Turn in your Weapons and be Defenseless Against the Criminals: Violent Crime on the Rise in ‘Anti-Gun’ Cities Across America

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As crime rates drop around the country, a somewhat predictable but disturbing trend is starting to pop up in big cities across America. In a number of large metropolitan areas throughout the country, where guns are severely restricted, crime is actually increasing. In fact, it’s increasing at a rather alarming rate.


Take the notoriously Anti-Gun city of Chicago, where in the first 6 months of this year the city has already seen over 228 Homicides. Last weekend alone, Fifty-three people were shot; nine of them fatally, in what’s becoming a deadly weekly trend on the streets of Chicago. From Flash Mobs attacking shoppers on Michigan Avenue, to the Gang Violence that’s plaguing the city, Chicago has become more violent than the deadly war zones in the Middle East.

While gun control advocates point to Chicago as being a major reason for needing stricter gun laws, what they fail to mention is that nationally crime rates are actually dropping. In areas that actually respect your right to bear arms, crime rates have been dropping year after year.

Last week, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) announced that violent crime decreased 4 percent in 2011.

So why are national rates dropping when places like Chicago become deadlier?

If you look at places like Chicago, Washington D.C. and New York City where they refuse to recognize the right to bear arms, one thing becomes painfully obvious. Gun Control Laws DO NOT WORK!

While national crime rates are dropping, the cities mentioned above are becoming gang infested warzones with sky rocketing murder rates. If these gun control measures actually worked, then why are these cities all in the middle of unprecedented violent crime wave?

When will they ever learn?

Chicago’s answer to the problem is almost too stupid to believe. This week Chicago is encouraging residents to turn in their guns in exchange for a $100 gift card. The Chicago Police Department is asking residents to get guns out of their homes and turn them in during their annual gun turn-in program, “Don’t Kill a Dream, Save a Life.”

Anyone who turns in a gun will get a $100 gift card, no questions asked!  

In a public statement, the City of Chicago said they are encouraging:

“people come out that have weapons lying around the house, or weapons, maybe, that they don’t necessarily want in their house. This is a chance to get some money for their weapon, and get another dangerous weapon on the street.”

I fail to see how asking law abiding citizens to turn in their guns and leave their homes defenseless is a viable option for solving the violent crime issue in Chicago. I mean let’s get real here, we all know criminals are not going to be the ones showing up to turn their guns; so who are they really targeting with this campaign? If you ask me, it seems like all they’re doing is making it that much easier for the criminals to rob and steal without fear of being held accountable.

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  • Nexus789

    Everyone in the US should have their own weapons portfolio – hand guns, machine gun, sniper rifle to take out people down the street and a close in weapon to take marauding gangs – maybe a portable mini gun with its high rate of fire – 3000 rounds a minute. Could park an M1 Abrams tanks in the garage to deal with those annoying neighbors.

    Enjoy that mini gun buzz in the morning, or any time of the day

    • Ben

      @Nexus789, That would actally be more in line with the second amendment sure enough. Equal ability to deal with tyranny.

  • Ron

    I’ll give $150 per weapon in cash.

    • SKIP

      @Ron, HAHAHA that’s what I was thinking, why settle for a $100 gift card when the weapon can be sold to criminal blacks for several hundred dollars in CASH! hahaha ARM UP White people while we still can.

  • John

    The same thing here in the UK, some 10 years ago licensed gun owners were stopped from storing their guns at home, excepting shotguns, following the Dunblane massacre. The police at the time said that this extra control would help to prevent gun crime.

    What happen gun crime increased and illegal guns are readily available to criminals.

    • SKIP

      @John, Criminals are where law abiding citizens are going to have to go to get weapons and better do it soon.

    • Hammerun

      This bunch of gun control chunks have been trying to get us into the false sense of security (you don’t need a gun for protection) by offering us professional law enforcement. Just call 911 and the police will handle whatever problem you may have. Over the years in some cities they have increasingly tried to criminalize self-defense in your own home. Case and point; pull a trigger and drop someone and see if you don’t get immediately arrested (no matter what the circumstance) and spend scads of money on your defense from prosecution by some liberal DA trying to make a name for himself by using you as an example.
      Whatever the end result, Remember this;

      “When seconds count, The Cops are just minutes away!”

  • Ben

    Durn Chicago is full of cheapskates. A piece of shit weapon costs more than a hundred measly bucks. Don’t fall for it people. If you don’t want your weapon, sell it to someone else for a fair price.

  • Evie

    In philly the weapons turned in arre broken, salvaged for parts or stolen off a friend or neighbor. Who would ever know as they are not registered. I guess the same people use the money to buy drugs or upgrade so they can shoot their neighbors. Dont believe crime is down anywhere. People in some areas do not call police when a crime is committed. Heard rumors crow or fox food.

    • SKIP

      @Evie, OR the ever popular wood chipper compost maker.

  • Tym

    Australia can teach us a good lesson about this.

  • Ed_B

    What a great idea! I would love to be able to take 4-5 old beat up non-working POS guns, sell them to idiots for $100 a pop, and then use the money to buy a nice gun that is FULLY functional. Is that sweet or what?

  • Evie

    You men are sick. No gators in my area they are in the swamps starting in nc. So you have seen the guns turned in.

  • steadysteve

    The fools will maybe wake up when the gangbangers are strong enough to take down and burn a police station.

    • SKIP

      @steadysteve, This is a scenario depicted in the book “Turner Diaries” where the nation of islam and black gangs are contracted by the gubmint to be police forces and this bodes VERY POORLY for Whites.

  • JR

    I have a LOT of water guns. Can I get $100 for them?

  • evie

    I do not think so. The whites are better armed than the others and also own more property.
    It may end badly for the others who think they can invade. When it comes down to nothing to loose.

  • John Durrant

    I’ve lived in NYC for 22 years and have a gun w/ permit to protect myself should things get out of control (so it is actually possible to own a firearm here if your willing to go through the red tape and expense).
    I have to say anyone claiming New York is a violent crime infested war zone is seriously pulling your leg. I grew up in Ohio cities so I’m not a New York native and I will tell you it is a far, far safer place than almost any other big city in this country. You can hate New York for being a liberal bastion but you are deluding yourself thinking it is the crime mecca it was in the 70s and 80s.

  • Tonto

    Thank God I live in the South. Guns are common and considered a good thing here….as a handy tool actually. Polite society demands that all are respected….and that is easily accomplished if everybody has the potential to be armed. One Town made it an ordinance that a functional gun MUST be in each and every home…..the crime rate is very small. Cities will self distruct eventually going the way they are. Atlanta saved itself….but with strict conditions. Never happen in California or in the north.

    • SKIP

      @Tonto, Atlanta??? saved itself????HAHAHAHA you mean BLACKlanta don’t you and it hasn’t saved ANYTHING! Go look at the attempts to break away from BLACKlanta by mostly White counties that are tired of supporting the South which is like 90% black and the black run government in those other counties that the Whites support KNOW that if the White counties and town manage to break away, their tax base, money and corruption goes away too….Sorry, meaning no disrespect, but BLACKlanta is Mogadishu in Georgia.

  • Evie

    The reason ny is not a crime mecca is lots of security cameras and coordination of law enforcement. Lots of federal money comes to states and local gov. To beef up security to be a big and better police state.
    Heard ny sent police to monitor mosques out of state. The muslims have decided they do not want to be monitored and are sueing. This will mean more law enforcement to pick on prople.
    We are suppose to get a $5.00 head tax to pay for emergency calls. I bet this is so the police state will know who and where people are.
    The county wants the township to pick up the tax saying it is only $5.00. People know $5.00 can quickly become $500. People never have the choice to opt out of a system.
    San francisco was smart never allowing a tsa at their airports.

    • SKIP

      @Evie, NY is NOT a crime mecca! Maybe the upstate part isn’t but those of us that have been to the 5 burroughs (NYC proper) know that it is a black infested hell hole of murder, mayhem, rape, burning, looting, robbery and drugs..so unless you are talking about UPSTATE, don’t say such things.