UN Agency Is Helping North Korea With Banned Nerve Gas Chemical Patent

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For more than a year, a United Nations agency in Geneva has been helping North Korea prepare an international patent application for production of sodium cyanide. Sodium cyanide is the main chemical agent in the nerve gas, Tabun, and it’s currently banned in North Korea by the UN.

It’s almost like the UN is just another dictatorial government hell bent on taking over the world…

Tabun, which contains sodium cyanide, has been on a list of materials banned from shipment to North Korea by the UN Security Council since 2006. The World Intellectual Property Organization, or WIPO, has made no mention of the application to the Security Council committee monitoring North Korea sanctions, nor to the UN Panel of Experts that reports sanctions violations to the committee. Even while concerns about North Korean weapons of mass destruction, and the willingness to use them, have been on a steep upward spiral, the UN continues to help the country obtain chemical weapons.

Fox News told both UN bodies of the patent application for the first time late last week, after examining the application file on a publicly available WIPO internal website.

Information on the website indicates that North Korea started the international patent process on Nov. 1, 2015 — about two months before its fourth illegal nuclear test. The most recent document on the website is a “status report,” dated May 14, 2017 (and replacing a previous status report of May 8), declaring the North Korean applicants’ fitness “to apply for and be granted a patent.”

But during this time, the UN’s Panel of Experts on North Korea said they have no “record of communication from WIPO to the Committee or the Panel regarding such a serious patent application.” Hugh Griffiths, coordinator of the international UN expert team made that statement in response to a Fox News question.

“This is a disturbing development that should be of great concern to the U.S. administration and to Congress, as well as the U.S. Representative to the UN,” said William Newcomb, a member of the UN Panel of Experts for nearly three years ending in 2014.

“It undermines sanctions to have this going on. The UN agencies involved should have been much more alert to checking these programs out,” said one expert. The UN is just as competent at following their own rules and sanctions as the US government is at following their own laws.

As the patent process continued in progress with the UN, North Korea has conducted five illegal nuclear tests. Two in the past year and at least ten illegal ballistic missile launches since 2016. The nation also issued countless threats of mass destruction against its neighbors and the US. Not that the US didn’t retaliate or continue to ratchet up the tensions, yet nerve gas agents such as Tabun and it’s common ingredient, sodium cyanide, should have still been noticed by the UN.

Perhaps they were, and the United Nations has a more sinister reason for keeping North Korea’s application for this patent under wraps. Upon knowing how volatile North Korea’s government is, perhaps giving them chemical nerve gas agents is a way to help facilitate depopulation and their coveted Agenda 21. That’s speculation of course, yet it goes without saying that the truth should not be expected from the UN.

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