United Way Sends Condolences to Sandy Hook Victims 3 Days Before the Shooting

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A Google search for ‘Sandy Hook United Way’ shows a cached page dated December 11, 2012, three days prior to the school shooting stating “United Way extends our most sincere condolences and prayers to all those families affected by the devastating events in Newtown/Sandy Hook, Connecticut.


Below is an excerpt from that page:

United Way extends our most sincere condolences and prayers to all those families affected by the devastating events in Newtown/Sandy Hook, Connecticut. While the eyes of the world may be on Newtown/Sandy Hook, to several staff, volunteers and contributors, Newtown is home. We will stand with the community and everyone affected directly and indirectly by this tragic event as we face the days and weeks ahead.

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  • Anonymous

    who $%&%#* googels that $#!^

  • CommonSense

    I wonder if anyone is going to believe that a person, group, or government approached the United Way and said something like “Hey in three days we are going to viscously murder 20 little kids in the first grade, so you might want to get a head start on your web site and ask for donations.”

    I can’t believe anyone with an IQ over 40 could even suspect that the United Way knew in advance of this. Let us all apply some critical thinking lest we become sheeple.

    • All of the agencies and charities are linked and share information with other top level people.

    • Rob

      You appear to make a good point. However the shooting happened on the 14th and various , possibly connected, orgs hod posts up 3 days before that. How do you explain that.

      Google algorithms and bots are not going to make that “mistake” across numerous sites and there’s a page advertising a concert set for the 12/12/12/ for the victims. None of whom where dead on the 12th. The page has been taken down as you can see but go to the homepage http://www.risingoutlaws.com/ it’s half way down you can still see the article stub and link.

      Common sense != trying to sound jaded and cool.

      • mck

        i believe the concert on 12/12/12 was for hurricane sandy, actually.

        • Anonymous

          Exactly! That was for hurricane Sandy victims!

    • Behomageyourmoon

      Hey. Just because you follow the IQ system makes you a sheeple fool!
      Anything can happen. Do you REALLY believe that our government is out for our best interests?
      It’s not about donations… connect the dots twit. It’s about stripping us from freedoms.
      “Oh kids were murdered at the fault of a man with a high capacity rifle. So now we have to ban guns so kids don’t die.”
      Nah, nah, nah… the real plan is to ban all of our freedoms and in essence enslave us. WAKE UP, and smell the ashes. I think all you can smell is the rotten flesh from your shackled head!

    • Anonymous

      Hey, we have news for you…. NOBODY DIED!!! You sure you can handle the truth?? It was completely staged… Even Picasa photo albums can be PUBLICLY viewed, which CLEARLY show how the families are all mismatched in the”interviews” on the mainstream news… Ugh, man go do your homework

    • wade

      they werent aware og anything happening because nothing happend, they were apart of creating the illusion of something happening, and they droped the ball

  • theniner

    well. sure is strange now isn’t it? sure would like to know all the facts about this. but something is rotten in denmark….

  • Locus

    It means that the computer the web page was created on — or the Internet server their webpage was uploaded to has a clock that is not synchronized with NNTP protocol and has an incorrect date. Google picks out the Last-Modified header, which is taken from the modified date on the file. Happens all the time.

    This business of relying on things such as computer timestamps (or other OBVIOUSLY-fallible) evidence to Insinuate Big Things is a mental disorder.

    It’s like saying, that muddy scuff mark looks like Jesus, let’s all fall to our knees.

  • gotcha

    Hey common sense! What about the facebook page for the young teacher that died, that was made in her memory with condolence to her death 5 days before she died? I find it hard to believe that anyone with a IQ over 40 would attempt to defend this organization let alone discredit the facts. …..how much they paying you?

  • WP

    It’s because the search engine is searching for the phrase but displaying _pages_ that existed on dec 11th that have that _current_ data on them.

    If you google the cached pages _from_ december 11th you’ll get drastically content as you might expect.

    An analogy is, you get a letter in the mail that was mailed on the 11th but between the 11th and now the contents were updated. The envelope, i.e. the web page, is the same and has the same 11th date on it, but the letter inside, i.e. the page’s contents, have changed since then.

  • Cymro

    The Daily Sheeple needs to filter these articles. This has got to be a large pile of bovine excrement.

  • theniner

    just do not believe to be so naive that you are not aware of the many, many decades of mind control experimentation that has been conducted in this country. and do not believe that the manchurian candidate does not exist. that would be foolish and uninformed. what should be looked at is biden telling the mayor of boston that by the end of january 2013, gun control would be enforced in this country. now that bears a microscope. and it is kinda wierd how all of these terrible tragedies have become so frequent. coincidence ? maybe. tragic ? undeniable. the guns fault ? absolutely not. i have one right here. loaded. it has never, ever jumped up and shot someone. ever. maybe this is a sign that people are stressed out so bad from the chaos we find ourselves in, that they just simply snap. the reasons for this are too numerous to get into here, but let’s just sum it up to the complete moral degradation of our society at the very fabric of it’s core. and you can point out to a computer time clock error that happens all the time. ok. i can give credence to that. but you need to see the truth in what i am saying. maybe somewhere in between lies the truth.

  • BettyLiberty

    It’s a legitimate question, no one needs to be nasty about it. That being said, WP’s explanation of what most likely occured sounds plausible to me.

  • dan

    still waiting on the police report…..3 weeks AFTER the event…

  • Varian Wrynn

    STOP!!! Not true!!! The domain newtown.uwwesternct.org domain was set up for hurricane Sandy. The google search entry shows a date the site was crawled, but the cache is from January. It looks weird but is is explainable. This is not the conspiracy you are looking for.

  • BP

    The Googlebot that searches the pages daily for changes holds the date and time stamp, not the account holder’s server/computer. At this time, Google is aware of this and says “it must have been a glitch.” You know, one of those one in a trillion things. Now we’ll wait for the chick in CA who works for Google that created her SH donation page on 12/13 to come forward and admit she’s a Google glitch also.

  • BP

    OK…go to their site. Click on the link that takes you to the erroneous cache listing. Once there, right click and go to Properties-Security, etc. You’ll see that the Security Certificate was issued Friday evening at 7:30 after the incident. Debunked.


    • JDean

      Does the security certificate have to be issued at the same time a web page is created and made public? I don’t know the answer but I do know that I have had a website created that had a certificate added at a later date. The question is, how did google date stamp this with a date that is 3 days before the shooting? I have not yet read any reasonable answer and I am hoping someone can provide one…

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for researching and posting this statistically improbable “anomaly “. It is very much appreciated by those of us out here with sufficient discernment and critical judgment to understand it potential significance, against the background of contradictions, absurdities, changing “details, and just plain bad stage acting already bogging down the credibility of the official narrative spoon fed to us by state-licensed corporate media.

  • David

    Good Morning:
    I said it a long time ago and I’m going to say it again. Everyone needs to step back a take a good look at our Government, and realize that our government is doing the exact same thing that Hitler did!! We are letting or giving the government and the police the power to rule over us and or rights to be American citizens. This and all government are working very hard to have dominating power over the people and you are giving them what they need to make it happen by falling into their traps of politics and mayhem. You are being disrobed little by little and you are to blind to see it happening.

    God Bless all and be safe.

    • theniner

      david…spot on.

  • JDean

    Question: If you use googles advanced search settings you can specify a date range to search for. I specified a date range of 1/1/2012 – 12/20/2012 and searched for “Sandy Hook United Way”. Nothing with the subdomain ‘newtown.uwwesternct’ in shows up in the search results (at least the first two pages). However, when I search using a date range of 12/10/2012 – 12/11/2012 the page shows up with a date stamp of 12/11/2012. How is this possible if the page was created the evening of the 14th and does not show up at all before the 11th?



  • GEt a life

    Put in any date…and you will get information like that. That’s not cached pages you dumbasses. LEt those people alone!

  • Mark Oller

    I left a link to this article on the “Meet the Sandy Hook truthers” blog at salon.com, and someone called paulpsd7 left a link to “Newtown Rumors” at snopes.com. Download http://www.snopes.com/politics/guns/newtown.asp#uw and search for 11 December. It includes images of five websites dealing with the Sandy Hook shooting but with dates earlier than 12/14/2012. The information is not entirely accurate.

    The first, “Sandy Hook Mass Shooting: Gun Control Not the Issue, American,” was supposedly dated Dec 11, 2012. When I searched for the title, there was no date, and the article said 4 weeks ago.

    The second web page, “File:Map of Sandy Hook shooting.png,” was dated Sep 16, 2012. Again, I found no date.

    The third web page, “Sandy Hook Shooting Benefit Sun. Feb3 Bellydancers, Burlesque,” was supposedly dated Dec 9, 2012. I found Dec 19, 2012. Strange!

    “Mass Shooting in U.S. History WPTZ Home – National News,” had the correct date, Aug 24, 2012, although it gave me nothing but trouble when I downloaded it. Identical articles could be found with the same date but different tv stations at msn.com.

    “Newtown Connecticut Shooting: Timeline of Events at Sandy Hook,” also had the right date, Dec 4, 2012, but I only saw a 30 second advertisement featuring a basketball game. My audio is not working so I can not say what was being advertised.. Download http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrjCpZaUT6g

  • Suzette

    Ohhh there is a shocker…if it was for Hurricane Sandy…..Hurricane Sandy, Sandy Hook…hmmm?? Something smells fishy here…very very fishy. just sayin’

  • Jasmin

    It looks like it was for Hurricans Sandy you morons! Children were murdered at Samdy Hook and the reason the public has not seen the children is because it was the most horrific thing imaginable! It happened but I wish it was a conspiracy that didn’t happen.

  • Ella Martin

    If it is a conspiracy how could that many people be involved. I really think people want to believe something so awful just couldn’t happen. But in sad reality it did. Please stop all this nonsense. Real people are hurting over this. It is absolutely sadly horribly the truth . Six and seven year olds died at Sandy Hook. It was not a hoax so please I am begging people to just stop this.

  • Taryn

    Emilie Parker’s grandfather Douglas G Cottle has a memorial page and there are pictures of Little Emilie and her sisters on it. She was a real child. Please do not bring anymore pain to these poor people. Robbie Parker is not an actor.

    • creem

      If that is the case how does it explain her picture with obama? And why is Robbie parker laughing before hyperventilating for the camera?
      Ofcourse they are a real family because they have to add up. You are creating a strawman argument here. NOBODY said they are not a real family.
      They are just pointing out that Robbie parker is laughing and then gets into an act which is clear and then you can see Emelie still alive?
      Or maybe emilie took pictures with Obama before she died and they are just showing it here now after the shooting?

  • Taryn

    Her grandfather died on September so the pictures are from his memorial tribute. This was obviously a real family and the hell they are going through is unimaginable. So please stop this. There may be unanswered questions and the media may have misreported things but these are real people.

  • vonroy

    google’s reported cache dates are not reliable. try searching for “sandy hook school hoax” in a date range prior to the shooting. I did so for feb 2012, and found results!

  • Joe0815

    You will find cache dates before the actual date if the page was indexed by Google for the first with some other content on it and it can be before the 14th. This is true and it can be easily explained.

    The https://newtown.uwwesternct.org/ is a bit scary as the domain name uwwesternct.org is old but the newtown.uwwesternct.org url was indexed by Google on the 11th of Dec. Coincident?

    However, what was on this url newtown.uwwesternct.org prior to the 14th of Dec. that was in relation to “newtown” and what has triggered Google to index on the 11th for the first time?

    The url http://www.uwwesternct.org/volunteer-consultant-program was indexed by Google on the 10th and the link “CLICK for Newtown/Sandy Hook Volunteer Information” could be added later but it will not change the original indexed date.

    However, I believe that links to unknown urls will be indexed by Google with the next run. That could indicate that the page that existed on the 10th could trigger the indexing on the 11th.

    I’m using an addon for the page age in Firefox that displays the first indexed date from Google even if the search result omits it.

    I’m puzzled with this one as I can’t disproof it. Anyone?

    • Joe0815

      Google changed their database entry.
      The page age addon in Firefox and the search result shows now the 14th of Dec.

      Is this now a admitting that this original indexing took place on the 11th?

      Someone had to manually change this date in Google! Amazing.

      Now they try to make us believe that they set this up on the 14th. Consider that this is actually using an Amazon Cloud service! Quick! Very quick!

  • Occams

    It’s too bad Americans are so easily duped by proven liars, but get angry and cry ‘CONSPIRACY THEORY!’ when someone presents facts and ask “why?”…..