UK Man Arrested After Asking Muslim to Explain Brussels Attack

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Earlier this week, a PR agent by the name of Mathew Doyle posted a tweet that riled up the internet, and got him trouble with the law. Following the Brussels terror attack, he tweeted “I confronted a Muslim women [sic] yesterday in croydon. I asked her to explain Brussels. She said “Nothing to do with me” a mealy mouthed reply.”

Not surprisingly, Doyle was inundated with criticism from Twitter users, such as “What has a Muslim woman in Croydon, got to do with the horrific events in Belgium, you simpleton?” and “Did anyone accost you on the streets of Croydon after the Brevik shooting in Norway?” Another asked him to explain the Holocaust. Doyle responded to these criticisms with “Who cares if I insulted some towelhead ?? Really.”

Doyle was recently asked by the Huffington Post about why he had approached this random Muslim woman. He explained that her headscarf justified his confrontation. “She was wearing a flag. If I was walking down the street wearing a jacket emblazoned with a Union Jack then I would be open to some abuse.”

While most people would consider many of his comments to be inappropriate, they hardly warrant what happened to Doyle after he stopped responding on Twitter. The London Metropolitan Police arrested him on Wednesday for inciting racial hatred on social media. Clearly, free speech is dead in the UK.

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  • It sounds like he did the same thing on Twitter that Trump has been accused of doing in his rallies. Neither of them have anything to do with waking up the sheeple.

  • James West

    If Loretta Lynch has her way she will have us Americans arrested for the same shit .

  • Silvertone

    Maybe someday you will be arrested for your words. Then and only then will you realize the error of your statement. Until that day, continue to be brain-washed and enjoy your sterile, politically correct existence.

  • Joel W

    He doesn’t deserve to be arrested, but he did deserved to be slapped by that woman. It is pretty damn ignorant, and cowardly. Why didn’t he confront a man at least?

  • Stew E

    Fucking British are a joke. This man should be given a medal. No wonder why they are no longer a world power. Muslims are not human, and they should not be treated as humans.

    • Gil G

      Kinda like Jews in the early 20th century.

  • Smarty

    You are a brainwashed stupid piece of shit. You are sheep as no sheep has ever been described. You caved in and you are now dominated. Go kill yourself, it will be the best way out. You are just a pawn to the system, and you are controlled. Your life means nothing. Go die…

  • MW Hohimer

    Maybe next time instead of asking it a question, someone will just pull out a knife and cut the damn POS’s throat!

  • SP_88

    Apparently there is also a difference between teaching people “sticks and stones” and teaching people to be weak minded, soft skinned, perpetual victims of racism and inequality.
    The police won’t protect women and children from Muslim rape gangs and refugees who go around beating and stabbing the locals who welcomed them there and gave them a place to live, but they have the audacity to “protect” them from the words of the locals they continue to abuse daily?
    So many Europeans have been beaten, raped, stabbed and murdered by these refugees, so they should expect some backlash, especially after the terrorist attacks they are also responsible for.
    So you think this guy should be arrested “and more” because he wasn’t nice to a Muslim woman? The laws regarding “hate speech” and “inciting racism” and so on are so subjective that anyone could be arrested for saying something the government doesn’t like. It’s ridiculous to try and prevent people from being insulted or offended by something that someone said, and it’s even more ridiculous to arrest someone for saying something that is offensive or insulting. These laws are also ripe for abuse by the government to arrest and silence anyone they don’t like or agree with.
    Obviously this guy was a jerk about it, but being a jerk isn’t illegal. And nobody has the right to not be offended. People need to grow up.

  • Swithin

    Could he explain the IRA bombings in the 1970s,1980s and 1990s if someone came up in the street and asked him ? That’s me assuming with the surname Doyle he is Irish, I bet he would be rightly outraged, so why would he think its ok to do it to anyone else then publicise it?

    • jim_robert

      Because, as noted, Islam is a POLITY. Go learn what that word means before you comment. Your analogy is a puerile category mistake. It is not the same as asking your Doyle about the IRA. Rather, it is the same as asking someone named Doyle who is wearing a “I’m a proud supporter of the IRA” T-shirt why he supported the bombings. The hijab is a visible symbol of being part of that polity, called the “ummah.”

      I wish you leftists would at least take a course in Logic 101 before you post your ignorance for the world to see on the internet.

      And, oh yes. What, pray tell, will you do when the radical Muslims come marching in to implement their Sharia law on the radical gays, or feminists? Or haven’t you thought that far ahead? (OK, I get it. You are a leftist, so you don’t think at all. My bad.)

      • Swithin

        So you are saying Islam is a government a political organisation which unfortunately you are wrong in your understanding. However we will Park that, so it is exactly the same as asking a Mr Doyle about the very political organisation the IRA with or without a t shirt. Or are you making the extremely amateur mistake that you assumed she was wearing a burka and you are making the extremely childish error that if she was therefore that show in someone way she supports ISIS just like anyone wearing a cross or a st Christopher must obviously support the IRA. I am happy to put you right on your schoolboy errors at no cost.

        I do wish the childish right wing bigots had actually learnt some things in school instead of trying to bully others to cover their basic ignorance.

        What invasion? What sharia law? I think lgbt community has just as much to fear from zeolite Christians just look at the laws being past in Christian countries in Africa and eastern Europe

    • Infidel51

      Stop comparing apples to peanuts. There is no moral equivalency for islam it is a religion of hatred and violence.

      • Swithin

        And where do you get that conclusion from? Oh let me guess some xenophobic bigoted website

  • jim_robert

    What has a Muslim woman in Croydon, got to do with the horrific events in Belgium, you simpleton?”

    Sadly, psychological project is the hallmark of the left. Simpleton? The blazingly stupid leftist posting this a case study in simpleton-ness… and outright stupidity. Fact is, if this leftist ignoramus had ever read the Qu’ran, she would find out that Islam is a POLITY. Now, I realize leftists are too ignorant to understand what that word means, but essentially it means Islam comprises ALL of life – not just religion, but politics, mores, lifestyles, and more. The Arabic word is the “ummah.” The fact that this woman was wearing a hijab shows she has bought into the whole polity thing.

    And no word from your dear, ignorant leftist what she will do when Muslims have a majority, and come marching to force the feminists to leave their jobs and not go out in public without a man, nor what she will say when the radical Muslims come marching in to San Francisco to meet the radical implement Sharia law on *everyone*

    Leftists are truly some of the most ignorant people on planet. Not that she woudl read this – she’s probably off at one of her “Free Ice Cream for Everyone” Bernie Sanders rallies, or supporting the Goldman Sachs candidate, Hitlery

  • jim_robert

    Your words assault me, Nou, and you should be arrested. Oh yes, your words are also a microaggression as well, so I’ll get the campus thought and speech police on you.

    Politically correct fascism is both ignorant and vile. And as noted above, you had ever read the Qu’ran, you would find out that Islam is a POLITY. Now, I realize you leftists are too ignorant to understand what that word means, but essentially it means Islam comprises ALL of life – not just religion, but politics, mores, lifestyles, and more. The Arabic word is the “ummah.” The fact that this woman was wearing a hijab shows she has bought into the whole polity thing.

    And no word from you dear, ignorant leftisst what you will do when Muslims have a majority, and come marching to force the feminists to leave their jobs and not go out in public without a man, nor what you will say when the radical Muslims come marching in to San Francisco to meet the radical implement Sharia law on *everyone*

    Leftists are truly some of the most staggeringly ignorant people on planet.

    • Swithin

      My God don’t you love the sound of your own voice you seem to suffer from verbal diarrhea!

      What actual experience of Muslims or any other religion have you had to gain your great over rated insites that you seem to want to force on people ad nauseum?

      In the UK if we do not like someone we say it plain and clear however we have learnt long ago that someone’s race religion ethnicity sexual preference etc has no bearing on liking or disliking someone and to use it in that way is childish playground bully tactics that we grow out of when we were about 4 years old. It’s a shame that you have not grown out of being a playground bully and still blame other for the fact you are a loser and a failure in your life. Understand it is not other that have made you such a loser it’s yourself no matter what your parents told you they were disappointed in your failure.

      Yes you see I don’t like you nit for the colour of your skin or some stupid childish reason but because you are an ignorant little worthless worm who should not bother polluting the Internet with their stupid mindless xenophobic bigotry. Is that PC enough for you?

      • Jonny rRingworm

        You didn’t actually learn anything. You were told that name calling really hurts people and you fell in line. You are the definition of the word Sheeple… They tell you something and you tow the line…Don’t think for yourself…Consume….stay asleep…Watch t.v…..

        • Swithin

          No the people here are sheeple just blindly follow a xenophobic line that they do not understand or in fact even care to understand because it offers then simple answers to the fact they are life’s failures

          • Jonny rRingworm

            Most people are a sleep, a celebrity tells them something is bad and they agree. Most people are too worries about Bruce Jenner then actually what is happening in the world today

          • Swithin

            I would not call Alex a celebrity well maybe in his own head. Who is Bruce jenner?

      • Infidel51

        You’re a simpleton. We are talking about a religion which encourages all manner of violence against anyone who doesn’t believe as they do. Don’t take the word ofanyone here just do a little research for yourself instead of swallowing the PC party line. They don’t respect you for your tolerance they see you as weak and stupid and they are counting on people like you to help them take over your country. Then they will come for you. Wake up you fool.

        • Swithin

          You are the one that needs the research what real life experience do you have of Muslims? Cone back whrn you have done more research than just read xenophobic bigoted websites

          • Infidel51

            You’re totally brainwashed.

          • Swithin

            So I am brainwashed by asking you what real life experience you have had in speaking and working etc with Muslims? I think you are the brainwashed one by the xenophobic bigoted websites if you are unable to answer a simple question

          • Infidel51

            Brainwashed idiot. If you insist. I have 2 all day contact Muslim coworkers. 3 family’s of Muslims within 200 yards of my front door and yes I am on a first name basis with them all. None of that information has a damn thing to do with the question at hand which is one of the philosophy of Islam as a whole. That philosophy is one of domination, violence, mysoginy, and hatred. I would encourage you to travel to a country like Saudi Arabia with your wife and try and live your life as you do now. Let your wife drive or walk alone at night for instance and see how far she makes it before arrest and prosecution. Then you might attempt to put a Christmas wreath on the door to your home and see how long it takes before the religious police arrive to arrest you. If you are feeling really inclusive perhaps you can bring along a homosexual friend and help him to live a western open homosexual lifestyle. Maybe you won’t mind seeing him executed for his homosexual behavior I don’t know.
            In Pakistan on Easter one of the Muslims you love so much killed 29 Christian children because they were celebrating a Christian holiday……now that’s some tolerance for you there.
            The Muslims in my community and the ones I am friends with are not just tolerated but accepted. If I were to travel to their country I wouldn’t be afforded similar treatment and my life would be at risk. If they were to travel home and other Muslims found out the way they coexist with us here their lives would be at risk as well. ,That’s their assessment of the reality not mine.
            So yes you are a brainwashed idiot.

          • Swithin

            So do you tell them that their religion is evil? Do you tell them that you concerned them terrorists and should be kicked out of the country? Have you talked to them about ‘their’ country ? Or are they Americans like you?
            There are rule in Saudi Araba which we all know. I would no encourage you to send your gay son to Christian Kenya or Uganda etc were he could be imprisoned and killed for being gay.
            At Easter here most Muslims were buying Easter eggs to give to their kids at Christmas they buy presents for their kids is that a bad thing in your eyes?
            In Norway in 2011 a Christian white guy murdered 77 people in cold blood most of those teenagers. There are bad people in all religions that does not make all people bad or evil does it?
            You have a chance to understand and learn and you seem such a hard nosed bigot you will not see what is in front of your face. You are like the KKK member with a black friend saying that his friend is different from all others when in fact his friend your co workers neighbors are just like 99.9% of all Muslims as you are like 99.95 of all white Christians you just wont admit it

          • Infidel51

            All the Muslims may not be terrorists but so far all of the religious terrorists are Muslims. The number you are looking for in your silly experiment in moral equivalency is 26,000. That’s how many terrorist attacks have been committed in the name of Islam in the past 15 years. Defending Islam or comparing it to other religions is an exercise in monumental stupidity. If we were having this discussion in 1944 you would be comparing the American camps for Japanese Americans to the concentration camps in Nazi Germany. Islam teaches that killing non believing men women and children will be rewarded in heaven. Period. Islam is a world wide polity which openly states the goal of world domination or destruction of all non believers. Period. It has no parallel in other religions. Period. I didn’t make these things up they are just the facts. Stating these facts doesn’t make me a racist, a xenophobe, or an alarmist. It makes me a person who acknowledges the reality of the situation. I haven advocated deportation, torture, or any sort of exploitation of peaceful Muslims who live in my neighborhood and work beside me every day. I don’t give a damn what God they choose to worship so long as they don’t want to murder me for worshiping a different one. President Obama will rot in hell for his extra judicial murders via drone committed across the globe in the name of fighting terrorism. However, allowing unfettered immigration of uneducated fighting aged males across Europe, the UK, and the US in order to for some lefties to feel good about themselves will only result in more death. Period.

          • Swithin

            You see that first statement is your first mistake, most terrorist at the moment ‘claim’ to be Muslims just because they say that doesn’t make it true does it? I might say I am Donald Trump do you believe that? No you don’t and I am not just because people say it does not mean its true.

            try this website to get a truer picture of Islam rather than the xenophobic bigoted views that most websites like this portray to meet their own agenda.

            Where has helping refugees that are fleeing in fear of their life resulted in more deaths? Let face it Obama and the US government are not actually planning on helping most refugees as they are only going to take 100,000 in total. unfortunately that’s not even a small drop in the ocean of the problem. A long term plan needs to be sorted to stop men women and children dying in a desperate attempt to escape death and to stop ruthless individuals from exploiting them to make money.

  • David E

    asking her to explain Brussels is not a threat, moron. Besides that, threats have to be realistic and credible. shoving someone’s head up their arse is neither realistic nor credible, nor is choking to death on one’s own bullshit afterwards.

  • Silvertone

    You fragile little snowflakes! Asking someone a question is your idea of “assault”. Give me a break! Maybe you should crawl back to your safe space before you get triggered. What a joke!

  • Silvertone

    Oh, boo-freakin-hoo! Poor wittle cry-bully.

  • Infidel51

    How is it that people continue to pretend that we are not at war with Islam? They certainly are at war with us.

  • Infidel51

    Words hurt? Really? As soon as you begin making those distinctions free speech is dead. I also doubt seriously if the “offender” had been the Muslim and the “offended” had been Christian the outcome would not have been an arrest. Continue to allow a foreign population to dictate the laws of your country and you won’t have a country for long. England is swirling down a toilet bowl thank God there is an ocean between us. They might eat you last but you’re still on the menu.

  • Infidel51

    He didn’t threaten the woman with violence he called her a towel head you simpleton.

  • Infidel51

    First it was assault and now he’s harassing? Make up your mind. It doesn’t really matter the fact is your government is arresting people for being rude. That is a slippery slope that you will all sorely regret one day. Kiss your country goodbye dumbass. Maybe you will enjoy praying to allah a few times a day to save your head. Keeping your daughters locked in the house so they don’t get raped should be a wake up call as well. You people are idiots but then you don’t even have the means to defend yourselves anymore do you?

  • Dow Jones
  • It is not Paranoia

    THIS is the problem.

    Words are just fucking words, and if you think otherwise, you have been succesfully brainwashed.

    Words don’t hurt!! Your FEELINGS do!!

    So instead of trying to arrest all the criminals who use words you don’t like (god this is stupid), try to work on yourself. Stop being such a pussy who gets hurt everytime someone says something.