Twitter “Cracks Down” On Independent Journalist Who Exposed The Las Vegas Massacre

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In yet another obvious example of the big social media networks working in lockstep with the establishment, Twitter recently conducted a “purge” of so called alt-right users, taking away various “check marks” that are used for their verification process while at the same time targeting an independent journalist who has nothing to do with white nationalism and has in the past exposed the direct lies coming from authorities in Vegas regarding the worst mass shooting in American history.

In other words, under the guise of taking out racists, Twitter has attempted to silence an independent media voice who has a history of investigative journalism that has directly hurt the powers that be.

Beltway insider The Hill reported on the crackdown but failed to discuss the real reasons that investigative journalist Laura Loomer had her verification removed, along with various alt-right figures (see informers).

Twitter’s verification program put the company at the center of another political headache this week, with the social media giant stuck between liberals who demand stricter rules about hate speech and misinformation and conservatives who fear the site will target them for their political views.

Twitter’s “blue checkmark” verification program is meant to authenticate the identities of high-profile users. But it’s also come to be seen as an endorsement or mark of approval from Twitter, sparking outrage when the checkmarks were bestowed on white nationalists like Richard Spencer or Charlottesville, Va., “Unite the Right” rally organizer Jason Kessler.

The social media site responded to the criticism Wednesday by taking checkmarks away from several users affiliated with the far right or white nationalism, as well as kicking one prominent Charlottesville marcher off the platform permanently.

Further changes are expected next week, when Twitter says it will implement more rules. Twitter declined to comment on the changes. 

While liberals cheered the crackdown, conservatives worried that they’ll be punished next. Describing the crackdown, a Breitbart headline declared that “conservative figures” had been “purged.”

One user who lost her verification, Laura Loomer, charged that Twitter was trying to “annihilate conservatives from the internet.”

The liberal media and Twitter are trying to use the fact that Loomer has been labeled an “anti-Muslim” activist by openly liberal funded groups like Media Matters to justify the social networks actions but the sad reality is that Loomer was most likely targeted for her work uncovering the various lies surrounding the Las Vegas Massacre.

As I have reported, Loomer was the journalist who uncovered the shocking fact that supposed shooter Stephen Paddock had checked into the Mandalay Bay Hotel three days BEFORE authorities claimed in their initial timeline.

New information released by investigative reporter Laura Loomer proves that authorities have directly lied to the American people about the case at least once by claiming that supposed shooter Stephen Paddock checked into the Mandalay Bay Hotel on September 28th when valet records (with photos) prove he actually arrived three days earlier.

According to Loomer, she obtained the image from a source which shows that Paddock’s car first arrived September 25th. The photo even has a handwritten note that was reportedly written by an FBI agent – proving that the FBI specifically lied to the country.

The picture “proves FBI misled public about #StephenPaddock’s check in date,” Loomer Tweeted.

Loomer and another reporter were also banned from a press conference in Las Vegas where the sheriff then spent the time attacking “conspiracy theories” surrounding the attack before then revising his timeline to reflect the facts that Loomer had uncovered.

In a move that is only furthering the now widespread belief that a cover-up is currently underway in Las Vegas, two conservative reporters who have broken multiple key stories about the strange and ever changing circumstances surrounding the horrific mass shooting were banned from attending the latest police press conference.

Laura Loomer and Mike Tokes were both denied entry by armed guards in what was a transparent attempt by the Las Vegas Police Department to stop anyone from asking real questions. Keep in mind, Loomer’s reporting conclusively proved that supposed shooter Stephen Paddock had arrived at the hotel a full three days earlier than authorities had claimed. Eventually, the “official story” was changed, largely due to Loomer’s reporting itself.

In other words, they knew exactly who they were keeping out of the press conference and were doing it to specifically stop any real information from getting released to the public.

And the American people are supposed to believe that a reporter with the history of Loomer’s was deverified by Twitter over her supposed racism?

Additionally, as others have noted, this move by Twitter is most likely only the first in what will be a long series of attacks on conservatives who are popular on the platform, eventually resulting in anyone who questions the liberal establishment being limited or outright removed.

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  • The more I hear about Twitter, the happier I am that I’ve never been a user of it.

  • Cynical Old Bastard

    “…regarding the worst mass shooting in American history.”

    And there we go again.

    • emptymag

      So damn hard to get to the truth of who,what,when,where,why. The big houses all have some different throw on it just to keep us in the dark. So much WORK to hunt down the TRUTH. I haven’t watched a news show in well over a decade. (I think the last time was 9/11)Every time I have I catch them lying to us. I just can’t put up with them anymore.

      • Cynical Old Bastard

        I don’t watch them either. Any TV at all. Don’t even own one.

        Every time someone tries to draw me into a conversation about something they saw on the news or their favorite propaganda show I politely inform of this fact and my complete lack of interest.

        Most of them are shocked that I don’t have one of the state run propaganda boxes in my home. They don’t understand how I live without one.

        • emptymag

          I’ve still got a couple of them(tv’s). I took down the antennas. Canceled the cable. Threw out the house phone. Kept the internet hookup & bought one of those Amazon fire sticks,hooked one up in my mancave & one in the house. The wife watches all the shows, me…i listen to my music. Classic rock from the 60’s & 70’s, Classical, blues, Jazz, NONE of the new shit they play all over the place. Guess I’m just too old & set in my ways.Got to get the hell out of here, too damn many idiots around me. Gotten to the place where I don’t like many people around that I don’t know. Don’t trust them.Law won’t let me own or carry a piece anymore. fuckers. got me by the short hairs & won’t let go. bastards. get the hell out of here & back out to the open areas. see them coming from miles away.Live clean again. away from “civilization.”

          • Cynical Old Bastard

            Ya know, just about all the reasonable people I’ve talked to say pretty much the say thing. “Gotten to the place where I don’t like many people around that I don’t know. Don’t trust them.”

            I’ve always been somewhat of a loner, but over the past fifteen years or so I have become outright antisocial. Not because I don’t trust people, but rather, because I do trust them. I trust them to be uneducated assholes who will do anything they can to screw me over. Had it happen too many times in life… and most times it’s petty bullshit and simply because they didn’t get their way, or because I was not willing to kneel down and lick the dog shit from between their toes

            Another thing that bothers me about them is all they want to do is bitch and moan about how bad their lives are, yet are unwilling to do anything to change it. No, they want someone else to fix it for them. Talk, talk, talk. That’s all they ever do… and they have little, if anything, of any worth to say.

            I know people who call themselves Libertarians and other trendy things like that who say they hate Socialism, yet they are the first one who say they are coming to my house if/when the S hits the F. Simply because I took the time and made the effort to build a garden and plant fruit trees and raise chickens… while they did nothing at all.

            The music seems to be a common theme too. Not so sure it’s entirely an age thing because many of the younger folks I have actual discussions with say the same thing about the music. It’s shit. That’s because that’s exactly what it is. Mindless, brain-dead zombie shit by a bunch of no-talent excuses for artists.

            People cry for change. Shout out “that it’s gone too far and has to be fixed.”

            Well, I do too, except my ideas on that particular subject and theirs are diametrically opposed. I’ve gone from merely considering a massive worldwide SHTF event in an abstract way and as as interesting mental exercising in absolutely believing it is the only way. It has now become a necessity and I believe inevitable.

            Winnow the chaff from the wheat and hope we do better next time… if there is a next time. Many of us old-timers have spent a literal lifetime learning what we know, but we’re not young anymore and it is hard to hold the interest of a child for more than a few minutes. Their minds jump around too much. They can’t focus. This is how they were made by being raised on all the various forms of idiot boxes in existence in our modern anti-society. Hell, they can’t even go to the bathroom without a smart phone in their hands!

            To call it a society would be a farce.

            Sorry ’bout that. I’m a long-winded writer. Don’t talk so much in real life.

          • emptymag

            I do believe we’re preaching to the choir. I haven’t heard anything from you I could disagree with.You & I both see these idiots with their stupid electronic toys that will have NO place in the world we see coming. As I’ve said I read. Sometimes too much. Never the less, I have taught myself many useful skills. I have a library somewhere in the neighborhood of 5,000 books. I’ve been putting away many tools & non electric devices that will be very handy. I’ve seen this trouble coming for many years. Trying to get ready has been a challenge. I keep plugging away at it. Hope I can teach the youngens before I leave this…?

          • Cynical Old Bastard

            Preaching to the choir or beating our heads against a brick wall? I sure feel like it’s the latter most times.

            Stay focused and keep the faith. I know how badly depression can set in when no one listens, or is even capable of understanding, but there are many of us out here. The problems are; we are widely scattered; we have become completely distrustful of others (even children…more on that later); and our monetary resources have been drained away by the criminals at the top.

            Hand tools are always a good investment… as are books. I just got my handsaws sharpened. Barely skinned a nail with one on my last project. Threw its cut off. Had some choice words about that.

            Now, about the children. I’m either a very clear-thinker or so far over the edge that I’m next in line to be the mayor of looney-ville… but this whole sudden rash of sexual abuse allegations is very suspicious to me. My read on it is that it’s just one more wedge to drive into the ever-widening crack between children and adults All designed to build distrust.

            It won’t be long before adults will be afraid to talk to ANY child for fear of accusations of inappropriate sexual conduct. What they are basically building a wall (intentional phrasing) between adults and children.

            Many things tie in with this as well. The music. The death of language skills. The way parents (adults in general) are portrayed as idiots and the children as all-knowing and wise. All intentional. All an exact reversal of the way things are supposed to be. Evil is good and good is evil. Slavery is freedom.

            That’s how I see it.

            Maybe I should go buy some tin-foil and take up hat-making?

          • emptymag

            I’ll take one of those hats in a large with a feather, Please.
            Truth be told These “kids” scare the shit out of me. No respect at all. They’ve been taught all their lives that they are the answer. They have no idea what the question is. I can’t count how many times I’ve been flipped off by 6-7 year olds. (Shit, it’s snowing.) And I believe it’s mostly coming not from the parents, but from the schools. Yes, the parents are to blame for just sticking the kids into the system & letting them be raise under that terror. But, it’s all part of the plan to bring us down. Everything “they” do is a part of it. (Now you see why i need the hat. Ask around.)
            COB, I’m 65 & have been sick for a few years now. With all the changes I’ve seen in the past I’m disgusted with the state of human intelligence at this time in history. To the point where I’m actually looking forward to stepping across that thresh hold into the (mostly) unknown. I’ve been a wandering traveler most of my life. I can’t see how that will change any time I can foresee. I’m always looking over the next horizon.
            With all the touchy, feely, shit that our society has focused on, I’m not surprised at the extent of the sexual predation in the country. We’ve become a nation of “DO IT CUZ IT FEELS GOOD. & I’M MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOU ! So self centered to the extreme. They preach peace & love with their mouth. Their actions preach ME & ONLY ME.
            needless to say I don’t go out much any more. Post office, Library, Grocery, Hardware. Mostly at times when there are few people about. At times I fell like a cave dwelling troll. I’m no longer comfortable in my place of birth. Sorry state.
            I’ll quite whining now.

          • Your observation is correct, from a decade+ younger man who has traveled too much for his own good.
            I too see death an escape from this nightmare, no longer scary, even as mind blowing infinite non-existence.

          • Cynical Old Bastard

            Yankee-doodle style. Got it!

            These little trophy bastards don’t scare me. Not one bit. I’m actually amused by it all. All of it. Not your illness of course. I have a “sick” sense of humor and a different sense of what is fun, but I’m not a heartless asshole.

            I say let’s light this candle and see who comes out on the other end. I want to see the end of the show, dammit!

            That’s what scares people about me. They like to talk and talk and talk. I don’t. I just go do it. Doesn’t matter what it is either. That’s the problem–too much talk.

            They talk about preparing for a hurricane, but… well… they’re the first in line for the food trucks.

            I don’t talk about it. Never have and never will. I just do it.

            These sheeple are talking in the abstract. What ifs. I’m not. I’m not gonna tell a person when we’re gonna get in a gunfight. Trust me. They’ll know when it happens. Not for long, but they’ll know. Trust me on that.

            That’s why “they” took over this country. Too much talk. Should’ve nipped this shit in the bud decades ago when we were kids.

            Now the talking is almost over and the big dogs are gonna get up off their comfy chairs and play again.

  • stone cruiser

    When I see companies choosing communism, I’m reminded that when a shooting civil war happens they are legitimate targets.

  • i’ve been getting kicked off of twitter, google and facebook within the last 2 days without a warning and without giving me a reason. isn;t there a commission that oversees their unfair practices? i think there is…The Internet Society and i’ve been a member since 2006 …i think i’ll head on over and start my research there because they’re in violation….businesses lately have been pushing their boundaries and firing people without notice and without a reason…i wanna know then we went retro to 1938 Nazi Germany….

    • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

      Sept. 11th, 2001.

    • Most of the censorship comes from your viewers, they don’t have time to censor millions of people, I am on YouTube and Twitter, I only got strikes against me when I reported Fake News Media (mainstream) for Fake News.

  • Gil G

    Good for Twitter.

    • SP_88

      Of course you would be ok with censorship. Wait until they are censoring people you like. Then all of a sudden you’ll be crying about how wrong it is to censor people just because of their political views.
      I wouldn’t expect anything different from you.

  • It’s a hoax, there weren’t 500 people in the entire concert.
    Just about 120-200 actors.
    If there were 2 shooters and limitless ammo with being 30min. unmolested by cops, FBI or national guard. There would be 500 dead and 50 injured. Even the numbers don’t add up.