates of a new form of child abuse.

As noted, this is yet another extreme example of the new leftist insanity that is now not only targeting adults but is going directly at children at an age where they can’t possibly know that they need an actual gender change simply because they may be interested in things society has deemed specific for one gender.

At this point we are now moving beyond the “culture wars” and into a moment in history where we are literally fighting back against movements that want to change the very fabric of society itself in a way that not only destroys the idea of a free market but now also apparently includes mandatory support for very young children receiving transgender hormone treatment therapy.

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  • John C Carleton


  • Ode2Whoppers

    Was the most recent, official narrative about their “guy in a cave defeated NORAD on 09?11/2001” simply a chapter in their tranny-nation meme?

  • R. Shultz

    UConn will suffer as Hartford and Connecticut sink in to insolvency…
    People & business are fleeing the state that wrought gun registration & Sandy Hook…
    Blue State Blues….they never learn..

  • dav1bg

    University of Connecticut; got it.

  • This guy really needs to take the World’s Smallest Political Quiz and find out how wrong he is.

    • Joel W

      Wrong about what? The free speech part or the child abuse part?

  • tscull

    Egregious child abuse, no doubt about it!

  • Joel W

    Whenever one is on the receiving end of vicious attacks from the screeching lunatics of the o-called left, you can be damned certain you are 100% correct.

  • Dow Jones

    Boy, girl, man, woman…that’s it. If you happen to prefer sex with a partner that has the same type of sexual organs that you have (presuming these assorted mutant freaks have organs) then obviously you are gay or lesbian. Anything beyond that, the so-called 396 other “gender options” is simply mental sickness. Don’t encourage them because they are just fucked up. Don’t ridicule them any more than you would some loon in a straight jacket, just be firm and try to help those gender retards and mutants that you will almost never come in to contact with because despite what the libtard media sewer pipe is pumping, these freaks are few and far between.

    Homosexuals make up no more than 2 to 3 per cent of most normal societies. Throw in perverts, freaks, mutants and gender retards etc.etc. and the entire bunch would still be less than the 5% psychopaths in the media and government that are pushing this insanity.

    Breeders unite and confront mental illness. After all without us these unfortunate sexual mutants, gender retards and sundry ding bats would never have been “born” with or without their own particular brand of mental illness.

    Onward to the mental institution!

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    So, let me get this straight-the NFL players can protest, uncensored, at work, but this comedian can’t disagree with or call out in a humorous way, the use of hormone treatments on young children without being censored?! Next, the puppets of moral anarchy will argue that, just like their view of the 2nd Amendment, the First Amendment was only meant to be used by certain groups of persons-not the actual citizenry. It would almost be funny if these fuckers weren’t actually serious. “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” Voltaire

  • Phil_Ossifer

    So-called “transgender education” and the like is nothing more than recruitment.
    NAMBLA apparently has more political power than parents.

  • These hormones cause cancer-for that reason alone, putting kids on these substances is child abuse..