Seriously? Now They Expect Us to Believe ISIS Leader Is Running Online Suicide Bombing Classes

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Zee News out of India is reporting that the Mumbai’s Anti-Terror Squad (ATS) recently arrested several terrorist suspects who told them their leader al-Baghdadi is conducting online training courses for Mumbai youths on how to be suicide bombers.

So we are to believe the Western intelligence asset leader of ISIS is regularly participating in scheduled online classes with groups of people via Skype on how to blow one’s self up in a public area.

And yet… we are told no one can seem to catch him.

In a world where the NSA can literally hack entire countries and we’ve been told everything everyone can do online can be monitored 24/7 in real-time… we are told no one has any idea where this guy could possibly be.

How can anyone possibly believe this line of bs?

ISIS has a fleet of new Toyotas they ride around in. They have fancy camera rigs for filming swimming pool torture scenes that look straight out of an Austin Powers movie. They have a glossy monthly magazine they publish. They hand out kittens and nutella to entice women to join.

These are all things the mainstream media has reported as real. Now it’s “Hey guys, come learn how to blow yourself up on Skype!”

So what’s next for the enterprising young terrorists? Is ISIS going to open up a chain of terrorist community colleges and courses by mail, bombs included?

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  • ISUS seems to have tapped the same cash cow that the American military has been milking since Ike warned us about it happening. If we hadn’t taken the tap and the motivation to them, it wouldn’t be so easy for them.

    • SP_88

      ISUS, does that stand for Islamic State in the United States?

      • Almost, leave out the “in the”, and add a “=”, if it is required.

        • SP_88

          Well at least somebody finally put the right initials to this organization. Good thinking.

          • If the vomitstream media were to use the correct name, they’d have to move onto reality.

          • SP_88

            That’s something you would expect from an actual journalist, not some puke that is paid to repeat whatever the latest narrative is.

          • The beautiful, busty talking heads on the mainstream media prove the inverse relationship between IQ and cup size.

          • SP_88

            So true, and sad because this is how a lot of people get their news. It’s spreads like herpes.

          • Actually it spreads much faster than herpes, requiring no vector for transmission beyond turning on a television.

    • Janinesbailey3

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  • Another Thought Criminal

    It all makes perfect sense when you figure out who ISIS really is;

  • Reverend Draco

    Well, hell, people – you wanted the Muslims to leave the 12 century behind and join the modern world. . .

    They’ve done exactly as you asked. Kudos. You won.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled apathy.

    • sunshine

      Nooo I wanted them to stay in the 12th century and stay in their own countries! However they want to live is fine with me, as long as they stay there and live that way, not bring it here. But our countries did attack and bomb them so that’s a reason they’re in the state they’re in.

      • Reverend Draco

        That’s the elephant in the room that everyone ignores. . .

        It’s our (well, the government) bombing the hell out of them for the better part of 70 years that’s ultimately the source of the problem.

        If you keep blowing a guys house to flinders – no thinking being will ever be surprised if that guy loses his shit and comes after you with a paint can full of gunpowder and ball bearings – because you brought it on yourself.

  • Helluva3ngineer

    My wife will believe it

  • Tatiana Covington

    Well… let them learn how, and practice on each other. I always encourage people I don’t like, to commit suicide and mutual slaughter.

    • How many have you known beyond seeing pictures of them?

      • sunshine

        I’ve known quite a few and they were pretty decent people. I don’t think they belong here any more than I belong there, but I never had any more problems with them than anyone else and I appreciated their really strong morals.

    • PJ London

      And your photo shows what a bundle of joy you are.
      Are there any people in the world that you do like?
      More importantly, are there any who like you?

  • Ken, Megapolis

    As soon as Isis arrived Al Quaeda just vanished off the face of the earth.

  • lilred

    I saw a tv show called the it crowd that made fun of that. Pretty funny