UFO Hunters Who Mysteriously Disappeared (Video)

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In recent months the deaths of famous UFO hunters Max Spiers and Guarav Tiwari have prompted many to ask if someone is killing off our extra-terrestrial investigators.

But mysterious cases involving Ufologists are nothing new, and sometimes, instead of turning up dead, these people simply vanish.

Bruno Borges is one example. The Brazilian psychology student who was interested in extra-terrestrials and the Illuminati vanished earlier this year.

Frederick Valentich was a UFO enthusiast and a pilot; which sounds like the perfect combination for anyone wanting to investigate strange flashing lights in the sky.

Strange Mysteries covers these cases and more in this fascinating video.

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  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor
  • Daddyotis

    Sounds like Bruno’s interests were more satanic than UFO-related (judging from the layout of his bedroom)

  • Ken, Megapolis

    UFO’s do not exist because the distance to stars is measured in light years not miles. I regret to hear of sad events but any new researchers would be better off trying to promote ‘This Planet is all we’ve got!’
    Again, help other people not me God.

    • Actually, AUs are preferred to light years. Are you discounting alternative dimensions and wormholes?

    • ugly_fish

      A UFO is an “Unidentified Flying Object”. These things exist. They fly and they are unidentified.

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      • Phil_Ossifer

        The lamestream press has managed to conflate the terms “UFO” and “flying saucer” in the mind of the public in order to discredit anyone who says he saw a UFO.

        • Unless one is a aeronautics buff, most of the things flying into and out of most airports are unidentified as well. One can only wonder what the first people who saw the Wright brothers at work thought they were seeing.

    • Gary

      Incorrect assumptions will lead to incorrect conclusions. The stars are not light years away. Even if they were, why do you assume UFOs originate from the stars?

      • Phil_Ossifer

        “The stars are not light years away?” So, how far away are they? You obviously know nothing about basic astronomy.

        • He is correct about one star, ours is only 8 light minutes away.

        • Gary

          The assumption that the Earth travels around the sun makes the calculation of the distances to the stars in the order of light years, rather than light days. Take away the assumption that Earth is a giant ball, and the stars are in the order of several hundred kilometers away.

          I’d rather be right and have most think I know nothing about basic astronomy, than know nothing about basic astronomy and have most think I am right.

          • Phil_Ossifer

            That makes even less sense than your original post. Tell you what…why don’t you write all this up and send it to the Astrophysical Journal and see if they’ll publish it? Might be good for a laugh or two.

          • Gary

            If anyone needs a laugh, all he needs do is pick up an Astrophysical Journal and realise that some people actually believe what’s written therein! 🙂

          • 667..neighbor of the beast

            BZZZT….Instead you have virtually everyone knowing you are a moron…and demonstrating idiotic beliefs about astronomy…

      • Ken, Megapolis

        Gary my son, are you suggesting they come from not Stars but Mars?

        • Phil_Ossifer

          And they have stars upon thars, too. That great astrophysicist, Dr. Seuss, said so.

    • Vierotchka

      You are thinking in terms of human technology. Perhaps highly advanced civilizations on other planets in our galaxy, possibly millions of years more advanced than us, have developed technologies that make relatively fast travel to our planet possible.

      • Why are you couching things that are “possible” in terms that indicate that you know about them absolutely?

        • Vierotchka

          I did no such thing – your interpretation of my words is totally unrelated to reality.

          • The reality that your words describe is what is totally unrelated to reality.

          • Vierotchka

            My words do not describe a reality, they only hint at a supposition, a conjecture, a hypothesis. That this flew way over your little head only underscores the disconnect between you and reality.

          • It didn’t fly over my head that you couched it as “possibly” and “(p)erhaps” when you were referring to reality.

          • Vierotchka

            I wasn’t referring to any reality whatsoever, I was merely speculating – you are not a mind reader and certainly cannot see in my mind. Sheesh!

          • The primary reason why you can know I am not a mind reader is because you don’t have enough of one to read.

          • Vierotchka

            You are extraordinarily delusional and pathetic with blatant signs of malignant narcissism. Pitiful.


          • What size box of Cracker Jacks did you find your PhD in psychiatry in?

          • Vierotchka

            What backward and dysfunctional school taught you English and grammar so very poorly?

          • Denver Public Schools circa 1966 to 1972.

          • Vierotchka

            Quod erat demonstrandum – and once again, since you are so pathologically desperate to have the last word, be my guest!

          • Shay

            These ones here to distract and divert always give themselves away by: insulting, staying rigid and repeatedly putting out the same thing in different words and generally trying to obfuscate. While avoiding actually having a growthful conversation at all costs. I choose to reply a few times and then ignore. These guys have the Sword of Damocles hanging over their heads right now and they know it…it’s crunch time and they’re about to receive their ‘just desserts’ for what and who they’ve aligned themselves with.

  • Phil_Ossifer

    They didn’t “mysteriously disappear,” they were offed by space aliens because they knew too much. I know this because it was a feature in the Weekly World News and they never print anything that ain’t true. Know what I mean, Vern?

  • newty

    Occasionally, from time to time, a green Manalishi with the two-pronged crown pays a visit..

  • Ken, Megapolis

    One is dismayed to see and experience bickering. Let me clarify. I am not debating how unidentified the object one may have seen last night was. A bird? A plane? Superman? Newly arrived to the picture is a drone. Was it one of those?
    I reiterate my position that under current technology this Earth is all we’ve got.
    Not even Superman can save us from the wrong decision and resulting catastrophe.
    So help me God.

    • Shay

      The Earth is being looked after-she will survive. The ‘catastrophe’ you speak of is the greatest opportunity for wo/men to know the Truth of the world and the Truth of ourSelves. It’s not to be feared, but to be embraced. Drones cannot compete with the higher dimensional material of authentic craft. There are dozens of models in all manner of shapes and sizes. Many of them flash different-coloured lights. Drones cannot do that. Hundreds of thousands of folk globally have witnessed various of them.

      • How many of these “dozens of models in all manner of shapes and sizes” have you personally seen and watched “them flash different-coloured lights?” Have you actually met any of those who are looking over the Earth? If so, why in the world are you still here. If they ever land close enough to me, they better get out of the way because I’m coming onboard.

        • Shay

          I cried and screamed after a galactic couple visited in my kitchen one night – via beam teleportation(think Star Trek ‘beam me up’ method). I begged them to take me, but no go. I’m not joking, btw. Only years later was it revealed who they were…when I understood more. We are never given to know more than we can handle at any time. Yes, I’ve seen numerous of these real ships, flashing their rainbow colours. But likely so have you, if you’ve ever contemplated a clear night sky. The brightly ‘twinkling’ stars are actual ships, that have positioned themselves in the places of our stars. Proof when they take 30 secs to cross the entire sky horizontally – unlike any meteorite, shooting star,etc.

          • They weren’t creators or they wouldn’t have needed beam transportation to go where omnipresence is.

  • Freespirit

    “Qui Bono”

    Many Health Practitioners also disappear and found dead….. if and when found. Health Practitioners are a THREAT to the Pharma industry.

    Whistle blowers disappear and are found dead and we know who they are a THREAT to !

    UFO investigators, who are a THREAT to DEEP STATE Black Projects disappearing and found dead.

    Where is the mystery ???

    Hiding with the “COURAGE and INTEGRITY” of Government, by chance

    • Microbiologists are leading the disappearances because too many of them are willing to cry wolf without enough of an audience to protect them. Maybe ALTERNATIVE “Health Practitioners are a THREAT to the Pharma industry.” Mainstream Health Practitioners are their bread and butter applicators.

    • 667..neighbor of the beast

      Bogus conspirotard meme… the ” murdered alternative doctors” has been debunked…. shown to be BS.

      • Freespirit

        In your neighbourhood, maybe – Tel Aviv or Washington by chance?

  • Shay

    The last couple of years has seen a serious increase by the KJMafia to remove any/all whistleblowers in this arena, as well as in others. Such as in the media and medical industries also. But the more people they kill off, as many other Truthtellers are popping up to speak their piece all across the planet. Like little lights going on everywhere, all the time. And then there’s the ones they just can’t kill off, no matter what. Those ones who are protected by the higher forces of Light. Thank heavens for that.

    • “higher forces of Light?” Are you talking about x-rays and Gamma rays?

      • Shay

        We are much more than we think we are. No, protected by higher-dimensional tech and invisible forces – galactics (in their ships), as well as the celestials – the ones with a speciality in protecting. Many on planet have these types of protection and more, depending on what each person is here for.

        • The creators don’t need ships or physical protection.

          • Shay

            I never said they were Creator. But all higher dimensional God-Lighted beings can and do have, pick and choose the body types they need for the purpose of their mission in any time-space experience. So it is for the million or more ships and their physical inhabitants (many also in human form) under the Ashtar Command. It is these ones who have been working to keep our air, ground and much more safe for us, even while the industrial-military complex have been at the dastardly plans without our knowledge.

          • Jesus Christ was a creator.
            He didn’t need a space ship.
            He used a human womb.

          • Shay

            You may now ‘officially’ go and WORK on someone else. P.S. I’d also deny God to the hilt if I was working for the antichrist/KJM. Only prob is that’s a g-d that consistently turns on its own loyal ones, over and over again. Communiques now closed!

          • In what way does it deny God to acknowledge the only way that he has ever walked on the earth, and point out that he didn’t arrive in a spacecraft? The antichrist is an invention of those who wrote the bible, just as is Satan, another Christian deity.