U.S. Threatens Iran: Plans To “Review Policy” And Deal With Them Before New Administration Comes To Power

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After launching the disastrous missile strikes against Syrian military forces that resulted in the killing of Syrian soldiers, civilians, and children as well as sending ships toward North Korea in a flagrant act of aggression and dropping the largest known non-nuclear bomb on Afghanistan, the Trump administration is now taking aim at Iran.

Sounding much like it did after its bizarre and unprovoked “putting Iran on notice” speech made by former Trump administration official Michael Flynn, the United States is now “reviewing its policy” on Iran and warning the world of the dangers of a nuclear Iran.

Ironically, the United States is warning of an Iran terrorizing the world with its bombs, funding “militias” across the world, and expanding its influence in the region by force as well as unprovoked aggression against specific countries. If there were a field of psychology for geopolitics, these statements would be classified as a clear example of projection if ever there was one.

“Whether it be assassination attempts, support of weapons of mass destruction, deploying destabilizing militias, Iran spends its treasure and time disrupting peace,” Tillerson said. “An unchecked Iran has the potential to travel the same path as North Korea ‒ and take the world along with it.”

“Iran is the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, and is responsible for intensifying multiple conflicts and undermining US interests in countries such as Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon, and continuing to support attacks against Israel.”

“An unchecked Iran has the potential to travel the same path as North Korea ‒ and take the world along with it,” he added.

Tillerson also stated that Iran supports the “brutal Assad regime” and that it supports the Houthis in Yemen, as well as accusing Iran of “undermining security in Iraq for years” by virtue of its support for Quds forces fighting there. Tillerson also accused Iran of maintaining “a long-standing hostility towards Israel, providing weapons, training and funding to Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist organizations.”

“A comprehensive Iran policy requires that we address all of the threats posed by Iran, and it is clear there are many,” he said.

Tillerson then turned to the Iran nuclear deal which has been the target of both the Trump administration and traditional Republicans since day one, claiming that it “fails to achieve the objective of a non-nuclear Iran ‒ it only delays their goal of becoming a nuclear state. This deal represents the same failed approach of the past that brought us to the current imminent threat that we face from North Korea.”

Tillerson added that “The Trump administration has no intention of passing the buck to a future administration on Iran. The evidence is clear: Iran’s provocative actions threaten the United States, the region and the world.” In addition, he stated that the United States will “meet the challenges Iran poses with clarity and conviction” after the policy review is over.

Tillerson echoed statements uttered by Defense Secretary James Mattis earlier in the week, who accused Iran of trying destabilize the Middle East. “Everywhere you look if there is trouble in the region, you find Iran. We will have to overcome Iran’s efforts to destabilize yet another country and create another militia in their image of Lebanese Hezbollah but the bottom line is, we are on the right path for it.” Mattis’ statement came after meeting with senior Saudi officials in Riyadh.

The Path To Persia

The plan for a Western or a Western/Israeli attack on Iran, along with the theatre of alleged US-Israeli tensions leading up to a strike and outright war, has been in the works for some time. For instance, in 2009, the Brookings Institution, a major banking, corporate, and military-industrial firm, released a report entitled “Which Path To Persia? Options For A New American Strategy For Iran,” in which the authors mapped out a plan which leaves no doubt as to the ultimate desire from the Western financier, corporate, and governing classes.

The plan involves the description of a number of ways the Western oligarchy would be able to destroy Iran including outright military invasion and occupation. However, the report attempts to outline a number of methods that might possibly be implemented before direct military invasion would be necessary. The plan included attempting to foment destabilization inside Iran via the color revolution apparatus, violent unrest, proxy terrorism, and “limited airstrikes” conducted by the US, Israel or both.

Interestingly enough, the report states that any action taken against Iran must be done after the idea that Iran has rejected a fair and generous offer by the West has been disseminated throughout the general public. The report reads,

…any military operation against Iran will likely be very unpopular around the world and require the proper international context— both to ensure the logistical support the operation would require and to minimize the blowback from it. The best way to minimize international opprobrium and maximize support (however, grudging or covert) is to strike only when there is a widespread conviction that the Iranians were given but then rejected a superb offer—one so good that only a regime determined to acquire nuclear weapons and acquire them for the wrong reasons would turn it down. Under those circumstances, the United States (or Israel) could portray its operations as taken in sorrow, not anger, and at least some in the international community would conclude that the Iranians “brought it on themselves” by refusing a very good deal.

Ironically, it is admitted by the authors of the report that the Iranians are not governed by lunatics intent on nuking the world but by entirely rational players. Still, they move forward with a number of options for attacking Iran. It should thus be obvious to anyone reading this report that the US, NATO, and Israel are uninterested in peace with Iran and are entirely focused on war and Iranian destruction.

“The so-called “Iran deal,” introduced during the administration of US President Barack Obama, represents precisely this “superb offer,” with Flynn’s accusations serving as the “turn down” ahead of the “sorrowful” war and attempted regime change the US had always planned to target Tehran with,” writes Tony Cartalucci of Land Destroyer Report.

The report continues to discuss the citations that could be used for an attack on Iran, clearly stating its intentions to create a plan to goad a non-threatening nation into war. It states,

The truth is that these all would be challenging cases to make. For that reason, it would be far more preferable if the United States could cite an Iranian provocation as justification for the airstrikes before launching them. Clearly, the more outrageous, the more deadly, and the more unprovoked the Iranian action, the better off the United States would be. Of course, it would be very difficult for the United States to goad Iran into such a provocation without the rest of the world recognizing this game, which would then undermine it. (One method that would have some possibility of success would be to ratchet up covert regime change efforts in the hope that Tehran would retaliate overtly, or even semi-overtly, which could then be portrayed as an unprovoked act of Iranian aggression.)

The question of the Israeli role in the possible attack against Iran is also mentioned by Brookings. In fact, in the chapter entitled, “Allowing or Encouraging An Israeli Military Strike,” Brookings not only outlines a potential strategy but essentially admits that the US-Israeli tension being hyped in the Western media is nothing more than a farce. It says,

..the most salient advantage this option has over that of an American air campaign is the possibility that Israel alone would be blamed for the attack. If this proves true, then the United States might not have to deal with Iranian retaliation or the diplomatic backlash that would accompany an American military operation against Iran. It could allow Washington to have its cake (delay Iran’s acquisition of a nuclear weapon) and eat it, too (avoid undermining many other U.S. regional diplomatic initiatives).

Why Iran?

There are a number of reasons why the United States and the NATO imperial army would like to see Iran destroyed over the coming years. Geopolitical reasons are, of course, front and center.

On one level, the Israeli connection stands as one obvious reason the United States has maintained an anti-Iran posture for nearly two decades. Iran not only stands as a regional opponent to the whims and aims of the Israeli settler state, but it also bankrolls and supports one of the greatest forces of opposition to Israel directly due to its close proximity and the militia’s military prowess. Indeed, Israel was humiliated by Hezbollah in front of the world in 2006. Thus, if Iran is destroyed, Hezbollah goes with it and two of Israel’s biggest and most effective opponents disappear from the game board.

The United States also sees Iran as an opponent due to Iran’s resistance to the Anglo-American insistence on global hegemony of its “Western” system of financial and corporate overseers in a plantation owned by a world oligarchy. Iran stands in opposition to the Western system because it refuses to engage in a system private central banking as well as corporate and private financier domination of its society and culture. Maintaining its own national bank has long been a source of irritation for Wall Street and City of London vampires eager to sink their fangs into the blood supply of every nation on earth. In addition, Iran has recently announced that it would be dropping the U.S. dollar for some other currency or basket of currencies beginning March 21, a sure sign that a Western war of aggression is most definitely on the horizon.

Iran also remains a close Russian ally and the last domino that needs to fall before the great Anglo-American army can march forward directly into Russia and break the largest country in the world into “manageable” parts.[1] Once Iran is destroyed, Russia will be largely isolated and left to face the NATO alliance which has been slowly surrounding Russia over the last two decades.


The Trump Administration’s false labeling of Iran as the biggest sponsor of terrorism, ignoring the fact that Iran is one of the most important players in the fight against ISIS and Sunni Islamic extremism in the Middle East as well as the fact that American ally Saudi Arabia is perhaps the biggest purveyor of terrorism in the world, tells everyone what we need to know going forward – the plan to destroy Iran is marching forward without a hitch in another example of seamless transition.

Of course, Iran is opposing America’s policies in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon. It should. The United States’ policy is that of funding, directing, and manipulating terrorists for the purpose of destroying sovereign countries, backing a brutal racist Israeli regime that continually attacks its neighbors, and supporting an equally brutal Saudi dictatorship intentionally slaughtering the Yemeni people. If this is what Iran is opposing, the world owes it a debt of gratitude.

[1] Brzezinski, Zbigniew. The Grand Chessboard. Basic Books. 1st Edition. 1998.

Image Credit: Cato.org

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  • Freespirit

    Will Americans ever wake up to the FACT their UNITED STATES Corporation, which they call a Government BUT is not, is the GREATEST DANGER,to themselves,their families and the WORLD.

    Americans you must develop the COURAGE and Plans to ,at the very least, ARREST all those Dual Citizens Zionists in Congress ,put them on TRIAL and HANG those found guilty of TREASON and CRIMES against humanity.

    You will suffer SLAVERY, DEATH and DESTRUCTION if you do not.

    • Exactly. Time to fix the country.

      • Nancymbruce

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    • TrevorD

      Bang on the truth……..

  • TrevorD

    The US was hijacked long ago by some very nasty people to be a fighting force for Israel or more so the Rothchild Zionist NWO Banksters who`s tenticles spread far and wide. I think many are getting that now.
    So the US has been stripped and left naked and` they` will move onto their next target.
    Trying to find the truth behind the wars, millions dead, deprivation, insanity, lies, mind manipulation,top level suicides and total inhumanity then the road leads to the same psychopaths.They are intent to control our planet at any cost and sadly many of us sit back and do nothing, especially those that have the power and can actually do something. Time for change, time to wake up, time to face some truths. If we dont the future looks very bad for us, sad to say. Hope I have, patience… not so much.

    • Exactly, Trevor. 🙂

    • Freespirit

      I only wish there were more like you Trevor.

      You understand what is happening AND what will happen, if things don’t change to favour Freedom lovers, but let me give you a terrible REALITY Check, which is why I say what I do.

      KEEP in mind I have fighting this fight since the late 1960’s. thus seeing the continuous collapse.

      There are 330 million Americans and 33 Million Canadians, give or take. I include Canadians because they are, quite honestly, just a slightly different version of Americans , but with less constitutional protection. My Granddaughters, in fact are American living in the U.S. South East. That is typical of Relationships between Canada and U.S.which are quite common.

      Out of that total, (and remember we are only talking about U.S. and Canada !) of 363 MILLION, plus or minus, approximately, let’s say HALF are of the age to be showing interest in NEWS and Politics. The exact number doesn’t matter. It is the relative percentage which does matter.

      That leaves about 180 Million watching and reading News. Of that 180 Million approximately 30 Million, to be GENEROUS, (and I am being VERY generous) follow to some degree so-called INDEPENDENT/Alternative news sites. We also know that , (UNFORTUNATELY) Alex Jones, who is a SELL-OUT to out ENEMY( Zionism), with his site, INFOWARS has about 20 Million of that 30 Million, which leaves about 10 Million for the over 100 other sites….about 1 Million for every 10 sites.

      That means EVERY DAY there are 10 Million ( and remember I am being VERY Generous) divided around about 100 quasi-INDEPENDENT media sites, many of which have serious Religious,Racial and National BIASES, which provide Freedom for them but NOT for others of DIFFERENT Religions, Races an Nations or lack of religions, such Myself an ATHEIST.

      But let us still be GENEROUS and say the complete 10 MILLION is VALID, although I seriously suspect it is MUCH lower because of all the BIGOTRY and BIASES for ISRAEL. which I see in comment sections.. Now compare it to the ones we know for sure are NOT on our side- the150 MILLION plus Alex’s 20 Million, who, ACTUALLY love ISRAEL means, 170 MILLION “curious”( I use that word cautiously) Americans, against our 10 Million “true” Freedom lovers, SUPPORT the enemy by virtue of their IGNORANCE.

      Of the 170 Million INDOCTRINATED Americans, what and how many do you think they will arrest and/or murder, of our 10 Million, if the Government, their BIG DADDY” controlled by Israeli ZIONISTS,ORDERS them to

      Even without arrest and murder, which way to you think America is going based on those numbers?

      Muslim will be the FIRST to be abused.

      Remember the Japanese-American Citizens during WW2 who had their properties CONFISCATED and they were interred in CAMPS.

      • TrevorD

        Interesting breakdown you have there and yep seems right to me. I too am very concerned about the anti Muslim rhetoric being forced down peoples throats via MSM and indeed Alt Media, really shocking but not surprising when we understand `who` is behind this and why `they` do it.
        Going back to David Icke. He was the one that `woke me up` a long time ago, he seems on the ball on most things. The Lizard thing can make sense in may ways but for me it was reading Lady Diana`s accounts of being inside the Royal Family, I dont know but she was very scared and most of us know she was murdered as she knew too much and was about to marry a Muslim or so the story goes. As for the US and Canada I agree they are some what as one. The UK has gotten away with alot of blame on the mess in the present world but I know they are at the very forefront of the horrors headed by our `City of London` criminals. With regard to others understanding what is really going on I do think as TPTB keep forcing what now is a very clear agenda then the more we will all `get it`. You never know someone might actually do something as a `collective`, I dont know.
        Keep up your great posts, even without upvotes, people are still reading and thinking so its worth while. `Planting seeds` is what you are doing and doing it incredibly well. Thanks…

        • Freespirit

          Let me “Top it Off”, that last comment of mine with this – TRUMP’S Easter MESSAGE:

          Remeber the great MAJORITY of Americans voted for him 🙂

          • TrevorD

            Really shocking but an obvious clue to those still on the fence regarding the very nature of TPTB and that all is not right with Trump. No matter if he is sitting there with a gun against his head or he is and indeed always was a willing and groomed participant in` the charade.`It leads to the same conclusion to whom is actually running the show . Thanks again.

          • Freespirit

            An HONOURABLE man of COURAGE and INTEGRITY would resign if a gun was put to his head to say and do something he did not believe was RIGHT or TRUE

            He obviously BELIEVES Israel RULES with his “blessing, which we also KNOW and he likes working for them , BUT we DON’T !

            Thanks to UNSCRUPULOUS leaders. like him, we have no CHOICE except to REVOLT

            Will we?

            Time will tell and will it be too late to save many lives???

          • TrevorD

            As you said `time will tell`I guess. For now we do what we can in our various ways. However I feel awareness is increasing on a big scale, its just that many keep it to themselves for now for fear of ridicule and exclusion in our somewhat fake and bias and controlled society. Keep up the great posts, its so important

          • Freespirit

            Here is a FORMER Jew who tells the TRUTH about Jews: http://www.realjewnews.com/?p=1204

            My suggestion is to put him on your list of sites to check, at least weekly. He has great videos also, and you will see them listed . He even explains , in at least one of his videos, why he left Judaism and converted to Christianity

          • TrevorD

            Thanks, will check it out

  • SP_88

    What I want to know is, why is everyone in America so stupid? This was their agenda for years. They planned every one of these attacks years in advance. The only thing that happened recently was the excuse they used to invade these countries.
    And anyone paying attention already knew years ago that we were going to invade Iran. That was known as far back as 2006, or possibly even earlier. The plans were made during the 80’s and 90’s.
    So how do you expect us to believe that countries we planned to take out years ago are suddenly guilty of doing exactly that which would give us the excuse to take them out? The whole idea is absurd. People would have to be completely brain dead to believe the lies coming from the government about these countries.
    There were no chemical weapons attacks committed by Syria or WMD’s in Iraq or any other things our government used as an excuse to invade these other countries. The whole thing was one giant crock of shit. And everyone knows it, with the exception of a bunch of idiots in America who watch CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, or any other mainstream media sources. Those people will not hear the truth. They will only hear the absolute lies and propaganda that the government wants them to hear. They won’t know that we planned these attacks years ago. They won’t know that we had a list of these countries to invade since at least the 1990’s. Because if they did, they would never believe that suddenly they are guilty of doing whatever they did to justify our attack on them. So people are purposely kept in the dark about the details of their agenda.
    And since people are inherently lazy, most people will not bother to do even a quick look at the past to see what’s been going on. Because even a cursory glance would show that they are lying.
    And of course these same people will argue with you on the internet and swear up and down that we are wrong and there is no evidence to support this.
    But the truth is that our government is on the wrong side of this. We are the aggressor in this war. We are the bad guys.
    But it’s not as black and white as good guys vs bad guys. Because we are not simply attacking good guys. They are also bad guys. They are guilty of supporting terrorism and proxy wars and a bunch of other things. They just aren’t guilty of what we have accused them of.
    Most of the things we accuse other countries of, we are the ones who are guilty of it.
    Causing regime change, supporting terrorism, committing terrorist attacks, fighting proxy wars, false flag attacks, etc, are all things we are certainly guilty of, yet we are willing to start a war with other countries because we accuse them of doing these things. Hypocrisy much?

  • Freespirit

    Double “Sheesh” 🙂

  • Upperthoughts

    He is another Jew-owned piece of filth that is bending over for Kushner and his Zionist 911 friends.