U.S. Gov’t Asks Federal Judge to Dismiss Cases of Americans Killed by Drones

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by Joe Wright

As Americans mourn the deaths of 20 children and 6 adults in the Newtown, CT tragedy – and the gun control debate has reached a fever pitch – autonomous killing systems are being funded by American taxpayers, and drone strikes continue to kill an increasing number of civilians abroad.

Barack Obama and the U.S. government policy makers have shown an incredible level of hypocrisy before; on the one hand lamenting such senseless deaths as have occurred in “mass shootings” while conducting their own mass killing, torture, and terror campaigns in foreign lands.

A culture of violence can’t have it both ways, though, and the welcoming of drones into American skies by Congress is sure to unleash physical havoc shortly after concerns over surveillance and privacy are dismissed.

As a clear sign of what can be expected, the U.S. government has asked a federal judge to throw out a lawsuit brought by the families of three Americans killed by drone strikes in Yemen.  If federal courts rule that these cases are without merit, it will set a dangerous precedent that only the executive branch of government can decide which Americans have a constitutional right to due process, while further enhancing a framework where the government will decide who is fit to be mourned and who should be forgotten.

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  • Jean

    And still, we hear only CRICKETS from “American” citizens.

    Problem is, those who “BELIEVE IN AMERICA” still think we can do no worng – even pointing them here, they REFUSE to believe, or understand.

    Those who SUPPORT suppression of freedom, believe it can never be used – ON THEM. Only on those EVIL (right wingers / preppers / nazis / commies / scientologists / religious theocratic right-wing nutjobs / gun freaks / that “1%” / illuminati / lizard aliens). Yes, I threw a lot of BS in there to make the point.

    That leaves probably 2-5% of the population who WOULD do something, of which some percentage are certifiably insane, some percentage IS excessively religious / wealthy / seeking to maintain their power… Leaves a VERY small percentage of people who are CAPABLE of dealing with freedom, and WILLING to let others HAVE freedom without paying th price. But it worked in the American Revolution… done right, could work here, too. Just going to get VERY ugly for a VERY long time.

    Still trying – wrote to Senator Menendez last night. Doubt he’ll listen, he’s looking to ban guns because of CT. Warned him it’s going to end badly, so I probably painted a traget on my back for the FBI… but if those who aren’t allowed to get/own guns, use them badly, that’s NOT a failing in the system, Especially if they murder those closest to themselves to do so. It’s not something that can be stopped, EVER – it can only be put down. Back to, allow people to defend themselves. Bear in mind the shooter killed himself before there were even boots on the ground.

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  • I do love the PHONEY(we love children) SHOW, americans are always pretending to care about the children,this country has killed more children then any country in history,and theres no sign of slowing down,AMERICANS LOVE TO KILL CHILDREN PERIOD,can’t be argued,its true and anyone who says different is lying………..

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