UNBELIEVABLE VIDEO: The Moment Texas Fertilizer Plant Exploded; Giant Mushroom Cloud Stirs Nuclear Fears; As Many As 70 Dead

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Updated: Photos shows giant mushroom cloud rising hundreds of feet in the air

Mushroom Cloud West Texas Fertilizer Plant


A massive explosion at a West, Texas fertilizer plant has killed an estimated 5 – 15 people.

Rescuers were conducting another door-to-door search early Thursday for the living and the dead in areas damaged by a massive fertilizer plant explosion in West that left more than 100 injured and may have killed dozens.

As of 4:45, officials say five to fifteen people are believed to be dead. Six firefighters and two paramedics are confirmed dead and seven nursing home residents were missing after the blast according to West EMS Director Dr. George Smith, who said earlier Wednesday night as many as 60 or 70 people may have died in the blast.

One police officer was also still reporting missing.

Smith said early Thursday morning he expects more bodies will be found during the search of damaged and destroyed homes.


Trooper D.L. Wilson Press Conference

After the events at the Boston Marathon just two days ago, and with suspects still not identified, Panicked residents in the area thought that the explosion may be another attack. Their worst fears were seemingly confirmed, as a giant mushroom cloud rose hundreds of feet in the air, leading some to speculate that a nuclear attack was underway.

Watch the following video as a witness recorded the fire, which investigators believe started in an anhydrous ammonia tank and quickly engulfed the entire building.

Moments later, an explosion rocked the area.

Residents as far as Fort Hood, Texas, about 80 miles away, reported hearing the blast.

Unbelievable video shows the magnitude of the blast.

Follow this report at KWTX http://www.kwtx.com/home/headlines/Explosion-Injuries-Reported-At-West-Fertilizer-Plant-203505331.html

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  • Be informed

    This was likely the size of a small nuclear bomb. To feel something so many miles away means it was huge. It takes a lot pf pounds per square inch to flatten homes within such a large radius. Poor people there.

    • SKIP

      Why there WAS a fertilizer plant there. Da gubmint gots ta git rid of dem plants bafoe White peepuz use da stuff ta makes da bombs wit.

  • Mavrick

    WoW !
    Thats was something. I am actually amazed the guy and his kid could drive away. I would think the concussion would have knocked em silly if not out cold being that close.

    • SKIP

      A true statement there, the shock wave of a large blast can indeed rip you apart, seen 750lb bombs do it to N. Vietnamese Army regulars on the Ho Chi Min trail in the 60s, makes a god awful mess too. In some cases the shock liquifies your internal organs, also an unpleasant sight.

  • Smarty

    I guess you can call this a “Sonic Boom” ………….

  • Rabid Cat

    Poor buggers, observe the fire, then see the very large explosion, then hear the very loud BOOM. RIP.

  • Rob

    It wasn’t in a residential area.That’s the point.

  • Lack of regulation and right to work. Looks like the kind of accidents in other countries.

  • TXBiologyTeacher

    I am from the area. Been through West my whole life. It wasnt like a big time plant that most people think of. This is a small farm town that makes a living from people driving on I-35 and stopping. Im sure it wasnt by design to have the plant in the middle of it all. These fertilizer plants are all over the state, and usually are pretty safe. Hopefully there wasnt any neglect here, and it was a freak deal. Praying for the best

  • Do not live near a plant or pipeline, do not work for one and stay away from crowds. Big risks being around people.

  • RickE.

    If you look very closely, something seems to come in from the left maybe a fraction of a second before the actual blast.
    It could emanate from the blast itself though.

    • Aja

      Nah, you’re right. Something is clearly exploding from left and fast. It’s a missile and air burst detonation type.

      It can’t be ammonium nitrate igniting out there in the open from fire – wont happen. It’s also NOT any kind of gas collecting over to the left, the fire itself would burn off any flammable gas before it could drift off and pool somewhere.

      That flash starts well over 100 yards from the building. If the ammonium nitrate is going to go off it would have to be contained somewhere with fire inside – inside the building is the only place it could have happened and since the explosion originates off to the left, that possibility goes out the window.

      We are being screwed with by the establishment elite in this country. This is the work of people who have been above our laws for far too long.

  • It apears worse than the Boston Marathon.

  • Aja

    There is no way that explosion came from the ammonia in the tanks. The best you get from something like that is a gasoline-like fire explosion.

    That’s a freaking high explosive involving ammonium nitrate and that is RARELY set off by fire.

    A detonator or other high energy device is needed to set off the ammonium nitrate.

    Something smells about this event.

  • Your «representive »Mcall said it was an industrial accident and they are not on the terrorist watchlist.

  • wizard


  • Aja

    Explosion starts far from the left of the building, in midair, rushes towards the building and sets off the building.

    Sorry, but that looks like an air burst from some type of missile.

    Unless the explosion magically started in the air away from the building and then back tracked to the building to set it off – nope, that makes no sense.

    It’s a missile. Wait for bs explanation for how an open fire managed to set off ammonium nitrate – which would only occur due to fire when it is confined like in the Texas City Disaster in ’47. Interesting date too.

  • Has not been inspected since 1986. Osha can only inspect once every 67 years. Why have the organization at all?

  • JustFacts

    This is not an uncommon occurrence in explosions. It is called a deflagration to detonation transition. You have gases and unburnt material carried up in the smoke. The ignition source comes from a spark carried in the smoke. A flame moves through the gases (smoke) at subsonic speeds and in this case, towards the fuel source. The material (mass) is compressed ahead of the wave that may speed up to supersonic speed (the boom heard in the video). This causes a detonation. It has happened before in other industrial accidents. Tragic but not uncommon.