“Undisguised Joy”: Crowd Claps and Cheers as Arson Takes out Refugee Center in German Town

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RT reports that fire ripped through a refugee center under construction in Bautzen, Germany on Sunday to the blatant clapping and cheers of onlookers, some of whom tried to disrupt firefighters from putting the blaze out. It took some 60 firefighters who had to be protected by police to get their job done, and two people were arrested for attempting to interfere with putting the fire out.

The fire is being investigated as arson. In a statement, police noted that, “Some people reacted to the arson with derogatory comments and undisguised joy.”

More than 1,000 arson attacks on refugee shelters across Germany were reported last year when a million asylum seekers showed up in the country due to Angela Merkel’s open door policies. The situation, as you can see, continues to devolve.

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  • Mike

    Sounds like Americans need to start taking lessons from the german citizens where muslim scum are concerned.

    • Bad Santa

      I wouldn’t limit the description ‘scum’ only to muslims. Don’t forget the archnemesis – gewz.

  • doucyet

    I guess the Germans believe that in order to be heard and be taken seriously sometimes you have to burn some shit down!

  • Dow Jones

    STASI code-named agent “Erika” currently NSA GESTAPO asset Merkill
    has betrayed not only the stupid, comfortable, aging fat Germans, she has
    betrayed the entire population of the former nation states of Europe. She along with the ignorant morons and pedophiles in the Brussel$ politburo have sold 450 million victims of the EUSSR to the banksters and corpofascist scum that are the Anglozionazi Empire of Carnage. What are Europeons waiting for; until your children are obese and sickly waddling lumps of meat poisoned by Monsanto filth, dying from “mandatory vaccines”, debt slaves to the zionist bankster filth that have stolen the commons? You have precisely those rights which you are prepared to fight and die for, nothing else. Watch “The Khasarian Conspiracy” and see in their own words what the necromongers have been working on for a century. Merkill is a vicious psychopth who must be tried and convicted of TREASON!

    Wise Jews thank goodness just happen to have the answers for their
    Europeons’ dilemma; breed yourself to extinction!

    And some silly Goyim imagine that this invasion of goat fikking ISIS mutts is due to Agent Merkill’s “Christian” love for those whose lands her Washing town masters have turned to rubble.

    5 wise members of the mutt sect help us understand “the plan” of our elite masters.






    “The Khazarian Conspiracy” puts it all into glaring and obvious

    Learn to adapt to our new “citizens” needs while we become extinct like the
    ancient Britons who invited in the barbarous Engels and Saxons; look at what
    that led to.

    Of course the German presstitutes failed to remark on the irony of
    the chant that is resounding through the former East of Germany, as on the
    night of the forced bussing of the victims of judaic wars; “Wir sind ein Volk”. It seems this was rousing democratic stuff when the Anglozionazi Empire of Carnage was tearing apart the former Soviet Union but now when Germans claim to be “one people” inside their “reunited” bankster zionazi colony they have all become mere hateful racist bigots in the eyes of their treacherous political camp guards.

  • The people of Germany are talking…. The question is, is their leadership listening…? This is the problem with today’s representatives is that they no longer REALLY represent the people or the good of their country. They have become Globalist that are trying to force us all into one community that could NEVER work. No one system can represent, administrate, or control populations spread out through out the world with different cultures, beliefs, and desires. Sorry…. Can’t happen!

  • jim_robert

    Violence is always wrong, but so is what Merkel is doing. Sad to see the the politically correct crowd – the ones the created the problem – brought this about.

    • If they do not resort to violence at this point they will lose their country, a sad but true fact. This is why a super-class shouldn’t exist.

    • Reverend Draco

      Violence used in defense is never wrong.

  • jaguar

    It’s not going to help ANYTHING by burning down the buildings… BECAUSE there were no refugees in them!!!!!

    • There wasn’t anyone in the Reichstag either, but we know what that brought about. 9/11 was our Reichstag fire. Not so much on nobody in that one.

    • BigGaySteve

      Forget refusegees lock the people opening the gates for them inside.
      The Koran, The Koran, The Koran is on fire, we don’t need no water let the ______ ______ burn.

      • Nathan Togain

        I like Bloodhound Gang!

      • Wags71

        This is where I realize I’m so fortunate to have not been born in an area that makes everyone automatically assume I should die.

  • SP_88

    If only Merkel and the other European leaders would listen to the people. The people don’t want to share their country with a bunch of degenerates who hate them. A lot of these people warned them about the dangers of letting a bunch of these refugees into their country. And a lot of them sincerely tried to help the refugees by giving them food and water and a place to live. And the refugees thanked them by beating them and raping them and murdering them.
    Some of these refugees were given very expensive and fancy mansions and palaces to live in, yes, palaces, and the refugees thanked them by tearing out the walls, wrecking the furniture and leaving garbage all around and then complaining that the place was terrible and that nobody ever cleaned up the mess for them.
    Some people gave them food and water after they had walked for many, many miles to migrate to Europe. And the refugees thanked them by throwing the unopened bottles of water, still in it’s cases, onto the ground and onto the train tracks, and they complained that the food “wasn’t fit for a dog to eat” and it was disgusting and they threw it away.
    After these “refugees” left the middle east or wherever the hell they came from, they walked to Europe. And many of the Europeans tried to help them. But these “refugees” spit in their face and destroyed the food and water given to them. These people are the most ungrateful, miserable and hateful people I’ve ever seen. And the Europeans have finally woken up and realized what a bunch of ungrateful, degenerate, lowlife, criminal scumbags they are. And they are sick and tired of them running around and raping women and beating people and murdering people. And if the authorities won’t get rid of them, the people will run them out of the country themselves. The people will make it so inhospitable for Muslims to live there that they will have to leave.
    What did they think would happen? Did they honestly believe that they would be able to take over the country by beating and raping women and acting like a bunch of assholes? Some of these people believed that they would be the majority in these countries. Not like this they won’t. Not when most of the local people hate them and want them gone. Not when the local people are burning down refugee buildings. What happens when the locals start burning down their mosques? And their homes? And maybe burning them in the street? The people are finally starting to fight back.
    Once the people really start showing the refugees what they think of them, they will not feel comfortable living there. And they will likely want to leave. Hopefully they will have somewhere to go, otherwise they are screwed.
    Their countries are destroyed by war. So if they really wanted to live in Europe, you would think that they would be nice and follow the rules. Because if they misbehave, they have nowhere else to go. But apparently they don’t care, because they couldn’t be more undeserving of the hospitality these people have shown the refugees. They should throw them out of the country and tell them “tough shit”. They should have thought of this before they decided to rape and murder and beat the people who tried to help them.

  • Robert


  • Nathan Togain

    The only way to get rid of vermin is to burn them out.

  • LiberalsRLost

    it appears to have begun….
    look like my murkans will have to also meet that flash point…

  • Slvrizgold

    Its time for these Europeans to take these untermenschen out with the trash. But most importantly, make the Globalist Bolsheviks pay for being behind all this. No quarter.

  • Barry McPickle


  • Dave Mende

    This would never happen here in US&A. Ai carumba!

  • Neighborly Jim

    This is good. The muslims need to go away. We do not demand that they go home but they must not stay here.

  • The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire! We don’t need no water, let the mother-f_ckers burn! Burn mother-f_cker, burn!