“Unbridled Censorship:” Social Media Censorship Continues As Facebook Bans Infowars From Live Streaming Truth Videos

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In an apparent direct attack on free speech, social media giant Facebook has, without warning, banned the highly viewed alternative news website Infowars.com from broadcasting live video on their platform.

This despite the fact that Infowars and Alex Jones regularly draw millions of viewers per month to their Facebook video content as well as “substantial” advertising revenue spent with the company over the years.

Infowars released an appeal statement on the direct censorship Friday in which they made clear that their content had not violated any of the companies policies.

We reviewed your policies and insights and have not found any violations. We are appalled that we’re being blocked and censored while the very same streams you’re blocking are sent over cable, AM & FM radio, shortwave and three additional streaming services with zero restrictions.

This form of unbridled censorship is evidence Facebook is run by intolerant bigots who stand against the very essence of the First Amendment. We ask that you cease this blockade on our information immediately.

We insist that you restore our page without restrictions unless you can provide tangible evidence of our “violations.”

As the report on the censorship noted, the admittedly liberal company has a long history of what seems to be specific targeting of conservative right-wing content for removal.

Earlier this year, Paul Joseph Watson explained how the social media site was labeling Infowars articles as “spam” or “fake news,” and subsequently hiding them from users.


“With web founder Tim Berners-Lee demanding that Facebook do more to combat so-called ‘fake news’ – despite the fact that a Stanford University study found it had virtually no impact on the presidential election – the social media giant has teamed up with biased left-wing outfits to target conservative news sources,” reported Infowars’ Jamie White in April. “Last December, Facebook announced its intention to fight ‘fake news’ by partnering with the same third-party ‘fact-checking’ organizations that Google has recently brought to bear on its own censorship directive, including Snopes.com, ABC News, and Politifact.com.”

“Depending on who was on shift, things would be blacklisted or trending,” a former Facebook news curator told Gizmodo. “I’d come on shift and I’d discover that CPAC or Romney or Glenn Beck or popular conservative topics wouldn’t be trending because either the curator didn’t recognize the news topic or it was like they had a bias against Ted Cruz.”

On a personal level, this reporter has dealt with a tremendous amount of Facebook shenanigans, including everything from labeling my articles as spam to outright banning them for different periods of time.

All in all it is clear that Facebook is moving in the direction of putting pro-globalism politics ahead of free speech on a platform that was supposedly built for just that. The only way that this has any chance of changing is if the people who use the social media giant DEMAND less censorship and more free speech.

Otherwise it is only a matter of time before all news outlets publishing content outside of the establishment bubble will be limited or outright banned from most major social media networks.

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  • roger

    so, who’s surprised?? I dumped faceberg a long time ago, never coming back.

    • celticreeler

      Never had a personal account. Never will.

      What hypocrisy: “It’s all about sharing information.” Just as long as that information fits someone’s narrative.

      • All information fits someone’s narrative. The trick is to identify the counterproductive narratives and avoid them.

    • AmericaAwakens

      ME TOO.

    • Freespirit

      Did ZIONISTS finally take out MORRIS?

      Morris is known for his INTEGRITY and CRITICAL informed EXPOSURE of the ZIONIST fake Jews and ISRAEL and just last week he collapsed, from an unknown cause and is presently in the Hospital in a COMA, in Cambodia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZ359OJoNWE

  • NonYo Business

    Lol. Infowars is a psychological weapon used against idiots that believe AJ

  • darkhorse

    this is fun! Especially when Alex/Infowars were created and are owned by STRATFOR – the ISRAHELI spy outfit!!!!! he.. he.. he …… I love it!! I don’t trust it but it is fun to read…

    • TrevorD

      Spot on. Best comment.

  • Gil G

    Good for Facebook.

    • SP_88

      I’m not a big fan of Infowars, but most of the so called “fake news” they are censoring is actually real news that they have an obvious bias against. They don’t actually censor any fake news.
      Some of the worst offenders of fake news like CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, etc, are free to push all the fake news they want without having to worry about being censored by Facebook, Google and their ilk.
      It’s just sad that people like you allow this to continue. Apparently you would rather have a couple of obviously biased people control what news people see instead of having respect for people’s first amendment rights, and letting people decide for themselves what news is fake, and what isn’t.

      • Gil G

        Facebook has no 1A obligations.

        • SP_88

          No, they don’t. But they do have terms of service. And if those terms haven’t been broken, then there could be something they can do, depending on how their terms are written.
          There is also the possibility that people will simply start using another social media platform. Fakebook is not the only platform out there. And there are already a bunch of social media platforms that were popular, but are now gone because something better came along.
          If people get sick and tired of being manipulated by fake news feeds, they may decide to leave and go to something else. And that something else might already be there, or a new one could pop up to compete with them.
          Technology like this can gain momentum and move pretty quickly if the demand is there. Fakebook could be out of business almost overnight. Probably won’t happen soon, if ever, but you never know.
          But it’s obvious that Fakebook is run by very biased people. And that could be their undoing.

          • It will be the undoing of those who follow them before it will be theirs.

  • SP_88

    I wonder how much money it is costing the fake news outlets to have the alternative media censored by Fakebook, Google, YouTube, etc?
    Obviously the mainstream media has long ago lost any credibility they had, so their only option is to try and destroy the alternative media. Apparently they are starting by attacking the advertisers of these websites that appear on their left wing biased social media platforms.
    Eventually the users of these social media platforms will get sick of having their views blocked, and they will stop using them. Alternatives will appear that do not block, censor or otherwise interfere with the free flow of ideas, and these giant corporations will fall by the wayside. At least I certainly hope that’s how it works out. I would love to see these big corporations take a dive as people wake up to the fact that they are being manipulated by people who don’t respect their rights.

    • Phil_Ossifer

      If Fecesbook is willing to take huge revenue hits from their censorship efforts it begs the question of whether they have “alternate” sources of income. Under-the-table government subsidies, for example? That’s how the Feds get their foot in the door – get you dependent of Federal money then they start dictating how you run your business. Fecesbook, I have always suspected, was set up and run by the Feds from day one and Schmuckerberg is simply an empty suit propped up for the cameras.

  • The “who cares” responses translate to this:

    “Who cares that ‘private’ platforms Facebook and Twitter can use private perogative to censor while actually working at the behest of the often criminal/partisan US government, officially not allowed to do that (First amendment etc.)?”

    We all should care.

    • Phil_Ossifer

      Lots of Federal bucks are changing hands. Follow the money.

      • Until they run out of liquidity.

        • Phil_Ossifer

          The FedGov can print money and declare it legal tender, at gunpoint if necessary, and it’s all “legal.” The FedGov cannot, by definition, run out of liquidity. Fecesbook, on the other hand, can and the sooner it does the better.

          • Why are they having currency deficits if they can’t be illiquid?
            Real money is gold and silver, which can only be mined, not printed.
            If you’ll accept whatever they tell you is legal tender, why shouldn’t they give you what you want?

    • darkhorse

      nothing is “private”…you think the Jew Fookerberg (Rockefeller) isn’t total government? Who knows what twitter is..no doubt, the same…everything is govt.

      • I thought my comment above was obvious sarcasm/irony. Not sure what a Fookerberg is. It’s true that the Rockefeller family was very Deep State connected.

        • darkhorse

          it was! Am just underlining what the basterds have done to everything…Fookerberg is Zuckerberg -Faceberg….I understand he is a Rockefeller … all this computer stuff is government…totally

          • lilred

            Fb built a giant facility in the middle of eastern Oregon. Pretty much in the middle of nowhere. To house massive amounts of storage on peoples accounts.

          • darkhorse

            Interesting, lilred…yeah FACEBERG is TOTAL GOVT!

  • Conspiracy Talk News

    I’m impresed, I have to admit. Rarely do I encounter a blog
    that’s equally educative and a musing, and let me tell you, you’ve hit the nail on the head.

    The issue is something that too few men and women are speaking іintelligently about.

  • John C Carleton

    Alex Jones is a zionist prostitute, who works for the man, and shovels disinformation to the sheep.
    Just two prostitutes of the same pimp doing a dance for the benefit of the sheep.

  • Red Jagged Pill

    I’ve been banned a infowars over something that was silly so I have no sympathy for the cry baby hypocrites at infowars or prisonplanet.

    • darkhorse

      me too…….he is owned by THE ZIONIST AGENDA…the patriots ought to tar and feather him…

  • Jim

    Friends don’t let friends Facebook.

  • endofwatchersbegan1/28/2011

    If “Social Media” can DICTATE what we speak, then what good is the US Congress? Does Freedom of Speech end with the dollar or whim of a SUBVERT? There should be no limits on FREE Speech, in a PUBLIC Forum. Fakebook is NOT Private, because of the mass participation of the Public. Either conform to the Constitution or get SHUT DOWN. If the American People can have no privacy, then neither can Fakebook …as in Private Company. No such thing as a Private Company when the PUBLIC is involved. Basic Natural RIGHTS can not be removed, when participation of a mass of the Public is involved. If Congress can not protect the PEOPLE above the Corporation, then they are NULL and VOID, and have become of no use to the People..

  • I would consider being banned by Facebook as a compliment, if I had ever given them the opportunity.

  • darkhorse


  • lilred

    1) I never bought into fb and their data mining. Its a scam to connect people in a CIA operated way.
    2)a.j. is a Zionist d bag. I used to look up his site for info but it turned into a bunch of fear mongering smut.
    Zuckerberg and Alex joes are really one in the same when you pull back the curtain.

    • darkhorse


  • darkhorse

    Can’t trust ANYONE