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Understanding The 2013 NDAA: Part 2- Section 1029

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December 29th, 2012
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  • morris adams

    wrt, ndaa, indef det, pls educate me, seriously, how does ANYTHING EVER trump the constitution? if constitution says u get a trial, how can ‘they’ say u dont? i understand once you are in ‘custody’ its too late but why isnt SOMEONE on the hill losing their mind over this? are they ALL in on it? why would gohmert even bother w an amendment if he knew it’d be picked apart? i’m gettin real nervous real fast. feel free to email some kind of response, anybody, thanks.

  • Jill Herendeen

    Well, just about all of them are in on it. Read
    Evidently, Gohlert put the amendment to make it sound (to the incurious, & those not familiar with critical thinking) like they still have rights. However, to anyone at all familiar with the Military Code of Justice, the military does what it is ordered to do, not what the Constitution says to do; so if the military is doing the detaining, why would anyone expect access to a normal court of law?

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