Seriously? Now They Expect Us to Believe ISIS Leader Is Running Online Suicide Bombing Classes

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Zee News out of India is reporting that the Mumbai’s Anti-Terror Squad (ATS) recently arrested several terrorist suspects who told them their leader al-Baghdadi is conducting online training courses for Mumbai youths on how to be suicide bombers.

So we are to believe the Western intelligence asset leader of ISIS is regularly participating in scheduled online classes with groups of people via Skype on how to blow one’s self up in a public area.

And yet… we are told no one can seem to catch him.

In a world where the NSA can literally hack entire countries and we’ve been told everything everyone can do online can be monitored 24/7 in real-time… we are told no one has any idea where this guy could possibly be.

How can anyone possibly believe this line of bs?

ISIS has a fleet of new Toyotas they ride around in. They have fancy camera rigs for filming swimming pool torture scenes that look straight out of an Austin Powers movie. They have a glossy monthly magazine they publish. They hand out kittens and nutella to entice women to join.

These are all things the mainstream media has reported as real. Now it’s “Hey guys, come learn how to blow yourself up on Skype!”

So what’s next for the enterprising young terrorists? Is ISIS going to open up a chain of terrorist community colleges and courses by mail, bombs included?

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