UN: ‘The World Won’t Cool Without Chemtrails’

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According to the upcoming United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change climate assessment, “Global warming is irreversible without massive geoengineering of the atmosphere’s chemistry.”

The New Scientist reported yesterday:

According to one of its lead authors, and the latest draft seen by New Scientist, the report will say: “CO2-induced warming is projected to remain approximately constant for many centuries following a complete cessation of emission. A large fraction of climate change is thus irreversible on a human timescale, except if net anthropogenic CO2 emissions were strongly negative over a sustained period.”

In other words, even if all the world ran on carbon-free energy and deforestation ceased, the only way of lowering temperatures would be to devise a scheme for sucking hundreds of billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.

So all this time we have been told we have to change human behavior to fix climate change, but now we are being told they have to geoengineer the planet no matter what. (Might as well go buy that Hummer you’ve had your eye on and eat a few more steaks while you’re at it, because apparently it won’t matter either way.)

In the excerpt above, The New Scientist links to another of its articles from just a couple of days ago, “Can geoengineering avert climate chaos?” which begins with, “OOPS. We really didn’t mean to, but we seem to have broken the planet. Is there anything we can do to make it better?”

The United Nations’ short answer? “Geoengineering (and only geoengineering).”

Nevermind none of these governments or international bodies ever like to bring up Climategate, where major research players at the Climate Research Unit were embroiled in scandal when leaked emails showed they were purposefully skewing climate data to hide the fact that the earth’s temps were actually in decline.

In fact, just days ago, the Associated Press reported a mini Climategate II, ahead of the UN report above:

Scientists working on a landmark U.N. report on climate change are struggling to explain why global warming appears to have slowed down in the past 15 years even though greenhouse gas emissions keep rising.

Leaked documents obtained by The Associated Press show there are deep concerns among governments over how to address the issue ahead of next week’s meeting of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

The number one geoengineering answer appears to come in the form of ‘chemtrails,’ a phenomenon of spraying heavy metals like aluminum into the atmosphere to block out the sun. Although governments still refuse to officially admit chemtrailing even exists, articles such as, “Geoengineering Could Turn Skies White” published last summer blatantly discuss a Carnegie Institute study on geoengineering via chemtrails as if it is already occurring as we speak:

The white haze that hangs over many major cities could become a familiar sight everywhere if the world decides to try geoengineering to create a cooler planet. [emphasis added]

Many have noticed what at first appear to be jet contrails sprayed across the sky, but instead of readily fading away behind the jets as contrails typically do, these trails fan out, hang in the air and sink into a murk on the horizon. While anyone referring to the chemtrail phenomenon is quickly labeled a conspiracy theorist, scientists and climate change advocates have been openly calling for the spraying of aerosols into the atmosphere to advert supposed climate crises for some time now.

Billionaire Bill Gates has also pumped millions into an aerosol geoengineering project in conjunction with Harvard set to begin this year. The Department of Energy’s Climate Research Facility ARM has a list of ongoing aerosol projects here.

ARM works in conjunction with Argonne Laboratories, Los Alamos National Laboratories and Oak Ridge National Laboratories among others, names that should be familiar to anyone who has researched the Manhattan Project our government engaged in to covertly build the first atomic bomb during World War II.

For those people who would argue that our government would never engage in a heavily compartmentalized top secret project taking place simultaneously all across the country spanning multiple years, the victims of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs beg to differ.

In the meantime, climate change advocates (who also happen to be major investors) like former Vice President Al Gore stand to rake in billions on carbon taxes in the name of saving the planet. Under these new green schemes, we will get charged a tax on our carbon footprint which essentially amounts to little more than green guilt, as megacorporations will be allowed to continue to pollute the planet on a massive scale, causing way more damage than the average person can ever hope to do to the environment in their entire lifetime.

How the United Nations or anyone can say the average human being is harming the environment with a straight face while the government is already engaged in wide scale geoengineering projects based on bunk data that have untold detrimental short- and long-term impact around the entire globe on the environment and its flora and fauna — carrying out projects that have never been approved through any democratic process whatsoever and which we are still not officially being told is happening even as it goes on over our heads — is despicable.

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  • Jean

    So, if the temperature goes down a tiny bit, we’re facing an Ice Age that will end the world. (1970s, reported in Time – maybe elsewhere, too.)

    If it goes up a tiny bit, we’re all going to die in fire / sweat to death.

    I guess we need to just kill ourselves to satisfy these dumbfucks?

    Got two words, gentlemen and ladies: YOU FIRST. It’ll boost the average national IQ about 50 points.

  • GrandpaSpeaks

    Rabbits in Australia, Starlings, Dandelions, Pythons in Florida, Mongoose in Hawaii. They all have one thing in common. Introduced by man with the best intentions that have all gone wrong. If chemtrails initiate an ice age how do they plan to stop that? We can’t reboot the world Gates. Now about those carbon taxes initiated upon false science. With a cooling climate as confirmed by NASA will those taxes be rescinded? Just rename it the guilt tax. And forever pay to play. Systemic global corruption is overwhelming the planet, not carbon. Those who use catchment rainwater, be wary. Chemtrails precipitate micro softly.

  • Icarus62

    “So all this time we have been told we have to change human behavior to fix climate change, but now we are being told they have to geoengineer the planet no matter what.”

    Global warming denial scammers achieved their goal – they’ve denied the science and delayed meaningful action for so long that catastrophic global warming is inevitable without geo-engineering.

    Well done deniers for screwing up our planet.

    • GrandpaSpeaks

      Icarus. It is the Sun, again melting your wings. Ponder climategate and solar maximum during your free fall. If you are right, explain why taxation was the first remedial action undertaken by the elite.

    • Anonymous

      You sur are a blind fool!

    • Mark

      Your one STUPID FU*K…

  • The UN said nothing about “chemtrails”, or even SRM. It just said ” except if net anthropogenic CO2 emissions were strongly negative over a sustained period.”

    That just means removing more carbon than we add. Nothing else.

    See: http://www.metabunk.org/threads/debunked-un-the-world-wont-cool-without-chemtrails.2453/

  • Billy Ross

    You’re being lied to. The polar caps are 60% BIGGER than they were last year. If anything, there’s already a global COOLING occurring. Please check out this link:


    If it’s to prevent ‘global warming’, why is the U.S. the only country (to the best of my knowledge) that’s being sprayed? Time to wake up and smell the conspiracy, sheeple.

    • myosaurus

      I live in Malaysia & we are heavily chemtrailed in skies above heavily populated urban areas. Check out the UK sites. London skies are criss crossed with these nasty chemicals & its not because Heathrow is the worlds busiest airport….

    • Southern Dandy

      You’re obviously not from the UK, are you? Don’t believe anything you read in that rag of a “newspaper”. You will need to provide a more creditable source than that

    • badgesniper2013

      FYI the CANCERtrails are being sprayed around the world. It has NOTHING to do with the earth heating, otherwise, why do these scum trairors spray all day AND NIGHT? To “reflect nightlight?” The entire global heating fraud is a bunch of zionist fabricate SHIT. In Reality, cancertrails are sprayed to cause massive worldwide drought, and to slowly kill billions of people. Do not fall into the zioSCUMjew hoax of global warming – this is global slow GENOCIDE folks!

    • R2C

      “This article is a lie: Artic sea ice is up 60% from last year because last year was the lowest it has ever been. This years sea ice coverage was still waaay lower than the average. Just because one year happens to better than the last does not mean that the ice cap still isn’t shrinking, it just means it had a good year. Look at the trends (from actual scientific literature), you’ll see this. Secondly, ICPP didn’t hold a crisis meeting. That’s a straight up lie. They even said to David Rose that they would not be holding any meetings, especially not in response to one of his articles. He still chose to lie and say that they did though, shows the reliability of this guy. Thirdly, global warming is still in effect. There has been no cooling. You can see the data, the literature, from all across the globe. I know climate change is a widely debated topic, but if all the evidence against global warming is this, then you’re in serious trouble. Look at the science, not the media.”

      UK, Italy, Netherlands – three countries I have lived in and have seen and documented heavy chemtrailing. I am also aware of Germany, Australia and South Africa being chemtrailed.

  • Locus

    Psssst. The chemical in ‘chemtrails’ is actually dihydrogen monoxide.

    • Jean

      Those are CONtrails.
      CHEMtrails are something different – and you;ll notice the trails aren’t coming from the engines, where contrails originate (from the water formed from burning jet fuel.)

      There’s SOMETHING going on. We’re just not being told WHAT.

  • WATCH the movie 2012,then watch the movie,NIBIRU,the planet of the crossing,AFTER that your eyesight will clearup,and your hindsight will be 20/20,your death is what they want,stop being morons before you windup in a fema death camp…………..

    • Southern Dandy

      Your world view is formed by Hollywood movies? Jeez.

  • IF your still not sure whats going on,after watching those two movies,GET ON THE NET ,and go to BACK TO THE CONSTUTITIONS CHANNEL,and watch the video,”do you want to hear an insider” and hes talking about NIBIRU,and whats going to happen as it arrives,ITS A MINI SOLAR SYSTEM,and its coming this way…………

  • Dumbfounded By The Dumb

    Carbon dioxide lags global warming by 100 years, and man’s contribution is less than .2%, so how can man be blamed for carbon dioxide-caused global warming? Answer, he can’t, and only phony scientists and whore media promote the lie. CO2 is a life gas for plants and plants produce food. This is about poisoning by chemtrails with barium, aluminum, and strontium, raising the pH of the soil, starving the masses, and killing the trees. Man playing God is nothing new. If so-called global warming is really happening due to man, why did the carbon Nazis have to change from “global warming” to “climate change” as their battle cry? However, they do need an army of emotional, clueless idiots to parrot their talking points. If you want to confront a real issue, consider the ongoing Fukashima disaster that really could be a real planet killer!

    • RickE.

      You are 100% correct!
      They changed their “battle cry” as you stated to “climate change” so they can incorporate ALL climate phenomena into a cover-all phrase. If it rains hard, snows hard, is cold, is hot, it’s all “climate change”. In this manner they can’t be wrong.

  • Hugh Mann

    UN: ‘The World Won’t Cool Without Chemtrails’

    Poisoning the globe is not going to help things either dumb ass. The arrogance of these moronic scientist thinking they can out do the forces of nature never ceases to amaze me. Anyone who has done the smallest amount of research will know climate change is cyclical.

  • Most geo-engineering technologies are not designed to suck the carbon back out of the atmosphere, but is more often designed as a way to reflect sunlight back out to space, and is responsible for increasing global dimming.. This is not a solution, but only a means to continue the current energy military complex, a little longer.. but there is no technology that I know that exists that can take CO2 from the atmosphere.. except for more plant life.. or perhaps a future sort of free energy air purification system. There are other uses or purposes of experimental geo-engineering, which could also be used for altering or losing a balance that existed in nature before the hubris of humankind over-populated with destructive forms of energy and agricultural technologies.. mostly all from shortsightedness, greed, fear.. Anyway, this article has some good points, but also can be misleading, too… in my opinion.. Thanks for the discussion.. chem-trails from my knowledge is destructive and not a solution at all.. at least the way it is currently experimentally practiced.

  • Colt

    This is already happening. Look up.