Twitter “Cracks Down” On Independent Journalist Who Exposed The Las Vegas Massacre

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In yet another obvious example of the big social media networks working in lockstep with the establishment, Twitter recently conducted a “purge” of so called alt-right users, taking away various “check marks” that are used for their verification process while at the same time targeting an independent journalist who has nothing to do with white nationalism and has in the past exposed the direct lies coming from authorities in Vegas regarding the worst mass shooting in American history.

In other words, under the guise of taking out racists, Twitter has attempted to silence an independent media voice who has a history of investigative journalism that has directly hurt the powers that be.

Beltway insider The Hill reported on the crackdown but failed to discuss the real reasons that investigative journalist Laura Loomer had her verification removed, along with various alt-right figures (see informers).

Twitter’s verification program put the company at the center of another political headache this week, with the social media giant stuck between liberals who demand stricter rules about hate speech and misinformation and conservatives who fear the site will target them for their political views.

Twitter’s “blue checkmark” verification program is meant to authenticate the identities of high-profile users. But it’s also come to be seen as an endorsement or mark of approval from Twitter, sparking outrage when the checkmarks were bestowed on white nationalists like Richard Spencer or Charlottesville, Va., “Unite the Right” rally organizer Jason Kessler.

The social media site responded to the criticism Wednesday by taking checkmarks away from several users affiliated with the far right or white nationalism, as well as kicking one prominent Charlottesville marcher off the platform permanently.

Further changes are expected next week, when Twitter says it will implement more rules. Twitter declined to comment on the changes. 

While liberals cheered the crackdown, conservatives worried that they’ll be punished next. Describing the crackdown, a Breitbart headline declared that “conservative figures” had been “purged.”

One user who lost her verification, Laura Loomer, charged that Twitter was trying to “annihilate conservatives from the internet.”

The liberal media and Twitter are trying to use the fact that Loomer has been labeled an “anti-Muslim” activist by openly liberal funded groups like Media Matters to justify the social networks actions but the sad reality is that Loomer was most likely targeted for her work uncovering the various lies surrounding the Las Vegas Massacre.

As I have reported, Loomer was the journalist who uncovered the shocking fact that supposed shooter Stephen Paddock had checked into the Mandalay Bay Hotel three days BEFORE authorities claimed in their initial timeline.

New information released by investigative reporter Laura Loomer proves that authorities have directly lied to the American people about the case at least once by claiming that supposed shooter Stephen Paddock checked into the Mandalay Bay Hotel on September 28th when valet records (with photos) prove he actually arrived three days earlier.

According to Loomer, she obtained the image from a source which shows that Paddock’s car first arrived September 25th. The photo even has a handwritten note that was reportedly written by an FBI agent – proving that the FBI specifically lied to the country.

The picture “proves FBI misled public about #StephenPaddock’s check in date,” Loomer Tweeted.

Loomer and another reporter were also banned from a press conference in Las Vegas where the sheriff then spent the time attacking “conspiracy theories” surrounding the attack before then revising his timeline to reflect the facts that Loomer had uncovered.

In a move that is only furthering the now widespread belief that a cover-up is currently underway in Las Vegas, two conservative reporters who have broken multiple key stories about the strange and ever changing circumstances surrounding the horrific mass shooting were banned from attending the latest police press conference.

Laura Loomer and Mike Tokes were both denied entry by armed guards in what was a transparent attempt by the Las Vegas Police Department to stop anyone from asking real questions. Keep in mind, Loomer’s reporting conclusively proved that supposed shooter Stephen Paddock had arrived at the hotel a full three days earlier than authorities had claimed. Eventually, the “official story” was changed, largely due to Loomer’s reporting itself.

In other words, they knew exactly who they were keeping out of the press conference and were doing it to specifically stop any real information from getting released to the public.

And the American people are supposed to believe that a reporter with the history of Loomer’s was deverified by Twitter over her supposed racism?

Additionally, as others have noted, this move by Twitter is most likely only the first in what will be a long series of attacks on conservatives who are popular on the platform, eventually resulting in anyone who questions the liberal establishment being limited or outright removed.

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