UN Drug Czar: States Can’t Legalize Marijuana Under International Law

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The president of the UN’s International Narcotics Control Board (INCB), Raymond Yans, wrote a threatening letter to the U.S. government to challenge marijuana legalization in Colorado and Washington.

Apparently the voters in Colorado and Washington were unaware that they would have to not only fight off the federal government, but global drug czars as well in their effort to exercise their local sovereignty.

Mr. Yans stated that “these developments are in violation of the international drug control treaties, and pose a great threat to public health and the well-being of society far beyond those states”.

Yans says marijuana legalization sends the wrong message to youths and society, “Legalization of cannabis within these states would send wrong and confusing signals to youth and society in general, giving the false impression that drug abuse might be considered normal and even, most disturbingly, safe.”

Yans reminds the United States that they agreed to the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, which was agreed to by 185 States, decided to place cannabis under control and limit its use to medical purposes.

In the final section of his letter, Yans makes a veiled threat that the U.S. has an obligation to make sure their states are in compliance with U.N. conventions or they’ll be in violation of the international treaty:

He further emphasized that States Parties have an obligation under the Conventions to ensure their full compliance with the conventions within their entire territory, including federated states and/or provinces.

Mr. Yans recognized the commitment of the Government of the United States to resolve the contradiction between the federal and state levels in the implementation of that country’s obligations under the drug control conventions. The INCB President requested the Government of the United States to take the necessary measures to ensure full compliance with the international drug control treaties within the entire territory of the United States, in order to protect the health and well-being of its citizens.

It is clear that the INCB has not been listening to nearly every independent study presented to the U.N. in the past few years about how badly the drug war has failed to “protect the health and well-being” global citizens. The most recent report in 2011 by the Global Commission on Drugs concluded the global war on drugs has failed, and argues that governments should end the criminalization of drug use.

This threatening letter by an international body would seem to indicate that voters in the U.S. have very little or no self-determination or democracy left in their localities when it comes to determining issues as minor as the legalization of a relatively benign dried flower.

Here is the INCB’s contact information if you’d like to send them a message:

Raechelle Newman
Drug Control Officer, INCB Secretariat
Telephone: (+43-1) 26060-5638
Email: raechelle.newman[@]incb.org

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  • We live under the constitution of our forefathers what trader put us under international law?

    • Chang

      Ditto Evie !
      It’s funny how he says “sending the wrong message to youths” Yeah right, But it’s ok to receive lies and brain washing from TV and media and schools that condition youths to abide by these made up rules and regulations, What happened to “By the people, of the people, For the people” ?

  • Lon Chainee

    article 6 of the U.S. Constitution establishes that international law, that is law from treaty, is inferior to anything in the Consitution or Laws of any State.

  • MJ

    Article 6 actually state

    “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.”

    Someone sold us out to the UN.. The question is did the treaty get rattified by two thirds of the states?

    • johnd24

      Obama, bush sold us out…He is continuing to sign illegal bills with the UN. Like the GUN TREATY BILL that not only will disarm you, but limits a citizen what guns he can buy.

    • MJ

      Nothwithstanding would be interperated as “in spite of” or “having no standing”. So the Judges are bound by law of the land which includes treaties as stated in the first part and any law in the Consitution or state law have no standing over the law of the land if it contradicts. Yes/No I need a law class!! Why cant we read the laws with common sense i.e. I can keep my guns without being infridged.

      • LAWS that are written,that infrige on the us constitution,are to be considered null and void,we need to have a contest,anyone catching a government employee violating the us constitution,recieves 1,000 dollar reward,but if that person is a foreign national,he recieves 2,000 dollars if that person works for a foreign government and works in the usa,NOW this RAYMOND FAGOT YANS,who works at the UN supported by american tax dollars,should be arrested,charged with treason and then executed,NO PRISON TIME ALLOWED……there you go boys,if you swore to uphold the US CONSTITUTION,heres an admitted terrorist and traitor,TO the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,arrest him the minute anyone sees him………

  • Lon Chainee

    the part “any Thing in the Constituion or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.” It’s the “notwithstanding” that establishes that treaties are inferior to what’s in the Constitution or State Laws…period.

    • SKIP

      ALL subject to change without notice OR void where prohibited by law (or Obamuslim)

  • Anonymous

    Alcohol is a drug also, why can it be legalized but not marijuana? Makes no sense to me, alcohol is a more dangerous,deadly,addictive, drug, but yet legal, what kind of message is that sending to the youth? Marijuana is safer! Period!

  • Richard bennett

    Alcohol is a drug also, so why can it be legal and marijuana not? Alcohol is a much more dangerous,deadly,addictive,drug, yet legal, what kind of message is that sending to our youth? That u should use more dangerous drugs? Get real! This is a joke! Marijuana is safer, period!

  • johnd24

    Why wouldn’t they legalize it to KEEP THE POPULATION DUM DOWN AND NOT CARRYING FOR WHAT LIBERTIES THEY ARE LOSING. Thus to tax on it. This is the most stupidest move. It should not be legalized.

    • OldGuy

      Are you kidding me John? Go crack open another beer dude, you obviously are a few cans short of a 6 pack. Pot has been illegal for decades and the population is still stupid as ever. Weed has not done a damn thing to hurt society and is exponentially safer than alcohol has ever been. I would much rather have pot heads running after cupcakes than drunks being free to do as they please.

      The simple fact that you are not aware of the rights YOU are loosing by not supporting legal cannabis indicates the inherant stupidity of the masses toward ALL personal rights that are being taken away.

      You made a comment about gun rights above yet can’t grasp the concept of rights unless they fall into your narrow minded views and morals. Let me put it into perspective for you butterscotch; Alcohol, Tabbaco, Guns, Tylenol, Water, Wind, Falling, Trains and Cars all kill more people in a day then cannabis has killed in history, EVER !!! Yet you say that being legally allowed to giggle and eat brownies should be illegal.

      You buddy are a fool.

      I support a FREE society period. I define FREE as being allowed to do as you please as long as you do not harm another in your freedoms. There is the necessity of basic laws to help keep society safe but they do not extend to prevent society from having personal freedoms.

      Example: We need stop signs ONLY to help society manage traffic and allow others sharing the road a measure of safety in crossing an intersection. In a utopian society everyone would slow at an intersection and alternate passage without government involvement.

      The same concept applies to cannabis comsumption and gun control equally. There should be laws already to punish reckless use of either. If you or I want to own guns and we act responsibly then who the hell has the right to tell us we can’t own them. I you or I want to ingest cannabis and we act responsibly then who the hell has the right to tell us we can’t.

      If you still dont get it then my prior assesment above still stands.

      • johnd24

        And your a pot head and if you think people are going to take you seriously as a POT HEAD your kidding yourself.

        • OldGuy

          Who said I smoke pot? Did I say I smoke pot? This is why you are a dumb ass and the reason this country is failing … ignorance. My reasoning is JUST yours is based on ignorance. You fail.

      • HEY ol’dude MOST americans have never paid a dime for their freedom,so it has no value to them,MY dad told me he fought in WW2 so his children could grow up living in a free country,this country is FAILING because nosy people have never had their face bashed in for not minding their own business,ALL this politically correct crap is killing america,the population is so worried about what their neighbor is doing,their family is going to hell and they can’t see it,or don’t care,FIRE THE POLICE GANGS,and watch how fast this countries ability to think returns…………………

    • Me

      Johnd24, I smoked pot all through college and so did my brother. I have a degree in electronics engineering and brother has his phd. in astrophysics. I think you are missing the point of the article. The UN should not have the right to tell us what we can and can’t do. We broke a lot of treaties with the american indians. Whats one more?

      • johnd24

        I understand the constitution allows anyone to smoke pot, but I don’t agree with it because of the damage it does.

        • OldGuy

          Yet you agree with owning guns, which kill thousands a year and do untold harm in countries with total gun control and with no gun control equally. Guns in general are a hazzard waiting to happen. Weed has minor risks for sure but it has no where near the level of risk that guns have.

          And funny, you take the comment of an admitted “POT HEAD” seriously yet dismiss my comment up above because you have no arguement. LOL.

  • Amsterdam?

    • SKIP

      Cheryl: the muslims have taken control of Amsterdam and are in the process of making everything illegal, I understand the muslims have forced the closing of the famous red light district. Haven’t been there myself since 2005 but my son and others from the Muddled East have and they told me that is the case…I could be wrong though but that is totally like the muslims and they do indeed control most of the Netherlands.

      • Lowtolerance

        My good friend is a barrister (lawyer) in Utrecht, near Amsterdam. He says don’t believe the hype. He said “right after the Mexicans take Texas…”

        I wouldn’t worry too much about that…

  • Wolf

    Fuck you scum foreigners and the federal government

    • I’am with you wolf,screw them and the horse they rode in on,and if they have any friends,SCREW THEM TO…………

  • OldGuy

    “Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.” Ben Franklin.

    Freedom requires a huge amount of responsibility and we as a society fail at personal responsibility. This gives TPTB a stranglehold over us and destroys the fabric that this country was founded on in the first place. Because society is ignorant in general our elected officials gain strength to do as they wish all in the name of “public safety” and we all just accept it.

  • Casey

    HAHA! Cannabis makes you think about Justice and what is right and wrong. If everyone were growing and smoking their own(or even sharing), we would have a peaceful revolution of mass non compliance in weeks. At least that’s what it did for me, and I haven’t lit one up in 3 years, but all this legalization makes me want to roll one up.

    They don’t allow it because it would hurt corporate profits(especially Cancer Inc.), and the minds wouldn’t be so easily manipulated and controlled. Furthermore, they don’t have a God given right to tell us what we can put in our bodies, they took that right with guns and violence.

    Watch “What if Cannbis Cured Cancer: Full Version” on youtube, it’s free and very informational.

    • Ed_B

      What if cannabis cured cancer? Well, then it would STILL be illegal. Why, you ask? Because then just about everyone would live to 120 or so and it would bankrupt ALL of the entitlement programs and the government. While that may be just fine with most of us, we can safely assume that it will NOT be OK with the government or the leeches who run all these giveaway programs.

      • johnd24

        Pot doesn’t cure cancer HEMP does and HEMP is different from POT.

  • Michael

    Oh, so I guess the rest of the dirty ass shit that this government is doing/has done is okay. We’re sending the wrong message? These assholes make me want to puke!

  • Ed_B

    Elections have consequences. We, as a nation, have made that choice and now comes the fun of living with it. Enjoy! Oh, and while you are enjoying the next 4 years of this crap, consider what more can be done via some ultra left wing appointments to the US Supreme Court. We get to enjoy those for the next 30-40 years.

  • eric420

    dear UN,
    stay out of Colorado, you have no business here.

    • SKIP

      Dear United States of America:
      Get out of the U.N. we have no business there and without the U.S. there IS no U.N.

  • johnd24

    I am outraged that the ****ing UN is claiming a violation of some international treaty. Last I checked, I lived in the United States and have NO obligation to obey what the UN says. International treaties are barely useable as toilet paper. I’d like them to try something here, in WA State or NY; They will get shut down quickly. The people here voted and passed the right to recreationally use cannabis. We are NOT going to allow any foreign entity to dictate their constrictive and fascist mandates. WE THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN!

    • SKIP

      Picture the U.S. gubmint and the U.N. as the middle of the three monkeys,,,the one with his ears covered.

    • OldGuy

      John are you mental or something? Up above you wrote this …

      johnd24 says:

      November 21, 2012 at 10:21 am

      Why wouldn’t they legalize it to KEEP THE POPULATION DUM DOWN AND NOT CARRYING FOR WHAT LIBERTIES THEY ARE LOSING. Thus to tax on it. This is the most stupidest move. It should not be legalized.

      Then down here you contradict yourself and start spouting off about “WE THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN!”. SO which is it? I felt bad for being harsh with you above after reading this comment. I have actually agreed with your posts on several articles on this site but you contradict yourself at times.

      The UN dictating anything to this country is absolute crap. The POTUS bowing to the UN is crap. The government stepping all over our personal freedoms is crap. The populus kneeling to the government constantly is crap. NONE of that is because of cannabis use or its legalization. All of that is because ‘We The People’ have released our rights to personal freedoms in the name of safety and security, of which we have neither. People are ‘dum’ because they are lazy and refuse to think for themselves.

      Man I hope you have-had a good Thanksgiving. Enjoy it while its still legal. Once you began giving up ANY personal freedoms, all your freedoms are on the line.

  • tooktheoath

    Legalizing Marijuana would destroy Mexico’s economy, as their #1 export is Marijuana, thus killing the Cartels cashflow and legalizing Marijuana would cure cancer for pennies per dose, thus putting half of big pharma out of business, and cutting deep into the healthcare industry profits. A legal marijuana would pave the way for a biodiesel that could be produced for pennies a gallon, ending America’s dependence on fossil fuels. A legal marijuana would replace plastics, textiles, the forestry industry, and Holistic medicine would take on a new meaning. A legal Marijuana would save the taxpayers a $45 billion bill a year to the DEA, and multi billion dollar bills paid to just about every other law agency in this land, A legal Marijuana would free half of our prison population, reduce revenue the taxpayers pay, end several other industries, and destroy the LIE that has been told to the people for decades…..To legalize or not legalize? It would basically kill multiple trillion dollar industries, however it would make living on this planet a hell of alot better and way cheaper….Legalize? or not legalize? that is the question.

    • Lowtolerance

      Mexico’s market is already being eaten alive by superior hydroponic U.S. goods. Legalizing it may finish them off, but I am 100% confident uncle sam will screw that up, probably intentionally.

      It will take nothing short of a revolution to unseat the for-profit prison hold on the government, and that is only one of the obstacles. Here’s hoping the peaceful revolution just started in Colorado, Washington, next…

  • (I am not a lawyer, so this is opinion not legal advice.)

    A treaty that conflicts with the powers defined in the constitution would be by definition, unconstitutional.

    If or when agents of the Federal Government act for foreign interests in conflict with the constitution then they need to be impeached, prosecuted or otherwise legally sanctioned for their crimes.

    I am not condoning drug use but rather insisting on the correct use of the rule of law.

    • THEY HAVE A WORD for what you are trying to say,its called TREASON,all the federal government is guilty of treason because they refuse to obey their oath of office and thats treason….when america realizes,being politically correct has destroyed america,the system will change and they won’t give up there criminal thief of america’s money till their hanging from a tree limb,thats the soul purpose of the police gang,protect the corporate criminals from being hanged……….

  • BubbleUp

    Make it simpler still:

    You either believe in freedom–or you do not.

    The right of another person to ingest ANY substance into their own bodies SO LONG AS it harms NO ONE but themselves…

    is NONE of your business.

  • Billy

    I’ve been smoking pot since 1969. No law has ever stopped me or millions of other Americans. Who cares what these people at the UN say? I will just continue to do my own thing, illegal or not.