U.S. Marshals Are Now Arresting People for Unpaid Student Loans

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Financially speaking, going to college these days is practically a death sentence for most people. Tuition has never been more expensive, and most degrees no longer give you any guarantee of landing a high paying job. On top of that, it’s nearly impossible to escape these debts through default or bankruptcy.

That’s why there is now well over $1.3 trillion of student loan debt held by millions of Americans. That’s more than the amount of credit card and automotive debt in this country. But at least these debtors can live their lives knowing that there won’t be any dire consequences for not paying, aside from having their wages and tax refunds garnished, and a poor credit score. Right?

Unfortunately, that may not be the case anymore. A Houston resident recently admitted that he was arrested at gunpoint by US Marshals, for failing to pay a $1500 federal student loan from 1987. He’s not alone either, as the US Marshals currently have between 1200 and 1500 warrants for unpaid student loans. You can listen to his terrifying account of what happened below.

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author. You can follow Joshua’s reports at Facebook or on his personal Twitter. Joshua’s website is Strange Danger .

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  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    There are so many morals to this story-I don’t even know where to begin…

  • Since the default rate is becoming an ever more vertical line, maybe they’ll run out of room for legitimate criminals faster than they can release victimless convicts. In any case, the majority of the customers of higher education have yet to open their eyes wide enough to observe how worthless said higher education has become with respect to producing employable educated.

    • Mr Smith

      Legitimate criminals are in government. Sadly, the majority of people in prison are innocent. Why do you think our court systems refuse to allow dna testing on all cases, including death row cases where there is old evidence that could have DNA testing. Because few thousand times they allowed retesting of the old evidence with the new DNA science, 100% of the people cases retested found the person on death row was innocent. Our Courts, Cops and DA’s have been framing the innocent since before I was born. They know this, which is why they systemically block the retesting old evidence (even though it was saved under the notion that it could re-examined later as science advanced). The criminals are in government, the impoverished are in prison. This world is a different place than we were all taught in public school.

      • What constitutes an illegitimate criminal? No court which hasn’t accepted DNA as scientifically valid can admit it as evidence.

        • Mr Smith

          I’m not sure. I reused the phrase “legitimate criminal” from your post thinking it to mean: Someone who has actually done something wrong.
          I would therefore assume an “illegitimate criminal” is someone who is accused of being a criminal, but has not actually done something wrong.

          • The legitimacy of the criminals I was addressing in my post were legitimated by adjudication. Yours?

      • Maddawg

        Lots of people that are in prison are there because they signed a plea bargain. That is tantamount to admitting to the crime.. Most were charged with multiple offenses, and took the plea to knock it down to one or a few charges; still, if they went to trial, they’d have been facing all or most of the charges..

        • Mr Smith

          Indeed Maddawg. It’s a sad reality that only 2% of the people in prison have been given their constitutional right to a trial by a jury of their peers. They’re consistently coerced into illegal “plea agreements”, either you admit you’re guilty to legitimize our system, or you’ll give you your trial and if we’re able to make you lose, we’re going to make an example out of you and give you the highest possible punishment. It’s coercion and most people would rather see their family again then flip the coin over principle. An “admission” of guilty under coerced circumstances is hardly a true admission. If these people were truly guilty, the courts wouldn’t block the retesting of the evidence with DNA technology.

      • Jim H.

        This the old addage, “The winners write the lies”.

      • William Sanders

        Oh please, how ridiculous to assert that that the majority of people in prison are innocent. And your claims that DNA evidence proved that “100%” of the people accused were proven innocent is equally a crock of crap.

        • Rob Reiken
          • William Sanders

            Same as before … To assume that “most” people in prison are innocent because of what happened in one state is ridiculous.

          • Rob Reiken

            This goes on far & abroad , while many cases Government are refusing to allow dna evidence to intentionally convict innocent people pervert the course of justice, but anyhow keep like an ostrich with you head in the sand, cause I ain’t gonna argue with you, I got more important things to do.

          • William Sanders

            Show me facts, not speculation. As somebody who served an 8 year prison term for simple possession of marijuana back in the 1970’s, I know about injustice and how screwed up our justice system is, but one thing I can tell you from firsthand experience is that “most” people did commit the crimes they were incarcerated for.
            Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe it’s a travesty to lock up drug addicts and nobody should go to prison for simple possession of controlled substances. Having said that, thank God for prisons, because there are a lot of very sick puppies who should never be allowed back on the streets. Nuff said!

          • Rob Reiken

            I told you I ain’t got time for this, but you don’t heed to what I typed. Your attempt to bait me into this talking from the past while were here & now in the present ain’t gonna work. It seems too me you need total re-educating on the matter to transform you from all your brainwashing you were exposed to from the Mainstream Lamestream Media that has hoodwinked most. I know you ain’t gonna pay for my time on the matter & acting like a troll about it is not going to keep me banging on about it when as usual it always ends with me having the last word after they have nothing more to say about it cause they realize I was right. Take it as you may, if you believe the sun shines out the Gov’s Ass then good luck to you, for obviously you can’t see the bigger picture to this, & I know allot of things about it that you obviously don’t. You have the ability to do your own research on the internet just like everyone else. but if you choose to interpret it different from everyone else , well that’s your choice I am done here so be gone now.

          • William Sanders

            I’m pretty sure the reason you end up getting the last word in is because you talk exclusively out of your @ss like some paranoid whack job, and people figure there is no use in talking to someone stuck on stupid.

          • Rob Reiken

            Are you really this pathetic, You can’t take a hint can you , you hang around like a bad smell get a life loser , I don’t want to talk to you cause this just proves how stupid you are. I got no interest in talking shit with you cause your Mr Always Right your type is so common your just a waste of my time which your still here wasting it so go away.

          • William Silverstrand

            You say you don’t want to talk to me and that I’m a waste of time, yet, like some silly kunt who can’t keep her mouth shut, you keep coming back to grovel at my feet … lol. That’s how losers with petty ego’s roll. Thanks for confirming what I knew from jump street.

  • Sammy

    The take over of student loans by the AHCA enslaves our youth , their children, and grand children. This was not done by Wall Street. It was done by the Democrats in the Federal Government, like it or not.

    • loved you in Cannonball Run.

      • Heatherfmills2

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    • BSORaiderErie

      Sammy take your eye out and toss it in the deep end.
      God Bless the USA!

      • Sammy

        God Bless the USA!= God Bless the new plantation owners enslaving all races for all time.

        My friend the federal government is NOT the USA.

        • BSORaiderErie

          That’s the idea behind the one-world government and then population control.
          God Bless the USA!

        • Mr Smith

          You’re so right Sammy. Just want to note that the Repubs are in on it too. We’re seeing a world domination chess game being led by the UN to absolve all nations of their sovereignty. The government in the US consists mostly of crony criminals pushing the UN’s agenda. The most anti-american thing a person can do is support the government. America was founded on freedom, and therefore suspicion and suppression of government, in favor of the people.

          • Sammy

            What you illuminated is how and why patriots get classified as anti government terrorists when in fact we are supporters of the US and it’s Constitution.

        • Jim H.

          And that, my friend, would be the Liberal Democrats attempting to enslave the whole of a people belonging to a Nation who believe in people’s rights and individuality Supremely given by a Constitutional Advancement for said people of that Nation. That Nation being AMERICA!

          Vote Democrat to enhance and approve enslavement of a Nation. Where segregation is endorsed and encouraged.

    • Maddawg

      Higher education is a double edged sword when the government started to finance it; prices for higher education skyrocketed as educators saw “more profit”.. This led to the need for more financing, and again, higher education costs;; The problem in the end is- more people pay for the same education, or less if attendance swells; and the rewards have not grown at the same pace; too many can’t get a job to pay off the loans and paid way more than the education that they received, or at least what they should have.

      Financing drove prices up; those that signed the loans are paying the price for their ignorance; and now, it’s time to pay the price.. It’s no different that those that owe money on a credit card, or some other bad loan; sucks, but you signed on willingly…

      • Sammy

        Are you insinuating, sir, that people are responsible for their own actions? How mean spirited of you. /sarcasm

        • Jim H.

          Actually he’s correct. But people, though responsible for their own actions, also have the choice to be manipulated by media and/or Government activity. They are doing everything in their deceptive/devious and demented power to alter the circumstantial outcome by turning THE PEOPLE against each other in an effort to get what they want.
          Unfortunately, the people are falling for that manipulation and their lies!

          • Sammy

            That’s one way to put it. Caveat emptor is another.

  • CharlesH

    The gentleman never said that he didn’t owe the $1500. His beef is that the government didn’t forget and the method they used to collect. I’d like to know how much that $1500 has grown and what it is today.

    • Dwimby

      Six or seven million, maybe? With admin fees added in? Plus the surcharge for the US Marshall’s benevolent society?

    • Maddawg

      Late and admin fees, accumulated interest.. Yeah, a bit more than if he had paid it off like he should have…

  • If they owe you anything it might take a decade or longer,BUT if you owe them……..

  • For 20K+/yr for 4yrs you too can be a trained SJW…. apply within!

  • Mr Reynard

    Watch Slavery revive in the good ole USA ??

    • Mr Smith

      Slavery never ended in America or across the globe. We have innocent people in prison on false accusations who we put on labor crews working for pennies a day. After all, we gotta make them pay society back right? It’s called slavery.

      Most under age prostitutes in major city street corners are slaves too. Slavery is a common theme across all human society and it is alive and well globally. Most americans houses are filled with goods made by chinese slaves who are prevented from even committing suicide.

      The most ironic part is when the corrupted media tells young black people wearing big $ “air jordans” sneakers made by chinese slaves who can’t even commit suicide that they’re owed something for “slavery”.

      Perhaps the “made in china” label should be legally corrected to “made in china by people who were not paid and did not have a choice”.

    • It never went away. The 14th amendment extended it instead of eliminating it.

  • Nexusfast123

    Just creating another another lucrative market segment for the prison industrial complex.

  • BSORaiderErie

    I remember reading about Debtor’s prison but the Feds, especially the DemonKKKRats, and these colleges created this mess. Let the schools finance their qualified students.
    God Bless the USA and Springfield Armory!

  • Sam

    I would ask the question, why haven’t you attempted to pay?

  • Patriot159

    Why that’s the liberal way is it not? Default on loans and let others pay for it?

  • Dave Batz

    I recall that somewhere I read that it was illegal for the government to charge or recieve interest on student loans. That’s most of the reason that debt is over a trillion dollars, INTEREST, accumulated! I’d say that if that interest charges is illegal, then it’s illegal to arrest, incarcerate, confiscate, or garnishment of income (On some retirees on SSI). Just wondering if what I read was true?

    • Maddawg

      Did they sign their loan paperwork freely or did someone hold a gun to their head ? Interest, and other fees are surely part of that agreement that they willingly signed..

      Besides, when you owe the IRS, don’t they slap you with late fees, interest payments and other crap ?

  • Kevin Burns

    This just so Full of Baloney. U.S. Marshalls are not responsible for such nonsense. This Rag should be used to curb Sheeple… NUTZ…

    • All federal agents are lawfully able to enforce all federal statutes or CFR that they are ordered to. Fortunately, most of them are ignorant, which makes us all safer.

  • Maddawg

    I read comments about it being illegal to for the government to charge interest; students and parents signed these agreements, binding agreements… No one held a gun to their heads.. Besides, if you owe taxes, doesn’t the IRS slap you with fines, late fees, and other charges too ? No different..

  • Bruce Wayne

    Why don’t you arrest Al Sharpton for not paying his Tax?

  • Andy

    You order the food, you pay the bill……this mook can’t pay back $1500????

  • Jim H.

    Hello Federal and U.S. Marshalls. Your sworn oath is to arrest Federal Criminals and Terrorists such as the like of those committing War Crimes and Treason to the Country of the United States. Beginning at the top; Barack Hussein Obama, William and Hillary Clinton, the Murderer of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia! How about those for starters.
    Leave the piddly things up to the local police!

  • Shiro

    If the Feds want to arrest everyone who owes student debt the next thing we know eveyrone will lose their voting rights. Then the totalitarian pigs can keep power for life, nominate their successors and ensure eternal serfdom.

  • charles garat

    We love freedom in the U S A. The most free people in the world. Tell that to the 2.5 million locked up in the U S A everyday. How many since the drug war or war on people? Who knows who cares. We are a just people! Just for the few that can buy their way out of the most despicable crimes imaginable. By the way, if your country doesn’t have democracy and freedom like we do we will bomb you to oblivion! The most blood thirsty brutalizing system in the world!

  • ccambridge

    Looking at what they’re graduating from college these days who would want a government sponsored education loan that follows you to the grave.

  • Suzzy

    Fiscally irresponsible Government!!!