Unbelievable: Arrogant Congressman Claims His Voters Don’t Pay His Salary

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Speaking at a town hall meeting last week, Oklahoma Congressman Markwayne Mullin had a few stern words for a member of the audience, who said that his voters pay his salary. That may sound like common sense to you or I. We pay our taxes, and those taxes fund the salaries of politicians. But Congressman Mullin has a different notion.

“You say you pay for me to do this. Bullcrap. I pay for myself. I paid enough taxes before I got there and continue to through my company to pay my own salary. This is a service. No one here pays me to go.” When the audience criticized his remarks, he added “I’m just saying this is a service for me, not a career, and I thank God this is not how I make my living.”

Let’s assume for a moment that what he’s saying is true. Even if he pays his own salary, what he’s saying is completely missing the point. People tell public servants all the time that “I pay your salary” as a way of reminding them of who they really work for. That doesn’t change if you pay your own salary. Congressman Mullin is a representative, as in he represents his voters. They hired him through the ballot box to represent their interests, so he works for them.

Of course, Congressman Mullin doesn’t pay his own salary through taxation. That’s kind of silly when you think about it. Our taxes go to a lot of things, some good and some bad. Of that tax revenue, only a tiny percentage is spent on the salaries of Congressmen.

Last year the federal government collected $3.525 trillion in taxes, and spent roughly $100 million on congressional salaries. Since it’s not like he can earmark his taxes for specific departments, less than 1 out of every 35,000 of his tax dollars went to Congressional salaries, and only a tiny fraction of that went back into his pocket. So the vast majority of Mullin’s tax dollars went toward countless public services, some of which he and every citizen benefit from, before any of that money went toward his salary.

Sorry Congressman, but the constituents of your district really do pay your salary, as does everyone else in America. Try not to forget about who you really work for.

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  • Pat Taylor ╚(ಠ_ಠ)=┐

    Arrogant Congressman Claims His Voters Don’t Pay His Salary

    Arrogant, you bet … Markwayne Mullin, just as the rest of the political Mousekateers does, receives their paychecks from the Sabbatean European Jewish Bankers which are known to everybody as: “The Federal Reserve System.”

    Politicians will eventually feel comfortable, then they will lower the backdrop on the stage exposing reality.

    • Janetwebb

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  • Phil_Ossifer

    This is a continuation of a trend that started with the presidential election campaign of 2016. First, the mainstream media “came out of the closet” and stopped denying the well-known fact that they were shills for the Democrats and liberal-progressives. Now politicians are feeling emboldened to stop pretending that they actually give a screaming damn about what their constituents want. This is actually a good thing because it confirms what many have known and most have suspected for a long time. They just forfeited any and all benefit of the doubt we might have accorded them.

  • Tom

    Israel pay them

    • Tommy Soto

      Correct, most of the Congresstitutes get a cut of that annual $3 billion stipend that goes there and get’s filtered back thru AIPAC to buy and control US politicians.

      Other Washington lobbyists also butter their bread very well.

    • (((income tax)))

  • dav1bg

    Impeachment petition.

  • Greg Straw

    Hence the problem…

  • What he means is his salary is trivial when compared to the bribes he “earns”. Taking bribes for his votes SHOULD be considered treason, not business as usual. Corruption has become the norm, and the current administration is the most corrupt in our nation’s history, by far.

  • Milly Vanilly

    Don’t forget that Soros & his straw activist companies ‘DONATE’ a LOT of money to some of these politicians….Clinton, Pelosi, McCain to name a few so these ‘politicians are naturally going to be subservient to the biggest hand that feeds them the most & the He11 with the liittle people that voted them in.

  • Ideas Time

    What most people believe about income taxes is false.

    The system people think they are in is nothing like reality and how and what actually happens to the money collected thru illegal fraud being perpetrated against a sovereign living breathing humans living in the states within the United States of America by the irs which is a Puerto Rico Trust to conceal the identity of the true owners and just as privately owned as is the fed.

    It’s all a fraud! Surprised?

    • Jim Fredrickson

      Nice to read an educated comment from time to time…

    • ScroodeMcDuck
    • SP_88

      I am so very surprised. And here I thought that our government used our tax dollars in the most honest and frugal way possible. I am shocked to find out otherwise. 😉

      But really, it is such a scam. We allow these crooked politicians to rob us blind on a daily basis.
      The reason that the tax code is so incredibly complicated is to keep the average person from figuring it out.

  • Jim Fredrickson

    Technically, he is correct. It is a fallacy, though a common belief, that taxes are used to pay for government services. Taxes are given to the Federal Reserve bank, as payment on the interest on the debt it issues to the US government each year. Not a speck goes toward public goods or services.

  • Franco

    He could be rite , about not getting a salary from his voters , cose he gets His BRIBES from Pharma Ind , War/Arms Ind and from Wall St.

  • anonymous4u4me

    If he is to stupid to know who pays his salary, he is to stupid to make decisions for you remove him yesterday.

  • Disqus-helpsGOVTbreaklaws&kill

    there is no i in team

    i the people
    in order to form a more perfect i .

    i got mine

  • Disqus-helpsGOVTbreaklaws&kill

    Despite describing the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
    as a “horrible waste of tax dollars”, Mullin’s plumbing business, went ahead and took taxpayer money for contracts costing the public over $370,000 in grants from that program.

    the salary of a U.S. representative is $174,000 per year, and benefits
    include allowances, cost-of-living adjustments, enrollment in a
    pension, health benefits, personnel, mail, and office expenses, and a
    travel allowance.

    He is an enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation, and enjoys the tax exempt status, He is one of two Native Americans in the 113th Congress. The other Native American is fellow Oklahoma Republican Tom Cole, a member of the Chickasaw Nation.

  • Disqus-helpsGOVTbreaklaws&kill

    “The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.
    “Margaret Thatcher ..

  • Disqus-helpsGOVTbreaklaws&kill


    Pentagon couldn’t account for $6.5 trillion taxpayer dollars.

  • Disqus-helpsGOVTbreaklaws&kill

    Taxpayers Now Face Postal Union’s $100 Billion in Unfunded Liabilities.
    The postal union insists that nothing is wrong — nothing that a taxpayer funded bailout wouldn’t solve….

  • patriot156

    Republican lol!

  • chris

    he needs to be fired, recalled,whatever it takes.

  • Zaphod Braden

    Oh, WE pay his salary ………………………… after it is laundered through Israel —
    Every year YOU give $4+ BILLION of your taxes to Israel.
    Then “your” politicians give some bogus excuse why they HAVE to take a trip to Israel.
    Then they come back with STUFFED SUITCASES .
    How much of YOUR money is being used to BRIBE “your” politicians?
    YOUR taxes coming back to YOUR country in “your” politician’s pockets, so they will vote to give MORE money to those who HATE Jesus.

  • stan

    He’s actually being honest. Taxpayers may pay for his salary, but the bulk of his “income” comes from corporate america in the form of “donations” and that’s who he works for.

  • SP_88

    The people should fire this asshole and boycott his stupid company until it goes out of business.

  • tscull

    “Our taxes go to a lot of things, some good and some bad.”- Wrong, all bad and some worse is more like it!

  • Pat Taylor ╚(ಠ_ಠ)=┐

    In an Oligarchy, Voting is a Tool to Manufacture the Illusion of Consent from the mushy minds of the sheeple