Tyrannical System Sentences 4-Year-Old Boy to Life in Prison for Alleged Crimes When He Was 1

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Editor’s Note: Talk about a human rights violation… how in the hell is this even possible? What reality are we living in where this just happened???

By Andrew Emett

Cairo, Egypt – Convicted of murder, inciting riots, destruction of government property and threatening cops, a four-year-old Egyptian boy was sentenced to life in prison this week. Although the boy was less than two years old during the civil unrest in 2014, he was convicted in absentia due to a clerical error and the court’s incompetence.

Born in September 2012, Ahmed Mansour Karni was swept up in an indictment listing his name along with 115 other defendants accused of participating in riots and demonstrations on January 3, 2014. Despite that fact that Ahmed was only a year and a half old at the time, he was reportedly charged with four counts of murder, eight counts of attempted murder, vandalizing property belonging to the Egyptian Health Administration in his home province of el-Fayoum, threatening soldiers and police officers, and damaging vehicles belonging to security forces. Convicted in absentia, Ahmed was sentenced to life in prison on Tuesday.

Although Ahmed’s birth certificate was presented to the court, one of his defense attorneys accused the presiding judge of failing to review the case before abruptly passing down a life sentence on a four-year-old child. Lawyer Faisal a-Sayd asserted, “The child Ahmed Mansour Karni’s birth certificate was presented after state security forces added his name to the list of accused, but then the case was transferred to the military court and the child was sentenced in absentia in an ensuing court hearing. This proves that the judge did not read the case.”

In response to the absurd life sentence, another Egyptian lawyer, Mohammed Abu Hurira, wrote, “On the eve of injustice and madness in Egypt, a four-year-old child was sentenced to life imprisonment. He is accused of disturbance, damage to property and murder. The Egyptian scales of justice are not reversible. There is no justice in Egypt. No reason. Logic committed suicide a while ago. Egypt went crazy. Egypt is ruled by a bunch of lunatics.”

In June 2014, more than 180 Egyptians were sentenced to death after convicted of participating in a series of violent demonstrations protesting against the ousting of former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi in 2013. Included among the 180 convicts sentenced to death was a blind man named Mustafa Youssef.

“He was born blind. How would he kill, burn, and loot?” asked Mahmoud Abdel-Raziq, Youssef’s lawyer.

Besides ruthlessly punishing innocent children and blind people, the Egyptian government has become notorious for imprisoning journalists and escalating police brutality in recent years. According to the Nadim Center, a local rights group, 474 deaths occurred in police custody while 700 cases of torture committed by the Egyptian police were reported last year.

Human rights lawyer Ragia Omran recently told CNN, “Conditions in prisons are extremely poor. If we look at all the reports by independent and national and international human rights organizations on the use of extreme force, violence, torture, violations in prisons and especially in police stations has gone up.”

The implications of sentencing a blind man to death for participating in a riot and sentencing a four-year-old child to life in prison for outlandish crimes that he could not have physically committed has revealed the staggering flaws in Egypt’s deteriorating judicial system. Without even bothering to review Ahmed’s birth certificate, the court has proven that justice in Egypt is no longer factored into the equation.

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  • Someone seems to be operating under the misimpression that Egypt is an American state.

    • qweztionz5

      Egypt is a failed state

      • It was destroyed by the same jingoistic communofascism which is now picking off American states.

        • LiberalsRLost

          Egypt…just a exercise to see how to implement here in the disunited states….

          • We treated their errant president the same way we did our own.

          • LiberalsRLost

            if true then we should have had him(our own potus) ousted then right….heh
            .ala Mubarak

            yeah we failed on that one…..

          • Our’s should have been ousted before they had us oust Saddam, Gaddafi, Mubarak, or began trying to oust Assad, IMO. Maybe Putin could help us, if Trump doesn’t get into the White House.

          • LiberalsRLost

            Let’s pray for this…and I got popcorn…u got beer…?

          • Don’t forget the cigarettes and vodka for the russians.

          • LiberalsRLost

            This just in!
            may get ugly by wed. morning…if not tonight…..

          • It will be difficult to neutralize those who have been given the game plan in the mainstream media, assuming it doesn’t provoke a massive preemptive strike.

  • Brett Baker

    Thus spake Pharaoh, “So it is written, so shall it be done.”

  • curenado

    Moslum brotherhood country. Islam, we’re sick of it.

    • Ariellersewell4

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  • stone cruiser

    Whew, imagine how bad it would have been under those murdering whining terrorists, the muslim brotherhood

  • SP_88

    This is par for the course in countries like this. There is no order or reason. If justice is served in one of their courts, it is purely by accident.
    When a crime is committed, or whatever their government considers to be a crime, the police or whatever authorities are available will round up everyone in the area and convict them all as a group.
    These people don’t waste time with accuracy or details. Close enough is good enough, and if a few innocent people go to jail, that’s ok, and if a lot of innocent people go to jail, that’s ok too.
    The story never said whether or not the child was still going to do life in prison. It seemed to suggest that he was going to be let go as soon as they figured out that he was a 4 year old, but it never actually said it.

    • Reverend Draco

      “The Egyptian scales of justice are not reversible.”

      • SP_88

        Do you think they will actually put a 4 year old kid in prison for life? That would be pretty screwed up. Although I’m sure that worse things have happened, especially in countries like that.
        Did you ever see that picture of those Muslims holding a young boys arm under the front tire of a big truck so they could run it over and crush it? I forget where I saw it, but I believe I could find it. It looks like one of those punishments because of sharia law. I don’t know what he did but it’s a brutal punishment for whatever petty offense he did. So I can picture them doing just about anything to a child.

  • Tatiana Covington

    “Everyone armed, everyone fighting, everyone free!” This shows you how stupid Arabs are. An 18-month old… you’d have to be either crazy or stupid to claim such a thing as shown above.

    No wonder Europe doesn’t want them around.

    • Nexusfast123

      They would try and stone a goat to death for looking at them in a seductive way.

  • Dunno y

    Ask an Israeli about the size of an Egyptian brain. Now three Zionist led country’s lock up kids this way. Israel,Australia and now Egypt. But with the FBI running around town acting the goat no ones kids are safe anywhere. Remember America’s cops are good at shooting innocent people kids. They are experts at it.

  • sleat

    And yet another longstanding middle-eastern secular government that Egyptians once “enjoyed” was “spontaneously” overthrown in 2011, and hasn’t been stable since. It just happened all by itself, yep.

  • YeahRightOkay

    …that is one bad ass little boy…wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark alley…

  • PJ London

    I have read the comments below, and cannot believe the idiocy of the American commenters.
    Please explain how this is different to the fact that a number of infants are on the “No-fly” list, cannot board planes and cannot get their names off the list.
    Bureaucracy is stupid everywhere, to involve the Egyptians, Muslim Brotherhood, Arabs and all the other cr*p is just ignorant.
    I believe that mirrors are outlawed in America.
    —– examples —-
    18-month-old baby yanked from airplane for being on no-fly list. Published time: 10 May, 2012 18:44
    Jan 4, 2016 – No-fly list flags more Canadian toddlers as security risks …
    Jan 13, 2010 – It is true that Mikey is not on the federal government’s “no-fly” list, … as a rule, “there are no children on the no-fly or selectee lists,” but would not …
    Jan 10, 2008 – It’s also a name on the TSA’s no-fly list, and the five-year-old has spent his young life being harassed by airport security goons who think he’s a …
    Aug 19, 2005 – If you have even the slightest bit of sense, you realize that an infant ….. I think I just figured out the reason for the no-fly list based on names.

    And yet you blame Egypt!!

  • That’s a rap sheet some punk in Chicago might have…in 1st grade.

    “I collect lunch money with my gatt!”

  • While that case may be an anomaly of sorts, the pervasive repression and tyranny in Egypt is not, and the United States, the biggest hypocrite and agent of duality on the planet, has supported it all along, not least with its decades-long support of the dictator Mubarak!
    They must all be removed from power, worldwide, starting in the U.S.!