UN Arms Trade Treaty Calls for Disarmament of Persons 55 and Older

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(Guns) – Individuals 55 and older would lose their right to keep and bear arms under a provision that’s expected to be included as part of a comprehensive United Nations Global Arms Trade Treaty.

UN Secretary Gen. Ban Ki-moon spoke about the impetus behind the controversial measure at a press conference over the weekend in New York City, the site of the final negotiations between the 193 Member States.

“Regulating the international transfers of both weapons and ammunition is a key component of a robust arms trade treaty, as is limiting civilian access to small arms and munitions,” said Ban Ki-moon.

UN disarms elderly

PFC Agnes Agnieszka mans a machine gun next to a truck.

“There’s an emerging consensus that certain groups should be restricted from possessing conventional arms, certainly those who fuel conflict, arm criminals or violations of international humanitarian or human rights law are at the top of the list,” Ban Ki-moon continued.

“But also, the international community believes segments of the population that present a danger to themselves and others, chiefly individuals deemed or adjudicated mentally defective and persons with attenuating cerebral faculties, should be added to that list.”

While Ban Ki-moon did not elaborate on what he meant by persons with “attenuating cerebral faculties,” a UN liaison with Amnesty International spelled it out in an interview with the Washington Post.

“Simply put, the UN believes guns don’t belong in the hands of the elderly,” said H. Michael Chase, an attorney for the human rights watchdog group.

“Pools of research show that a significant majority of gun-related suicides, accidental shootings, non-fatal negligent discharges are perpetrated by persons 55 and over,” Chase said.

“Along with the mentally ill, preventing those who are advancing in age from gaining easy access to firearms is a common sense way to save lives,” concluded Chase.

Dr. Michael Betti from the John Hopkins Center for Public Health Preparedness embraced the UN’s call to disarm senior citizens.


“Science tells us that we grow old,” said Dr. Betti, a neurologist who specializes in evaluating and treating patients with memory disorders. “And as we do, our reflexes diminish, our senses become impaired and our cognitive skills weaken … Therefore, as we enter our twilight years – clinically speaking, age 50 and above [Global life expectancy is only 67 years] – science tells us that we are in no shape to be handling or using a deadly weapon.”

In lieu of firearms, Dr. Betti suggests that seniors find other, non-violent and non-lethal options for self-defense.

“The optimal self-defense posture for seniors would include such items as a rape whistle or high-decibel air horn, quick-strike road flares, an electronic medical alert system, a cellular telephone with a large display, morphine injections, neon or glow-in-the-dark armbands, a mesh vest, a pith helmet with flashing headgear and a solar-powered radio,” said Dr. Betti.


Thus far, the White House has not offered a specific comment on the arms trade agreement or its call to disarm seniors, but to echo a recent statement issued by Secretary of State John Kerry, “The United States is steadfast in its commitment to achieve a strong and effective Arms Trade Treaty.”

As for the constitutionality of revoking an elderly person’s Second Amendment rights here in the U.S., at least one gun control advocate said, “That’s not a problem.”

“Look, Justice Scalia already ruled that the Second Amendment had ‘reasonable limitations,’” said William Kirchmeyer of the Coalition to Prevent Mass Shootings, in an interview with the Washington Post. “What can be more reasonable than taking guns away from people who are essentially ticking time bombs?”

What are your thoughts?  Should we hang em up after a certain age?

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  • Apex predator


    • I second the ‘fuck no.’ I know a couple guys over 55 that are quite capable of killing a swat team if they have just a minute of advanced warning. The enforcers of this madness will soon see their folly, if they live through it.

      • Cnsay

        Time for us to show theses jackasses just how nasty us double nickels can get.

      • Zermoid

        Ought to apply this to Congress, no one over 55!

  • Sabel

    Screw the U.N.

  • Todd

    If you can operate a motor vehicle you should be allowed to own fire arms. A run away car can kill more people than a gun.

  • RickE.

    Seniors, YOU ARE OBSOLETE! Time to be culled from the herd.

    THIS is what’s going to happen if we let assholes like Dr. Betti and his ilk have their way.
    I’m in my 50s and I still practice quick draw!
    Most half of my age couldn’t out-draw me!

  • salley mae

    How about putting a sign on all seniors houses saying “Victim here – come right on in”?

    • JenB

      I have a sneaking feeling THAT is the idea. Much easier than having to pay for their healthcare. These people are diabolical.

  • no one will give them up no matter what some u.n. monkey said.

  • Tom

    I agree with Archer (poster below). This simply pisses me off. They are trying to cause a civil war in this country.

  • patriot


  • Z

    Old people more than anyone will shoot someone. You can’t just take away their rights. They are smart enough to know this, they’ve lived long enough to not be afraid of death. When grandpa blows away some officer trying to take his shotgun Marshall Law will follow shortly after.

    • Zermoid


  • Journalist

    They also know people in this country over 55 weren’t so dumbed-down and indoctrinated by the government educational system. They are the ones more likely to see the illegitimacy to the current government.

    • P M

      you are spot on with that analysis. We weren’t brainwashed by the progressives and are much more likely to fight back.

      • SKIP

        ROGER THAT, and many of us are military trained in the former insensitive military when the DIs could say bad things to you and about your parents! We had no “stress card” hahaha and most of us are not afraid of dying OR killing.

    • Ken

      That would take guns out of the hands of all of the VietNam vets.

  • I bet more illegal gun crimes are committed by much younger people. More auto accidents also.
    So, if the plan is to keep people safe maybe the youth should give up their rights.
    I do not see this ending in a good way.
    I am tired of being the skategoat of the left and right.
    The elite stole our money and pensions so now we are considered a drain on society.
    I think there are more of us than them, all over the world.

    • SKIP

      Right, and there is a particular demographic of “youth” “young people” and “teens” that commit the greatest number of gun crimes, rapes, robberies, drug deals etc, etc, so perhaps THEY should look into that problem.

    • JD Straw

      You’re right Evie and there are statistics proving what you posted. Gubment purchasing all the ammo so that they’ll have all the advantages when they start their war against the citizens of this country.

  • cptden1

    ever notice that they never give any facts when they come up with these ideas, I say only 55 and over keep their guns haha or at 55 you get a free gun of your choosing

  • Anonymous

    well my hands are cold and stiff but you´ll have to kill me to pry it from my cold dead hands

  • Anonymous

    the UN is a certified corporation and an illegal cartel. there is no constitutional law that allows anyone to follow the UN cartel. and also, federal laws , not constitutional laws. government is a cartel, corporation for business and in truth, not EVEN a real government. fake govt in washed out d.c.

    • Anonymous

      The united nothing has no right to take guns from anyone. If it’s civil war they want,all they have to do is keep messing with are rights and they will get their wish,the American people are not just going to lay down and let the government take their rights away,if are president was a red blooded American he would no that.if they start it the American people will Finnish it.

      • SKIP

        At least the UN building is a huge target and usually contains a LARGE number of these people that want to bring America down, almost like the national capitol in that respect, and has a clear flight path into it from the East! Just thinking here.

  • Anonymous

    More bullshit. Get your facts straight.

  • unknown suspect

    How about we hang those that suggest hanging them up? Start off with that fucktard Moon.

  • Deserttrek

    kerry, barry boy and all the rest, the revolution will start without you.

  • Terrye

    Civil War? That’s the end goal. Civil War brings martial law. Martial law brings an end to elections. Can you see this happening? Yup, just open your front foor and take a look around. Obama’s not stupid, he knows how to ensure his continuing kingdom.

    • Heimdall

      I am sorry that you have so little confidence in the citizens and that you think that organized criminals have more power and ability than hundreds of millions of armed Americans.

  • Sport

    Yes, we should most definately hang up/string up politicians after a certain age. I suggest 25 years old for most.

  • Absolutely we should hangs them ,ever last one of those traitors that signed that UN Arms Treaty,then shoot them a couple of times right through the head for good measure. In the dirt is where this scum belongs!

  • Heimdall

    The U.N. is nothing less than a gathering of the subhuman organized criminal henchmen of a very evil and criminal mafia. They are using U.N. communism as a tool for absolute subjugation. You will essentially be ruled by Jobba the Hut. Jobba the Hut is a good metaphor for the slimey, ugly, evil, subhuman scum who control the U.N. and the other organized crime cartels and all fascist and communist movements and governments.

    As for the old people, of course criminal mafia and communist subhuman scum wish to disarm people over 55. Although there are a lot of exceptions, aged hippies, flower children, utopian know-it-alls, and brain-fried sybarites from the sixties who call their activities “enlightenment,” they are the ones with the wisdom, spirit, and knowledge to know just how awry things are now and how and why things were and should still be different. Of course, it is easy to make ridiculous attacks on our treasures, mature human beings who know the score. It is too bad that we don’t still have the people who were born before 1900 in their full vigor, they would not put up with this nonsense for even a minute and they would put a stop to it tout suite!

  • Heimdall

    I am very sorry for the people who have the attitude that we have no power and that we will lose if the subhuman organized criminal scum declare martial law. You are just plain wrong!

  • Heimdall

    We will win if we ignore the defeatists among us.

  • Heimdall

    Frankly, I truly believe that all of these people who quake in their boots about martial law and civil war and act as if it is absolutely 100% certain that real Americans wouldn’t win are CONTROLLED OPPOSITION POISONING OUR MINDS AND PURPOSELY ATTACKING OUR MORALE.

    • Journalist

      We will win by never giving up. Take the Poles for an example. They lost to Hitler and then to Stalin but they never stopped resisting both passively and actively. That is what we must do. Never stop resisting any chance you get and can make.

      • SKIP

        I believe that the Germans lost more aircraft, armor and men invading Poland than they did invading the Western low countries, I could be wrong though. Take heart in that the stone age country of Afghanistan has fought our country to defeat and submission for the last 11 years and no hint of surrender except by our own damned government and there are few restrictions and certainly no constitution here to cause problems and yet the Taliban, AlQaeda etc, continue to win.

    • SKIP

      Agreed with 100% They fail to recognize the possibilities of a civil war to eliminate those that have betrayed the citizens of America and the constitution.

  • Heimdall


  • Heimdall

    P.S. If you let him, Jobba the Hut will have his way with your wives and daughters.

  • CJeanne

    This is unbelievable! At 55 one is just getting one’s act together! Maybe that’s what they’re afraid of…..

  • Tanna

    I don’t believe the f word is appropriate for my age and gender, but that is exactly how I feel! Come and get them if you dare!

  • ZombieDawg

    Next step : Old geezers will be required to wear hats with flashing LEDs that spell out “Watch out – old fart. May behave erratically”.
    Hell, let’s expand the feeble logic to include brain-dead, obese and sick gen-y’s because if they can’t solve simple problems, think or even look where they’re going then they shouldn’t have access to firearms either.
    Also politicians – totally untrustworthy and lie constantly – not “fit and proper” citizens either.
    Having disarmed the whole population, let’s disarm the police and military too.

  • ROGER, Irish-Canadian LIBERTARIAN

    Older individuals are the most vunerable, to criminals and lack the physical strength to handle them.Thus they are the ones who MOST need weapons such as hand guns.

  • m

    No guns for granny.

  • David B

    The u n is afraid a senior will shoot someone when the Obamacare refuses to treat them because they are too old and no longer viable!!

  • Why the URGENCY(!)? Why the push to disarm law-abiding citizens? Does it go along with the Depart. of HOMELAND Security buying 2 MILLION rounds of ammo, and combat hardened vehicles?

    • Sue

      Yep, get rid of the retired vets first.

    • P M

      Research ‘Agenda 21’ and you’ll find your answers. It used to be posted on UN.org but was taken down. You will find plenty of reference to it.

    • Darryl

      Sorry to correct you William, but it is 1.6 billion rounds.

  • Lee

    The UN can’t trump our Constitution.

    • SKIP

      Don’t bet on that Lee, I certainly won’t and I believe that civil disobedience, hence martial law, is the goal of the UN and the sacred negro.

  • Bob Marshall

    I am 69, served three tours in Vietnam as a U.S. Marine, qualified four times as an expert with the rifle and still know how to use it should the time come to deem it necessary. Semper Fi.

    • CST

      You go Soldier! :).
      Thank you for keeping us FREE!!!


    55&older–BUY A SHOT GUN/FULL AUTO!!!! HAHAHA! PER BIDEN!!!!!!!

  • Hoplophile

    Bring it on you panty-waisted liberal miscreants. I DARE you to take away my right to defend myself – I’m 55 and I teach young people how to shoot and carry firearms for self-defense…so play your little game and take your chances, dirtbags. Let’s see how it works out for you.

  • Anonymous

    They will do anything to avoid paying that social security( ponzi scheme). They want to reduce the population to the young and the clueless so that there is no memory of freedom and fairness left!

  • Sue

    They can kiss my ASS. I can handle a gun better than someone half my age which is 55. My Husband is retired Army and can still hit his mark pretty damn good. They can have my guns when I’m dead and they will have to pry it out of my hands cause we WILL NOT give up our rights!

  • just me

    Hmmm.. At 55, my home is paid for, the kid’s college is paid for, my big bills are gone.. I have ALOT more money for guns… Yeah, I think I see their angle…

    • SKIP

      ROGER THAT here too.

  • So we won’t be able to “retire” until 70-75 with objective really being work till you die to prevent drawing any benefits. Then you cannot drive of course, and now no way to defend yourself against criminally sponsored herd cullers…ice floes were more humane.

  • P M

    They want to save us from ourselves so they can later deny us medical treatment because we’re too old and not worth the money. Progressive logic…priceless

  • clawhammer

    i’ll keep the light on fer ya

  • But wait we are protected by the equal rights amendment and the age discrimination amendment. If they get rid of these, it will mean no protection for minorities. So fat chance of that happening.

  • GeorgeW

    Age discrimination clear and simple. What arrogant high on their own intellect pompous pricks.
    Suck a lemon, assholes.

  • SKIP

    This rule would do a couple of things, increase the group of victims for the feral “urban” thugs and disarm most, if not all, of congress, senate, state politicians, SCOTUS etc, etc, making them targets also! of course, there will be “exemptions” for them.

  • DW

    All politicians are hereby forbidden to enjoy armed guards in any and all capacities. This includes all members of Congress, as well as all White House staff, even the POTUS. Hmmm. Wonder if they’d go for that?

  • This is wrong on so many different levels, I don’t know where to begin, I know one thing the UN can go pound sand up their asses . They can’t have my guns oh look somebody just stole them! Blue helmets make good targets!

  • WhatBS

    Maybe the same should apply to those that create laws and treaties! They are too old and what they say and do surely usnt wisdom…

  • James Taylor

    The Hell with the UN, it does not dictate to me for anything.

  • Remember the Charles Bronson movie, when the granny said she protected herself with a hat pin? The criminal is better armed and does not mind confrontation.
    Most will enter homes when they know people are inside.
    Since the politicans and corporations like spending money on research. A law should be passed where they are the first test subjects.
    I do not think none need protection. Too much money is wasted.
    Andrew Jackson took care of his own security needs.

  • Bottom Line: Age Discrimination.

  • Anonymous

    This article is an April Fool’s joke. Follow the source link and feel relieved that you can still keep your firearm next to your dentures.

  • Anson E. Long

    “Twilight years?!” I’m 56 & haven’t yet seen my prime! I’m still in good enough shape to club goonion thugs–or UN bureaucrats–to the ground. If youse think *I’m* old, how about that geezer Harry Reid? Take *his* lawmaking powers away first (as if that was the real reason)!

    • So true – how many over 50 politicians do we have?? With my diminishing cognitive skills, I managed to return to college at 43 while working full and part-time, graduate magna cum laude, and return to work on my master’s degree at 52 – again working full and part-time to support the government slaves – while maintaining a 4.0 GPA.

  • jimbo

    That’s a great pic of granny. Go F yourselves gun grabbers!

  • Anna Lewis

    how many mass murders are committed by people over the age of 55, hmmm, at least by the age of 55 most people have become adults and not children

  • POA

    “The optimal self-defense posture for seniors would include such items as a rape whistle or high-decibel air horn, quick-strike road flares, an electronic medical alert system, a cellular telephone with a large display, morphine injections, neon or glow-in-the-dark armbands, a mesh vest, a pith helmet with flashing headgear and a solar-powered radio,”

    Making us dress up like a friggin moron with glo in the dark armbands and a helmet with a flashing light? That’s not defense, that’s death by embarrassment! Cripes, I would never leave my jail cell if I had to go out looking like some pole smoking homo bicyclist!

  • MOHunter63

    Uh, folks. This is an April Fools joke. Follow the link to the original story, and go to the bottom of the page.

  • Steve

    It’s a damn April Fool’s joke people.

  • Judy

    hahaha…idiots! People 50 and older have more sense, are calmer and are very capable of defending themselves!

  • Lori

    how dare these people try to take away our rights. this has nothing to do with age at all its just the first step in taking away our guns. This frigging hitler wanna be president we have has another thing coming if he thinks we the people are going to let him come in our homes and take away what belongs to us. you just can’t fix stupid!!

    • charles mobley

      Gigabyte My Old Ass!!!!

  • SKIP

    What about thug gang bangers, gonna disarm them too?

  • I don’t know how old Michael Betti is, but once he reaches 50, he needs to stop practicing his craft due to his diminishing reflexes, his impaired senses, and weakening cognitive skills.

  • CST

    H*ll NO!!!

  • Not such a joke, heard Obama is rushing a bill through to cut ss. I thought he said people paid into this?

  • Dave

    This article is an irresponsible piece of crap. Apparently was set out to be an April fools joke. Didn’t work. At least you could have copied the April Fools logo at the bottom of the original article (GUNS). I will never trust anything ever put out by this site again.

  • Apex predator

    dave?….daves not here…

  • Elly

    So basically their saying that people over 55 are too old for weapons… But not to old to work their lives away and never received retirement? That doesn’t make sense at all I’m sorry but I trust a 70 yr old man with a gun more then I trust a 25 yr old man with a gun, now days kids are raised improperly and play too many video games and are too desensitized to criminal activities mind u I’m 23 that how I know, and my father is 56 with a good head on his shoulders and owns several guns all legally and he’s never hurt anybody.how often do u really hear of old people going out and shooting up a 7 11? How about stupid gang banging youngsters? It’s not old people!

    • Zermoid

      As an official old fart I agree!
      And old folks need a gun even more than a young person that can fight off an attacker, if we get assaulted we have fewer options to defend ourselves.

  • This may be a joke to you.
    But peoples iras, pensions and ss is being stolen. They do not want people to drive or work after 55. Some countries ship their elderly to other countries.
    People are being steered by ads to engage in research.
    This has a good chance of becomming reality.
    Corporations and the elite have no profit unless they take from the citizens.

  • Cheri

    Those are the people who need guns most. We are too old to run!!! Seriously, I would trust someone over 55 before I would trust a twenty-something with a gun. Most of them grew up with guns.

  • William

    They are afraid of the folks who know the US Constitution and what real freedom is. The ones who remeber ww2 Korea, Vietnam Iraq, afgan , and other skirmishes.We know what the 2nd amendment means to freedom. I would be scared also if I was one of those Panty Siffing Commies. Stay armed. stay alert,stay alive. stay free

  • William

    I think the high point of my last years on earth would be to bag a few Blue Helmets, or shoot a Drone out of the sky

  • t. keating

    More back door NWO horseshit.

  • tward3

    Is the commie korean dumm sky moon (the UN dick) over 55? Then by his own definition he is not competent to be there.

  • J.R.

    fuck off

  • tim koch

    fuck no,fuck you

  • Affe

    You guys are morons. This was an April Fools joke. What a bunch of ‘tards.

  • A joke? I just heard Obama wants to decide how much people need for retirement.

    • jones

      That is it take all the weapons away from the old people…the police will protect us LOL

  • no one special

    We dont need guns to protect ourselves…anyone can make other useful weapons to take out a whole platoon so if they feel frisky come on but watch where you step. I can make a weapon from a microwave. People need to start stock piling other sources.